Even Hungary Knows the Ukraine-Russian Conflict Would Never Have Happened Under Trump

Frederic Legrand - COMEO/shutterstock.com
Frederic Legrand - COMEO/shutterstock.com

Hungarian Prime Minister, Péter Szijjártó had an interesting interview with Daily Caller on October 26th. Speaking at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) International Ministerial Conference, he took time following his speech to expand on his views regarding the issues affecting the US and Europe. With a particular focus on the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Szijjártó opened the interview by explaining how Europe as a continent is suffering because of this war. Their economy is in shambles, and for them the only solution to the problem is peace. Peace for them means their energy prices can return to normal. Their travel can resume without the added costs of going to other countries. There is a problem in making this happen for them.

That problem is the total lack of communication. He is a believer in the ability of the US Government to help create peace by communicating, which is proof that this man is not familiar with Biden and his mental capacity. Yet communication is something Szijjártó has been practicing himself with the Russians.

As he sees it, his country is entirely dependent on Russia to create its energy. Without them they and much of Europe would be tits up, so talking with them keeps things moving. No matter how the war goes, or what happens, Szijjártó is certain Hungary will always have a relationship with Russia. He also knows why war broke out.

“So, you know, what we are definitely sure about is that if your presidential election had played out differently in 2020, this war would not have broken out. As much as I can be sure about things that didn’t happen, I am pretty sure that this would have been the case because we are currently, globally speaking, we are currently lacking leaders. President Trump was a real leader. Chancellor Merkel was a real leader…And if President Trump had stayed in power, this war, I’m pretty sure, would not have broken out.”

On October 24th, a letter with signatures from 30 Democrats in Congress was leaked. Inside this letter were the pleas of the left for President Biden to sit and talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin. They demanded he negotiates with Russia. To stop sending money and supplies to Ukraine, and to make this all come to a quick end. Like he has a computer program to control Russia.

Szijjártó echoched some of their concerns. He acknowledged the upcoming G-20 summit. Being held in Indonesia, both Presidents are expected to be in attendance. Because of this, he hopes this will allow Putin and Biden to sit and talk. Fortunately for the Hungarian minister, US officials are making certain that both Presidents will get and take that opportunity. Given Biden’s previous remarks, the only situation he wants to talk about with Putin is the Britney Griner case.

For his place in history and in the world economy, Szijjártó has high hopes and places a lot of importance on the American people to help this situation in Russia. He believes that these discussions are the cornerstone to finishing the war, and the sooner they happen, the sooner the global economy returns to normal. With both leaders coming in for the G-20, in Szijjártó’s view, it is a horrible look and a horrible waste of a summit if they don’t come together and talk about this war.

Szijjártó ended the interview by bringing up Trump one last time. “I want to underline that I really do believe and think that if he had stayed in power, this wouldn’t have broken out.” He should know that he’s not alone in this belief. The American people know this, and they believe it in their very hearts too. They also know our economy wouldn’t have been destroyed either.