Evil Iran Threatens America Again With Over 400 Targets

The commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh is warning America he has his troops in place and ready to strike 400 targets if anymore conflict arises.  It appears they are still bitter toward the attacks back in January and taking out their top general, General Qassem Soleimani.

With Iran, nothing can be trusted, and the White House is taking these threats very seriously.  General Hajizadeh told reporters Friday they sent a satellite into space successfully due to the exchange of the latest threats made by both sides of the militaries between Washington and Tehran.  Through this satellite, they are monitoring the situation and continue to taunt America.

The entire world feared America, and Iran would break out in a full-blown war after President Trump ordered the drone strike, which killed General Soleimani back in January.  Everyone who is against President Trump seems to forget they were going to attack four embassies, and now Iran is back at their old games of passing threats.

This time they claim they have 400 targets; they are ready to strike.  Let it be known they are calling the first threats because the media and the Left will find a way to turn the story around.

During this outbreak of COVID-19, the Middle East has been quiet.  President Trump offered an extended hand to Iran by wanting to send them extra ventilators.  Iran sends us threats and taunts US ships in exchange for hospitality.

Though tensions never ceased between America and Iran, the focus was solely on stopping the spread of COVID-19.  During this time, Iran has built up its militia and equipment, and every day leaves America on guard.

Iran was the last to fire off their missiles attacking Iraqi bases with US troops stationed within the facilities.  America chose not to retaliate and continued to push for peace negotiations in which Iran still declines.  President Trump did warn Iran if more attacks would come, the US had 52 targets, which America would wipe off the face of the map.

General Hajizadeh continued to tell reporters they are ready for a broader attack if the US would ever respond to the attack on Ayn al-Assad.  He stated, “By killing Soleimani, the Trump administration wanted to show that they killed a symbol of resistance, and they were sure that Iran would not respond to their attack.”

After Iran attacked Ayn al-Assad, America sent fighter jets to the Middle East and put them on standby.  Hajizadeh further elaborated on the threat by saying, “Iranian officials thought the US would respond to the Ayn al-Assad attack within 20 minutes, so we were ready to attack 400 American targets.”

Many believe this was a false threat due to they had given no more information on how they would attack or where the targets were.  America and Ukraine also had not forgotten about the 176 people who perished in the attack on the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

Now that Iran is taunting America by sending attack boats to surround American warships stationed in the Persian Gulf, they are playing with fire and will get burned.  When President Trump learned of this information, he gave the strict order to the US Navy to shoot down and destroy any Iranian boats harassing American vessels.”  Trump is not playing games with these people.

Another threat came back from Iran’s IRGC commander Hossein Salami as he said he would order his own attack on any “American terrorist” who poses a threat in the Persian Gulf.  How much of a threat are Iran’s words can only be imagined?

After the attack boats surrounded the US Navy warships, followed the launching of Iran’s military satellite.  A few hours later is when Trump gave the order to strike back on Iran’s boats.  Officials are saying the satellite is going to grow Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile research program.

The launching of the satellite is also another offense against Iran as they once again defied the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was made in 2018, a plan President Trump pulled America out.  Tehran responded, “The satellite launch had nothing to do with its ICBM efforts.”

Hajizadeh told reporters about the satellite, “Today, gaining access to space and using it is not a choice. It is an inevitable necessity, and we must find our place in space.”  For obvious reasons, they have no business in space because they are up to no good.

143 thoughts on “Evil Iran Threatens America Again With Over 400 Targets

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Democrats are very Liberal about playing the “Racist” card. The only thing that I see as being Racist about America is that they have allowed Japan to have the sole distinction of being the only country that America has ever attacked with a fissionable weapon. I see this as Racist, Discriminatory, when Today there are so many enemy countries that could use a Nuclear blessing from America, Red China for one, it is long past time that we bring these piss-ants out of the dugout and into the ball-game. They say that they have over 400 targets; all America needs is one to gain back the respect and allegiance that we once had. The Iranian religion worships Death; I say we give it to them, wholesale.

      1. The problem with the Iranian problem are the sympathisers within the USA. You have people like John Kerry and John Brennan and god knows how many others at the higher level of administration. There is also House democrats who welcome and nurture Islamisation and those who are themselves Muslims. Then think of some states that perpetuate Islam. With this kind of baggage it makes it twice as hard to deal with Iran.

        1. so true , these people in office supposedly representing the American people are like wolves in sheep clothing and need to be out of office. let them go to the Iranian govt because in their minds, they are there already. TRUMP 2020

        2. That’s really great that going to attack our Navy, hope they try something. I think they forgot when they tried to destroy our Navy on the 1980’s, we pretty much wiped out their navy. I was in the US Navy in Vietnam, Philippines, etc and far east, Lebanon, they would be gone on a heart beat. Don’t mess with the best.

          1. OBAma is t he biggest fraud ever imposed on America Obama was never a pesident he is a fraud and he needs to be deported back to Africa instead of us paying for his elaborate vacations until he dies. Obama is still a fraud he needs to spend the rest of his days in getmo

          2. This has got me tight back where I was in the 1980’s..I was so scared, a real basketcase,I cried alot between classes,I was in high school and terrified ,, I couldn’t help it . I’m in a wheelchair due to spinal bifida at birth and paralyzed from the waist down since day one and that’s a big part of why I’m so easily scared of these types of situations .. because i can’t run or anything ….but i support our military with alot of love and respect.i was so scared then,for our beloved troops and my brother who served in the navy.. he made it home safely though.. but still,i couldn’t get the rest of you guys off my mind.. but I got thru high school and got my diploma..however, I have nothing to show for it because someone who doesn’t like me, has it and I wasn’t it back… I didn’t think I’d make it after all that IRAN stuff, but I did,and boy, did I cry? You bet I did! I don’t know how to go about getting my diploma back, or at least something that “proves” I’m a high school graduate. ,I’m also partially deaf and read lips..(since I was 4 years old) I taught myself to lipread and I’m good at it. 😉 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE , if it wasn’t for you and your buddies, I wouldn’t “still” be here today. God Bless You.l

