Employers Finding it Hard to Compete with Unemployment Benefits

The old saying goes, “If you give a man a fish, you will have to continue giving. If you teach a man to fish, he can fend for himself.” The unemployment benefits are no different. If people can live off of the government and get away with it, then they will. This is why the GOP and President Trump is working to end the COVID-19 unemployment benefits. Employers are calling people to go back to work, and they do not want to because they will lose their “free money.”

For others, it is a little bit different. Some employers cannot compete with paying their workers $600 a week. Just getting back to work and getting their businesses kicked off again is a strain on their finances.

Those who were laid off found themselves making more money off of the unemployment benefits. Some of these workers want to get off of the government handouts but are losing money by going back to work.

One example of an employer, Carl Livesay, wanted to get his workers back, which totaled about 60 employees. Livesay wished to see his operations rolling again at the Baltimore-based manufacturer Maryland Thermoform Corporation. He got approved and received the forgivable government loan the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Today, Livesay finds himself in a bind to keep the PPP as a government grant instead of a loan. Some of his workers under the CARES Act are receiving more money than he was paying them. Livesay fell short of the three-quarters of their payroll.

Livesay told ABC News, “It’s been very difficult to get some people to return to work. In some cases, depending on what their compensation was, they make more money with unemployment and the federal stipend of $600 a week.”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is also taking advice from employers like Livesay to help him restore the state’s economy. Livesay added, “There are significant unintended consequences. I’m hoping that they give us some extra time to get up to full staff. We’re interviewing three to five people a day for jobs we have open, and we can’t even get them to show up for interviews.”

The laws in every state are the same. If someone who was offered reemployment turns down the offer, the worker immediately loses their unemployment benefits. This is not the time for workers to become lazy and rely on the government. They will cut their own throats and, at the same time, destroy the economy.

For so many decades, this is how Democrats wanted Americans to live, and some spongers got spoiled by abusing the system. When Trump became President, he cut that system out and put it for workers who needed the benefits. It forced people to go to work and get off their couches. Now, it looks like we may need President Trump to kick these people in the butt again.

President Trump made it clear in an executive order if those people refuse to go back to work, they get cut off from the benefits. We are going to start again from square one. Only this time, things will move along more quickly due to the foundation President Trump has already built before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down.

It is time to put our country back to where it was, if not better than before. The problem we face is the business owners who cannot get their workers back or the positions filled, will have to pay back the PPP loan. The rules state they have to fill up 75 percent of their payroll with the remaining 25 percent to go to utilities and rent.

The rent is not the issue, it is the people who are refusing to go back to work. This is always the hardest part as a business owner is finding people who want to work.

Noah Williams, director at the Center for Research On the Wisconsin Economy at the University of Wisconsin, explained how these business owners are caught in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the PPP loans and the unemployment benefits.

He said, “PPP is essentially the government providing forgivable loans to keep people on the payroll. [The extra unemployment money] provides an incentive to not have people on the payroll. They seem pretty clearly in opposition to me.”  The worst ones are those working part-time, receiving full time pay with the unemployment benefits. Those are really hard to get back.

23 thoughts on “Employers Finding it Hard to Compete with Unemployment Benefits

  1. Thanks to the Liberal’s latest “Plague of Egypt”, it’s more profitable for a Liberal to collect Unemployment than to work. I hope that after the Election this year, every Liberal career-politician in America will be forced to show their true selves and collect Unemployment.
    Let ’em all eat Ice Cream topped with MREs.

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  3. If employers would pay more and give generous benefits to their workers as they do with upper management than they wouldn’t have to complain about unemployment benefits, but we all know that is never going to happen.

    1. Gun is one of the Liberal Sociaists that want the rulers to support them. He says the employers should pay more and provide benefits to compete with unemployment. I don’t believe those on unemployment are using their extra gains to buy the benefits.

      1. Wrong, it is the wealthy people and CEOs that want the rulers to support them while at the same time not give anything back to society. What extra gains to buy benefits and what benefits since Republicans have been working to slash benefits.

  4. Our entire country is full of pieces of shit who live off the government. The Democrats want to keep the economy in the pisser, so that Joe Biden has something to drink. Vote Republican and save America.

    1. No, it is the Republicans who want to keep the economy in the dumps and the pieces of garbage who live off the government are the wealty people and the CEOs.

  5. The unemployment benefits should end the minute the refuse work. I would make it so the employers who offer the work turn in the names of those that refuse to come to work.

  6. This unemployment stipend should have been tied to the stimulus checks. When they ended, so should have the stipends. People, liberal or conservative, will usually take what is handed to them. It should be given with caution.

    1. Mostly good idea.
      The extra Federal stipend should have been to top off State Unemlloyment to what was being earned prior to being laid off, nothing more. This would allow the employees to survive, without benefits, and want to get back to work to get their benefits back.
      This was all done to perpetuate Socialism in Amerika

  7. What a bunch of bull! Maybe in some industries this is occurring, but most companies aren’t back up to par, and will end up cutting employee working hours as well as benefits! They will lose their unemployment and wont be able to take care of their families! Notice there’s no provision in the ppp about a worker’s hours being cut! Many employers will do so, and keep the goodies they themselves receive from the Federal Government! They are whining just like the workers! Also those so called free money unemployment benefits are fully taxable! The workers will lose all the way around as they always do!

  8. i am drawing unemployment and have no job to go back to….the unemployment site plainly tells you that if you are called back to work and do not go your unemployment will be terminated….the site also encourages employers to report these employees for refusing to work and they will immediately be denied


    1. You can apply that statement to all the money that we have given to the corporations who then pocketed the money and then layoff the workers. The CEOs are definitely being lazy and acting like welfare bums (which they are).

  10. Many businesses call their unemployment offices and give them the names of employees who refuse to return to work. Good for them. Lazy people should not get rewarded for being lazy. That’s what the dimwit dems want.

    1. The lazy people are the wealthy people and the CEOs for pocketing the money we gave them. That is what they and the dimwit republicans want.

  11. Here’s a idea. You want the extra $600 a week, fine. You will work for it. Social distancing shouldn’t be too hard working in our national forests. Heavy equipment operators will do their job. If you can’t handle a chainsaw, axe or sledgehammer, you can drag limbs/brush & load them to be hauled off. Concrete workers, carpenters & landscapers can improve & build new public areas around Monuments. Disabled workers can do jobs according to their abilities. 5 days a week @ $140/day. If you want the extra $600, work or go without it & you will be able to make an HONEST living. This will benefit America.

  12. The mistake was in giving part time workers full pay. They should have been paid accordingly. The incentive to go back to work is no long there.

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