Elon Musk Defies County Orders and Reopens Tesla Plant

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is most famous as a purveyor of electric cars and rocket launches. Now we can add to Musk’s resume, political rebel. PJ Media explains how the imbroglio started when a local health official in Alameda County in California refused permission for Musk to restart production at the Tesla auto plant located there. Musk tweeted:

“Frankly, this is the final straw. Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately. If we even retain Fremont manufacturing activity at all, it will be dependent on how Tesla is treated in the future. Tesla is the last carmaker left in CA.”

The threat elicited a wide variety of reactions. Public officials in Texas from Gov. Gregg Abbott on down were ecstatic. The industry had grown up in Texas of poaching businesses from California, where high taxes and heavy regulations prevail, to the Lone Star State, which often offers tax breaks and other incentives for businesses willing to relocate. Musk is aware of that situation as he took advantage of it when he established his spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas.

California public officials were not quite as pleased. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, known for her sponsorship of a law called AB5 which wiped out millions of gig economy jobs, had a terse response on Twitter. “F-ck Elon Musk.”

Musk’s response was just as terse. “Message received.”

The dustup took a turn when Elon Musk threw down the gauntlet to California by announcing, “Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules. I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.”

As of this writing, the Tesla Plant in humming along making electric cars. Musk nor anyone else has been arrested. However, the reaction on social media has been largely positive for Musk, with people debating which character on “Atlas Shrugged” he most resembles, Many have just gone to the old standby that Elon Musk is Tony Stark, the Marvel Comics tech entrepreneur hero also known as Iron Man.

Musk also got some support on Twitter from another billionaire who happens to be President of the United States.

“California should let Tesla & @elonmusk open the plant, NOW. It can be done Fast & Safely!”

Musk’s legal position is that he is instituting safety measures at his Tesla plant, including safety gear for workers and partitions. He suggests that the Alameda County officials are dragging their feet out of spite. He has filed suit saying so while he continues his act of civil disobedience via doing business.

The California Globe notes that Gov. Gavin Newsom is staying out of the fight. He suggested that the fight is between Musk and Alameda County. The state government is staying out of it.

Hot Air notes that Alameda County is in something of a pickle. If it allows Musk to continue in its defiance it will have thrown away its authority to pass and enforce edicts. Every business in the county will feel empowered to reopen, giving the county government the middle finger.

However, if the county moves in and arrests Musk, shutting down the Tesla plant, things get much worse. The Tesla CEO instantly becomes a martyr. He will also be obliged to carry out his threat to move Tesla out of California, taking 14,000 jobs with it,

CNBC notes that Elon Musk could save a boatload of money if he did, in the words of Davy Crocket, tell California, “You can go to Hell. I’m going to Texas.”

“If Musk moved his primary residence from California, which has the highest income tax rate in the country, he could save hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, in income taxes in the coming years. Texas and Nevada have no income tax.”

Because of a new compensation scheme that ties what Musk makes to Tesla’s market capitalization and profitability, he stands to eventually expand his net worth to $55 billion. If Musk moves to Texas as he has threatened, he could save $7 billion in taxes.

The upshot is that Musk may carry out his threat and move to Texas or Nevada anyway. He will have joined a large group of people, rich and middle class, who have become economic refugees from the formerly Golden State

129 thoughts on “Elon Musk Defies County Orders and Reopens Tesla Plant

    1. I would agree with Edgar Myers. I live in Nevada and we have a Democrat for governor and the Dems control the legislature, so go to Texas as you have a better chance. And the message to Newsome and the legilator is f—them. These governors get some power and do not want to give it up, same with Nevada’s. All this quarantining, disinfecting and lockdown will only serve to destroy our immunity, so then there will be more sickness when things are reopened, so we need to be cautious, protect those at real risk and get back to life. So kuddos to Elon Musk.