      2. Unfortunately no, it won’t. Iran is a much tougher opponent that Iraq ever was. If we restrict our actions to air attacks, bombings and total control of the sea-space we can eliminate their ability to project power except via Hamas and Hezbollah. If we expand our presence into a ground war there we will be there for another 6-10 years. It would become Iraq/Afghanistan part II. I say sink every ship and bass boat they have, shoot down every plane and carpet bomb their entire infrastructure and then come home. NO BOOTS ON IRANIAN SOIL. Too much American blood has been shed on worthless miles of sand already.

        1. It is coming to a point that we will have to bomb with strategic nuclear and MOAB’s to totally destroy Iran’s bomb making apparatus and its ability to attack us and its neighbors. Looks like EU are finally going to commit in naming Hezbollah a total terrorist entity thanks to Germany’s actions. This will also weaken the Iranian pawns that they use against us with almost impunity. NO MORE PERMANENT TROOPS ON THE GROUND NEEDED!

    1. I agree!!! They are dangerous & making alliances with China & Russia. odumbo should be investigated for what he did with Iran & now China for the money that was given to the wuhan labs. Kinda makes you wonder about gates, piglosi & odumbo.

      1. I agree. Obama gave the Iranians a load of money right before he was leaving the Presidency. And guess what he is? A Muslim. Wow. And he has constantly harassed our President Trump, when he and his misses(?), ought to have moved out of Washington. But, no, the Dem’s created a Monster. And now he thinks he is King Shite.
        I am tired of seeing his face and Hillary’s face. They both belong in Jail and throw the key away. Or better yet,
        shoot them at the Wall. They are Criminals. They have helped all of this happen. And Piglosi (love that nick name)
        she ought to get lost in the Foreign Legion. Her and her onterage of disgusting Idiots.

        1. Better for America with a Trump win in 2020! It has become very clear what the Democratic club stands for, its not with ‘WE the people. They don’t believe in the constitution of the US and will take US further down the road of darkness. I sincerely hope everyone who will vote understands the difference between the two parties. Trump is the best choice for another four years to Lead the USA.
          Even the Supreme Court is ruling against the American Citizen will! Go figure this. We the People of Washinton State have voted to reduce car tabs and the Supreme Court declines to support the citizens who are voting. This is a true democracy in action. Vote Republican and uphold the constitution. Vote Democratic and continue to be victims of the democratic leaders whims and progressive ideals. Democrats don’t believe in the constitution as they have been tearing it down since I have been in elementary school. Pretty much everyone in a political office has become a ruler in their own minds. It is up to the People United to get America back on track.

        2. If these stupid Liberals vote Biden in it will be the same. Trump has to fight every damn day. He is the strongest straight forward President I have seen in my 57 years. If Obama had his way Iran would be the world power and the US military would be wearing rainbow uniforms riding into battle on my Lil ponies

    2. There was nothing “racist”about stopping WWII; it was to stop further damage and death to all of mankind; President Truman ordered that strike with a heavy heart, knowing there would be so much collateral damage. Back then, we were not able to target “precisely”. Today, we can and there would be nothing “racist” about eliminating the Iranian hierarchy, without causing harm to the majority of the Iranian population. A “precise nuclear blessing” can be used where ever it might be needed. American will NOT be the one to “strike the first blow”; we never have and never will.

      I have no idea, how old, or young you might be, but I “lived through that time”; I remember “why” it was done and remember the celebrations when the war ended.

      1. Of course the use of atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima weren’t racist. The emperor of Japan was given ample warning that we were about to do this, and he refused to surrender. Calling this racist is/was just another excuse for some liberal douchebag to use that particular buzz word.

        1. Not racist at all the Japs are whiter that whites. Everyone in the world is racist in some form or another. It is so sickening that people even use these excuses. People will never totally get along. That is just the way it is. There are a lot of pretenders out there but behind closed doors everybody likes a go joke about other races.

    3. I tend to agree with some of what you commented but I also know the Iranian people also suffer from the Iranian government. That bunch of evil SOBs are the problem. If they push too hard Our president will respond.

      1. People please read you constitution. We the people have the power but we keep ignoring that we have it ARE YOU GOING SIT ON YOUR WORDS OR PUT THEM IN ACTION? There is a Constitution States Convention trying to happen but we need every American in every Stat possible to get on board! We can change a whole lot of this stuff that is going on and put the power back in our vote to mean something. Things like term limits salaries vacation time . Back to making the vote count. Do you know that the founding father of our Constitution put all these things in there so our democracy could stand. Sign on to the Convention of states and spread the word so we can get this mess straightened out.

    4. When Iran buzzes our ships in the Persian gulf we fire a warning shot and if they don’t back down then sink the little boat and leave the crew in the gulf and let them meet Allah and the 70 virgins that way the Iranian regime understands that there could be more coming there way.

    5. These people are Muslims still living in the 7th century, and according to their home-man-made Qur’an it states…. “Fight them until Islam reigns supreme throughout the world.” And are multiplying like jack-rabbits. Not too long ago Muslims demanded in Australia that their Shariah Law must be the law of the land in Australia, until former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told the Muslims to GET OUT!! And in the United States Muslims are demanding their home-man-made Shariah Law be incorporated into our nation’s judicial system. Ever since the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II flooded our country with Muslims as refugees; they’ve become more and more arrogant while they too are multiplying like jack-rabbits. I’ve seen Muslim women covered with rags from head to foot not knowing if she or he is carrying high explosives under all that rag. Since all Muslims live by their home-man-made Qur’an to wipe us infidels out of existence, I strongly recommend the immediate arrest of all Muslims and deport them back to the desert where they were spawned.

