Extremist Group Shows Up at Media Personality’s Home on Halloween

Halloween is always a time when a ghost or goblin might catch us off-guard but of course, this is always nothing more than someone in costume or having fun. What happens though, when those “someone’s” in costume aren’t just having fun and Halloween goes from being fun to becoming frightening? It appears there is more than one reason why we refer to those people as the “far-left” as one story reported this past Halloween night.

When we hear the term the far-left, it conjures a different picture for many people. If you Google the term the “far-left,” the results are quite similar to the pictures we imagine. Many variations but the same theme underlying them all.

Wikipedia defines Far-Left as “…political views located further on the left of the left-right spectrum than the standard political left. The term has been used to describe ideologies such as: communism, anarchism, anarcho-communism, left-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, Marxism–Leninism, Trotskyism, and Maoism.”

Meriam-Webster more subtly defines Far-Left as “the group of people whose political views are the most liberal.”

And the site AllSides defined Far-Left as “… the extreme left, ultra-left or radical left, this term is often used pejoratively (and sometimes simply descriptively) to refer to politics further on the left of the left-right spectrum than the mainstream political left.”

Outside of the strictly political scope, we also affiliate these people as those inclined to radical behavior. When the radical ideas of any nation anywhere are at their worst we have witnessed the carnage and terror that thinking can result in. Extremist groups could be described as far-left radicals, only with violent tendencies and sometimes heavily armed!

Then, sometimes, they can be creepy images lurking outside your home and harassing you, terrifying you and your family. If that sounds a bit far-fetched then you need to hear what happened to one conservative journalist and his family on Halloween night last week. The images on the security camera outside the home and the stories of what happened that night feel like the makings of a horror movie.

This wasn’t a horror movie though, and the images that were reminiscent of a movie like the Purge, were real that night. Imagine sitting at home with your family, beggars night has been finished and the hours begin to creep late into the Halloween night. That’s when it happens, at first just a knock on the door. Then again, and again. As you peer through the peephole in the door, what you see looking back at you is the distorted image of your face.

Then the strange people wearing printed masks of your face knock on the windows, lurk outside on the front lawn… silently stare back at you in the image of your outside security camera. This wasn’t a movie, however, this is what happened to one man and his family. The face being mocked that night was reporter Andy Ngo. Our story reports that “Ngo is a frequent target of the radical left over his raw coverage of Antifa. He often plants himself in or near-violent protests, broadcasting the action to his Twitter followers.”

That underlying theme, the connotation that is attached to the far-left, is radical, dangerous, and scary. Someone who claims to be a member or supportive of far-left movements isn’t necessarily crazy or imbalanced, but it doesn’t promote the idea of sanity either.

Ngo didn’t answer the door that night – but why would he? And as our story suggested in a rather unsettling fashion, what if he had? Another unsettling irony here is that almost four years ago as Trump was gearing up for his run, his supporters were being dubbed as the radicals and extremists. Crazies.

Today, Trump-supporters have real concerns because of the real radicals, extremists, and crazies like our reporter encountered on Halloween night. Maybe this was just a bunch of young men who knew a reporter of some acclaim lived there – although that is highly unlikely. Perhaps, this is the opposition as most assume, but there was no harm intended? What if there was?

The truth is we probably won’t ever know the intentions of those creepy prowlers that night. Many just assume that those on the far-left are harmless, and most of them probably are but what if it was your home? Andy Ngo didn’t answer the door that night – would you?

37 thoughts on “Extremist Group Shows Up at Media Personality’s Home on Halloween

    1. How about cans of paint, at the ready, to throw on these scum? garden hose……firece dog……angry mother-in-law…….person that was refused their welfare check…….Hillary Clinton, pushed out the door, & the door locked behind her?……..:O}}} Just a couple ideas?

  1. He needs to get him some German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers , Pit Bulls, or Rottweilers and never again will the RACIST THUGS OF THE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY STEP INT O YOUR YARD EVER AGAIN!!!

    1. Paps – that is assuming that they would not shoot and kill the dogs…people who do this – and whatever their intent was – would NOT care at all about shooting a dog…and blame it on the homeowner! I have a “secret word” for my dogs to know to defend me…they seem like dosile dogs until they hear that word…THEN the teeth & protection mode comes out…always realizing they could be shot….I’d try to talk to them through the door while calling the police and keep them there with the door closed, until police get there.

  2. i would never put up with their threatening manner… how about just beating them with a baseball bat??? sneak around the house and swing away…

  3. This organization of people Are cowards. Always with their face covered. They should be a terrorized group. They hate America.

    1. It is a mistake to assume that they are cowards for such reasons. Thinking that way can get you killed or injured due to having assumed that they really are afraid when they are simply defeating the cameras that can identify them for the police. There is a major difference between being smart enough to defeat the cameras, and being stupid because someone might think you are a coward for wearing a mask. That is like the folks who think that Muslims who detonate suicide vests are cowards when they know that their head will be cut off, and they will be conscious and in a lot of pain until their brain runs out of oxygen. That is not cowardice. It is dedication. Never assume that someone is a coward just because their values are different than yours.

