Feinstein Bashes McConnell Because She Doesn’t Want To Work

There is an old saying, “A good leader leads by example.” One thing the government needs to realize is “We the People” are watching. We are also tired of being locked up in our homes, and our small businesses shut down. For the country to get back up and running, the government needs to step up and lead by example.

The House of Representatives is going to take off another week while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he wants the Senators back Monday morning. Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein wants McConnell to back down from his plans. It is time these games come to an end.

Feinstein put out a written statement that read, “I ask the majority leader to reconsider his plan to reconvene the Senate. He would bring 100 senators and many more staff members and reporters into close proximity while Washington itself remains under a stay-at-home order. There is no way to do this without increased risk. This is the wrong example for the country.”

There is no reason if the country can open back up slowly and follow their own mandates of wearing gloves and face masks, our elected officials should be able to suck it up and get back to work for the American people. Since Feinstein is 86-years-old, it would be understandable to let those who are elderly stay home.

As the Republicans are ready to get down to business, Democrats continue to play their childish games. Even Schumer put in his two cents, which isn’t worth much, “The GOP leader should change his plans in the interest of public health and sending the right message to the nation.”

Feinstein continued, “The only things that have been shown to reduce the rate of infection are sheltering in place and social distancing, neither of which is possible if we return to the Capitol. This is not the time to back off of protective measures when the disease is not yet in check.”

So if not now, when? We all know the Democrats are only doing this to stop Trump from getting elected. Everyone by now should see that. There are always excuses and lies put forth by the “do nothing” Democrats.

McConnell put his foot down and is not playing games with these sorry excuses for public officials. He told Fox News Radio, “Senators would not sit on the sidelines.”

He continued, “We feel like if people on the front lines are willing to work during the pandemic, we should be as well. And so the Senate will come back; we’ll be in session next week.” This is a true leader and one who isn’t afraid of lazy bums who need pacifiers and bibs.

People are sick of how the Democrats are so jealous and hate-filled toward the President that they neglected to do their jobs for the past three and a half years. Some are saying, let them do because it exposes them more to the public.

The truth is, only Trump and the GOP have done a marvelous job while fighting an internal enemy of the nation. It would be safe to ask, why do we need the Democrats anyway? They are a waste of taxpayers’ money.

McConnell assured everyone by saying, “The Senate will practice proper safeguards and work safely, including proper spacing and masks where appropriate.”

Senator Feinstein continued to press the issue by writing further, “Bringing 100 Senators from around the country, including many coronavirus hotspots, along with many more staff, credentialed press, and others, to this environment risks all of us. It also sends the wrong message to the American people, most of whom are being asked or directed to stay at home.”

So, where is the “wrong message being sent to the American people?” Is it where COVID-19 is as bad as everyone said it was showing a 98 percent survival rating? Is it that the projection is going to be two million-plus deaths in America when it runs the same as a regular flu season?

How about we go deeper? Do we get the wrong message where we face fines or imprisonment if we attend a church service in our own vehicles? The truth is, as long as the governors keep their states locked up, they get federal funding while we get house arrests and cabin fever.

Democrats can only keep this up for so long, but their time is running out because Trump is still our President!

486 thoughts on “Feinstein Bashes McConnell Because She Doesn’t Want To Work

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  15. Here’s what DiFi should do; buck up and go back to work and wear a mask if you think it would help, stay at home and take a significant pay cut (not as if she’d ever understand what a lot of out of work people are going through) or just quit the Senate and let someone who can really do something for the people of California and the US. In so many words, Diane, just STFU and do your job or get the hell out of the way and let others do theirs!

  16. Our political leaders are the frontline of our country. No different than a soldier defending the frontlines in wartime. We are in a silent war with an unseen enemy-Convid-19. Unfortunately, many died but we must move forward and not slack off. Our Commander-in-Chief demonstrates hardcore rules to protect the American people. Democrats from the beginning despise President Trump and to be honest afraid of him. They’re no twist to his word yet he fights for the people in the United States aboard. This sweet land of liberty needs to be a team of leaders that can fight to divide and conquer. If Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein wants McConnell to back down from his plans. Then stay at home, put on a mask and gloves, walk to view the next election. Joining the unemployment line is not easy these days. Look at Florida!

  17. hey justice for trump, when you get justice for Pelosi, Clinton, Schumer, uncle sniffy, Nadler, Schiff, waters, et al, come back and we will talk. until then, go back to your mamas basement, and wait on your welfare checks… let real adults run the country…. sounds like you have never paid any dues…..

  18. hey Gregg arena, go wipe uncle sniffy”s whatever.

  19. these people get paid whether or not they show up. they are doing what AOC has said. stay out of work…. read what this s for brains said on google. she is asking people to stay home to keep the economy flat. as she said, why do you want to return to a 70 hr week of work??? well, short answer s for brains is that not all of us have a guaranteed 175,000 for life like you do. we work to support our families, our way of life, to have self-respect, which you have none of. talk about a wasted life. I had a doctor once who said people like her were a ppp. I asked what that was, and he said. “PISS POOR PROTOPLASM’. so instead of AOC, lets substitute PPP. this stay out of work is another ploy by the demorats to defeat Trump. they can then point to his running the economy into the ground, or killing people by forcing open the United States before the pandemic is under control… Pelosi, being the good Catholic that she IS NOT, prays to someone on a nightly basis to keep the virus, and defeat Trump at any cost. all the supposed POLLS that show Biden ahead is bullshit. it is meant to demoralize republicans. dont buy into it, that piece of dead meat couldn’t run for or win dogcatcher. but have you noticed, the ads for odunnothin vs. Trump popping up?? did you know that Uncle Sniffy can name oddunothing as v.p. and have him ascend to the throne, er presidency? yes, a ELECTED president can only serve TWO TERMS, but one who ascends through the v.p. to president can serve TWO MORE YEARS????? look it up folks, its so true. that is why you are seeing the ads that state who IS the better president, not WHO WAS the better president….. wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! odunnothin is sneaking in the back door to the Whitehouse …. how much are we the people willing to let this IMPOSTER steal the third time around??? didn’t he get enough the first two times???? that is why Michele keeps saying SHE is not interested in being UNCLE DROOLY’S v.p. she wants BARRY TO BE HIS RUNNING MATE. stop this shit show in its tracks…VOTE REPUBLICAN, GIVE ALL YOU CAN FINANCIALLY, VOLUNTEER YOUR SERVICES TO THE Republican Party.. do your part. each of us can do something… volunteer to run a phone bank, calling voters to the polls, stuff envelopes, anything to help restore normalcy to our American way of life. If I can do something, so can you…. and dont say you are disabled.. I have been for over two decades, but you see my post, my votes each time a poll pops up. I even go to the demorats sites and vote no on their questions and tell them to resign…. hey if they send it to me, why waste a good opportunity to dig back? Go republicans, GO TRUMP……. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. If she doesn’t want to work she should immediately retire. She hasn’t actually accomplished any work in ages. She has been taking her salary under false pretenses. She would definitely not be a loss to the Senate.

  21. Feinstein does not want to work then she needs to resign , or at lest. Accept pay cut !!!

  22. Democrats should follow the recommendations of their leadership. Republicans, well, we got this.

  23. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Dianne Feinstein CAUGHT the coronavirus with a terminal result. Add AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Adam Schiff, Pressley, Maxine Waters, and a few more to the list.

  24. Don`t go to work there are many here before me that have said that. Feinstein`s politics are not in line with the American people. She says one thing and does another. Wish her well a bum voyage. A place in a New York nursing home set up by Fredo.

  25. If the good senator from California doesn’t want to return she shouldn’t be forced to return. She should simply resign her Senate seat, refuse any additional compensation, and shelter in place with no Senate compensation


  27. Eleanor and others wishing to have true news reporting; I have found and subscribed to Epoch Times, a weekly paper that reports the news “on the square” as we say in Masonry. It is the first time in many years (if ever) that I have read an entire paper, often on the same day received.
    I have been through many elections, my first being that of JFK in 1960 when I was a staunch Democrat working for the state Democratic party. However the migration of the Democrats toward socialism have caused me to leave the party, and embrace the sound philosophy of the party of Lincoln and Jackson.
    Unfortunately, many of my fellow older citizens have not awakened to the new far left, and still recall the democrats as they were in days gone by. It is up to us to educate them. One means is the book by David Horowitz, “Dark Agenda”, of which I have bought 2 and am circulating them through my church.
    Our fight is not merely to drive for the re-election of Trump, but to save our Republic from the Dark Agenda of the socialist left. Not to do so will doom our nation as we know and love.

  28. Diane Feinstein should get out there and meet the people, shake hands with the Covid-19 patients and medical workers in the hospitals, and give them hugs and kisses to let them know she cares about them.

  29. Being I am an American Jew, I consider Feinstein and many others that call themselves Jew’s a disgrace to the Jewish religion. I concur with many of the comments. The Democrats intent was to destroy America, take control of all of us American Citizens and rob us of our freedoms. Many people who think the Democrats are the way to go, are totally ignorant, and apparently have no common sense. Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrats should be facing prison time and not only conducting extorsion, but they have all in my personal opinion committed Treason. The Treason accusation should apply to Soros, Obama, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Nadler, and many, many more Democrats.

  30. Stop her paycheck and require she return all the salary she has received while off from work because of the shut down. I realize it will not cause her any harm since she is a millionaire, but will let her know who the average working people of the USA are feeling. It would be good is their easy money retirement was taken away and they had to go on social security like everyone else and their salary was based on the average salary of working people and their time off and vacation and insurance be on average as average working people. Then see how go on term limits themselves and the work gets done.

  31. this is the worst bunch of democrats i every seen in 20 years. between fienstein pelosi schummer an the 4 horses asses cortez waters she is the biggest racist an the rest of the commie bums. throw them all out. they have been holding this country for ansume.close the borders an keep illegals an drugs out

  32. Feinstein, you piece of crab, resign and get lost. You are a brainless DUMBOCRAT and you don’t further our Republic at all.

  33. When Schiff opened the Impeachment hearing he substituted different words in his rendition of “The Call” by Our President that Donald J. Trump NEVER SAID.
    NOW the MSM has again CHANGED the actual words of The President to say “BLEACH OR LYSOL” was said instead of Disinfectant. THE MSM SAID BLEACH OR LYSOL. NOT DJT!!
    The President was talking and interacting with his “medical advisers” and wondering if it was a “possibility ” to “somehow” introduce something like a Disinfectant by a sickened person inhaling this into the lungs to try to treat the CV. MSM decided to CHANGE IT TO SWALLOWING BLEACH OR LYSOL. MSM REPORTED THIS ON THEIR TV STATIONS, WEBSITES, NEWSPAPERS, AND THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA! THEY DID NOT QUOTE THE ACTUAL WORDS USED AND DID NOT USE THEM IN THE FULL CONTEXT AS IT WAS SAID. The MSM is IRRESPONSIBLE and does this for increased ratings and to get followers. THE FCC SHOULD START REVOKING THE LICENSES OF ALL MSM WHO DO NOT REPORT the ACTUAL WORDS SAID and instead Sensationalize their copy by changing the spoken words.
    Pelosi held the Articles of Impeachment for 30+ days to try to force her rules to be accepted in the Senate.
    Pelosi held the PPP Bill vote up for around 10 days while Businesses struggled.
    Pelosi also has gone missing for weeks now to get the list of what the Democrats demand for the Republicans to include or else Pelosi won’t allow help to the millions of people on unemployment. Sounds like business as usual. Quid Pro Quo in its purist form.