      1. Why does the headline read ” Musk spits in the face of Governor Abbott”? Governor Abbott is the Texas governor.

        1. I was wondering the same thing. Spit in Governor Abbott’s face????? I did not see that in the article anywhere. Hmmmmm.

    2. Elon Washington states does not have income tax and us folks around spokane would love to have you come up here. We will even buy you a big ford f350 4×4 pick up so you can fit in better.

    3. Born and raised in Texas you would love it here. Nothing better than the state of Texas, people are friendly, helpful and kind. They don’t get in your way, mind their own business, and love the sunshine . Come on down to Texas; where the living is easy and the ways are fine.

  1. You go guy!! Get out that crappy ( pun implied) state. Only the elities that seem to still be tripping from their LSD days belong there

    1. Please allow me to correct you, California is no longer a state, it is a third – world s–t- hole country. It is a heaven for illegals, criminals, drug addicts, the homeless, the worthless and useless ( are there any other kind? ) politicians, i.e. Pelosi and her nephew, Newsome, Adam- Pencil-Neck- Schiff and the Attorney General Xavier Becerra. California, one of the most beautiful and richest in natural resources, has been transformed into dystopian society by the above mentioned corrupt and incompetent politicians.

        1. AMEN to that…along with Kamala Harris, Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman, Karen
          Bass, Jim Costa, just to name a few obstructionist. If I worked as hard as they do, I would have been fired a long time ago.

        1. Just give Californication back to MEXICO if they will have it. But for sure we will have to build a border wall to keedp that trash out of the USA. Of course all the politians would have to give up their lucrative government jobs ie 9th circuit judges, senat seats house seatsno us marshels no ICE no US Armed forces bases, no money for maintance od federal lands, Indian nation will will have to get their assistance fr om MECICO. The list go on and on.. Get the picture.

        2. Well we would becuase of all the applause coming out of the other states. Well that add the crying in portland and seattle.

          All those californians who have second homes in montana would be sad about their lost investments, but that would just make me laugh.

        3. The only reason they didn’t was because of that stink in’ reservoir bursting. Cali never had the money to fix it, so the President sent in The Army core of engineers and they fixed it, then California went back to being who and what they are. Socialists. Please let them succeed from the US, then this country can actually get on with living. Leaving California alone is one great idea.

      1. It’s really to bad about California, it’s such a beautiful state. The liberals in the Democratic Party are to blame for this. I don’t see any hope for the State with it’s present political make up. …

      2. Exactly – and it’s why I removed my family from there in 1989. CA was a great place to grow up in the ’50s and 60’s, but in the ’70s, the handwriting was just beginning to get scribbled on the wall, what with Jerry Brown 1.0 in 1975. I was long gone by the time the commies elected Jerry Brown 2.0. By the late ’80s, it was time to go.

      1. I am with you. Do not move to Oregon our governor thinks she is GOD. Which she can not believe in do to her significate other.

        1. What happened to land of laws… I’m sure only following laws we agree with and dismissing those we don’t is a very slippery slope whether you are a business, large or small or an individual, rich or less rich. Then again I drive a sanctuary vehicle and can no longer receive traffic tickets so maybe my thoughts shouldn’t count… just a thought.

      1. See! States are lining up to have elon John.

        Elon why are you still in california. That state and the democrats suck.

  2. Hey Elon Musk, dump California move on out. They don’t appreciate you, so get rid of them.
    Every body but the democrats should move out of California, Maybe the big earthquake will happen and dump the whole dam place in the ocean,
    we are sick and tired of California and it’s crooked people governing it

    1. I agree with you Donna. Now, if only all the CEO’s from all the companies and corporations would only take heed of what you and I wrote, they would be smart and their companies would increase their earnings. And to think that at one time I wanted to move to California. Good thing I turned down a transfer to San Diego from Eastern Airlines. I would have been in deep shit right now.

    2. But the democrats definitely expect to have all for free. Big government, bigger taxes, less freedom, few jobs=bankrupt state. Oops, already there. Trouble is they’ll take down all the good people too. Must be many of them somewhere.