      1. Every country they’ve ever infected with their presence has turned into a “shithole” country as our president so astutely pointed out. There is no reasoning with these people as the article astutely points out. Kill ’em all and let God sort them out.

        1. Thank You for the flashback : Kill them all and let God sort them out ” I say carpet bomb with nuclear weapons ,Just choose where there is not much collateral damage and do it soon as in tomorrow .

    6. Gerald – to you I can, after your post, only say: YOU’RE A FASCIST, and Hitler would have his joy on you!
      You really think, the USA will get any “respect” for GENOCIDE?
      The USA have lost most respect world-wide because of reckless policies and millions of innocent dead people along their track.
      What you mistake for “respect” is naked fear – and you make it clear: You want the USA to rule the world with terror and fear.
      They is no respect. That is the ideal of Gengis Khan, Stalin and Hitler.
      What gets real RESPECT is ‘respect for others’, for ‘human rights’, for ‘justice’.
      The USA have nor shown any of these since 1945

      1. Spreading American Values? Spreading Democracy? Empty SLOGANS! What have the US and the, ‘Bloody Brits’ done to Persia in 1953? Iran elected the FIRST Democratic, (by election) Government in its History and we destroyed it! Remember, ‘War is a Racket!” We are Criminals, ‘Military-Industrial Complex! What Obama returned to Iran some $150 billion, was THEUR Money that we have TAKEN, from the People of Iran! SANCTIONS Anyone?? TRUTH will set You Free!!

    7. Open up the bomb bay door thing baby! Tell Obama that we are just dropping leaflets as he did in Mexico. Opps we lied. Make sure we take out all of their top leaders. Allah Ackbar in reverse.
      It`s been a while since I have had to spell this. The Khamenei is a big-mouthed pismire.

      1. Multiple pin point strikes and Iran is finished. The people will then rise. Coordinated hit on all military and chemical, nuclear facilities should do it. All done by air.

    1. Richard, which hostages do you mean?
      The Iranians were kept hostage from 1953 till 1979, after CIA and the British MI6 had putshed away their democratic government and put in its place a puppet -but also terror- Shah. If you mean the later ones, after the revolution in 1979 – don’t believe that propaganda movie “Argo”: the Iranians were searching not for little “librarians” or “teachers” – they wanted the CIA-agents who had trained the Shah’s brutal political police SAVAK in interrogation and torture, for 26 years!

    1. Russia has nothing to supply them with. No one in Iran can use an advanced weapon. War with Iran would be over in 100 hrs.

    2. The Russians will not support Iran simply because Muslims are insane and still living in the 7th century.

      USAF (RET)

  2. It is time to stop screwing around with Iran. We need to take action that wipes out their military capabilities as well as the crazy “clerics”. I don’t care what any other country thinks. The Dems will never support action against Iran. That fool Obama provided Iran with many billions of dollars that was used to build up their military capabilities and support terrorism all over the world. We need to stop being a paper tiger. They keep threatening us so why not act to protect our country now, before they get even more capabilities. Come on America. Wise up.

    1. Iran, a bunch,of tough talking wussies, they’d last about as long as Iraq did. They talk tough because the demwits are their allies, they are counting on ,Nancy, Omar, and their demorat friends to protect them. Any person that helps Iran. China, etc is a traitor to this country. Nancy, the squad, demwits in general are all traitors and need removed from,office, then from this earth!


        1. Donna this is exactly what people said before we took out Iraq. Now these same people whine about the “unnecessary” war.

    2. I agree, Dennis. The best defense is a good offense. Iran, China and North Korea are the “axis of evil” as former president George W. Bush pointed out. Until we eliminate, or at least, marginalize these three countries were are going to keep seeing viruses, attacks on our military, and in the case of North Korea, thank God, failed missile launches which may turn into successful ones.

    3. Believe me; Muslims are not all that bright. We can easily wipe out their government without causing large civilian casualties. Their armies couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. And just a reminder; we were training some of their men as fighter pilots in which they failed. For their failure, they were executed when they returned home. Those that were trained later were passed to prevent their execution. As Muslim fighter pilots…. they stink!

      USAF (RET)

  3. I really thought that when Iran took over the embassy years ago that we should have sacrificed the Americans at the embassy and nuked Teheran and the oil fields. Of course, that was never done, yet we continue to cowtow to these people when they threaten us. Iran would last about 15 minutes longer than the Iraqis did in the gulf war.

  4. Bring it ON, them WIPE them out! . . . Our forces need some MEANINGFUL target practice. That WILL be the end of them – with OR without the PITIFUL Russians. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. If Americans had done their homework they would have recognized that members of the Democratic Party are members of the “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) in America. When Dwight D. Eisenhower outlawed the American Communist Party in America in 1954; they just didn’t disappeared. They merged right in with the already socialists’ party within the Democratic Party. The reason nobody knew it was because nobody paid any attention. I did since I began my research dating back to the 1920s. Just look at what members of the “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) in America were able to accomplish for years on the gradual basis, so gradual that their actions came by without notice. This is what happens when Americans leave their country and representatives unguarded to do as they please; why they even gave themselves a hefty pension and other generous benefits after serving ONLY one term in office. All done without consent or knowledge of the govern. How long does the average American-workers have to work before qualifying for a percentage of what they contribute for a pension…. 20 to 40 years?

