Of Course, US Officials with Dementia Pose a Very Real Threat

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The political left would love you to believe that elderly US officials can do their jobs and command respect, even if they show signs of mental decline. However, a new Pentagon-commission RAND Corp. study says that may not be the case. As you know, with leaders such as President Joe Biden, Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein […]

Bribery for Biden Showing Even More

The September 17th edition of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” welcomed Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer to their broadcast. With his achievements as a New York Times bestseller and Breitbart News senior correspondent, Schweizer is one of the utmost authorities on what is going on with Biden now. While discussing how President Joe […]

Fulton County DA Accused of Burying Evidence

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As you know, a major part of the RICO case against former President Donald Trump and some associates is set for trial soon. However, according to Sidney Powell’s lawyer, the prosecutors are clearly hiding information that could exonerate her as well as destroy the entire case. According to CNN, Powell and fellow former and pro-Trump […]

White House Openly Sends Letter Instructing Media to Push “No Evidence” Claims in Impeachment Coverage 

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If Americans thought the recent exposure of liberal censorship against conservatives would make the White House stop exerting influence over what the nation views, they were sorely mistaken. The White House Counsel’s office has sent a letter to major news organizations instructing them to “ramp up scrutiny” of House Republicans for “opening an inquiry based […]

Democrats Refuse to Back Bill Banning Mask Mandates 

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On Thursday afternoon, Democrats in the Senate raised objections to a proposed bill put forth by Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio. The bill, the Freedom to Breathe Act, aims to prohibit federal mask mandates from being enforced until the end of the year 2024.  Because of the Democrat objections, Vance’s bill will now navigate its […]

US Household Incomes Tumble for a Third Straight Year

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According to Biden and his administration, Bidenomics “is working,” claiming that he’s improving the economy and American lives. But the latest numbers from the US Census Bureau paint a very different picture. In fact, the Census Bureau noted in a data report on Tuesday that American household income has fallen for the third year in […]

Biden’s Actions on 9/11 Raise Concerns: A Missed Memorial and Troubling Negotiations 

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On the solemn anniversary of September 11th, a day etched into the collective memory of every American, President Joe Biden’s actions have raised significant concerns. Notably, he chose to skip the memorial services commemorating this tragic event, making him the first sitting president since the event to do so.   New Yorkers, most deeply affected by […]

Dine and Dashers Caught on Camera…

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As you know, dining and dashing, or conveniently forgetting to pay the bill, has always been a problem for restaurants and bars. But one eatery seems to have found a pretty reliable fix for that issue. Welcome to Rick’s on the River, a bar a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, where diners who don’t pay are […]

So Close: Biden Almost Breaks His Own Disapproval Record 

President Joe Biden is proving that just when you think things are at their lowest, you can always still go lower. According to a CNN poll, Biden’s downward journey just keeps sliding south.   CNN, Biden’s biggest cheerleader organization, was forced to acknowledge that their doddering hero has been on a ski slope of negativity. In […]

Of Course, Trump is Going to Put on a Show at Trial

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I’m not sure the Democrats have this whole ‘Let’s take Trump to court’ thing through very well. And after one of his latest statements, I bet they are having second thoughts. On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump took time to interview with conservative podcaster Hugh Hewitt. Naturally, the recent indictments and subsequent trials came up […]

AZ Court Rules Against Signature Matching Process

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As 2024 approaches, there are still many questions concerning election integrity, particularly in battleground states such as Arizona. Thankfully, it seems some progress is being made on that front, thanks to a recent court ruling. On Friday, Yavapai County Superior Court Judge John Napper ruled that Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and his office violated […]

Liberal Northern State Freaks Out Over Trickle of Migrants…

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By now, we all know the United States is in crisis, particularly regarding what is happening at our southern border. Well, it finally appears that liberal “sanctuary” states are realizing that somewhat. Welcome to Massachusetts, a state that, since former President Donald Trump attempted to close our borders and enforce immigration laws, has said it […]

John Mellencamp Throws Bogus Stat Out About How Black Americans Are Living

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It’s amusing how certain celebrities use their status to make various claims about the US and how its people live. Usually, it’s the Hollywood elite that make the claims, and it shows just how out of touch they are with society. This time, it’s John Mellencamp. The aging rocker must have spent too much time […]

Army Yet Again Fails To Meet the Standard in Suicide Prevention

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A simple policy to help soldiers get access to mental health resources and to decrease suicides has failed at Fort Cavazos. The base known formerly as Fort Hood failed following yet another investigation and hair-triggered response. Back in 2021, Congress mandated servicemembers be authorized to ask for mental health services at any time or place. […]

“Squad” Member Caught Handing Husband Campaign Funds

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Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) is suddenly finding herself in VERY hot water over altered descriptions of the campaign finances paid to her husband in July Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings. Husband Cortney Merritts received $2,500 “wage expense” payments on six occasions between April and June. This is on top of the more explainable $2,500 “security […]