EXPLOSIVE: FBI Confirms Obama Directed Anti-Flynn Operation

We’ve all heard the rumors that former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were marginally involved in the FBI’s investigation into retired general and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. But up until now, it was believed that they had little to do with it beyond knowing about it. However, newly declassified documents reveal that the whole thing was likely Obama and Biden’s idea.

The document is a two-page list of handwritten notes by disgraced and fired former FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok regarding a meeting in the Oval Office on January 4, 2017, just days before the Trump administration would take over and Obama’s would vacate the White House. The notes were released on Wednesday after being withheld from the defense.

The meeting was known to be attended by Obama, Biden, former FBI Director James Comey, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Being discussed was the recent phone calls between Flynn and then-Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak. The two supposedly were discussing the recently implemented sanctions against Moscow, which would have been a completely normal thing to do considering Flynn’s about to be position within the White House administration.

However, the democratic administration wanted to make sure that Trump’s presidency and election into the White House were tainted with what appeared to be Russian collusion and so sought to make Flynn look like an example of this conspiracy.

The investigation into Flynn was ordered to stay open, and evidence planted to make him look guilty. Strzok set a perjury trap for the former general, “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired,” about his conversations with Kislyak. And so he was fired and prosecuted.

This information was found out in April when documents were found and released that proved the FBI’s collusion against Flynn. However, it wasn’t known just how far this thing went up the ladder until Tuesday when notes Strzok’s notes from the infamous January meeting were also released.

In the notes, it suggests that Biden was the one to actually suggest trying to use the Logan Act against Flynn. And Obama didn’t object. In fact, he went on to say, “These are unusual times,” and as such, told Comey to “make sure to look at things and have the right people on it” so that it would stick.

Comey then admitted that the Flynn/Kislyak calls were “legit.”

This last bit in and of itself is huge. I mean, the FBI Director admitted that there was nothing wrong with those phone calls. And yet he was ok with continuing a faulty investigation into them.

But even worse than that is our then-Vice President suggesting that Flynn could be taken down by the Logan Act, which is a law established in 1790 that made it illegal for private citizens to negotiate with foreign diplomats.

Flynn, had he not been the incoming National Security Advisor, would have been such a private citizen. However, his newly appointed post would have made this entire argument moot.  And all parties involved in this meeting would have known that.

But that clearly didn’t stop them from committing crimes of their own.

Instead, Biden, a man who is now running for the highest office in the nation, began the process of railroading an innocent man just because of his political affiliations.

And of course, he has lied about it several times.

In early 2017, Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he knew “nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn. And even as late as this May, he told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that he “was never part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Flynn while I was in office. Period. Not one single time.”

However, only days earlier, on May 12, Biden spoke to Stephanopoulos again, admitting that he knew about the investigation but nothing more. “I was aware that they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it.”

So which is it? Did he know or not? And since it’s apparent that he lied about this simple fact, it wouldn’t be hard to believe he lied about his further involvement in it.

117 thoughts on “EXPLOSIVE: FBI Confirms Obama Directed Anti-Flynn Operation

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  2. Wray is another Comey he is protecting these Crooks at the FBI DOJ CIA and Hillary’s band at the State Dept and Obama. He has known this before he was made head of the FBI and has been with holding Documents from Judicial Watch to protect these Crooks. He needs to be Fired. If BARR was doing his job Andy Peter Comey Brennan Clapper and Hillary would already be in JAIL. Judicial Watch is doing DOJ’S Job. Appoint Tom F at Judicial Watch Special Prosecutor. These Crooks have to go to JAIL so this Never happens again. Republican Senator’s and especially Lindsey Graham is all talk and No Action. Pass a law that you have to be a US citizen to receive any kind of benefits. If we don’t pay them to stay here they will leave. Pass VOTER ID. Put Federal Poll watchers at the polls with ICE agents to Arrest any illegals trying to VOTE.

  3. Obama is a communist and he doesn’t care about anyone but him filthy self.
    He is filth to the bones and from my studies he was not born here. His brother said he was born in Kenya. He closed a military school and it went bankrupt and then obuma’s friend went in a bought that school.

  4. These are pathetic and evil lies from Barr and Trump, the two most dangerous people in the world right now. Obama will always be the most ethical and effective President in your lifetime despite total Republican opposition the first day of his Presidency. Trump is already voted the worst President in history in almost every criterion by 91 historians. There were other corrupt administrations but no mobster was ever President previously.