      USAF (RET)

  5. Is silly to use treats against any country and worst if the country has atomic bombs. Trump said recently that he ordered to sink the Iranian army gun boats. The Iranians came back saying they will sink USA ships in the area. The government reacted and the Iranians are now warning they are ready to attack 400 US sites. This escalation is absurd and should have never even started. Stop war mongering we will win any war against Iran, but they might hit the USA with one atomic bomb and the consequences will be a disaster ( the death can reach millions). The best results are achieved when people agree on best terms for a given situation. The same can happen between countries unless one of the countries demands total submission. Hope peace prevails.

    1. YOU DREAM! Negotiating with the ragheads is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom. Let them threaten; all we have to do is take down all of their ports.

    2. Are you that ignorant thinking Iran will talk peace with anybody. Blow the son-0f-Bitches to Kingdom Come.

    3. China already has hit us with their corona virus. I believe they all need to be wiped out.
      America doesn’t have to take their threats. As for Obama and Pelosi and her cronies they should be wiped out as well
      America would be a better place without those traitors and the lies from these countries.
      They can’t speak truth. Evil devils. Never forget Pearl Harbor.

    4. Isn’t that what they want? total submission I’ll join the military again if Iran and China want to go to war .I can cook or wash dishes or something, anything to help america.people under estimate America,all the infrastructure and everything that we need to to war can be replaced and ready 💪 in just a couple of months and we will be ready for full scale WAR.we are the paper 🐅

    5. This suggestion will not work with Muslims! Even Sir Winston Churchill warned of the Muslim’s fanaticism of Muhammadanism and their plight to rule the world. Please read the Muslim’s Qur’an before coming to the conclusion that we best sit down with Muslim lunatics in order to reach a settlement. The best results can only work with civilized nations. Thomas Jefferson had to beat the Muslim’s butts in Tripoli for their piracy on the high seas and their ransom extortionist action.

      In case you’re not familiar with the Muslim’s Qur’an; they intend to rule the world under the lunatic Muhammad’s Islamic law.

      “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” — Thomas Jefferson —

      USAF (RET)

  6. Those were the words of war. Like a game of chess. They both are taking turn making moves..we see big chess pieces are in place to achieve their goal..
    Be warn..Iran had made their biggest mistakes (bad move) in our negotiations in peace talk have fail. (World War II started like that with Japan). President Trump is right about our targets against Iran. What Iran didn’t know that our missiles command has already choose 52 targets that definitely be a total E.L.E. and Iran will no Iran and those will be uninhabitable for about 10,000 years.

  7. There are ONLY two ways to REMEDY this PROBLEM, support the citizens of Iran to over throw there corrupt leaders or to take them out with the US Military. The DEMWITTS will do NOTHING just like they do nothing with CHINA and RUSSIA because they are in BED with all 3. Nancy and Kerry’s family WORK for China Companies for GODs sake, Bill Gates supports China, as well as many of the large TECH companies that should also be TRIED FOR TREASON ! We need to CLEAN this country up by getting rid of the TRAITORS and we KNOW WHO and WHERE they are!

    1. But don’t you know our President is in that bunch with his companies as well. They do it to keep from paying taxes in the US. Make sure you know who the traitors really are.

    2. That won’t work! I’ve already seen a woman’s head chopped-off. You have to understand that these fanatic Muslims are still living in the 7th century and their home-man-made Qur’an.

      USAF (RET)

  8. I can’t wait until Iran pushes one more button and Trump wipes them out . This will put an end to all those cash deposits Iran makes to Obama , Pelosi , Hillary and the rest of the traitors in DC . I am glad to finally see an AMERICAN as our president who puts America first and to hell with those corrupt criminal Democraps treasonous liberals and terrorists .

    1. This started way before President Obama. He was just in a position where he had to honor the treaties that were already in place and dated.

      1. So ONE can actually honor the treaties by giving them MILLIONS of dollars, so they can later BREAK these treaties by threatening those that they have these treaties with. How is it that YOU “Captain Huzzypoop” are so eager to defend Obama and the Muslims ? Something tells me YOU are a Muslim trying to HIDE his true identity with the stupid name.

    2. The Democrats won’t do it for fear of getting their heads chopped-off. They like it here in America where they believe they will control the American people’s lives. What a surprise these Democrat tyrants will see in November 2020. It will be like wiping out the Muslims!

      USA (RET)

  9. I say “NUKE IRAN” then immediately turn all we got and aim it at Russia and simply ask Putin, “You want some too”? We would take Iran off the map in a matter of seconds and their allies would see this and back off immediately! If we’re going to end up having to do it eventually anyway we should hit them so hard & fast that the entire world looks at America and thinks DAMN, these people have had enough and we’ll be next if WE screw with them! BAM, the Respect has returned that the Dem’s spent 25 years loosing for America!


  11. Another thing we need to do is stop using Iranians for tech and customer support.
    These fortune 500 companies employ over 700,00 Iranians.
    These jobs should stay in the USA.

    1. I second that sentiment. Ahh, but they would have to pay taxes in their own country, HEAVEN FORBID! YOU HEAR THAT TRUMP? TAXES, do you know what they are? Can’t release what doesn’t exist.

  12. I recall a military man by the name of George Patton saying something about the Russians. We needed to take them out and use the Germans to do it. Another man by the name of McArthur
    complaining that he didn`t know how to blow up half a bridge on the Yaloo river 45 parallel This was the North Korean conflict and the red Chinese became involved. He wanted to use our newly acquired nuclear device. Truman fired him. We are where we are in time because of politics.

  13. President Trump needs to use as many nuclear weapons as needed to TOTALLY DESTROY Iran at the first response to ANY further provocation against ANY of our forces, citizens, allies or interests ANYWHERE in the world. This action will send a NEEDED message to the rest of the world, especially all our enemies such as N. Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, etc. that WE are NOT playing games and if they want a fight we will not only give it to them, WE WILL WIN A DECIDEDLY QUICK and TOTAL victory over them.