      1. Have you read any of Pelosi’s wish list items as part of the next COVI fund? Includes multi millions for CA’s irresponsible and highly partisan spending of the past — guess the Dems consider the COVID an opportunity to erase the consequence of their stupidity.

        1. That ass, Peslushy, has gone off the deep end. Who and what gives her that much power? She seems to have more power than our President. What’s up with that? Trump should just get rid of the old nag!

        2. While she refuses to go to work, and sits in her mansion eating ice cream and has a net worth of 120 million taken from tax payers!! Then she acts like a spoiled 3 year old. It’s such a disgrace to America. She has no intention of “serving “ any one but herself and her bank account. Along with many other just like her.

  3. That’s the way Republicans think he will move to China next that’s why there’s less jobs here
    Every things are made in China,thanks toRepublicans greedy attitude.

      1. he is a fool for sure. the unions are the cause of companies moving out of the usa. they want $30 bucks an hour to file burrs off auto bodies. the chinks will do it for #10 bucks an hour.C

      2. Must be a crying leftist. Where did the money come from for the last 3 Trillion stimulas, just printed it. This country is broke and nobody is working, duh not paying taxes either, so whos going to pay for it dumbass, the people that work when all this shit is over, you will be paying more taxes to pay that 3 trillion dollar bill, but wait Nasty Nancy wants another 3 Trillion stimulis, so then you will have to pay for that also. But Nancy will her cuts/kickbacks out of it. And YOU will pay for it.

      1. dear Richard.

        however, evidence bears out the fact that many of our manufacturing jobs are no longer here in America, following a republican agenda, with little blow back from the Democrats. There is a corporate partition of both parties…and the US has been manufacturing in Asia post WWII. It is complicated… but these people are rich because they have corporate sponsors. Both Clinton and Bush….. theme… both democrats and republicans… have not interfered with this money train. It is a great deal more complicated than an all blue, all red, formula… and let’s face it… Elon Musk… has some good ideas with quirky social attitudes… such as, calling one of the special forces guys who dived in… with others… to save those asian kids who got trapped in a cave and needed a water rescue… called him a “Fag”…. and the special forces guy is a national hero. Elon is not American… and the name calling should not work for us.

        As to why Gov Abbott was named…. maybe the point was to write an inflammatory article, rather than to be truthful.

    1. Exactly why you speak with zero facts and ignorance of. history ( FACTS)




      OF IGNORANCE 🙏🇺🇸💪👏🍀😎

      1. Yes my friends paci to all we know the dumocraps playbook is one to recreate a new social order to enslave the populace so let’s peaceably defy this dumocrapic lockdown and move towards reopening this country civil disobedience yes go for it Elon and let’s vote these people out so they can get real jobs and off the public dole

      2. Warren, I absolutely agree with everything you said! You spoke the truth and hit the nail on the head! It’s because of the DEMONRATS that we were left in such poor shape, before Donald Trump. Now that it’s known, Obama was not only the worst president in U.S. history, but also the most corrupt president in our history. He was and is a Marxist, in thought and deeds! Glad to be rid of

    2. you should check the facts before spouting off ,It is not the repb.doing this b/s the clintons made billions selling your ass out to china then obummer kept the money racket going another 8 years the dems have all gotten very rich from stealing our tax dollars and lying to the people, I suggest you stop listening to cnn, you are really far behind what is really going on

    3. You have your nerve calling republicans greedy! Maybe you don’t know that Newsom is Democrat and quite full of his own power trip !

      1. Not to mention Nervous Nancy eating her ice cream in the kitchen of her million dollar mansion while small business owners are starving because they are being forced under “martial law” to keep their stores closed. Talk about UNABASHED greed!!!!

      1. hey Stupid, you got the wrong party followers. If you were smart enough, you would realize that Dimwit Dems are the ones who stole our taxpayers money. Explain to America how Pelosi, Schift, Schumer, Crooked Hillary, and the stupid congresswoman from California, are now millionaires from a salary of $178,000 a year. Are you following me so far? We are waiting.