  34. I have a real good suggestion for Diane Frankenstein. Seeing how we are finding out how corrupt the DOJ, and the FBI have been. a completely new investigation should be opened into Diane Frankenstein ‘s Chinese Spy Chauffeur that drove her around for 20 years. I do not for one second believe she was ignorant as to what was going on. What hand might she have had into the COVID 19 virus. Was her spy chauffeur connected in any way with the laboratory where the Virus was developed? Frankenstein has a lot of questions to answer as far as I see it.

  35. These bottom feeders will say or do anything to insure the their desire to kill the economy and foster the notion that it is President Trumps fault. After all their ultimate goal is to destroy America as we know and turn it in to a socialist, communistic state. Pelosi and her gaggle cutthroat idiots have been led down the garden path by their Puppet Masters to believe that they will have wealth and power undreamed of. If they were to achieve this goal. In reality all they will receive is a quick burial in a shallow grave at best. The usual reward to traitors. The same will be the fate of those that support them for the hand outs and policy’s they enact. The last that a socialist regime will tolerate is someone with their hand out. You can lead any animal into a trap with something free.

  36. Point is they need to get back to washington. They dont need their staff or the press. What they need to do is put the petty party line crap on the sidelines and help the president help us. If they would just work together things would get better faster. When we band together in history to combat whatever at the time the country faced we have shown that we can beat anything. Instead they have such great hate in their hearts they are letting millions of americans suffer. Makes no sense to me at all. Also there should be nothing given to any illegal person no matter age until every legal american citizen has what they need. Also thier raises should be voted on just like how they got voted by the people they serve. I hapve more but im just to pissed to post anymore for now

  37. If Feinstein does NOT want to go back to congress to WORK then she has the option: stay home and drop out of congress permanently/retire or go back to congress and get things done a way the congress should be working, Monday through Friday nine o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the evening and NOT Tuesday afternoons through Thursday noon so they can have four days off. Both houses of congress need to be there five days a week doing the people’s business NOT there own, period!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Get off the bus Feinstein and let’s get this country back in action. Majority votes can go on with out you and a few other of your cronies. Wear a mask and gloves. That’s what a lot of us are doing. I’m sure some can be provided for any of you old do nothing dem stick in the muds.

  39. Old Felonious Hag didn’t do any physical work when she was in D.C. anyways…..! I stand corrected the only work she and her bearded lady staffer ever did was have their faces lifted….. saggy boobs lifted and tied around their necks…. saggy ass lifted….. stomachs stapled…..! And all of that work didn’t cost them a dime…..!

  40. Senator Feinstein is right that old people have an increased risk of getting sick, so they should not work. She is -86 years old, Pelosi – to 80 years old, Schumer – also to 80 . It is dangerous and frightening for them to go to work – they are a dangerous age of KOVID. They must retire in order not to impede the development of our country. They must free their places to young and energetic people so that the country can grow and develop further.

  41. Fine, if all of our elected congress members lost all salaries and expense benefits when citizens are required to be away from their jobs without pay, then our congress members should go without pay! I wonder if we would still be on shut down then?

  42. The only reason these people have these government positions at there age is because they do absolutely nothing but steal a paycheck and anything else they can get their hands on from the taxpayers. They are all traders and should be thrown out of office with no pension they have already stolen enough from the working people of the country. They care about no one but themselves. If she goes back to work no one will be able to tell.

  43. Well if she doesn’t want work then quit, find someone that willing the job , someone willing to work for the American taxpayer , not many of those officials in Washington anymore !

  44. The dimwitted commie impeachment congress has already “worn out it’s welcome” – -it is NOW TIME for a drastic change to American political party formulation; dissolve this group of imposters, VOTE THEM OUT. Communism was ruled “illegal” many years ago, so arrest and try all the dimwitted commies, continually obstructing America’s work; get them out of the way of progress and house them in Gitmo until their EXECUTIONS FOR TREASON against America and the people.

  45. Sen. Diane Feinstein is a CHINA loving Ho. SHE and her husband have been doing business with China for DECADES and China pretty well OWNS her ugly butt. She had a Chicom DRIVER for over 20 years – and didn’t know it? She is a fraud, an anti-America, Trump hating pig with lipstick.

  46. If Feinstein feels that she shouldn’t go back to work, because she’s at risk because of her age, then she should resign her position and let someone who is not frightened, or otherwise inhibited, do the job.

  47. Trump is a livelong criminal, abusing women and running scams and now screwing the epidemic with his incompetence and lies.

  48. I for one am sick and tired of these candy assed slackers! They were elected to conduct the nation’s legislative business, not sit on their collective asses drawing a pay check and not getting a damn thing done. Wasting time trying to impeach Trump on charges that weren’t even a crime should be grounds for a recall election and replacement with someone who will do the job they are elected to do.

  49. Show me a person that gets rich by being a politician… and I’ll show you a crook.
    Harry S. Truman

    1. excellent James.
      Harry S Truman might be the only president within the last80 years or so, that actually came from a regular American hard working laboring class. For all you naysayers… no one has done everything right…. but we never get a chance to vote on anything that matters….. and as we get bogged down in our own in-fighting…. it looks like the government…. might have a choose a remedy to make us stand down….. don’t think Trump would do anything about that. He has been undermining individual freedoms since he got into office.

      And then there is that shameful issue of his having to depart most of his illegal immigrant golfing staff. So you can clearly see what he is all about.

  50. Basic cure for this problem… remand all salaries of sitting politicians to an escrow account in their names , they will not see one penny until this issue is resolved. In addition freeze all bank accounts of said politicians so they can experience the same environment as this government of the people , by the people and for the people, are experiencing . THEY are not the government, WE are!!!

  51. It’s a good thing we have a president who puts his country first. What would happen to this country if he decided to take leave because of the virus? If Senators and House members are not able to perform their job duties to the expectations of their constituents during our country’s current conditions, then they need to be replaced immediately ( not wait until voted out of office) and be willing to retire. In the American workforce, when a person’s mental capacity and/or physical disabilities impair their ability to perform their job duties, they willingly retire. Most companies in America today have an age for retirement. For example, would you see a 86-year-old controlling power levels in a Nuclear Power Plant? No. This is not a matter of age discrimination; it’s a matter of common sense. Members of Congress should not be able to determine their own fate when the fate of our country is at stake.

  52. It does not matter if the democrats turn up to the White House or not they do nothing constructive anyway. The best thing is if they kept away permanently.

  53. Where have you been for the last three and half years. The democrats haven’t done anything but tried to get rid of Trump. They started before he was sworn into office. He is the best president we have had.
    TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. McConnell is as evil as Trump, I hope that woman kicks his ass in Kentucky, get his ugly turtle face the eff out.

  55. Dianne Feinstein is long past her ability to represent adequately 40 million Californians. She gets re-elected, because of the current weakness of the CA Republican Party. Her staying home will not hurt Republicans in the Senate or President Trump. It means one less Democrat negative vot in the Senate. Majority Leader McConnell wants to have votes on a lot of federal judgeship vacancies. Once all of those pending are approved, President Trump will have appointed about 30% of all federal judges. This is an historical factor in the Trump Presidency. Of course, there is other business before the Senate, but it is held back because of the recalcitrant House Democrats. It is time we opened the U.S., but that is up to the Governor of each state and not President Trump or the Congress. All businesses should get back to work, while observing caution such as masks, gloves, and social distancing. Social life and sports should renew as well. People are now aware of what they must do to protect themselves. A green light from the Trump medical team would be helpful to get it going.

  56. Another do nothing demoncrat —–she and her husband should be investigated. She should be in jail for what she did to Kavanaugh……trying to destroy a good man. I think if she We;ve got to get the term limits bill passed.kept her legs crossed and her mouth shut she would be out of business. We’ve got to get the term limits bill passed with no pension.

    1. excuse me…. desert fox
      Term limits is fine.
      but the “do nothing democrats” thing just slides right off of your tongue, as if you listen to the kind of news that has caused an insert to be applied to all of your critical thinking. Surely you mean something by the phrase… spit it out.. with context please.
      The do something republicans, taken as a group, come from the era in the south where racists had no p lace to go but the republican party. It has warped an otherwise perfectly fine two party system… and roosters have roosted.
      What did Feinstein do to Kavanaugh? Precisely? Someone as balanced as Amy Kobuchar could not even ask him a question without him being rude and impertinent.

      What do you really know about Kavanaugh, except that he came out swinging like all the DC bully guys I have ever met. Grew up in the area. That is not a conviction,b ut it made me willing to consider the evidence… and republicans blocked evidence in some very interesting ways…. setting artificial time lines and restricting access to persons closest to Kavanaugh……including even Kavanaugh’s own DC court…. so it is hard to know what to think about Kavanaugh… except he came across as an illiterate bully…. and ….. his chief qualifications are missing. He is a complete partisan participant in the court system. And he was sanctioned for it in his own DC court…. only against women, though. hmmmm!

      His buddy…. Clarence Thomas…. you know what his qualifications for the highest office in the court system were? Lawyer for Montsanto….. is that what you wanted? I confess, I would like our senators to do a little better for vetting court appointments…. but rant as you will… there is an agenda there for court appointments that is not satisfying to the American public…. republicans and democrats are both failing us in this regard.

    2. Eleanor, talk about ranting! No, the Republicans love the Court appointments!! Where the hell do you get off saying the don’t??? You think you speak for everyone but you DO NOT!! Stick with the facts!!! Give me a fricking break!

    3. Elonor; I’ll speak to you in your low class demoncrat languge so you understand: I think you are a two bit crunt that use to be on as the Arkansas Lady and you’re no fkg lady. The dimwit desperate indecent demoncrats. The American public are finally getting judges that know the law and don’t write their own laws., That is what is burning your ash. And talk about bullies you stupid POS, what have the demoncrtats done to President Trum from the time he announced he would run for office. And further, as for you, I use to be a proctologist so I’m use to dealing with ash wholes.