    The past administrations, especially the ILLEGAL OBAMA administration has and continues to pander and reward our enemies to this day. These past administrations have not only NOT solved these problems they have made the problems worse while hurting EVERY American citizen in the process.

    Obama, both Bushes, the Clintons, Jimmy Carter, the Johnsons, and even John F Kennedy are HIGHLY responsible for the problems WE AMERICANS are facing today including this BS Covid-19 pandemic. These DemocRAT administrations pandered to, paid our TAX dollars to, and gave aid to, all for NOTHING for the American public.

    The Obama administration opened the boarders and aided boatloads of Muslim terrorist into our country and distributed them throughout America so they could start their bullshit demands impaling on our established society, our way of live, our religious beliefs, our schools, our health care system and overloading our welfare system. They did this and are continuing to do this to BUY votes for more TRAITOROUS DemocRATS to be elected.

    My opinion is that ANYONE who votes for ANY DemocRAT in ALL future elections is A TRAITOR to our country!

    A Vietnam era veteran.

    1. odumbo, gates & soros are trying to destroy America with the help of the stupid demoncraps. This corona virus is their last chance before they try & steal the next election. They are all traitors & should be handled as such!!!

    2. You are a little askew on some of your information but we will defend your right to say it! Oh and thank you for your service.

  14. Let’s not nuke Iran, Russia or China. Let’s flood their countries with neutron bombs. This way we can solve many problems as infrastructure will not be affected. Iran’s land can go to the Palestinians. Chinese land can go to all of the refugees and illegal immigrants. Siberian land can go to the democrats and Hollywood celebrities so they can all freeze in hell. See all problems solved.

  15. Let’s not forget there are a lot good people in IRAN and we don’t want to punish them for what their government does. I am all for taking out their military and that’s got to be done carefully.

  16. No more warnings. The first attack must be their last. Is seems to be the only way to stop the coming conflict. They want to go back to the old ways, I say send them back to the Stone Age.

  17. The Mullahs threats are Ideologic in nature. This hatred of America and Israel stems from the Quran. Therefore, there is no room for negotiation, convincing, or bribery to get the Mullahs to change their minds. The only way they will sue for peace is to attack them with overwhelming force and to literally hang all of the loud mouth, lying govt officials who always wear a poker face. Lets tighten the sanctions, drive down the price of oil and reelect President Trump. Otherwise, the mullahs will lull the democrats into a false sense of security. Bottom line….the Iran Islamic Republic needs to go. Hopefully, sometime, soon, after Trump’s reelection.

    1. After 9-11 I read the First. Not a peaceful religion by any stretch. It says repeatedly to defeat the infidels (non-believers) by killing or enslaving them by any means including lying. So, they can’t be trusted to honor any agreement or treaty with us infidels. My Persian wife who is Bahai (not muslim), fled Iran during the Revolution and she saw other Bahais hung from light poles simply because they were not Muslims. Read the Coran, hadiths, and Suras at Prophetofdoom.net. It will wake you up to what non-muslims are up against. Peaceful religion it is not. It is disgusting.

  18. We need to “target” every general and admiral in their armed forces…and let them know we have done so. We need not divulge who is next but whoever poses a serious threat to the US will be moved up the list. A grim reminder of what happened to Solemeini should give pause to the cowards who wish to hide behind their people. Strategic strikes will limit collateral damage but we shouldn’t let that stop us!

  19. as a minister all i can say is this we need to stop all this fighting back and forth and come to some type of agreement time is running out before God return to set up his kingdom on this earth then there will be a new Heaven and earth all thing will have past away and all things will have become new. Man has been fighting back and forth cent the dawn of the ages has there been a enough life loss all ready there nation who said they have the power to wipe each other out is this what they went? then go at it you soon will realized that God is more powerful then all the bombs and nation put together .

    1. Virginia Bennett (former editor for a major NY publisher, retired professor at a large state university. says:

      It amazes me that someone, who calls himself “Pastor” could be SO ILLITERATE!! More than 30(!) grammar & spelling mistakes in 6 & 1/2 lines!! Why should anyone pay ANY attention to some adult, claiming — no
      less — to be a spiritual leader!!

  20. It’s sad to think that after 1000 years Christians and Muslims still can’t get along. I guess 3 or 4 hundred thousand deaths wasn’t enough to learn a lesson from. Maybe we need the final Crusade to end the madness.

  21. Several years ago when I was giving a talk at the U.S.C. business school, I told the aspiring graduates to look around them…to the right and to the left. I told them what they would see are international students who know their roads, their banking and investment services, their language and customs.
    I also told them to do so in a friendly manner because some day they would be working for one or another of those students…or that student’s country. So, maybe they should take the time to learn something about those students. The Dean of the School later took me aside to tell me that I really couldn’t/shouldn’t say things like that. It would be discouraging to the students. — Of course I was quick to explain why I thought that my comments to the “citizen” students were right on the line…because they all were old enough to have sex lives, vote and refuse to serve in the military and do any number of things that “adults” do. — Well, here we are: still protecting these adults with “safe spaces”, subsidies up the kazoo, legalized narcotics and infanticide , and, of course, p.c. approaches to almost anything to do with American values. — I am really very tired of coddling our enemies domestic and foreign. I am tired of being lectured to by 30 year old Congresswomen. I am certainly tired of swallowing all of the privileged media muck being served up as gospel and definitely a pissed off, 77 year old grandmother who has no patience for brain dead democrats.