        1. Juan, hope you enlightened these “sheep”. Unfortunately the dems continue feeding the suckers crumbs and the fools jump for joy. In the meantime their leadership still are doing all they can to destroy our beautiful country and take down one of the smartest presidents we have ever had.
          Wonder if the”sheep “ have ever researched what happens under socialism then communism.
          There is a great information about it in a video called “ A Woif in Sheep’s Clothing”. Very eye opening.

          1. and yet it is Maxine Waters who stood up for the American public, on 2/7/2020 when our republican president with Mike Pompeo, sent 18 million tons of the nation’s PPE to China, leaving the American cupboard bare. Pompeo and Trump published the move on twitterfeed… hours after being told that the country was facing a pandemic and healthcare emergency.

            As a thread which largely endorses the all red/vs all blue issues with little finessing of the details…. I find it hard to imagine why every single one of you is not mad as h…l over it. Next time you lose someone to covid, or get quarantined…. for covid…. isn’t this how this thread of responses started… think on that one.

        2. Right on, Juan. That’s just the tip of the ice berg. I just heard today that Congress passed the “Secure” Act which makes it legal for them to take up to one-third of a person’s retirement savings. Apparently, because the national debt has skyrocketed in no small part due to the pork barrel spending introduced by Nancy and her minions, there’s some kind of financial emergency that’s made it necessary for them to do this. They should all take a pay cut and I’ve posted on various blogs that a law should be passed that limits their salaries to no more than the median salary of their constituents. $178,000 a year? To do what????

      2. As apposed to having the population living off the government tit? You moron progressives are good at giving other peoples money away in order to buy elections. Progressives have no regard for the law, if you did you would be advocates for ENFORCING the existing immigration laws. But no, you would open the borders and flood the welfare roles with uneducated people from countries with education systems worst than ours ( which is saying something because ours only teach to the tests.). Progressives ignore crimes committed by ILLEGAL ALIENS, instead you create sanctuary cities and states, putting a HUGE drain on resources and services. Progressives are all about “free speech”, unless of course it’s contrary to yours, then you call it hate speech. Hint: The First Amendment applies to everyone, not just progressives. You don’t like what someone says, don’t listen.

      3. Wingnuts? Really?? Kinda like our president who DONATES HIS ENTIRE SALARY to a different charity every quarter? If you’re looking for a wingnut, I suggest you go look in the mirror

    4. Walter, it’s time you get your head out of you ass, stop blaming the Republican party, or President Trump for what’s going on in this country. It’s not there fault you need to blame the crooked Democratic party and the eight years of our crooked Ex President obomashit he was a shitty president who went on vacation, played golf, gave American money to illegals. Either two things Walter is a traitor or an illegal. So Walter if you don’t want to be here go away.

    5. Greedy union demands overpriced our products with unsustainable labor and pension costs which eventually pushed companies into seeking locations where they could produce their products at market value prices . If you are over priced you cannot sell your goods and your will go out of business !

    6. get your head out of the sand and stop drinking the Cool-Aid the Democrats serve you–Elan has more chutzpah in his feet than you could ever hope to have in your pea brain

    7. It was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA and sent our manufacturing jobs to China. Right now Pelosi wants to cover the fat cat lawyers by preventing the next Coronavirus bill from having protection against small businesses opening up. Someone gets sick, a fat cat comes in and puts the little guy out of business with a lawsuit. Smarten up. Democrats are no longer the party of the people. Union bosses and billionaires like George Soros have bought them for the proverbial’30 pieces of silver.’ I’m an Independent with no ties to any party. There are still Democrats that I like. Alan Dershowitz, for one.

    8. Walter, the Tarriff Act of 1913 (under Democrat president Woodrow Wilson) is what actually opened up “free” imports and sent so many American jobs overseas while simultaneously bringing in the Income Tax amendment to further burden the working class and effectively suppressing wages.