  57. Well, why did some of you have to defend your Grandpa Mitch McConnell and barked at Diane Feinstein? HMMM, very interesting of you as Grandpa Mitch supporters. No wonders the Republican puppets are idiot. Look at him, he has REFUSED to sign over 400 bills , that the House of Representatives Democrats signed, always defends his future husband Trump, lies lots, has been very mean to innocent people in Kentucky, is a gold digger, doesn’t care about the USA, told the Republican senators to not convict Trump during Trump’s impeachment, and much more. What did Diane Feinstein? She has been trying her best to help the USA. Remember that the Republican party always never cares about the USA, the American citizens, and want $$$$$, while the Democrat party always helps the USA what the USA needs, cares about and helps the American citizens, and is very open-minded party.

    1. Chris DiGi, your wacked out on drugs to think the Demorats are for the people and open minded! Your comments are laughable and you must be a joker as well! Thanks for the laugh you scumbag Libturd!!!!!

    2. Ken….. are you a robot? It would be hard to tell from your narrative.

  58. Someone has mentioned the fact that congress is elected to serve “we the people” and if you have ever been on a farm and observed a bull serving a cow , then, you know exactly what the democrats are doing to “we the People”. So’ in that context, the democrats are doing a great job

  59. Question. Does the President have the ability to cut off the House, and Senate’s pay if they don’t work? Seems like I have heard that somewhere. If he does, then just do it. Stop playing these games with these a$$holes. You don’t do the work of The people. You don’t get paid!!! You know they are laughing at the American voter, and tax payer right. So also that smile right off their face. And if they try to come back after the fact? Have armed guards waiting for them at the U item States Capital to turn them away, or arrest them.. Just out right shoot the Media for the lying they will do..

  60. My comment is short and covers it all! Just VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!!! for a happy ending!

  61. no work no pay i was a waitress for over 50 years i did not go to work i did not get paid so no work no pay no benfits either or why don’T you o;d prima donna”s just leave

    There is not Republican party anymore, it’s the party of Trump, if he wins we are screwed. He is nothing but a buffoon and an idiot. INJECT DISINFECTANT!!

    1. Jo,
      I agree that Fox news is not a good place to get your information…. I am fascinated, however, that it is the station of choice in may public places. …. and the station of choice for this administration. Coincidence? hmmmm!!! it is propoganda supplied by Rupert Murdoch… with 39% corporate control and it serves corporate interests.

      If corporations were not legally designated as “persons”…. it might be easier for us every day people to get a fair shake. Corporations are persons in all regards except that they cannot do jailtime.

      Here is a factoid that should concern you…. now that we are looking at a divot in our meat supply….. our MEAT food chain is supplied by 5 national companies, with little oversight, and it is too important an issue to ignore. Of course you can survive without meat. Anyone who wants tips on how to garden…. put in your questions….. I’ll help where I can.

    2. Eleanor, and you watch CNN, msnbcc? Fox may be biased but they win out over the other micky mouse made up fake news stations!! Get real will you!!!

    3. haven’t watched CNN since 1995. Do watch fox news, though, and about 6 other stations, and prefer the ones not US based because it is too much work to decontaminate them for agendas. Why are you pretending to know what my process is, when it is clear we are not having an exchange of information.

  63. Best way to get DEMO–C–RATS to Retire ??? BE SURE to VOTE them OUT this NOV 2020 & 2022 !!! This will ASSURE REAL AMERICANS will get U.S.A. back to being “GREAT ” !!! Any one out there who REALLY CARES will do the RIGHT THING !!! “”REMEMBER”” NOVEMBER ” !!!

  64. It must be understood that in the Senate and House of Representatives for many decades very, very old and very sick people have been sitting: Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi and many, many of the same. They are a particularly vulnerable group not only for coronavirus, but also for many diseases. Well, they can no longer perform their duties, therefore they do not want to go to work. And in order to simply retire, as all ordinary people do, they do not agree. So they pull the country back, behind them – into their past .

  65. My comment in regards to Feinstein is: Why are you surprise about her LAZINESS? I never could get the Senator’s assistance with any of my issues (20 plus years) of which were Federal ones even after many attempts to ask. Besides, VISIT and OBSERVE what the “STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO” (Former Mayor) have become with her CAREER as Senator of the State of California.

    Taking the Taxpayers and Voters for GRANTED is her MO and expertise, therefore she does NOT need to work.

  66. We the People just paid to have cense taken, use that information to decide if there should be an amendment to the Constitution for term-limits when pay increases should be given to the house and senate. The vote should be taken only by the people who do not live in the DC zip codes or work for anyone in the government as they can be influenced by the way they vote because there is a possibility they could lose their job. One other thing those that voting can not have a job in a political party, paid or unpaid. Once all of these items have been determined, all that qualify get sent a ballot to vote with the information that was collected by the cense.

  67. hey, mr Davis. look at Biden Pelosi Kerry, family and see what they have padded their family wealth from… read the articles on where and what their children do for a living. dont talk before you follow that money train.. check out 2009, before biden resigned as senator to accept the v.p. he passed a bill for Wall Street, etc, and gave all the people listed above millions of dollars in federal monies that did not have to be repaid…. where was the American families in that handout that got to keep their homes, etc????

  68. All I can say is, I wish that I was old enough to vote. I would vote for Trump for president and Republican for all other government seats, hands down. I didn’t realize this before the panic-demic, but Democrats are a threat to our country. If they have it their way, we will be living in a country where we are all dependent on the government for everything, including our pay checks.

    I find it funny that they are scared to go back to work, especially since Pelosi was just a couple of weeks ago, giving a speech while rubbing her hand over her runny nose and then smearing it on the podium. Trump 2020!

  69. Feinstein is a Bernie couch potato….! She’s on the couch watching youtubes 4 year old Trump…. Hillary debates while scratching her Torta & eating Cheetos….!

  70. hey dale, there is a new word for people like you. its called a RINO. like the people you mentioned, it is a republican in name only… you are just there as a spoiler. go back to your liberal ways, sign up for what you actually are, either a liberal, libertarian, or a demorat, like pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, et al. leave the heavy lifting to. true red-blooded Americans, not ashamed to call a spade a spade. I have always been taught to tell it like it is, no filters. a rat is a rat is a rat, no matter what fancy name, ie trash hauler, garbage connoisseur, etc it is assigned.

    1. And that Florida girl is a scumbag, a scumbag and real scumbag.

    2. Anybody with the name Ken cannot be taken seriously, go back to Barbie.

  71. Bet they have their cook, cleaning lady, gardener, etc. come to work at their house. Only time off for the ‘important’ people. They should NOT be paid if they are not working. They are essential services. Get back to Washington!

  72. do you people not realize that she will be paid until she DIES so it won’t matter whether she is fired or not…. she is guaranteed her salary FOR LIFE. no need to get your pants in a twist, you can’t stop her pay. might as well stop obsessing and raising your blood pressures. don’t get me wrong, I am a strong republican supporter, and always will be. but, I am also practical. why should I/we stress over something we have no control over????? just get busy and vote republican all the way in 2020 so we can reclaim the house, and keep the senate and White House RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Since the Democrats are so willing to wreck the economy and peoples ability to make a living for themselves, we need to shut off their wages. That should have happened about three or four years ago because they done nothing for our country. All they done was spend our money giving the President a bad time and trying to pin the dirty tricks they have up their sleeves on to our President. There should be term limits, this is insane that they should be in D.C. just filling their pockets and doing nothing for our country. We don’t need anyone in the Senate or House with the Democrats agenda’s. They all seem to be just seeing how much and how many lives they can destroy, that doesn’t help our country. They have the stupidest games they try to play all the time, it is redicules the things they think up to do that are so destructive. They have no intelligent things to offer our country, seems they just want to destroy anything and everything but the money they can roll in for themselves.

    1. Trump is the mobster, and you are one of his white trash cultists.

    2. JusticeforTrump, and your an asshole with nothing intelligent to say.
      Go play with yourself. Jackass!!

  74. Term limits may not be the correct answer to the self important senility that Feinstein and Pelosi have. Mandatory retirement age of 70 May be a better answer. Then people like them could not even be elected into their 1st term at age 68. At ages 80 & 86 let’s not forget scouts Ginsberg …… are you kidding me. These people don’t have any idea what’s happening in mainstream America at that age.

  75. People people people,why don’t you just shut up and get a partition started and get a few hundred millions of vote to have her ass taken out of this Government completely for got instead of whining and crying the Blues over that Communist Infiltrator and her Dictators?

    1. there is one out there but these a hole are protected by lib judges

    2. what lib judges? Name names and sources.
      Does this mean that you have ever tried to work the democratic process by getting a petition started, and worked for free in your own city government?

    3. All the lib judges not upholding voter ID in sacrosanct elections, blind eye to the southern border illegal incursions, deaf to 1st Amendment rights in intolerant campus/media & 2nd Amendment guns for self-defense/hunting , mute to all trimester abortions. Those good enough for you or need more?
      Yes, I’ve worked/volunteered at VA Hospitals, distributed goods to the needy, retired from the medical field.

    4. so what are their names and districts?
      And if you are retired from the medical field, you may know something about coronavirus that many people on this site do not know…. as you have observed, Trump is not directing the federal government to help suffering states from this virus.

  76. Feinstein needs to go out and HIRE more Chinese agents for her staff. She hasn’t gave them enough secrets yet.

  77. any excuse to not work for the American people, today the flu tomorrow ? a hang nail , or a hair color appointment. or I have to finish defrosting my 20.000 dollar freezer, or what ? the list will go on for dumb excuses, these bums do not want to work they have not for decades what else is new. time for PINK SLIPS IN NOVEMBER!!

  78. Well Mitch, if you don’t have a quorum. recess the Senate and let Trump enable all his appoints , i.e. recess appointments, that the Senate can’t seem to get to.
    But we know the real reason the Dems don’t want to come back, and that’s because you will keep approving all the open judicial spots you can, while you can. And that just burns their posteriors!


    I do not know how I got on this Mailing but I request to remove me from this GROUP of IDIOTS.

    No I am not a liberal, I have voted Republican many times in my 80 years for real Statesmans Republicans like Reagan and especially for Sen John McCain here in Arizona

    BUT I would be EMBARRASSED to admit being Apart of this present group of IDIOT REPUBLICANS>REPUBLICANS.

    1. I’ve seen far worse coming from the left side of the aisle against Trump, his family, and his supporters.

    2. quite a strong comment, about someone who spent years as a prisoner of war. What is that based on? And your sources, please.
      You have a right to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

    3. You have the right to call us idiot’s, it’s still a free country with free speech! At least I am a Republican Idiot with MORALS which CANNOT be said for the democrats that do nothing but spew their hate and anger while they are stealing taxpayer money ! Come Election Day YOU will have to decide to vote into office……..LEFTIST Democrats OR a President that works tirelessly for our country while him & his family are being constantly attacked by the power hungry, money hungry, lying, hate-filled LEFT !! Think about that !!

    4. I’m an independent, don’t like either party. Don’t know how you got in here either. But you made a choice to respond. So, make another choice. Get our. I don’t care if your repub or demo it really doesn’t matter. They’ve been corrupt for decades.

