Extremist Pro-Abortion Group “Jane’s Revenge” Attacked the Same Pro-Life Center Twice…Better Luck Next Time…

Koca Vehbi/shutterstock.com

Just moments after it was leaked that the Supreme Court had every intention of reversing Roe v. Wade, trouble began. Pro-choice demonstrators unleashed their frustrations on dozens of pro-life centers around the country.

Some demonstrators were content with holding signs and yelling while others hurled rocks through windows and defiled buildings with spray-painted graffiti. But this was only a mild taste of what was yet to come, when in June, SCOTUS followed through with its intent and flushed Roe v Wade deep into the dark bowels of history.

Butt-hurt pro-abortion advocates who were prepared for the final decision to be handed down immediately sprung into action. Social media pages lit up with vitriol language aimed at igniting bonfires of hatred and repulsion in the hearts of America’s baby-murdering liberals. It rained propaganda and falsehoods.

As if being accosted by an angry crowd of hipster liberals feeding their self-indulgent egos isn’t enough, a pro-life center in Ohio has been hit twice. They have every right to fear it happening again, but they aren’t backing down; it’s business as usual. 

Allie Frazier, executive director of the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, said in response to the incidents, “As pro-lifers, we know that our work might cost us something and that very well could be our physical safety. I think that it’s important in moments like this for the pro-life movement to be really clear that we’re not going to be intimidated. We will save babies. We will protect women. And we’re not going to let threats [sic] of violence stop us from doing that.” Tough lady.

The latest attack came on July 8 when the windows of the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio’s offices were busted out with rocks and threatening messages were spraypainted all over the outside of the building.

One ski-masked suspect was seen on security footage spraypainting the building’s sidewalk with the liberalized popular phrase, “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you.” 

The phrase was made popular by a pro-abortion group of radical extremists known as Jane’s Revenge and it’s been adopted as the slogan of demonstrators nationwide. It’s been seen written on numerous buildings and sidewalks and was even scratched into the paint of one pro-life center director’s car. 

Frazier said she’s certain that Jane’s Revenge was the influence behind the latest attack as the name “Jane” was spraypainted among the messages as a sort of signature. 

“I think it would be easy for a situation like this to be a copycat scenario,” she said. “But as far as I’m concerned, if any pro-abortion individual decides to take that next step, to take [sic] that bad step, and use violence against pro-lifers, that is something that I am going to work hard to protect my staff against.”

Frazier said there was “significant” damage to the building but in her words, it’s all “undoable.”  Repairs were already underway. 

She made her stance in this fight clear. “I know that the intention of this attack was to stop us. It was to stop our peaceful activism. It was to stop the ways that we are impacting women and babies in this community for a positive. And they didn’t even stop that. I was already back to work in my office within a few hours.”

Goodness may have won this one unisolated battle, but the wars still raging on battlegrounds coast to coast and no white flags are being waved. Oddly, it’s the peace-loving tree-hugging liberals who are violating their own creed by turning to violence. 

Wasn’t it Michele Obama who not too long ago said “when they go low, we go high?” Yeah… She lied.