      1. Dont forget Bill’s Clinton’s additional trade agreements that further opened up china trade and to get them to sign clinton gave china our top secret missile guidance hardware and software.

        But hey walter is probably a genius about these things! NOT!

    9. The Republicans have a choice! The Denocrat Socialist just follow.The Socialist Democrats in Washington,although elected dont represent their people,they have their own agenda,To uphold their oath to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA as treasonist.They are getting paid for doing nothing,!What have they done for the country,NOTHING

    10. While I agree with you Walter that CORPORATE greed has created the shit show with China, I don’t think Republicans are entirely to blame. There’s plenty of greedy Democrats too, I’m sure

    11. Walter your not very bright. You know who has their money on china? Bloombery, soros streyer and gates.

      You know who funds the democrat party walter? Bloomberg, soros, streyer and gates. You know where hillary put all the money she collected from the clinton foundation walter? In her buddies investment bank in china.

      You know where hillary buy a 20 million dollar house for the captain of the guards for the prison epstien was in? Shanghai china.

      You just about 60 years behind walter.

      So walter. you ignorant slut. what are you talking about?

    12. What I really appreciate about our President is that he isn’t a politician, he is a businessman. He has worked for and made his money, he is a thinker and a problem solver. He has been stabbed in the back by all of the Democrats. Hopefully we will see all of them held accountable for their illegal activities very soon. Including Obama and Clinton with the FBI

  4. Great article!
    However, the headlines for it tend to be misleading…no information about Gov. Abbott being furious, or Musk betraying Texas…

  5. Open your business NOW! Please consider OKLAHOMA as a new home. We would love to have TESLA!

  6. First off, to Walter in this thread, you are wrong
    Secondly, and most importantly, SAVE 7 BILLION DOLLARS IN TAXES?
    What is there to think about? Pay down debt, self finance new products – that’s what entrepreneur s do.

  7. I took my businesses out of CA a couple of years ago to Scottsdale, AZ. Best decision I ever made. The clowns that run CA don’t base any decisions in fact nor do they understand finance or economics. I am already far ahead of where I would have been if I stayed in CA allowing me to easily weather the Covid storm.

  8. This would be great move and winning show down against the far lefts “power grab” over the people all over the country. In NJ they have us shut down too… except for selective (probably there big business donors or forced donors)… they can open.. As its been asked over and over… why are “some businesses considered smart enough to open uf their businesses, but the State has deemed the independent, small business owners, et aren’t?

    Isn’t that discriminating against individuals right?

    I admire Elon Musk defiance… we need much more of it by other wealthy big business owners, as well as small business owners.. Perhaps Elon should create a fund for the small “Mom & Pop” businesses to fight the authoritarian rulers too!


    1. You mean Florida has no State Tax. We do hav e sales tax. Also, I beg to differ on the beaches. Yes, we are surrounded by beaches, but I do not think they are the most beautiful. Hawaii has the most beautiful beaches around. Also, the Caribbean beaches are more beautiful. Sorry, I did not mean to ruin your beliefs, but I would love it if Tesla moved to Florida.

  10. Whatever you do don’t move your operation to Pennsylvania whose taxation and “leadership ” is as inane as California

    1. We have a Dickhead for a governor, we also have the highest gas tax & the world worst roads!
      Don’t come to PA!

  11. I am not a fan of electric cars. (Biden and DemocRATS and Communists) want to get rid of fossil fuel and gas fueled cars. I am a fan of American manufacturing and production and business such as Musk provides.

    I want to see GM and all American automakers pul out their factories from China. It is the least they can do after China infected the world, destroyed world economies and caused massive death and destruction with their Wuhan virus (bioweapon??) and negligence and malice.