    5. Dale Bashan, you probably embarrass yourself! Who gives a crap about your 80 year history!!!! We don’t want your crying here, go join a women’s group!! You’d fit right in!!

  80. The big liberal states are where the crybabies come from. Feinstein and Schumer are the two biggest liars in congress, doctors, nurses, janitors, hospital staff are all working! while the crybabies from the Democratic party sit and whine. Fire them all now. In November vote for Trump and the Republican party, That’s a vote for Liberty and Freedom.

  81. I would care less if I read in the paper that Dianne Feinstein caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Problem solved. Same for AOC, Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Pressley, Schiff, Tlaib, Maxine Waters, and a few others in Congress….


    1. same reason Trump is not prosecuted for hiring pro-Putin political appointees.

    2. Eleanor, why don’t you back up your comment with the facts???? Who are you talking about and where are the facts behind them?? You like to throw these statements out there, put up or shut up!!!

    3. agree with the stockmarket thing. Very shameful.
      Hiring a chinese person as a driver….. she did fire the person… who had no access to anything directly. Is it against the law to hire chinese? How about Russians? Hispanics? If it is against the law…. is it OK for YOU to hire someone who is from a different cultural or ethnic group?

      On the other hand…. what are we pursuing, as a nation, the right frame on all of these subtext issues, that keep us in a swirl, instead of our eye on the ball. Personally, I would like to breathe some clean air for a change, and have clean water preserved… and if the country were not divided by corporate interests, we might all have a better time of it, including getting paid for our work, and time off for our illnesses.

      This is a huge deconstructive process, and right to work is not the same as right to pay, and other benefits. Ask someone at Walmart. Really, I bet we all have quite a bit in common, and want many of the same things out of life, b ut this keeps our agreements from meaning anything in the political processes. Keep looking for the truth…. and don’t close your mind on account of name calling.

  83. First, I did not realize she was 86. I understand her fear, since she is in the most at-risk groups. However, why can’t she tele-conference in the Senate session. That way she can stay at home and avoid any harm to herself? McConnell is right, our politicians need to get to work for the good of the country. Countless Americans are on the front lines working in the most dire of circumstances. Our politicians need to do the same.

  84. Yeah, that`s it talk mean to those Democrats that will do it. How about you Republics stand up and smack the crap out of them. They have had things their way for far to long.

  85. Because of the fact that the Democrats consider their positions in the government as NOT ESSENTIAL [their own words] then they all should be FIRED !! They are not contributing anything to our country but hate and anger . They are power hungry and money hungry and NEVER do one thing for WE THE PEOPLE ! The only thing they are there for is to cram their socialist/communist ideas down our throats. I believe we are all smart enough to know what their agenda is ! They should all be banned from the USA & sent to Russia [along with about 1/2 of the Hollywood Trash] since they love Russia so much. They would fit in there with their belief’s. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!

  86. Sen feinstien no work. and still get paid , including your staff. The motto of Democrats tax the workers and spend their money. Us it for salaries and pensions , ours.

  87. Not only lazy, but the democrats are doing exactly what they said they would do in 2016.
    Try to steal the election, by destroying the economy.

  88. McConnell is a scoundrel. He is unamerican. His agenda is not in the best interests of America. He just wants to stack the federal judiciary and is worried that he will not be re-elected. He should be investigated for taking bribes from his wife’s family. He is a criminal. His refusal to vote for a Supreme Court judge during the Obama administration because Obama was a lame duck was a new low. See what happens when Trump is booted from the presidency for his criminal acts

    Mr. Davis a proud American

    1. L. Davis, your comments are typical of a Libturd sore loser! Trump won. Get over it and stop your crying!! Go bake a cake or knit yourself some underwear! We don’t want to hear your crap!!!

  89. If she’s afraid (or too lazy) to go back to work, she can always resign. That goes for ANY (either side of the aisle) of them, Senate OR House.

  90. I sure wish I was able to give myself a pay raise. Being on social security makes it worse. We MIGHT get a whopping 10.00 raise every so often, but that won’t help pay medical needs. That and food goes up constantly. They continue to get their pay even after losing their “job” . To them, it’s a lifestyle, not a job. Hmm. Sounds like a group of people who had Jesus Christ crucified. Time to clean the House, Senate,and Congress.

    1. When they give us a $10 COLA, they add $9.50 to our Medicare bill. We (Social Security and VA Disability recipients) are down about 30% in buying power of our pensions since 2000AD.

  91. Get these Democrats back where you can keep an eye on them. They are up to no good whenever they are not under your watch. They are on taxpayers dime but think they are beholden to no one or worse beholden to no laws. I am sick of their lack of transparency- nice way to phrase or to bundle their lies, evil deeds, Malevolence, cheating, thirst for money, illegal trading, dirty schemes and tricks. They are pompous beyond their educational level and their means at the time they entered their taxpayer funded jobs. TheIr thirst for power is unquecnable. We need to get this slew of them out in 2020 and we need term limits. We need review of THEIR tax returns at the end of every year in their positions. Our Democrats are as corrupt as the rift raft in any countries make up. They take bribes, gifts , sell uranium and end up very wealthy – very quickly. This needs to be pointed out to us before elections not after lest we repeat an Obama surprise disaster. The info was there to be had. I had it because I thought Hillary was the most evil on the ballot that year and my friend Swiftly pointed me to the books and info. Voters do your homework- take pride in knowing some stuff. Knowledge is power.

    1. Don’t forget the drug testing. If they think someone who flips burgers or works a register needs to be tested, then the people who are responsible for the actions of our Country should be tested on a regular basis. Their jobs have far worse consequences for far more people if left in the hands of a druggie, right Adam Schiff?

  92. At her age she needs to stay at home from now on. She’s only worried about her self. As far as I’m concerned the longer this goes on the weaker the people get and the more control they will have over the people like China,Russia, S.Korea etc…

  93. Again, no surprise for the insane democrats to stay home and claim they don’t want to be BAD EXAMPLES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY SHOWING UP FOR WORK!! REALLY?!? Guess what DUMMIES, we already know what liars/bad examples you are! Shows over; you’re caught Or at least, I certainly pray there are enough blinds off/intelligent voters left to get this job done in November!!!

  94. Why would anyone vote for a group of people that has done nothing but screw with this president for three and a half years.They tried nothing to make america great.The resistance every turn they tried to make america fail.

    1. Glenn, a better question is why would anyone want to vote for a group of people who have done nothing but screw with US by selling and destroying our Country, taking our Rights, stealing our wages, and undermining and ignoring our Laws while creating more for US to obey?
      Who would vote for them?
      And yet, they spend decades in their positions.

  95. She’s a left wing, Trump hating, anti-America, pro-China, non-patriot. She SHOULD be in jail for her involvement in trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. She’s a sneaky bitch and NOT to be trusted. She and her husband are ‘in bed’ with the Chinese and have been for decades. She had a Chicom personal driver for over 20 years – and says she didn’t know he was Chinese. Yeah, sure DiFi, and YOU are a pro-communist liar.

  96. If the Democrats want to stay home, let them. Passing Bill’s will be a lot easier without the childish whining and pork Democrats try to ram down the nations throats. Stay home seniorator Frankenstein, the people will appreciate it. In the meantime Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020!

  97. The old bat Feinstein doesn’t want to go to work. Before I retired, I felt the same way, but I had a family to support and bills to pay. Feinstein should retire because she has the same problem as dumb ass Joe Biden. Can’t remember what she’s talking about. Typical democrat who wants to get paid without having to show up. F all the congress critters who don’t show up for work.

  98. Take away presses immunity from spreading lies and slander. Make them liable for all the miss information they knowingly spread. Used to be news media gave information on both sides of the issue and make it posible for an informed decision on what to support and what not to support. That dosen’t happen anymore. Fake News is all we get and the funny part is they think we are to stupid to know the difference.

  99. She is paid with tax payer dollars !!! I am a taxpayer, do not pay these people one more penny of the tax payers money until they come back to work for the American people, Yes miss Feinstein, time for the games to end !!!

  100. The Democrats are the Do Nothing Party. There is no other job in this world where morons can get paid to do absolutely nothing. Why the heck do we even need the Democrats?. They are certainly not working for their constituents. Not a one of them I consider a leader. They would get something done if their checks were frozen. When the economy opens, they can get paid again.

    1. Tina, you are correct, but not in the way you should be.
      I don’t consider any one of them a leader either. None of them. Dems or Republicans. Senators, Congressmen, even the President.
      Because they are not supposed to be. Their jobs, each and every one, is supposed to be as 𝑹𝒆𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒔, not leaders. 𝑾𝒆 are the leaders, as sovereign individuals and free people, of our own lives. Government is not supposed to lead us. They are supposed to make decisions about foreign trade and relations, with the upkeep of our National infrastructure, and to keep a fair and open market by preventing monopolies and corporate control of politics. It’s supposed to maintain a standing army, for 𝒅𝒆𝒇𝒆𝒏𝒔𝒆 of our Nation, not the invasion of others. And 𝒅𝒆𝒇𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒍𝒚 not as the world police, or the strong arm of foreign governments.
      Government is also supposed to respect our God given and Constitutionally guaranteed Rights, and to insure the Laws set forth in that Constitution are upheld and maintained.
      They are supposed to be transparent in their decision making, and those decisions based on the will of their constituents.
      Government is supposed to be as small as possible and still function as intended. The behemoth we have now is not supposed to exist.
      Half of our Federal government (my estimate, not published stats) is geared for intelligence gathering and investigation. And every State has its own long list of agencies that gather information. About us. Why is that? It goes against almost all Constitutional Amendments, and flies in the face of the Spirit and Purpose of our Country. There’s no legitimate reason for it, as “national security” isn’t supposed to be a concern of a free people, unless it’s to defend the Country and Constitution against foreign or domestic enemies, but yet it’s true. What was the number of “intelligence agencies” being tossed around by Killary and her lot? 17? And how many were there before the cia was created? The OSS was created in 1942, and at that time became one of 𝒔𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏 intelligence agencies, including all military intelligence, and all but one, the fbi, was supposed (there’s that word again, over and over) to be strictly against hostile foreign countries. The fbi was tasked with espionage, bank and mail fraud, political corruption, that sort of thing. Today, all 17 agencies have access to every aspect of our lives. Literally. Facial recognition, chips in our cards tracking our every purchase, satellites that can recognize and track over 300 targets 𝒔𝒊𝒎𝒖𝒍𝒕𝒂𝒏𝒆𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒍𝒚 through an entire city.
      How is any of that Constitutional? And if it’s not, is it 𝒔𝒖𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒅 to happen?
      And more importantly, how and why did we (and do we still) allow this to happen?
      They are not supposed to be our leaders. They are supposed to be our Representatives. Every last one of them. They are not supposed to be our keepers. We are not supposed to obey them. Especially under threat of violence, bodily harm, loss of possessions, and arrest/incarceration. That’s Tyranny, with a capital “T”. People have been put in prison for things that should 𝒏𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 have been considered crimes. Lots of people. And more “laws” being written for us to either break, or give up more of our Rights and Independence obeying.
      And we sit, allowing it all to happen, and arguing over whose political favorite is less corrupt than the other ones (hint: they all are, or this never would have happened), or how many genders there are, or whatever the media tells us to fight over today.
      I really can’t decide who is more pathetic. The narcissistic sociopaths pretending to be rulers, or all of us, who let them pretend, play along even, at the cost of our very lives.
      Where we go one, we go all.
      It’s our decision on which way we go.
      God bless the United States of America, and the Constitution that defines it! And God bless the citizens of the world, who all have in common the wish to live peacefully and free.

