Donald Trump’s Lawyers Are Finally Allowed To Review the Search of His Home

Evan El-Amin/
Evan El-Amin/

The politically motivated search of former President Donald Trump’s home has caught the nation’s attention. From when the FBI showed up at his front door to when they all left, everyone wondered what they were searching for. The unwarranted search set in motion many events that many see violating Trump’s legal rights.

And now that several weeks have passed, a federal judge is finally willing to let two of Trump’s lawyers into the conflict. The lawyers should have been let in on the matter long ago, but for some strange reason, they were kept away. The former president’s lawyers were kept out of the home while it was being searched.

The federal judge that allowed James M. Trusty and M. Evan Corcoran to show up in the courtroom was U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon. Law & Crime reported that “As a general rule, lawyers can apply for pro hac admission in connection with a specific proceeding — the phrase means “for this occasion only” — if they’re members in good standing of their own local bar, if they agree to work through “local counsel” (someone who is licensed in the forum jurisdiction), and with the permission of the court. However, attorneys admitted pro hac become subject to the ethics rules of the forum jurisdiction.”

The lawyers made several attempts to be accepted as representation in the case. The lawyers were warned that they would be dismissed from the courtroom if they failed to show up at any scheduled case. Both out-of-state lawyers must work with local lawyers to be accepted in the case.

The first time they applied, there were problems with the paperwork, and they were denied access. The lawyers failed to file the paperwork electronically, which caused the rejection.

Judge Cannon would write, “Local counsel is instructed to refile the motions in strict accordance with Local Rule 4(b) of the Rules Governing the Admission, Practice, Peer Review, and Discipline of Attorneys.” Cannon was strict because she wanted to ensure that every law letter was followed. She is also a judge that Donald Trump appointed.

Even after the lawyers were instructed on filing the paperwork, they made the same error when filing the documents the second time. Judge Cannon was less than thrilled and ended up allowing the lawyers to be a part of the case even though they could not get things right.

The Democrats believed Donald Trump took secret documents with him after leaving office. They think the former president kept state secrets instead of turning them over for records after his term expired. But Trump maintains that nothing the liberal-controlled FBI took from his home was illegal. Trump had declassified a lot of items before he left office, which means the files become public information.

The two lawyers and a third from Florida did not waste time challenging the illegal search of his home. They filed a motion challenging the warrant’s validity and the stolen items from his home.

The lawyers have their work cut out for them because the judge needs to know the answer to specific questions before any ruling on their motion to challenge can be made. Cannon does not think she has the right to hear their claims, let alone make a ruling on the matter.

The fight between the National Archives and Record Administration and former President Donald Trump is gain speed. The NARA believes that Trump cannot claim privilege when documents relating to the inner workings of the current president and his administration. They claim that Joe Biden needs the records to do his job correctly.

The problem with searching for Trump’s home is that it is motivated by political fear. The Democrats fear the former president and his influence on most voters. They need to get him out of the way so they can continue to lie to the American people without being called out for it.