  12. Americans like him become my idols. Shit for brains seem to love the voting dunces living in California who vote blue. I once voted blue not all blue are free from swamp drinking but they are usually punished by the other blue politicians. I am not fan of most blue people but red I feel comfortable with. Hate being free vote blue. Red man prays no blue except in small way.

  13. I don’t get where Walter is coming from. He states everything is made in China because of the greedy Republicans, then why is Apple and Facebook IN China?? Those two are liberal Democrats

  14. Go Elan get out of Cally. The politics are upside down they care nothing about the plant or the workers there. Nancy P. is probably behind the curtain on this talking to Mr. I’m a movie star Gavin Grewsome. Those politicians are smoke and mirrors they lie about everything including their own lies. People of the USA are you not sick of politicians that take prisoners out of prison and put you under lockdown. WHAT!!!! You pay your property taxes, etc. but you can’t open your business, while these politicians currently get paid plus health care. Do you realize what they are doing to us little by little? Taking away our liberties, away until you don’t see our way back!!! Please don’t let that happen I am so scared for the next 10 or 20 years from now. Youth will see what the politicians are getting away with and they will cower to them, we are loosing our balls as a nation. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA ! Elon you have to make a statement to Gov’t of California, leave it. Start fresh somewhere else where governors appreciate your hard work to employ thousands of workers. GOD BLESS all of us!

  15. Texas is a fine State….move and leave Pelosi with ALL the Illegals….maybe she will start feeding them. Ya’ think?

  16. while I support businesses open because, including tesla, they hire the workers, however, where is the national outrage when a small busines opens and they go against it? they go BROKE! I dont think musk is going broke anytime soon.

  17. Doing business in Blue states are getting harder and harder. It not just endless regulations , paper work and
    never ending taxes, its the attitude of of many in legislators and ordinary people who don’t seem to care for businesses,
    looking at every business with suspicion, every business is owned of greedy capitalist that hates workers and
    climate change and so on. I am surprised Tesla haven’t moved years ago.

  18. Mr Musk come Florida be close your space x program.we can offer a work force of equal quality at lower wages. And we will buy your cars as fast as you can produce them. No tax or government telling U can’t opep

  19. Hey Lorena, How’s that working for you now you Dumb T–T!! Just like it worked for the other Stupid Bimbo in New York with Amazon? AOC ring bell!! ??Your State is already a third world country SH-T hole. You can scarcely afford to lose 14000 job!! You Stupid Moron!! I hope Tesla does move just to see who the Demoncrackheads blame!

  20. Newsom is a incompetent jerk, clueless and following Pelosi’s orders not to open. She wants all DemocRAT governors to keep states closed pass Election Day so she and the DemocRATS could have Mail In voting to steal elections which is what they do best along with having the most incompetent politicians in the history of our country.

  21. Think about it folks. Along with Musk come more liberal bullshit. That keeps California where its at,today. He will bring experienced workers with him. Keep TEXAS PATRIOTIC. Look at Austin. Im married to a Texas girl. We dont even go to Austin anymore. Its like going to L.A. We stay around her hometown. Just like Arizona. Knowone there is from Arizona.

  22. California public officials were not quite as pleased. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, known for her sponsorship of a law called AB5 which wiped out millions of gig economy jobs, had a terse response on Twitter. “F-ck Elon Musk.” WELL SAME TO YOU- YOU IGNORANT BIT**… FOUL MOUTH REPS HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING IN GOVERNMENT WHEN THEIR VOCABULARY AND PUNY BRAINS CAN NOT FIND A MORE CIVIL WAY TO EXPRESS THEIR SELF.

    1. That alone should have been enough to have elon decide he was moving. Further he should take none of the employees with him and give everyone of then a letter that says you are losing your job becuase the democrat run state of california is not suitable for business. Each of you need to take personal responsibility for your job loss becuase the majority of you vote democrat.

      Voting for democrats matter and now that vote for democrats has cost you your job and Tesla is moving out of california.

      Make it absolutely clear that californians voting democrat cuase the company to move.