  5. The Obamanation has a bank of lawyers working on a plan for plausible deniability in the Flynn matter. Probably the same lawyers who worked for so much time developing his birth certificate.

  6. It’s bad enough that Obama was elected for one term, but two???? What were people thinking? Now Biden wants in!!! I don’t think so!!! Not under our watch! Obama, Biden, Crooked Hillary, Fancy Nancy, Schumer and Comey should be put on row boat to China. Come on Trumpsters we can do this again!!! We have too, our livelihoods depend on it. Our Great Country needs us now more than ever before.

    1. On election night the media FOX could report President Trump re-elected and the rest of the lame-stream medias propaganda LIES could report Biden won and any resistance they would use the now overplayed race card and you American will do NOTHIN about it put accept it, what fools some Americans can be especially the white dumbed down blind masses called snowflakes LOL!

  7. So when do we get to see Obama perp walked out of his D.C. Mansion at 5:00 A.M. in cuffs???

  8. Well need i say you know and i know nothing is going to happen they’ll do nothing to Obuma and all that is involved because we sit back and take it when are going to Stop this Bullshit what has to happen is make sure that Donald J Trump is re-elected and get them dems out of congress take back our country

  9. I fully agree with Jim on July 5th at 9:02pm.
    Do I need to repeat all the other responses prior about sleeze ball Obama and his cronies!!!!
    Sleeze ball Obama and all the others mentioned need to go to prison for life.

  10. People in that horrible city called Washington DC are fond of often saying, especially when denouncing members of the other party, that “nobody is above the law”. That ladies and gentlemen is nothing but a bald-faced lie. For example, Obama, Biden, Clinton, Schiff, Schumer, Piglosi, to name just a few, are considered “above the law”. That is why it puzzled me that AG Barr would say that Obama and Biden were out of reach of his scope of inquiry. They are traitors and thieves and have the unmitigated hutzpah to act as if they are above the law. Is it any wonder that average Americans are sooo pissed off? The governing class above them get away with horrific crimes and the scum below them are randomly let out of jail, post no bail or simply are not prosecuted for the actual crimes they commit. It is no wonder why the middle class has NO faith in the system. The system exists to punish the middle class and tax them into oblivion. Presifdent Trump we beseech you win the election and don’t forget you must win the Senate and House in order to clean the pig pen of the Deep State.

  11. Seems like when Republicans have the “goods” on some lying sheezbag Democrat, they never want to press getting to the truth let alone charging them with a crime. Never could understand that. They surely are not as aggressive as the Dems are, even though the Dems have tried every trick in the book for the past 4 years to put Trump away. We need to be that pushy, especially now since we have the TRUTH on so many fronts against the SWAMP including Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, LIAR – IN – CHIEF HILLARY, and now ESPECIALLY SECOND LIAR – IN – CHIEF OBAMA and that wanna be President BIDEN. Come on Republican House and Senate members, have some balls and step up to the plate and hit this one out of the universe !

  12. Mr Barr, PLEASE press charges against all of them. I don’t care if he was a president, this country needs to show the world that we want justice.The only ones who should be embarrassed are the guilty ones, and trust me not one of them feels guilty.

    1. Cheryl I agree 120 percent let’s get it done once and for all remember no one is above the law!!!!!!!

  13. Justice should be held accountable by law, no matter the color!
    Trump ‘‘this your chance to prove the American justice work, where is the grand jury?

  14. Really interestering article! Who is going to man up and file charges? Not against just one of these crooks/people but all! Do it now please!

  15. Obama is nothing more than a glorified hood rat! Ayers father put Obama through Harvard as a foreign student! Harvard listed both Obama Sr. and Obama Jr. as Kenya born! Obama’s mother worked for Timothy Geithner’s father, also a Communist! Obama should be beaten with batons and have a German sheaphard drag his gay ass to the curb, have his neck stood on for nearly 2 minutes then kicke into the back seat of a squad car!

  16. This should be sent to and printed in all major newspapers. How does one feel having someone incarcerated for having done nothing wrong and now the wrong doer running for President.

  17. Down with all the Democrats past and present. They all need to be locked up for treason, punish those in the FBI like Comey, anyone in the DOJ etc. Obama started all of this negative race relations when he called the Police Stupid when one of his black friends was forgot their key to their home and police were called to investigate this professor(the police were doing their job when the intruder was reported by neighbors).