    I vote for bombing the hell out of ANYONE who threatens my remaining years…and the years of those who believe our best years are yet to come. So, in that regard, we better take stock of what kind of gamble we have on the table and back it up…or, get out of the game.

  22. If they did launch a satellite, it’s probably been annihilated by our space force already. Trying to play chicken with US forces is a big mistake as the Deep State cabal is no longer in charge of them, despite Kerry going there to undermine Trump. The leaders are evil; not the Iranian people, who deserve a chance for a better life and freedom, which hopefully they can achieve if the regime that ruined Iran is removed for good.

  23. Iran can bring their bitch asses on. I can only hope someone in Government will have the Balls to rain some of that nuclear “Fire & Fury” down on them. At this point,after this Coronavirus farcical sacrilege, what does Trump got to lose? He needs to say “Enough is Enough!”, and press that “Big Red Button” to send this Islamic pestilence to their Paradise.

  24. That’s unfortunate for some of the Iranian people caught in the middle with the mad men leaders. President Trump didn’t have to offer help to Iran but he did the right thing by doing so. It appears all the Iranian leaders know is violence against others and their own people. So to make threats against America is to threaten all Americans. I guess they never learn that the wrath of America will come when you threaten us.

  25. Make America strong by taking back businesses to America, not china who is screwing us and sending out a virus which is crippling the world and will never own up to doing anything wrong to begin with. Communism at its finest

  26. Sounds like 400 CLERICS, generals, etc. will meet ALLAH with “72 virgins”. Or, 400 Iranian GUNBOATS at the BOTTOM of the sea . . . take your PICK! I’m sure the U.S. Armed Forces could use some Comic RELIEF, or at least TARGET practice. One Amuzed Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  27. Been 75 years since one of our nukes was tested in combat, and 40 years since Iran took hostages and a wimp president did nothing….Test the latest gen nukes ground zero at the Tehran palaces in 2020 anyone? Never forget the hostages. As for Pelosi and her gang, I would care less if I read in the paper they caught the coronavirus with terminal results….

  28. I fear Nancy Pelosi much more than Iran. Iran is a big tin horn, it makes noises that sound like farts. Pelosi and associates intend to destroy America from within by making the economy fail for good, or at least till November.

  29. It’s amazing how many dangerous situations around the globe all circle back to one man and his half-baked policies: Barack Obama! Whether it’s the Iranians with their non-ending mission to threaten the US and it’s allies by giving them billions of dollars to spread terroristic threats or, whether it’s wrsponizing our security agencies in an attempt to undermine a presidential election or, whether it’s giving millions of dollars to the virology labs in China which gave us the spread of COVID-19 or, you name it. Obama not only helped our economy while in office, his policies are destroying our country long after he left office!

    1. I was in southeast Asia for a few years, been in those Wet Markets, they do spray off the flies with water and just before they closed for the you could get a real good bargain on their rotten meat and fish. Those bats and rats, dogs etc were pretty disgusting looking, who knows, I did eat strange things there

    2. I think you meant to say Obama hurt our economy with over-regulation. You need only think back to the 12 presidential candidate debates when Mitt Romney asked him about Benghazi. His response spoke 1,000 words with regards to his administration’s “epic fail” of a foreign policy

  30. You have heard the comment, ‘Pride goeth before the fall’. This is the radical left democrats. They are not and have not done the jobs they were elected to do. A do nothing group of traders who should be in prison for treason along with Obama, the Clintons, Adam Schiff, the bidens, George Soros(he should be striped of his citizenship and thrown out of the country), John Kerry and many others.
    Iran needs to be put in there place. President Trump is the man to do it.

  31. Hey Joan E Yowell you hit it on the button. All you said so True as We Americans should help Trump as he Carries Too much of a Load on His Back as We Americans should Stand by Him & Help Him. God Bless America & May Her Flag Wave Proudly In The Wind

  32. God could not a threatener. Jesus, who obeyed the Unseen Father, would have threatened his enemies and destroyed his enemies. Christ’s enemy is the being who gives threats. Muslims cannot see that?

  33. God is not a threatener. Jesus, who obeyed the Unseen Father, would have threatened his enemies and destroyed his enemies. Christ’s enemy is the being who gives threats. Muslims cannot see that?

  34. God is not a threatener. Jesus, who obeyed the Unseen Father, would have threatened his enemies and destroyed his enemies. Christ’s enemy is the being who gives threats. Muslims cannot see that? Jesus could have called on power, that set stars in the universe.

  35. After the last war where they got their ass kicked in about 15 minutes, IRAN earned a new nickname.. it is IRUN!! Blow them off the face of the planet, once and for all.. dirty filthy ragheads. You can start in New York and California! You don’t need to look for the rag heads, you can smell them a mile away!

  36. Iran has been very fortunate over the last few decades. Their leaders are so small minded and most likely will start another 15-20 minute war that may end Iran for good and all.

  37. Put them on a deserted island take away their cell phones and and no communications and no food just the clothes on their back and see how well they get along ! And no body should know where they went! It might sound cruel but that’s what there are trying to do to us ! Punish the bunch of hijackers !! They only think of themselves !! Then they could blame each other instead of our President !!

  38. Boy, could I “OPINE” forever. I’ll just say, I am a 64 year old America and Trump loving grandmother and I agree with Barbara, the wise 77 year old grandmother, wholeheartedly!!!!! I second everything she wrote and then some!!!!! Go America and Go Trump!!!!! Major players of the previous administration(s) bought off congress members, state agencies, fake biased media, crooked politicians, big businesses, elite Hollywood creeps, etc.. They will all have to meet their maker one (1) day. May God help them and us all!!!!! GO TEAM TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA

  39. So let’s see – US warships in Gulf of Persia – any Iranian warships in gulf of Mexico? SO yeah, the threat is obvious.