    2. After a couple of sentences, you loose the point your trying to make! This is taught and it’s accurate!!

  101. Let the Democrats stay home. They are nothing but worthless obstructionists anyway. More can be accomplished if they are not there.

  102. Maybe she can send her former assistant , the one that was a full time spy, to stand in for Feinstein and take notes. This way the country the spy is working for can also plan their strategy. OR Feinstein can RETIRE.

  103. If they don’t show up, they forfeit their pay. They have had enough vacation at the taxpayers expense. We the People are fed up and say, “Get back to work! Do your job that you’re getting way overpaid for.”

  104. As a matter of fact..all the dirty dozen..can retire today..30 years++ they have gotten away with treason/ bribery/ sell outs/ect. Don’t. let them finish the only job they have done Kill American…kill babies….kill our economy if c-19 gets them so be it…pay back…..

  105. I think this proves that TERM LIMITS are needed. And where were all the Dems when our President was fighting the Wuhan virus? Trying to impeach him that’s where. They think we are all a bunch of lemmings and will just believe their hypocrisy and lies. Get back to work or forfeit your paycheck.

    1. If you do watch then don’t patronize their adverisers and they will go off the air

    2. Agreed, John.
      Advertisers matter to the “news”… not really, but if we could remove the payment options for the news, and go back to individual subscribers, there might be a little more balance.
      By the way… the news still, often, carries some small germ of truth put into a lie sandwich. Sorting it all out becomes a problem, but not impossible.

      For all the griping, does anyone here exercise their right to air their grievances to the senators/congressmen-women?

    3. Yes, I have an idea. It stems from an old tradition that was commonly used in the early days of our beautiful Country:
      Large groups of armed citizens occupy the MSMs corporate offices and broadcast studios, the people in charge brought outside into public view, they’re read the charges We the People know they are guilty of, then they’re locked into stocks, tarred, feathered, and left there for all who choose to throw large rocks at them.
      It’s far less of a punishment than their crimes deserve, but I kind of like the idea. Just walking in and dropping them where they stand would be wrong. But only because that lets them off way too easy.

    4. Dear Paul….
      I had no idea that we hard armed groups of citizens, in the early days of our country, holding hostage offices in broadcast studios. Hmmmmm!!! Seems that Trump was making mistakes like that also… like …. rushing the “airports” back in the 18th century…. in regard to the star spangled banner.

    5. We didn’t have as many problems as is current, before 1967, when we had a system of public subscribers and not paid advertising. Paid advertising, as we now see, means that information is now in a bidders’ war, and none of the people on this thread have anything like that kind of money. Advertisers wish their own views/”facts” stated, which supports their agenda. While there is nothing quite free of that bias, it was made less difficult when there was a democracy of opinion, and there as competition for facts.
      I try to read overseas or Canadian… that is at least a different viewpoint from the political contrivance of US news. Not all that is reported is untrue, by the way…. but may have been styled to suit a purpose other than the news.

      I stick, also, with personal stories, observations. There was a small Texas town, several years ago, that was taken over by some black ops group…. Marshalls? who produced enough guns and credentials that the Sheriff was moved over, and that group had access to every citizen for two weeks It was reported in that town’s daily, AND NOWHERE ELSE!!! You would think that would be front page news… but no. The military group said they were in training for instituting martial law. By the way… it was reported in that town’s daily for a few issues, before the rest of the issues were scooped up and taken away. hmmmm!!!
      FYI… this was done during a Republican administration. Personally, I don’t think it matters whether Democrat or Republican for how martial law will go down. Don’t think your AK47 will do anything but get you killed. However, I look at , whether Democrat or Republican, the view and drive toward incarceration of citizens, and others, and try to figure out what is going on underneath the radar. A word to the wise…. etc.

  106. All government positions on ALL levels, in ALL committees, ALL agencies , are Public Servants. They represent and Serve “We the people”. Their oath is to do their best, the People first, the country second, and self last. I pray God All Mighty transform them, and give them a Heart of compassion. In Jesus name Amen

    1. God is a gentleman, and he’ll never make this parasite do what she’s unwilling to do such as become transformed. It requires a repentant heart.

    2. Sorry, but I doubt even God has that kind of ability. There has to be a place to put that compassion, as it goes into your heart. But Feinstein and Pelousy and their cohorts sold their hearts long ago.

  107. THE DEMOCRATS IN “ACTION” on an extended vacation, thats what you get when you have 100’s of 60, 70. and 80 year olds that can barely write their own names, let alone “think” of what they are doing or “saying” like Pelosi!!

    I guess like Marie Antoinette. “let them eat “designer ice cream” !


    1. If we withhold our tax payments they would not have money to get paid with.

    2. They’d just print it!

      Arise We The People, take back our country through prayer and action!
      And don’t take the “vaccine’ instead get educated and resist!

  108. If the Dumb Demo don’t want to return, ask them to go to a Third World Nation and run for office. I’ll bet you they would return home, they will be kissing the ground unless the Third World did arrest them or worst (GOD forbid). Wake up Dumb Demo’s and go back to work and restore this Great Nation!!! Trump is still President and it is about time you recongnize that fact!!

  109. Yes Feinstein, time for the games to end. Get to work.
    President Trump FIRE FBIs CHRISTOPHER WRAY and hire GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN for director of the FBI.
    Feinstein carried a letter of accusation of sexual abuse by Judge Kavansugh. No police reports, no witnesses, no recollections. Ford could not name time place date. Now we have multiple accusations, police reports, witnesses, full recollection of time, place and date, and totally ignored because she worked for her abuser Joe Biden. This game playing need to be delved into with criminal investigations lead by William Barr and FBI DIRECTOR Michael Flynn. Diane Feinstein, stop the game playing. Oh, congress forfeit ninety days of salary. One who doesn’t turn up for work is classified a non essential employee, and censured from ever returning. Stop the games.

    1. Totally agree, General Flynn would make a great one. Christopher Wray is in bed with all the other cronies that are crooked in the FBI.


    1. Here’s an idea I think you will like, Pattyt. Instill term limits for ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS like it was originally intended by our Founding fathers. Then, put a cap on their salaries so that they cannot earn more than the median income of their constituents. Another good way to trim the Federal budget is to eliminate superfluous government agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security and the IRS. Wouldn’t it be nice if our lawmakers acted on our behalves, for a change???

  111. 86 and sucking off the public resign and stay home for the rest of your blood sucklng life

  112. The womans 86 been there to long let her stay home permanently…she’s only important in her own mind..
    Written by a senior her self.

    1. They are all legends in their own minds, Susanne. And, if I were a senior like yourself, I would be mad as hell at Piglosi and her minions for raiding Social Security to pay for their impeachment hoax. This is money YOU EARNED your whole life and they act as if it is their own!!! This is an insult to every senior citizen in our country!!!!!

  113. Well, this just goes to show how the Dems want to stall our government. They need to stop getting paid. We need a working Congress. If they can’t or won’t come back to work replace them. They do not have Americans best interest in mind, all they care about is themselves.

    1. No we need a working president and his administration. The incompetence in trump’s administration is staggering


  115. It is unfair to suggest that she is lazy. This is a worrisome time for groups of people to get together.



    2. I believe that does not include her other paychecks for positions in the government and from China.

    3. do I detect the slightest bit of ageism here? What you talk about your own grandmother that way…. or someone else’s. Please… rise to the occasion here.

    4. I think most comments have been given for you to reconsider a whole lot you think you know but don’t… Even though you may “think” crude is, in fact, to get you to rise to the occasion, Feinstein should have stepped down if she can’t handle it, maybe even not taking all of these flu Vaccines ( which in fact is saying God messed up….????), Yeah I know he didn’t do you??? I have proof of that also. However if you can’t do you the job you bow out and quit, or you get “Fired”. If she can’t she needs to leave, that is not a requisite she determines at this point. Many are placing themselves out there, so what makes her better… Quit defending racism with racism think on that one, that’s what you are arguing here, yes she has rights but the oath is and has always been to do her Job is help me, God…!!!😇😇😇

    5. Rob
      racism? what are you talking about.????
      Vaccines means God messed up? What are you talking about???
      Would you Say that to the doctor, next time you get a snakebite??? are you going for a treatment? Because antivenin treatments are based on vaccine principles. Do you not go to doctors?Medical science is based on a wide variety of investigational knowledge bases, of which epidemiology is one of a series of specialties. Don’t get the flu shot, do get it… doesn’t matter to me as long as I can protect myself. But there are a series of considerations to be made.

      As far as the flu shot…. if you subscribe to or are forced to get one , get one without preservatives…. it will work better and not make you sick.

    6. Donna…… you got a two-fer. Not only a bigoted attack on an older american, a bigoted attack on a female… granny. Civil discourse starts with civility, and if you don’t like the paycheck she collects…. I am not in a position to agree or disagree… then move to California where you can do something about it. All Americans are not under-writing her pay.

    7. So you keep proving Gods word right, and when you don’t get you way, it’s bigotry….🤣🤣🤣🤣 racism….😆😆😆 that is the out, you first are showing you have no care what God is saying and two when all else fails rant the bigot, race card … Ahhh “BIGRACISM” lol 😆 😆 you really need to do Sabbatical up on the mountain for say a year…? You are that wish I washy Lukewarm Christian talked about if you don’t change it sorry “You Loose” not me but what God says. I feel so so so sorry for you, you’re caught in the trap, all you need is Your Mark…wake up you dying from poison 🙄🤫🤨😶

    8. Rob,
      look up bigotry… racism is what YOU brought to it… it is not exactly what the word means. It means intolerance of opinions that are not your own.

    9. You stay home. You sound very sick and unfit to go out into public. Stay inside, and wear your muzzle.


    11. How about ten dollars an hour, no benefits , no sick days and if you’re late or don’t show up three days in a year your fired.