  23. So what is with the headline that says Musk spits in Abbott’s face. I see nothing where Musk said or did anything adverse to Abbott. But, the people of Texas better be careful for what they ask. These “people” are hardcore leftists. You are gambling your state by recruiting more “people” from California. They want the tax breaks and then vote for Democrats. Fools.

  24. These comments are hilarious. It’s like one big neocon groupf**k. Mental midgets who have never even lived in California are trashing it as if they are the experts. Believe me, if California did leave the union, you’d all feel it. Our “third world s**thole country” would have a hell of a lot better chance at surviving than anyone of your states, full of brainless neocons who support “leaders” that couldn’t care less if you live or die.

    1. I’m FROM California, San Diego/Point Loma to be specific. I loved it during the 80s, but read the “handwriting on the wall” at the beginning of the 90s and GTFO while there was yet time. If California left the Union, all I would miss are the memories of what it was like before it became a Shithole State. I now reside in Boerne, Texas, in a quiet little city where the only deaths that happen occur due to Old Age, not Coronavirus. Women & Children to the Lifeboats, Californians; your woebegone state has no more chance at surviving than did the Titanic.


  26. I am very proud of Elon Musk. California has turned into a mud hole and sinking day after day because of these Liberal Demorats .. Yes I said DemoRats to quote Mark Levin.
    I hope he does go to Texas and shows that
    A-hole Newsom just what a jerk he is and all the other incompetent useful idiots there Newsom saying he has no comment and that it’s Alemada County s problem. What a D-head that man is..
    What can one expect when the speaker of the house comes from California.
    Elon, although you picked a weird name for your child, I am on your side. You are doing the right thing by re-opening Tesla.. and you will be serving the people who helped make your production work- your employees .

  27. I do have one more comment. It is unfortunate but the people of that beautiful state of California voted for these jerks in their government. Elon once again I am proud of your decision and I know the comments here reflect that also.
    Hope you get a chance to see this and know that we support you. !!

  28. Having read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, I would describe Musk as most like Henry Reardon, who doing things his way, developed Reardon Steel for use in Dagny Taggart’s railroad, and eschewed the “commonly accepted” socialist mantra of his time….a theme similar to her other great book, “The Fountainhead”. Wouldn’t be surprised if Musk “disappears” to Galt’s Gulch. Read both novels – with lock downs, there’s a lot of time to kill, or get the Vids of “Atlas Shrugged”, or watch the Gary Cooper/Patricia Neal movie, “The Fountainhead”, usually on TCM twice a year.

  29. My Fellow Americans, thank you all for your considerate comments. I hope and pray that each and every American remembers their moments of fear and memories of Tyranny during this “Crisis” when they attend the Polls in person to Vote this November.
    Remember too that History does repeat itself, and so will the Democrats.
    If you haven’t enjoyed this unplanned, unpaid, mask-wearing vacation these past months, take that spirit with you to the Polls, and Vote NO to any more Democratic infringements on our God-Given Constitutional Rights. Rid America and yourselves of any more Do-Nothing Democrats and offensive “Speaker of the House” Nancy Pelosis: Just Say NO in 2020!
    TRUMP – 2020 – Make America Free Again! “Love him or Hate him, he’s the Best we got.”

  30. Come to Texas. We have NO STATE INCOME TAX. Our Sales Tax is 8.25%, and food items are exempt from taxes. The State is run by Republcans, and has been for several decades. Very few unions. So, come on over, we’d like to have you. Will even teach you to speak Texan.

  31. musk is a force to be delt with he is worth more then we will ever know he has a space program that is performing just great if he transfered all his interests in ca to fl and tx ca will flat out shit their self then the movie stars and political almost leaders would scramble for sirvivial or see if mexico could lend them so money or just give ca back to mexico they already have moved their people their anyhow ca ca not keep slamming people with taxes actually holleshitwood is going to china they can make films for less their then here in the usa is this a sign or the begining of the end of ca

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