      1. Dr. Clifford … I disagree with what you said about antifa. No, I don’t think a Muslim jihadist blowing himself up with a bomb belt is a coward, neither do I chalk it up to their dedication. The Muslim suicide bombers are nothing but poor, ignorant fools who are so gullible and stupid and very easy for their Muslim moolahs talk them into committing suicide for the glory of their imaginary allah. But the individuals of antifa are obviously cowards for a number of reasons. For one, they are always doing their attacks on people who they know to be unarmed and defensless. They also limit their activities to areas where they know that the police will just stand there and do nothing because the democrats who run those places have ordered the police to stand down.

  4. Why didn’t they just call Cop? You inside your house and they are trespassing on your property! Being stupid enough just to keep looking in the peehold! You are stupid if you don’t like violence! Because that could happen if you open the door! And the only thing to protect you would be a GUN! Either man up or died! Your choice!

  5. We live far out in the country, and if there is trouble then the police and ambulances are at least forty-five minutes away so we don’t call them. People who cause trouble out here have a tendency to disappear, and not be heard of again. I suspect they get fed to the coy wolves, and then the foxes finish them off. Of course, I don’t know that for a fact. It is just my suspicion. It has been about eight years since the last time that we had some trouble. Word gets around, and the townies stay away. People who live in towns are generally more tolerant and try to get along more than we do. That is why the liberals like to live in towns. Learn to be more like us, and you will have less trouble in your lives. If you tolerate trouble makers then you will attract more of them into your lives.

  6. Antifa are the type of people that should be not allowed to protest with masks on their faces, against anyone, but their protesting is always against the Conservative groups. They’re also a nasty group of cowards that don’t want to be identified, because they know they will be arrested They are much like a group terrorist and they’re also aware they are supported by the Democrat party. Nazis on our country!!!!!!.

  7. Awe, hiding behind masks….just like the whistleblower….this is definitely the actions of a Bunch of Democratic haters, or just crazies that are getting away with something.

  8. For the first time in my life. I am afraid to put a political sign in my yard, a bumper sticker on my car, or wear any Trump support at all. It is called bullying.
    Something is seriously wrong with America when this
    Is occurring. No matter which candidate you support it is your right to peacefully support your candidate of choice.

    1. I have a TRUMP sticker on my truck. Was at stop lights when a small car with two girls and two guys came up behind me. Got a good look at driver face. Who was a brown hair white girl with one side of her head shaved short. Light turn green and I checked rear view mirror and saw Halloween mask on her face. To make it short I had my German Shepherd in the back seat of my truck. An a 12 gauge shotgun in passage seat. Stop at a gas station and she pull up. All four got out and swinging baseball bat at my truck. My dog jump up and I open the door! Got my 12 gauge shotgun and got out. Dog got one of the girl’s. Other three started swinging at the dog! I shot out the radiator on the car. Turn around other three running like bat out of HELL! Store owner call police. Five show up! No charge against me. Girl was taken to hospital for my dog bite. Yes she was charge! Came to find out was a college student at the local university.

  9. The very day that Maxine Waters gave her little “go-ahead” speach, encouraging her morally destitute democrats through out the country to “confront” Trump supporters, “get right in their faces” in restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, I made it a special point, every time I fill up at the pumps, to wear my big, red, Make America Great Again hat, and carry my Bar-B-Q lighter in my pocket … at the ready. Let them try that sh!t with me, and we’ll have Bar-B-Q right at the pumps!

    1. That was the threat that the cop refuse to arrested Maxine Water for! If she was arrested for making that THREAT AGAINST us for supporting our President. Then you can’t count on the police to do their job! Even these sheriff department who top guy is black with not support us Trump supporter! Due to their loyalty to OBAMA and Democrats!

  10. The left say they are for free speech yet they beat up people who don’t agree with them, burn property, destroy statues and art. Lamestrem media went off on a 16 year old because he wore a MAGA hat. That Indian got in16 year old Sandmans’ face beating his drum, black Israelites yelling vile obscenities at a 16 year old. When are we conservatives going to stand up to the few and say ENOUGH?

  11. Sooner or later the disguised ones in this video are going to try to intimidate someone who will fight back and an adult or big teenager with a mask covering his identity these days says either terrorist or antifa and the title of terrorist fits both. Unlike the other reporter, Turner’s wife, when they broke through the door of his house and she fled and called the police, the next person on their hit list is more likely to blow them back out that front door with a gun. I hope those little terrorist cross that line very soon and someone with a gun defends himself or herself and their home.

    When are these terrorist gonna get the label and the punishment that goes with this little nasty intimidation game the new version of the local brown shirts are playing? That would be antifa and Soros’s own little sneaky army. Label them and jail them. Adults with masks in any gathering are not innocent kids these days just paid street hood rat want-ta-bes by Soros.

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