    12. Dear Baker,
      I agree that there is much to be desired in our current basis for jobs which pay a living wage, and provide benefits. I too get placed on a possible termination review after 3 days. It is up to us/you to try to push consideration of the human being into our respective workplaces Sometimes it requires your well thought out vote. Sometimes it requires joining an organization. Do not let your vote, or any one else’s , be suppressed. Because all of us are needed.
      Imagine my surprise when, under the Bush II administration, that a workers’ right to have a witness of their choice, when undergoing disciplinary action, was removed from federal law. Your HR administrator or boss, can get all the witnesses they want, however.

      Let it not be forgotten that John D Rockefeller, a prominent Republican, opined that there are far too many of us people around, and some of us need sterilising, or curtailing our reproduction capacity.

      I have been terminated for following federal law. Federal law for SAFETY. … like medical safe devices act for promoting safe equipment. Also, for following state health and OSHA requirements. You would think I could get traction from the legal community for that one, but not so. I am continuing to live my life with these things in mind…. since you all like to bring Jesus into this, and why not… “be gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent” let the general public be aware.

      It is not too late to vote for, and promote in our own neighborhood, support, nonviolence, vetted information, and many other benefits.

    13. You r right, lazy is not the word
      It’s corrupt. She supports the deep state.
      Their motive is to do everything and anything to get rid of POTUS.
      This is pure evil when you consider what God’s original intension is for America from its beginning. America has sinned, left it’s First Love and is struggling. BUT GOD if we who are called by HIS NAME would humble ourselves and pray… repent, turn from our wicked ways (there are many) He will hear from heaven, forgive and heal our land. Go to thereturnwebsite.com and hear J Kahn .

      Come on Feinstein get up and get back to work by first learning from the truth Drs. about ( Buttar & others)covid19 and then be set free through the truth and go back to work.



    1. Well, Saul was on his high horse when he got knocked off by a gentleman GOD! And hallelu for that, as we read the Epistles and learn from that great Apostolic Evangelist who transformed into Paul, right.

    2. Wtf????
      You mean our awesome POTUS, Donald Trump… the ONLY person whose done ANYTHING for Ameruca the last 3 1/2 years….without Demonrats. and he did everything DESPITE ALL Democrap, corrupt attempts to unseat him….guess what…Trump is going to win all 3….and replace House and speaker…Nancy poo….get ready…laugh now, cry later, just like last time. America is mow aware of Do Nothing Dems…who are, AGAIN, holding up YOUR next relief check!!

    3. Everybody vote Republican. Let Feinstein and Nancy Antoinette Pelosi and others like Shiff go home and stay there

    4. The democratic Congress has sent McConnell 400 plus bills and most all are still sitting on his do nothing desk. If you want to call someone do nothing let’s start with McConnell and the do nothing republican senate

    5. At least you, K, hold a remark that is not devoid of thinking or facts. I would ask, as fellow americans, that for the rest of the respondents, that rather than packing on to the comment by Sen McConnell, that Ms. Feinstein was avoid recall to DC because she was “lazy”… the comments that follow are very specific that her reasons are to avoid unnecessary risks which would cause the spread of the virus. Did McConnell say why he wanted everyone back? Did he say why he is not entertaining online senatorial debates and voting??? Realize that the big boogeyman thoughts about risks associated with an improvement in safety… are simply to be overcome with thoughtful interventions and oversight.
      This virus is not what you think it is. Sen. Feinstein, and many other congressional leaders, would surely die if they contracted this virus. But before death, they could accidentally infect many others… like what about the cleaning and security staff….
      Point being…. judge not unless you wish to be judged the same way. It is time we bringt this country back to civil behaviors, not a continuous rant about known lies re: another persons life.

    6. yes he did eleanor. have you heard that the USA needs to reopen? How long will the dems keep America closed? until all is destrouyed except them? Nacy can handle this for a lont time with her money so can all the rest, and that includes the reps, but the reps ARE back to work. which is whart Semn McConnell said. If Government tells us to stay at home, then they fo what thye want. Bet nancy does not do her shopping or if so does not need to do it every two or three days. Yeah She is not lazy nor is this feinstein person who had a chinese spy on her staff (wonder where that story went) she oute biasey ford and started the cavanaugh sham and endorses biden witout batting an eye yeah right. So in your mind to save feinstein and the rest of us (where is your version of scientific data?) do not infect (sorry what college or school are you a graduate of? are you a scientist to make this deckaraon without foundations?) coulddoes not mean will unless you have the scientific fact to say so, and for what I see, You don’t

    7. I work a covid unit, front line staff, and have seen quite a few people die horrible deaths. If you don’t accept the science, accept the facts.
      I agree our economic sector needs to reopen… that is a bipartisan judgement, by the way. How good is YOUR health insurance, because Trump et al have been kicking the legs out from under pre-existent conditions legislation.. something that will ruin it for nearly everybody.
      So let’s keep this on a factual basis…. there are smart ways to do this…. do you write your state senators and congresspersons? While a lot of things are questionable that happens at the federal level…. we already know better that to just reopen… the life that is lost is probably not yours…. it is everyone around you. Please be respectful.
      I have caught nearly every viral illess brought in to the hospital, but this one is a real killer, and we do not have adequate testing, PPE, and the stats are not beintg reported on this virus… maybe in New York… but assuredly not in many other states. It is being underreported.
      And yes, I am a scientist.

    8. Before you go being all supportive of our Miss Diane, look at how much she makes to not do the job she was (supposedly) elected for. Then look at the condition her home State is in, and ask yourself if that’s how you want the entire Country to look, and if you want the same kind of unconstitutional, rights-suppressive laws as Ca. across the Nation. Then ask yourself, if Diane Feinstein is on the Senate Intelligence Committy, why wasn’t she intelligent enough to realize she had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 f’n years! As her close personal assistant. And then ask why she chooses to protect and defend illegal immigrants and criminals over her law-abiding legal citizen constituents and the Constitution. Then ask yourself why, if this covid 19 flu isn’t even as bad as the normal, annual flu everyone works through every season (and it’s not, Dr. Fauchi admitted as much) then why is Miss Diane spreading fear by making it out to be far worse than it is.
      My tax dollars go to paying for these do nothing “representatives” in 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚 aspect of their lives and careers. Ask yourself why it’s a bad thing to expect them to do what we’re paying them to do, for us, not for themselves.

    9. You may be right about the Virus not being what you think…??? So what do you know about it…?? Not what Fake News has said… Not what Dems have said… But what you know for Fact…?? Because I do know, and well let’s just say it’s a Modified Virus,(man made) and with all tense in purposes know when it would hit and why. Did you know that…? Or do you even want to?? If so why haven’t you…? So give me an intelligent answer and I will give you intelligent FACT, not from Gate’s not from Fauci but dozens of “Real” Doctors even abroad saying They are dead wrong…!!! That’s a fact, not this fiction they are trying to feed people ( you shall know the truth and it shall set you FREE) God said: “whom the Son sets free is free indeed…!!” Are you free, or fearful confused…??? If so you’re following the wrong information🙏🙏🙏 think about it…! Remember God does not give us a spirit of fear but of a Sound Mind😶😇😇😇

    10. Rob…
      how many people have you lost to covid??? Did you learn anything? If you didn’t you may need to lose more people???? if the caution about history repeating itself holds true, when you did not pick up the lesson.

      I do not get my facts from merely mainstream media… but from a variety of sources, juried medical journals, state reports, epidemiological surveys, speaking directly to infectious disease persons, institutional warehouses of information…. AND LETS NOT FORGET DIRECT OBSERVATION OF A PERSONAL KIND….and what is it that is mainstream media to you? This is not the last SEASON PLAYOFF BETWEEN DEMS AND PUBS…. both sides get some things right and some things wrong… it is well to know when an unverified “fact” has come up.

      Where are you getting your facts? List sources, please.

      It is not fear to read widely, and to ask questions. Additionally, for those who have thought I sided with Feinstein… I have merely indicated that civil discourse needs civility…. because ANGER IS A BAD COUNSELLOR… and I do not see a fact basis in most of these responses. Everyone is high-fiving the most rude and uncomplimentary rant, whether it has a factual basis or not… and it is driving our country into hate expressions.

      And since some of the most undignified, if not wrongheaded, remarks nearly always have God attached to them…. whatever happened to the sermon on the mount. Jesus would have found it difficult to get executed were it not for the drumbeat of his “religious authorities” manipulating the state into an execution they were clearly uncomfortable with. Times have not changed much, have they?

      Bigotry….. is intolerance of another person’s viewpoint. Let us say it is a requirement of a democracy to graduate from bigotry into the light of examining the sources of information very carefully, and not just plug them into our war machine.

    11. your imoji use is intriguing. It could be explained as representing a fork in the road, or is it epididymimitis of the color cerulean. But what would you say.???

    12. The women is a nurse stupid and works in a hospital she is seeing the virus first and all you know is what lying trump tells you

    13. Elenor, they have the people’s work to do!! If they don’t want to go back to work, simply quit! There are many people in line to take their jobs. These are essential jobs needed for this country to survive, that’s just the way it is. Stop making excuses for them, they’ve written the book on them! Get their ass back to work!!!

    14. Ken what member of your family do you want to sacrifice so trump can open the economy. He’s only looking at the re-election and could give a rats ass about us citizens


    16. Right!

      Right! God is in control and we who know Him know the the ending is already written. And He wins!!!!

      god is in control

  116. If she or anyone in congress refuses to return to work.They need to resign..They dont work ,dock their pay..

      1236 LONGWORTH H.O.B.
      WASHINGTON, DC. 26515
      PHONE 202-225-4965

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😇😇 I do intend to Agree, get her at the source, and raid her Ice-Cream, but you may find many others there having a pool party celebrating all of the Havoc they are creating…😉😊😆😆

    3. The majority in the senate and the congress in 2009 and 2013 were republicans and they gave themselves pay raises

  117. It’s a disgrace dems stay home not worrying about money. They get paid real big money for doing nothing. They just don’t care about the country. Only about themselves. They are running. the country. Selfish liars. Stop with all the hate trump. Bullshit. Try to.be honest. And fair. go to work. Written by a real american

    1. Absolutely, Vince. We saw all we needed to see with Piglosi standing in her million-dollar kitchen eating ice cream that she stores in her sub-zero, $12,000 dollar freezer while small business owners starve


    3. california voters ,just remember this in november we the voters will send these tax and spend socialists home

    4. Well when the real American loses a family member to or friend to the Coronavirus maybe than he mite not think it’s bull shit

  118. If she doesn’t want to WORK, I’m SURE the VOTERS can EASILY arrange that . . . One AMUSED Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Let her stay home forever, she is not doing her job anyway so why should we the taxpayers give her a BIG paycheck?

    2. Imagine if they REALLY have to work, at least eight hours a day, like the average American patriotic citizen works? TERM LIMITS – TERM LIMITS – TERM LIMITS = NOW NOW NOW!