    1. And lets not forget those Dem waps in New York, Cuomo, and Deblasio…dem. homos. they sleep together at night…and come out during the day and vomit the blood sucked from each other at night….Send then back to Italia..they hate America…Bunch of Traitors…The real mob is paying them good money for their dirty work…

  18. The years 2008 until the year 2017 will go down in history of our country has the most political and most corrupt time in the history of our government. Obama said it himself the fundamental transformation of America and what he meant by that is the total destruction of our constitutional rights and government as we know it. There is no doubt about it that this was the most corrupt 8 + years in American history and it is disgusting

  19. They say ,end of summer,there will be indictments. If not Barr is a fence riding traitor as many under thump has been and needs fired and find a new law man that’s is man enough to do his job..the left can throw law suit out at a drop of a hat and knowingly have nothing but political gain..where is the justice in that.

  20. How come their homes Where not raided at 4:00 in the morning and arrested like everyone else.
    They are all pieces of shit and should be all
    hung. It’s been over 3 years and none of them
    Ever got arrested and that goes for miss piggie
    Hillary big mouth Clinton. She’s just like a Gopher
    Keeps sticking hear head up to see what’s going on
    Thank GOD she will never be POUS..

  21. Obama is a traitor and should tried as so for trying to over through our government our country’s problems are because of this traitor who walks amongst us implant our legal system and arrest him he is a disgrace to every American especially the the black community let just run its course and arrest him America second benidict arnold

  22. No one is above the law! It is time for Obama and his partners in crime to go to prison.

  23. The fact is, being the narcsisist that he is, Obama knew he’d never be brought to justice for any crimes committed because being the first Black president, it would never happen. For him it was worth being convicted in the court of popular opinion if he got caught because he knew Trump would destroy his worthless legacy

  24. Several times, with an official congressional address book, I sent notices to Congress that they were(& had been) in violations of their oaths of office, & gave multiple examples. None but the 8 members I knew personally responded at all; those thanked me for my input! Iow, all know they are liars, frauds & thieves! Like the phony ” national debt”, should be repudiated; for they, like it, are beyond correction by normal means!

  25. What I like to know? When will the American people run these lies and leakers out of Congress. We will not have justice until we get the rats out. If Biden wins you Mark my word this country will fall aparr.

  26. I wish that there is less talking and more action. It is very unfortunate that Obama and Biden believe they are above the law. Arresting both of them will be very critical before the election. Otherwise, the justice system and law enforcement
    are a major “joke”… corrupt leaders will be allowed to continue destroying this nation. I hope that Obama and Biden get arrested with full team of FBI armed agents like General Flynn. Stormed in their homes in front of the press.
    Only a dream….not going to happen just like Hillary Clinton getting away with mishandling classified documents.
    Notice the Durham Report is really not happening….another wasted moment. Barr is too scared and will not go
    after Obama and Biden. He is too busy with other matters.
    Even with all these obstacles and problems, we must stay the course ” Vote for Trump and Republican public officials” God Bless America!!!

    1. To bad they can’t get a United States citizen that had to fight for our freedom in office to prosecute the criminals to the fullest possibly

  27. They should all be hung for treason. Put it on pay per view to recover some of the money they have stolen from the taxpayers. Make sure you include Hillary, Schiff, and Schumer plus anyone else they find involved.

  28. Yeah, so what’s going to happen from here? Nothing? Elite ALWAYS gets away with murder, money laundering and any corruption out there. Our country is suffering, her people are suffering and there is an investigation going on that is going nowhere. Obama will not be prosecuted because Barr is afraid it will start a bigger race war and Biden will only end up in a home for the mentally unfit. Wasted time and money! There are soooo many more that have and are committing crimes and most of them are in Congress. Will they be prosecuted? NOPE! I have lost total hope in out government to do the right thing. They hate

  29. All these people will be burned in hell, they’re under the influence of Satan to destroy America and they will pay for it in hell.

  30. so we know – geee – we have know for a very long time and what have we done? The republic party can not get on the same page, and it is this malfunctioning that will allow the democrat’s to win everything, The republican party can kiss good by to ever being noticed for the next 50 years.
    Republicans are so smart they are dumb to what is going on around them

  31. Obama deserves to be in jail. He master minded the whole thing and conspired to interfere with the Trump administration. The others in that room deserve their just desserts as well. They are all criminally responsible for the anguish our nation has had to suffer and you can throw in the corrupt members of House and Senate as well.