  40. China committed actually an Act of Biological Warfare! They prevented anyone living in WUHAN to fly out of China, but could Fly to any other part of the world. Them knowing of the Pandemic some of them were carrying into the other parts of the World, Except CHINA.
    Spread the Virus, close all Bussinesses and kills a Lot of People. Who benefits: CHINA, they bought up all the PPE equipment and face masks they could knowing there would be a Very Large Need for the soon.

  41. Iran has harassed America and it’s citizens for many years. Have known people who were held hostage over the years. Tired of the Islamist idealogy to hate and not be friends with the western nations, to kill, Jihid, AGAINST Europe and America. I say bomb the hell out of then with pig fat ? Then drop some neutron bombs period. Take them back to the stone age, least before Mohammad, a false Prophet who created a False Reliegon of Islam.

  42. Well, really nothing new with Iran. The president really is very sick guy. So, is the Iranian government, too. The bottom line is because the government as well as many citizens there have been obsessed with Shah who flew to New York City with his wife during President Carter’s presidency for his treatment at the hospital. Before Shah exited Iran with his wife for New York City, he used to be a very nice and sweet guy, but years later he became a very mean guy that made many Iranians not very happy with him (I was told that he was a dictator at that time). He then became very sick very seriously. President Carter offered him to fly to New York City with his wife. Many Iranians then became very angry and upset because they demanded Shah to return to Tehran for a court because of his terrible presidential role which he was very mean. President Carter told Iran that Shah that he was very sick and weak after his treatment. He also wasn’t be able to walk even he wasn’t be able to fly back to Tehran for a trail due to his illness. They, however, really didn’t care about Shah’s health issue. President Carter repeatedly told Iran about Shah’s serious health. So, many Iranians warned President Carter that they can invade the United States Embassy in Tehran. So, then President Carter wasn’t be able to send Shah back home, so many Iranians started to invade into the United States Embassy there where many American embassy staff were hostages for almost a year, while 6 American staff were escaping to the Canadian Embassy. That was it. Later Shah died and his body was buried somewhere in Egypt. An Iranian Revolution leader named Khomeni (spelling?) took over the power of Iran who led many Iranians being brainwashed about the USA. That is how many Iranians still have been very brainwashed citizens for many years since then even they still do today. How appalling!?

    My cousin’s former husband who was born and grew up in Iran before his family fled to Sweden because they wanted to avoid from Dictator Khomeni before he took the power. He later then moved to Houston, TX for his new life and that is how my cousin and he met and about a year later they got married in Houston the day my beloved grandmother was at the funeral home in Rochester, NY and my cousin didn’t make it to fly to Rochester from Houston because of her wedding. Anyway, in 1989 I flew to Rochester from Washington, DC for my Christmas vacation. My cousin and her husband also my cousin-in-law invited me, my mother, and one of my favorite nieces for a nice dinner. I asked her husband to see how he felt after a dictator died in Tehran in August 1989 and he said that he was very happy and celebrated. His family in Sweden also celebrated as well. After my cousin learned after her husband came back home to Rochester from Sweden, he had an affair with a lady in Sweden, while he was visiting his family there, and then she filed for a divorce before he flew back home to Sweden anyway. I learned from him that Iran used to be a rich country just like the USA and Canada plus Iran also have many freedoms like freedom of religions, freedom of speeches, freedom of presses, and some more others until a dictator took the power and everything was upside down because many women were required to wear head scarfs around their heads and/or full burqas and he made Iran a full Islamic country with only ONE religion (no more Catholic, Christian, Jewish, and other religions or they could face the death penalty) as well as all gays, Westernized things such as movies, television programs, music, magazines, and some others have been prohibited or they could be faced the death penalty. Yes, very sad! Many people said that their dictator made them very happy because they believed that the Islamic things made them very happy. BIG JOKE! I remember one new presidential candidate with the last name of S (who had his family members in France) won his presidential race in 2005 or 2006 or I don’t remember which year, but the president named A… (I can’t spell because of too long last name and he had a beard all times) was shocked, so he demanded for another count again and he still lost. Then he ordered a re-election again and that is how he won and many people were very shocked and upset and cried because they wanted a new president. If a new president won, he wanted to make Iran a free and democracy country just like the USA and he can restore the old freedoms and rights back which means he can let people to become gays and lesbians and they can drink alcoholic beverages, watch the Westernized movies and television programs, listen to the Westernized music, and can do whatever they want even they don’t have to wear the head scarfs and/or burqa, and that is why many and many people voted a new president, but he lost.

    One time I watched the documentary on HBO which was about gays and transgenders in Iran. It really didn’t make a sense to me because if gay Iranians wanted to have boyfriends or to marry their new husbands, they are required being operated to become transgender females or if not, they could face the death penalty. If lesbian Iranians wanted to have their girlfriends or to marry their wives, they are also required being operated to become transgender males. Very sad! At the meeting place somewhere in Tehran, many transgender female Iranians went there to confront with 3 staff from the Iranian Department of Health and Human Services or something like that where the transgender females said that God never created the transgender people and whenever they become transgender males/females in Iran, it means that the Iranian government insult God because God wanted to see everyone to be very happy for what they want to be and a transgender surgery is not a natural thing, while people become gays and lesbians that are very natural. Three guy staff agreed with them, but they said that there was nothing they can do about it. It really touched my heart. A few people from HBO interviewed some transgender Iranians and asked them why they can’t move to Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand for their homosexual rights freely, instead of becoming transgenders there and they said that if they moved, they are NOT allowed to come back to Iran even they are not allowed to visit their families, weddings, graduations, and whatever. So, they have no choice and have to be close with their family members. It also touched my heart, too. I remember one female from Iran, but she fled to Amsterdam and she wrote the book about the femminist (spelling?) in Iran. The Iranian president was very pissed off at and angry at her and he demanded her to come back to Tehran for a trail or if she refused, he then could allow his military officers to kill her family members in Tehran. She worried and went to meet with the Dutch government because the Netherlands and Iran have their diplomatic relations. The Dutch government warned the Iranian president that if they killed her family members, the Dutch government can cut its diplomatic relations off with the Iranian government. So, the Iranian president said it was okay and left her family alone there. The Iranian government suggested the Dutch government that she can NOT come to Iran for the rest of her life and she agreed.