    3. You need to realize that the do nothing Democraps still get full pay while they are at home doing nothing while the American taxpayers (some of us) can only collect unemployment while self employed people like myself can’t collect any benefits

    4. Stop being ridiculous!!!!!! do you really think your words ring true???? what will you say after people who ignore health warnings come down with this dread disease? what would you say if it were you??? Go ahead and follow your “great leader” Trump who advised people to DRINK BlEACH to fight corona virus then lied about it. , This country is TOOOOO DIVIDED and it all starts from the top. As to the foolishly composed comments that follow… how would you know whether someone as intelligent as is Nancy Pelosi is, is doing her job or not??? Too many of you who follow Trump play the child’s game of “follow the leader,” without giving it much thought! You have my condolences.

    5. someone as intelligent as is Nancy Pelosi is lol? yes, she is intelligent in evilness, hate. we all know why they don’t want to work, they think with the childish game, they will hurt our president .. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN because now everyone starts to see the real face of dumb rats, they do not give a damn about people. while they sitting home eating ice cream and get paid by the taxpayers, when millions of people are lost their job, feeding their families from food banks .. you should be a shame of yourself taking the side of the evil. I think you are just like them don’t give a shit

    6. Harriet, you are a fool and dumb Democrat. I guess you also do not believe in Jesus Christ as dumb Pelosi and the entire Dem party do not. They took Jesus out of their paltform. I guess you also believe in abortion, homosexualism etc. Stop drinking their kool aid, it is poisoning you slowly, and you will die a slow death for that. When Pelosi speaks, most of the time people cannot understand her gibberish speech. So tell us now, who are playing the child’s game of following their leader?? If you will only look in a mirror, you will know who it is. Grow up and get a life.

    7. Intelligent as Nancy?? You should stay off the drugs!! Your comments are far from someone who knows what their talking about! Perhaps Facebook would be the place for you to vent your silly ass meaningless so called comments. Leave this forum for the adults.

    8. Forman you would not know leadership if it kicked you in the azz!!!!there isn’t a democrat leader in this whole USA and ALL YOU DIMS could use a swift kick just to set the stage…..fights ON.

    9. Your words of BS fall on deaf ears. The people are needing and want to go to work. We are tired of the games the democrats and you are playing.

    10. Your ignorance is showing again. He never told people to drink bleach. But his comment on UV inside the lungs is right on, though it was a question as to the availability/viability/possibility of such treatment. It’s being tested and effective.

      The country is TOOOOOO DIVIDED because the democrats are being jerks because they are still made about their ineligible candidate losing. Heck, the democrats have been made at the Republicans ever since the Republicans took away their slaves.

    11. I guess you must be a Democrate. Otherwise you wouldn’t make such accusations. The Democrats follow the book letter for letter before they decide to do something. A least President Trump is getting things done that should’ve been done years ago.

    12. Nancy Pelosi smart, that’s a real oxymoron. Shes not smart enough to put her denture cream on correctly.

    13. My wife had in january so what and Truml didn’t advise anyo e to go and drink bleach you idiot

    14. Harriet, only an idiot would believe that the President would tell people to drink bleach!!! You have been listening to her lies so long that you no longer have the will to use your own brain to determine what is really true. The democrats want to get rid of President Trump so they can pick your pocket more fully. Pay attention to them saying they will increase taxes to 70 – 90 percent to pay for their evil plans. Please think rationally about what the democrats are saying, not just bits and pieces but everything they are saying.

    15. harriet an ugly name and seems to fit a very ugly natured person but then the dem’s are noted for the ugltnes of a lot of their women and ugly women seem to be very spitefull and dishonost and the above is no exception

    16. Harriet: You used an oxymoron: Intelligent -Nancy Piglosie. Those three words are completely opposite. Nancy eats ice cream while Rome burns. She thumbs her nose at we the “peons of the nation” Her and her ilk have done absolutely nothing for three and one-half years – except cry over the fact that their “queen” didn’t get elected; and now the establishment is being removed so the government “of the people, by the people” can get back to being what the founding fathers intended.

    17. Harriet: Try pulling your head out of your butt. Trump did NOT tell people to drink bleach. As to Pelosi being intelligent? She has to return home to be told by her husband what to say next. BTW incidentally she gets her driver to park illegally
      outside the hair salon AND WAIT whilst she has her roots done. That and her ice cream is her reason to be in S.F. What the hell has she done to help the homeless on the streets of S.F.? NAME ONE THING!


    19. Thanks for your wisdom Harriet, you indicated that all this divisiveness starts at the TOP… reading your words tell me that it goes all the way down to the bottom. Wouldn’t it be nice if EVERYONE would use common sense and look deeper than those tired “talking points” that are delivered daily and then heard on all of the mainstream media as if by a miracle? C’mon Harriet. You’re smarter than that.

    20. Another student left behind. You are a true demwit, when was the last time you had a job, or for that matter an original thought. May I ask you a question, how do you breath with your head so far up youre fat socialist rear end?

    21. Harriet, you obviously live in a Parallel Universe, one in which Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right. I invite you to take a walk on the Wild Side where Common Sense Rules the Day. It is never too late to Wake Up and Come to Your Senses!

    22. Are you for real? You don’t want to see how the democrats are dragging their feet hoping to defeat Trump in November and for no other reason. But I see the American people realizing this and putting Trump back in in spite of their jealousy!!!!!!!

    23. PeLOUSY ! Intelligent? What a joke! She just wants to camp out by her $28,000 refrigerator and brag while she eats her gourmet ice cream. What a lousy human!

    24. You are a dodo. You were correct about one thing…it starts at the top. Obama started all this trying to interfere with the administration of the incoming president. He managed to infect the FBI and DOJ to rebel and commit all kinds of treasonous behavior and they are getting ready to get burned for all their damage and Obama is going to get his due as well.

    25. Oh lord — that lie about drink bleach has been outed even by the far left media — Pelosi lied and you still can’t face the facts.

    26. you are a real stupid idiot. President Trump never told anyone to drink bleach. Why do you Liberals make up this shit???
      You don’t know the truth from a lie, because that is all you do. Lies, lies and more lies. All your lies will come and bite you in your Lard Asses. Karma is on it’s way to you.

    27. Thank you! It’s so refreshing to read a comment from a rational mind. The magnitude of ignorance and the irrational, ludicrous, blaming mindset of Trump’s Cult, is so blatantly displayed in nearly all these comments. Irrationality runs amok!
      The childish name calling, the hypocritical projecting, the arrogance in thinking they are so superior That they know how others (I.e., Democrats) think, what they think, why they think and boy-howdy, they even know what and why somebody doesn’t want to do or wants to do a particular thing. I.e., she doesn’t want to work.
      See how the facts never seem to back their propaganda remarks and accusations!
      No where in her letter did it state, “because I don’t want to work”.
      It’s called being a responsible adult with a little bit of caring about anybody else but themselves.

      So I say to all you selfish disrespectful, irresponsible shallow minded trump followers….. GO! Go back to work, go in groups, Maybe you will get sick, maybe not…. if you do, who are all you trumpers going to place blame on then. No one! And don’t forget to drink your Lysol. Because America WILL BE great again without people Of your mentality and mindset!

      One thing Trump has overwhelmingly accomplished and the thing every dictator in history accomplished; to pursue, to propagandize, to control, (emotional and mental) to manipulate, to instill hatred, advocate violent acts against anyone anti, to covertly instill racism, to gerrymander untruths as facts, to recruit;…. to the masses of the weak-minded, to the ever-so evident plethora of the under-educated & uneducated mindset, to the cowardice mentality of like-minded bullies (and their prey), to the inbred evil-minded ignorance & prejudice of the “neo”-nazi & white supremacy mentality, to the arrogant egocentric mindset of “fake” Christians, their holier-than-thou self-appointed (“false”)prophets and their “flocks” of hypocrites**, to the extremist mindset of the greedy, of the never-do-wrong, of the selfish rich, of the self-appointed self-righteous oligarchs, …AND to the spineless, pathetic ass-kissing cowards of the GOP within Trump’s reach that choose/chose to participate in Trump’s corrupt delusional scripts, backing his lies and condoning his acts that they know are against national law and in violation of our constitution.

      Go back to work, I’ll pray!

      **no TRUE Christian would nor anyone who believes in God, in Heaven and Hell, who believes the word of the Bible, could support such an inauspicious toxic psychopath as Trump .. God would NEVER place such a reprehensible man with that much power!! But Satan would! The only prophecy Trump fulfills is that of the AntiChrist. And all you followers in the cult are right there, fulfilling the hypocrisy and bringing the word to light.

    28. First, the Bible says “it is appointed to man once to die”. If it is your time, maybe it is by virus, a bus, or even a heart attack. Trump answered a reporter’s ridiculous question with a ridiculous answer, the reporter was trying a gotcha as usual. Too divided? The democrats have been doing it now for 11 years, Obama was the most divisive, racist president in history. Nancy Pelosi is a traitor and should be invited to a firing squad, she is not doing her job, she is trying to take down a President. Hopefully you will not show your stupidity on this forum again.

    29. Harriet, when you make comments like that, you really show your ignorance! Drink the cool-aid and just shut up!

    30. Get your head out of the sand and the potatoes out of your ears. Open your eyes and ears and wise up. Your head is so full of fuzz it might explode. Do some research……real deep research and maybe shake your head a bit then you may just see the light. Then again, maybe not..you may be too far gone.

    31. Get it right Harriet. Trump didn’t advise anyone to drink bleach. He was asking doctors if there is any way to use light, heat or antiseptic to kill the virus. You should be ashamed of being so stupid !
      Trump keeps us out of the new world order, one world government, world socialism and life on the global plantation.
      You wanna be controlled by your government then move to China, N Korea, Venezuela…

    32. Michael: Do I ever hear you…same here….vote the bastards out next election and not only Term Limits but AGE limits too.
      Most corporate people retire at 65….why should not that apply to politicians?

    33. Not only do the “Do Nothing Democrats” Not Want To Return to Work, they are in the
      process of handing themselves a Big Fat Raise In Pay, and I ask, For What.?!? They haven’t
      gotten off their hands since the President’s 1st State Of The Union Address, except to Obstruct his policies,
      their lame attempt at his impeachment and the Endless Bogus Investigations into his ability to perform his
      duties as Commander in Chief…The Dems could take a Permanent Leave of Absence and the country would
      then be able to Thrive in the economy that Trump has brought to us with his policies intact…We, as a Nation,
      would do Very Well without their Vile Hatred and Non-sense Policies…

    34. problem with leaving her at home is she still drawing that big paycheck whether she is in DC or not!!! that frosts my butt more than a butt high snow cone!! but on the positive side, she is not there to vote on anything that reaches the senate which is fine by me. they are doing whatever they can to make the office of the president harder than it normally should be!! it is disrespecting the people of our great nation as well as the office of the president for their personal hatred of our duly elected president that pulled this country out of the downward spiral that Obozo let it in!! the office of the president has to constantly be on the defensive on everything they bring up…stupid or whatever!! they have failed at every curve in the road and it really has made them look like a bunch of idiots, not all but a few selected senators and congress people!!