  32. Was Schiff involved in some way since he always had the proof that Trump was involved with Russia? He needs to be added to the list of ones responsible.

  33. Maybe it is past time for ex-General Flynn to trap ex-POTUS Obama! Maybe A.G. Barr can help with that. The hoax investigation of Trump went on for 3-1/2 years, so the investigation of Biden & Obama will probably drag on for years too.
    Slow walking until everyone forgets who shot John.
    Sorry I will not live long enough to see the perp walk!


  35. Obama owns James Comey’s soul, as proven by what Comey ordered the FBI to do to General Michael Flynn, under Obama’s directions. But who is Obama really, to have that much control over James Comey, when he only had less than two weeks left as a lame-duck President? As President, Obama locked up all information of his past with an “Executive Order”, to keep anyone from finding out anything about him.

    Some with historical knowledge of religious prophecy claim that Obama is the Anti-Christ. It was prophesied that the Anti-Christ would have an accident that would mortally wound him with cranial damage, but would he miraculously recover. Obama fell down a dry well, as a boy living in his stepfather’s country of Malaysia, landing on his head, he seriously cracked his skull in many places, and to this day the scars of all the cranial cracks can be seen when his hair is cut short. This is just one of the many prophesied details of the Anti-Christ, that Obama is been known to have fulfilled. But time will eventually expose the truth, and James Comey’s immortal soul is on the line, something even more scary than death.

  36. I knew it was a set up as soon as Trump announced Flynn because Obummer hated and fired Flynn because he refused to lie for him.

  37. I would give my left nut to be able to beat Obama to a bloody pulp, piss on his corpse, then burn it.

  38. If Biden is elected president, this will be the end of the country that we all love. President Obama will again be running the country along with Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts. We
    will become a Socialist country, a sister to communism.

    1. over the past 75 or so years the right has allowed the communists to swithch and change our language and rhetoric to suit the occasion. our totally corrupt communist news media has fostered this change. its way past time for the spineless right to lock and load for the festivities of removing the cancer from our body.

  39. So what will happen to that traitor? Nothing. The republicans will fall all over themselves protecting that SOB that is behind all of this chaos.

  40. I have always believed that the Obama/ Biden team was a crooked anti American team that should never have been allowed to hold any office in this great nation. They were the worst thing to happen to race relations in this country. Remember the words “For the first time in my life I am proud to be an American” uttered by ‘Muchell’ when we elected a half-black non American to be President. Let’s not forget.

  41. Now, arrest the whole gang… Start with OBAMA and his family , and his inner circle…. Bet all the problems that we see in the USA would disappear ….. We could get our country back..

  42. What a terrible web we weave when first we practice to deceive. One lie leads to another and then another. After awhile we don’t even know what the truth was and then another lie ………

  43. obama biden hillary pelosi top FBI officials, they and many more committed treason! Stop them NOW! They ALL should go to prison for treasonous acts. We’re tired of waiting; put them away!!! They’re all liars!

    They are all ruining America and our relations with other countries! If we don’t stop them now, they will have their new world (evil) order!

    1. No prison. Trial by military tribunal (they are illegal domestic combatants), then the electric chair for the High Treason they have committed.

  44. What I want to know is where Pelosi stands in all this mess??? She is corrupt and just as guilty as Obama , Biden, and Hillary. Shame on you Nancy Pelosi!!!
    President Trump keep up the good fight!!!!! In God We Trust!

  45. We have a presidential candidate implicated in subverting his own government by interfering with our election and personally asking for de-masking of Flynn. The snake Obama is now out of hiding and becoming the voice for Biden; a former President present at a meeting where apparently a few things were decided: 1. That the American people do NOT have the right to free governance, 2. That laws protecting our rights to free governance were trampled on, and our courts lied to in order to weaponize our intel against a political opponent, 3. That a lie should be disseminated to the American people by way of framing the President, passing classified info to media, and lying under oathe to obstruct justice, and 4. That public shaming and outright violence against Americans is not only OK if you align with the elites, but it should be encouraged.
    Get this trashing out of our government, out of our schools, and out of our free society they’ve now openly supported the destruction of.