    One more thing, I happened to read the newspaper in Washington, DC and learned that a gay teenager Iranian (A) had a sex with his best friend (B) who also wat a gay teenager in (A)’s bedroom and his mother caught them. She reported them to the police and the police arrested them being sent to a police office. A while later, (A)’s father came home from work and his mother told him that the teenagers were arrested being sent to a jail for sex and he was so fucking proud of her. A few days later, two guys went to a court and their parents were there. On a same day, they were sent to a public place where they were hung. They cried in a van and begged the officers to free them and won’t have a sex again, but no luck for them. After their arrivals, they were hung with cloth bags to cover their faces. One of them was 15 years old, while another one was 16 years old. A while later, (A)’s mother didn’t realize how lonely she was without her gay son. She then went to (B)’s house to inform her that she ((A)’s mother) was very lonely and depressed because she had only one child. Then, what happened? ((B)’s mother told her “thanks a lot for reporting my son to the police and now I’ve been very lonely” and she then decided to strip off best friendship with her and (A)’s mother cried and begged to keep a friendship with, but not anymore. They used to be the best friends for many years. (B)’s mother knew her son was gay and accepted him and his father no longer lived. Yes, she was a very open-minded lady – not like (A)’s mother. (B)’s m other also had one child, too. Their sons used to be the best friends, but it led them to be romantically into their relationship. One more thing, I happened to watch the movie which was filmed in Germany and it was based on a true story about an Iranian lesbian. After she decided to flee to Germany because of her sexuality. She met a German lesbian and she (an Iranian lady) worked at the factory somewhere in Germany. About a year later or so, she wore as a German man with her fake German passport to fly to Iran to visit her family there. Before she flew to Iran, the Iranian government learned that she fled to Germany because of her sexuality. They demanded her to come to Iran for a trail or if not, then her family can get killed. So, she talked with the German government and they then warned the Iranian government or they can cut off its diplomatic relations with Iran. The Iranian government agreed. That is how she wore as a German male and the German government made a false German passport. After her arrival there, she was very happy to see her family around. Yes, her family knew about her sexuality. A week later or two weeks later, she again wore as a German guy before she was on the way to the airport in Tehran to catch a flight back to Germany. One of the Iranian police found out that it was her as a real lady – not a German man as she was on an airplane and hoped until her airplane finally flew out of the Iranian airspace and she then relieved. She walked to the bathroom to take off a guy’s clothes and put her regular clothes on. After arrival in Germany, she brought a fake German passport as a man and her real German passport as a lady and she explained as to why she has two passports and they let her go. There, she met her girlfriend. I forget the name of the movie. Very good movie and also based on a true story.

    I didn’t realize that I made this here too long, but I just thought I’ld like to share with you everyone. BIG SMILE! Thanks!

    I just didn’t mean to write this too long here, but I just wanted to share with. Thanks!

  43. Hello again,

    One more thing, I learned that many Iranians always have loved and adored many American citizens and always warmly welcome many Americans to come visit. They said that they have been very tired of listening what the Iranian government always talks very negative about the USA. They have to pretend to hate the USA (but they love the USA) or they could be prosecuted. They always have hated its government.

  44. Gerald – to you I can, after your post, only say: YOU’RE A FASCIST – Hitler would have his joy on you!

    You really think, the USA will get any “respect” for GENOCIDE?
    The USA have lost most respect world-wide because of reckless policies and millions of innocent dead people along their track.

    What you mistake for “respect” is naked fear – and you make it clear: You want the USA to rule the world with terror and fear.
    That is no respect. That is the ideal of Gengis Khan, Stalin and Hitler.

    What gets real RESPECT is ‘respect for others’, for ‘human rights’, for ‘justice’.
    The USA have not shown any of these since 1945.

    As for Iran, I know, a lot of hate has been built up against them – but why?
    Like against Cuba or Vietnam: THEY WON against US power! And that’s what Brutes hate.

    The Iranians were kept hostage from 1953 till 1979, after CIA and the British MI6 had putshed away their democratic government and put in its place a puppet -but also terror- Shah. If you mean the later ones, after the revolution in 1979 – don’t believe that propaganda movie “Argo”: the Iranians were searching not for little “librarians” or “teachers” – they wanted the CIA-agents who had trained the Shah’s brutal political police SAVAK in interrogation and torture, for 26 years!

  45. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who has been doing
    a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me lunch due to
    the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me
    to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx
    for spending time to talk about this subject
    here on your blog.

  46. I believe everything published was actually very logical. But,
    what about this? what if you were to write a killer headline?
    I ain’t saying your content is not good., however suppose you added something that grabbed people’s attention? I mean Evil Iran Threatens America Again With Over 400 Targets – American People Daily is kinda plain. You should peek at Yahoo’s front page
    and see how they create news titles to grab viewers to click.
    You might add a related video or a related picture or two to
    get readers excited about what you’ve got to say. In my opinion, it might make your
    posts a little livelier.

  47. Have you ever considered creating an ebook or guest authoring on other sites?

    I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you
    share some stories/information. I know my viewers would enjoy your work.

    If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot
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