    35. So gullible are you, likely in the Dem’s hypnotic ignorant “herd mentality” trance, by posting this nonsense “drink bleach ” out of contextualized hoax.

    36. She’s 86 yrs old, she has no business working in the senate. Let her stay home and cut off her pay like all the other workers,

    37. So she doesn’t want to work. Let her Chinese chauffeur get her another job in China. She doesn’t object to her constituents either working in essential jobs and not working and being paid. So is she won’t work, no pay. She attended a meeting a few months ago where she was exposed to privileged information , then turned around and sold pertinent stock to enrich herself and then use the excuse that her husband did it. Well, since he didn’t have the privileged info, she had to tell him. She is a greedy, self-enriching POS and she needs to retire. Poster child for term limits. She and Nancy need to retire. Californians, wake up to their corruption.

    38. fire Nancy and all of the traitors , we have no need for people who expect to be paid while they play

    39. People Look at and Realize that the 10 th amendment tells us that we the People or the State not just the State is sovran and has the power to do as we the people Feel is best for us so let we the people of the individual States hold a Special Vote on whether or not we are ready to reopen our Economy and get back to work and Make our Governor of our State see where we the People Stand and make them truly Represent the people after all how can they do that if they dont let the people Let them know what they want. The 10th Amendment Clearly States it as Follows Word for word (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor Prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, Or to the People .) As you see it Clearly states Respectively , or to the People Reminding the State and the Governor’s of the States that they are to Represent the people ‘s wishes of the State that they Represent And not the Other States or the Federal Government of the United States. But there Own Sovern State. and the Key word here is( Sovern ) Meaning Superior to Any Other.

    40. They don’t care about millions of Americans not working and not being paid. All they care about is themselves. So they were told it would be dangerous to their health if they went back to work. Yet they have no regard for Americans in essential dangerous jobs that have to work. She even has the audacity to speak out that she wants to be paid for not working. Vote her out in November. She’s an over-the hill hack anyway. She and her friend Nancy can eat ice cream together and get drunk together.

    41. She doesn’t consider her job “essential?” Working at Walmart is essential but her job is not? But she still wants full pay for doing nothing? And she doesn’t want me to go to work………and her party drags their feet on helping small businesses (like the one I work for) so that I can’t receive my puny pay while being FORCED to stay home & not work? She is 86. Isn’t it time for her to retire? I’m thinking the Dem party is becoming the most aged party- The thing about old things is they have a tendency to die and I’m wondering if that is happening to the Dem party.

    42. way to go Ingrid, et all and they get paid anyway??? with money WE put in!! “greedy?lazy? at 86 she has a job? while others just get Social Security?(or what is left]

    43. These stinking Democrats/liberals are giving us a taste of what their Socialism looks and feels like! These lazy, good-for-nothings all need to be voted out, in my opinion. “We The People” need to begin running our government with President Trump as our loyal leader! Regular lay people would do a much better job for our country than this bunch of so-called politicians! THE TWO ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE ARE CRIMINALS AND GOVERNMENT, SO LET US TIE THE SECOND DOWN WITH THE CHAINS OF THE CONSTITUTION SO THE SECOND WILL NOT BECOME THE LEGALIZED VERSION OF THE FIRST. THOMAS JEFFERSON. Well said, Mr. Jefferson. Now if only the Democrats/liberals will abide by this statement our country just might survive! God bless America and God bless President Trump!

    44. The people that continue to vote for them are just as bad. What re they expecting in return?????


      Renters don’t have to pay rent for homes and apartments and if the rent includes the heat and water they get it for free from the landlord.
      LANDLORDS cannot evict (even if the tenants have the funds—they have a good life with nice cars and drink, party, travel and maybe even smoke, etc, — and after the crisis is over they do not have to make up the unpaid rent or expenses.
      Landlords still have expenses—mortgage, building maintenance, taxes, etc– and due to these expenses they should not have to pay the city, twp, school, county, etc taxes for this time and not be required to make up for it.
      The landlord,–property owner—can have the property foreclosed on it if they don’t pay their bills but the homeowner has been given a course to follow to save their home.
      The landlord may have to get a loan and pay interest to save his property.
      The landlord is the owner of a business, for we pay business taxes, but being self employed cannot receive unemployment or money from the government like the big businesses do.

      HOMEOWNERS with mortgages do not have to pay BUT the amount missed is not removed from the mortgage loan, but has to be paid either by a longer term on the mortgage and or increased monthly payments.

    46. They are all in a confined LARGE room with seats up above so they can have their space. I didn’t hear of any politicians down with the virus. So their quartine time is up. They are no different from us except that they are being paid for doing nothing except fighting Trump who is Making America Great Again.
      If necessary Trump can ask McConnell to shut down the senate and he can they legally close the government and do what is needed inclucing getting rid of Fuchi.

    47. God Bless and Amen to all of you. Each and everyone whom has written a statement is amazing people. God thank’s all of you for caring about our country and our God Given President Donald Trump. Yeah and Hallelujah

    48. I am curious as to why you think Donald Trump is god-given. NO… It is not obvious. If we are to discern , I am looking at a man who directs his activities to ruin or injure others unnecessarily, and often in response to his being suddenly made to be “transparent” as to his under the radar activities. I do not understand God to be so angry at us, that he is reversing his son’s directive…. turn the other cheek, and an angry word is turned away with kindness. More to the point…. such a load of angry people… I understand… none of this is fair or even surmountable by the ordinary Joe…. just… make sure you are not injecting clorox while you are following Trump. He is not a leader we should be following.

    49. how many cheeks do you have eleanor? it is you who cannot see what the dems are doing. total control nanny state. wonder what you will say when they take all you got to give it to a minority illegal family? again how many cheeks do you have? God is angry. at idiots like the ones who kille His Son. morons who refuse to see reality.

    50. First, you have only an opinion, second if you are siding with the Democrats which have no clue who God is other than one they give honor to because they have used wrongful powers not even remotely aligned with Gods word, God expects us to defend our rights as Christians, and Americans who decided to place our lives in his hands. If you believe this is okay to accept this evil which they are dishing out then you need to shut up, go join them ( not being lukewarm, not giving in to evil, which obviously you are suggesting, that means your words or opinion doesn’t matter. So You would fair better by shutting up, “Turn the other cheek” and go join them as you have already judged which means you will be judged according to your Heart. No matter what you think about Trump, or pointing a finger at him (having three pointing back at you) you need to focus on your lack of integrity when it comes to God, as well as where your “Loyalty” rest ( take the beam out of your eye FIRST…!!!) you apparently may have read the Bible, you just don’t know the Authors meaning… Big difference, so get yourself straight (go look in the Mirror for a while) then, and only then your opinion may count, if not it’s all on you, and sad to say you have to stand before God for all of your remarks, based on your comment ” who said Trump was God-given” can be asked” who says he is not” your argument is not based on Gods convictions, but sounds more like what you think, God operates mostly of what we know(yey and ney) may be time for you to go have a very long talk with him, before you speak and make yourself look like a Fool…😇😇🙏🙏🙏 Praying for you, and More for Trump…( this would be the right response, not one of bitterness or hate) AGod God you

    51. a babbling ranting liberal. you should sit in feinstein’s seat in the house. you add just about as much value to this country as she does. you watch too much cnn or msnbc
      i can only imagine how bad things would be if biden was in charge. it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. i hear he is looking for a female vp. MAYBE IT COULD BE YOU

    52. This is for Juan, May 4
      I have 4 cheeks, same as you. Why?
      I would recommend , as a part of an educational venture, that you contact Sister Norma Pimentel, Brownsville, TX ph 956 541 0220 re: US jailing persons from south of the border. (I was in jail…. and you visited me… one of Jesus’ missions)…. and you might learn something about our policy, though she doesn’t have time to chat. Speak to a staff member. Learn something besides what you can find out by trolling the internet.

      I have taken care of hispanic field workers, poisoned by US agricultural practices (pesticide poisoning, specifically)… those people were not taking your jobs. They all died, by the way.

      I would say that we are importing workers to take my position, as well, and eventually this has to stop, but I do not favor jailing children. That being said,
      has anyone wondered what it costs our government to support all these ICE agents, and keep these people imprisoned or send them back to Guatemala, one plane at a time? Might be able to afford something for American citizens who depend on local and state government for schooling and other benefits.

    53. Eleanor, I see that you do not understand God at all. First of all, God is in control. He allows things to happen according to His plans. God is not reversing His Son’s directive. It is people like you who turn things around from good to bad. Another thing, give us examples of Trump’s “under the radar activities” you so dumbly claim. And as regarding to a “load of angry people”, It is the liberals, Democrats and demented people who are angry at Mr. Trump, for no apparent reason at all.


    55. You tend to believe everything you hear from a bunch of power-grabbing liberals. how can it be true?

    56. John: I said this right at the beginning…..Gates should not be around ANY vaccine or vaccinations…..He and Faucci are worse than Hitler and Mengele If that is possible. Let that sink in…..This is WORLD WIDE. This is Ebola all over again a horrible, horrible death aimed at children, the producers of the future……so Gates can control the population. Gates is sitting there on his billions wondering what next can he achieve…on his wish list is culling the earth’s population.

    57. Time foe “Feinstein” to retire and stay at home for good. Then she will not have to worry about any Virus or sickness; accept the ones in her head. America ca run without her help very well without her help; thank you very much.

    58. Behind the Iron Curtain there was a saying:
      “We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.” Regarding many Democrats, that saying has become: “We pretend to work, but we get paid big bucks regardless!” So that’s the only difference between the Communists and Democrat members of the US Congress!

    59. In California you have one party and it is incompetent and clueless but the voters keep electing them. Amazing California and NY are in competition on which state leads in higher taxes and who is the worst governor.


    61. They [democrats] think that as long as they keep the country shut down they can defeat Trump because he looks bad. We know who looks bad!!

    62. If she and others are afraid of the virus then they should resign on the spot for we don’t need them to cause problems and make more lies. If the hospitals and other essential jobs are working then so should the senate. They can space out in their rooms for there are no visitors allowed in the building. They can use the balcony.
      I think this was started by Fishi and Pelosi for they both have an interest in China and want Trump out.


    64. The democratic lead congress has sent 400plus bills to the desk of McConnell more than 380 are still sitting on his desk. So what’s the rush he hasn’t done much in 31/2 years

    65. Diane Feinstein is 86 years old. Why can’t she give up the senate for younger generation with fresh new ideas and patriotism. She is OLD enough to retire. What does she think US Senate is? Getting a fat paycheck for doing nothing? Now, she does not even want to show up for (work). Amazing. People have been idle for so long, then, they can think they do not have to work to get paid. A typical liberal F***K.

    66. If Dianne Feinstein is 86 years old, it is time for her to “DROP DEAD”! THE END!

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