Dr. Fauci Promotes Idea that Coronavirus is Seasonal; What This Means

Dr. Anthony Fauci is quickly believing that the coronavirus is something that is going to be seasonal. This is a tremendous statement because it means that the virus will disappear as the winter months end. There is a lot of division as to whether or not this is true. Dr. Fauci has stated that “I think it very well might [be seasonal].” The evidence for his belief is that the virus is showing up in the Southern Hemisphere. They are approaching the start of the winter season.

This would be good news for the economy as it provides a break in the outbreak of the virus. Dr. Peter Hotez stated that “It’s good news in the sense that it gives the country a break.” But this is true of any virus or sickness. The summer months are the healthy points of the year. Hotez is on board with Fauci’s thought. It is a benefit for there to be a break from the sickness. But it also provides professionals the time to develop medicines that will combat the virus.

The loony liberals would love to point out that climate change is going to affect what the virus does. But Hotez is under the impression that no one can rely on that information. Climate change is not an exact science as there are interpretations of that data that do not match up.

Several studies prove Fauci’s thoughts on the seasonal impacts of the virus. One study showed that it did well in colder temperatures. Another study showed that the virus was slow to transmit in hot and humid regions. So, it stands to reason that this virus, as bad as it is, will just be like every other sickness out there and be related to the cold months of the year.

The problem that professionals are facing is that the spikes they are seeing and the data that is coming in is that it is providing an incomplete picture. There is no way to test every single person in the United States without forcing them to form lines each morning for testing. Not to forget that there are people that have and have zero signs of infection. The numbers that people are reacting to are the extreme cases where the person has to go to the hospital for help.

The regions that are between the 30th and 50th parallels are said to be the habitation zones. Marc Lipsitch from the Harvard School of Public Health states that the coronavirus might just “transmit somewhat more efficiently in winter than summer. The size of the change is expected to be modest.” Hotez believes that a true pattern will be seen as the years march on. The question is not what it will do in the summer but as he stated, “We need to be prepared for another cycle.”

There is just a lot of unknowns. The key is not to overreact like the Democrats love to do. President Trump has kept a solid balance between the two extremes. He has given hope with comments that talk about reopening and the improvement of a normal way of life. Hope is what people want to hear about. The constant reporting by the devilish media about the few people dying is depressing. Not once has a major news outlet praised the extremely high recovery rate.

Any type of relief from the crazy reporting of the media is a breath of fresh air. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is the chief medical analyst for CNN has stated that a break is “potentially short-term good news. This also means it will come back as the weather starts to cool again, so let’s make sure we can be even more prepared, take advantage of this warmer weather time. Also, recognize that it’s not over just because the numbers start to decrease.” In his comment, he does perpetuate the anxiety and the stress that people have. Sickness is never over. It is always around. People cannot simply bury their heads in the sand and hide from life.

President Trump is using his common sense when it comes to the virus. This is what is needed to combat the unknown coronavirus. He is the perfect person to be leading the fight against the virus.

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