  46. obama biden hillary pelosi top FBI officials, they and many more committed treason! Stop them NOW! They ALL should go to prison for treasonous acts. We’re tired of waiting; put them away!!! They’re all liars!

    1. How can America trust the FBI ever again?!? What a disgrace they’ve become !!!!

  47. Obama has never lost power he is the heart of deep state. knowing this and the rest of what he has done . and all the crap all over America right now is Obama , the DNC and there endless line of money. and it all is for the same reason . so them in the top of the DNC party will not be held accountable . and in the news look like there winning. but was that not the case in 2016 . TRUMP HAS TO WIN . TO SAVE THIS NATION FROM BEING DESRORYED FROM THE IN SIDE OUT. TRUMP 20/20

  48. Barack Obama was THE MOST CORRUPT president in American history. His Vice President, Joseph Biden is a weak, greedy man with zero integrity and a thirst for power and would do anything to achieve it. Beware of Joseph Biden.

  49. Obama and Biden should go to prison for treason against the UNITED STATES and President Trump and Obama should be stripped of his presidency!

    1. They’re too damn busy trying to hang Trump for being an DAMN GOOD PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!


    3. He really needs to go back to his birthplace in Kenya, and hide before someone in DC grows a pair, and locks him up for treason.

  50. If this is true (and I believe it is) why hasn’t anything been done about it?

    1. You ask a silly question! You’ve have to look at Hillary Clinton and you’re question will be answered!!!!!

  51. Not surprised! Obama was/is the most EVIL person to have ever lived in the White House! Especially since he really belongs in Leavenworth! He’s a criminal terrorist & deserves to be publicly hung! A bullet would be too clean a death.

    1. So the politicians need to quit talking about equal justice and take legal action? However since Obama, Clinton and Biden are Democrats and part of the Deep State they think they are above the law. So obvious the Democrats have tried to accuse Trump and his supporters when in fact they have been so corrupt and able to cover up their real crimes to our country. I hope and pray most Americans realize who the bad guys/girls are and vote to re-elect DJT in Nov. and also help Trump by voting out these evil and corrupt Democrats.


    2. If any democrat is elected President, this country is over. They have gone so far to the left that if they win this election the USA will be socialist within 10 years or less. Wake up people. Take this country back.

    3. It’s what Marxists do. 1939, Hitler, book burning and the destruction of history and an entire population, the Jews. Only this time it’s American Marxists tearing down American history and the white population. The whites who chant BLM are next to go

  52. I love looking through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

    1. So what is the Justice Department waiting for, why hasn’t a grand jury been named, why hasn’t formal charges been been submitted? When will these charges be formalized.

    2. They have already said they will not pursue any charges against Obama. I haven’t heard anything about their intentions regarding the others (including Biden). There must be political ramifications they are afraid of when considering Obama’s involvement that we don’t know about because they have to know he is guilty as sin!

    3. Whoever “they” are, if “they” don’t pursue any charges against Obama now, then “they” themselves should be jailed immediately. This, giving Obama a pass, is making a mockery of the Rule of Law. Soros and the Clintons also should have been behind bars by now!

    4. I believe that it is Referred to in Legal Terminology “Misprision of A Felony”

    5. Why is it only ok to investigate and destroy republicans that are elected? There must be a quid pro quo or the whole system is useless.

    6. John you are Right . Please tell me when this crime will hit the. Grand jury . If anymore time goes by the nov elections will have passed it has been almost 4 years when all this corruption started . They come close to impeaching our president( which would have kicked off violence ) .Barr was appointed close to 2 years ago he appointed Durham approx a year now they say the end of summer . My ? Why Is it taking this long , are they going to let these Whores off the hook like they did with Crooked Comey and McCabe . Just more investigations and nothing happens 30 million for mueller and his corrupt scum bags . Our country is so criminal it gets me sick .signed 87 year old Korean vet . Is this what we served for and the boys who died for what?

    7. How can we let someone like Biden run for President he proves what a liar he is. They both should be charge with their crimes . Put Fylnn back in hes an innocent man and put Biden and Obama in jail for their crimes where they belong!!!!!!!!

    8. Could PEDOPHILIA be the real answer to your question as to why these criminals have not been prosecuted as they deserve? Do their prosecutors, no matter how “sterling” their reputations, have “something to hide?” Is it possible they too have been video-taped participating in pedophilia? SENT 5/8/20 RUDY GIULIANI COMMON SENSE
      Dear Rudy, I was watching your interview of Andrew McCarthy, Anatomy of a Frame-up. Having watched the Dan Bongino podcast, half-hour earlier, McCarthy was not close to Dan Bongino’s coverage of the same subject. May I suggest, respectfully, you take the time to locate that podcast, dated today, May 8, and watch it yourself. I sincerely mean no disrespect to either yourself, or your guest, Mr. McCarthy. I flatter myself with the belief we are on the same team, despite my 79 years, almost 50 spent in the trenches, “uphill all the way,” never having the feeling we could overcome the dedicated evil in our world. Try to imagine, first my pleasure watching President Trump so upset the plans of the “dark side,” then my disappointment, watching the “dark side” create this PLANDEMIC, practically destroying the entire world, causing the deaths of perhaps millions, to bring Trump down.
      What could possibly engender such hatred of a man who, arguably, has done more for this world than any other president? What are “they” really hiding? Hatred of Trump DOES NOT explain that satisfactorily. What is the real, “deep, dark, secret” they’re hiding? What were Flynn, and his son, doing when they incurred the wrath of the dark side? Do the words of President Putin published July 2017, actually provide the answer? “All western governments are controlled by satanic pedophiles.“ Why did Putin suddenly, without explanation, terminate the Russian orphan adoption program that appeared to be flourishing? Do Putin’s words and actions provide any clues that reveal “the glue” that holds the dark side together? What is that glue? The world is swimming in it. We are “drowning” in it. Could the bond connecting, Congress, the MSM, the “Intelligence” Community, Hollywood, Big Pharma, the left-wing liberal universities, highly placed members of the U.N., the career denizens of the State Department and their counterparts around the world, could that bond be Pedophilia? What “secret” has destroyed the once proud, and independent profession, of JOURNALISM? Until someone can prove me wrong, Pedophilia will “glue me” to pedophilia as the correct answer to my question. Is PEDOPHILIA on the part of the “prosecutors,” and potential blackmail, the true reason indictments are NOT being pursued against these well known and well documented public criminals?

    9. Alan Wakefield, the answer to your question, “What could possibly engender such hatred of a man who, arguably, has done more for this world than any other president,” is demonism; these people are infested and they don’t even know it. It is part of the devil’s attempt to imitate Christ’s promise to be with those who call on Him for deliverance. Hatred of God and therefore denial of His Person and His creation, is their “deep dark secret.” Kicking God out of America successfully eliminated the gold standard of the Decalogue which resulted in the elimination of the truth of good versus evil, and that resulted in “everyone doing what is right in his own eyes.” They would rather trust in themselves than trust the God who created and redeemed them from a world ruled by the devil; it’s all going to change soon.

    10. Maybe they were Epstein’s clients. Someone wanted Epstein silenced. His death is suspicious and Bill Clinton was a friend and associate of Epstein.

    11. I feel that you have glued the hammer to the pedophile nail! There’s so much junk in the
      Scavenger collection bag! This takes a large gathering of investigators to sort through &
      To connect the dots. Many of the players will have a sudden case of Muteness!

    12. Hell will freeze over before this Communist Manchurian Candidate is ever held responsible for his dirty. crooked Admin. deeds. First whiff of a supoena and RACIST will be on the front page of every rag newspaper in the country. He should be in Leavenworth already,

    13. My opinion is that the charges will not be filed until AFTER the nomination of Biden
      at the convention if it goes that far. He is a liar and worse . By waiting for the formal
      Nomination, the hammer will fall big time on this snake.

    14. Wray is another Comey he is protecting these Crooks at the FBI DOJ CIA and Hillary’s band at the State Dept and Obama. He has known this before he was made head of the FBI and has been with holding Documents from Judicial Watch to protect these Crooks. He needs to be Fired. If BARR was doing his job Andy Peter Comey Brennan Clapper and Hillary would already be in JAIL. Judicial Watch is doing DOJ’S Job. Appoint Tom F at Judicial Watch Special Prosecutor. These Crooks have to go to JAIL so this Never happens again. Republican Senator’s and especially Lindsey Graham is all talk and No Action. Pass a law that you have to be a US citizen to receive any kind of benefits. If we don’t pay them to stay here they will leave. Pass VOTER ID. Put Federal Poll watchers at the polls with ICE agents to Arrest any illegals trying to VOTE.

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