Did Hamas Attack Israel To Murder the Stock Market?

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For decades, academics have worked diligently to try and understand the concepts of war, and what might drive one faction to attack another. From titles and land to which version of religion is right, people have always found various reasons for their attacks. Now, in a paper titled “Trading on Terror?” authors law professors Robert […]

BLM Jihadis Get Probation & $500 Fine for Torching a Restaurant

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Two convicted BLM domestic terrorists who burned a Wendy’s restaurant to the ground in Georgia in 2020 received their sentence last week. Under a plea agreement with prosecutors, the two arsonist jihadis who torched a business and endangered the lives of first responders received a $500 fine and five years’ probation. This wasn’t even a […]

Trump Considering a Former Opponent as VP Choice

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With the 2024 presidential election and primaries heating up, it’s time for frontrunners such as Donald Trump to start seriously considering their choices for vice president. And for Trump, it seems the top choice is someone who once ran against him. Enter 2016 Republican presidential candidate, brilliant brain surgeon, and former Housing and Urban Development […]

Amazon Snuffs Out USPS Service in Rural Communities

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When rural towns like Bemidji, Minnesota learned of services like Amazon Prime, they were a wonder for these small places. Located just 100 miles south of the Canadian border, they have an extensive Ojibwa population and don’t have much in the way of industry in the town. So rural that when they didn’t get mail […]

Ukraine Finally Making the NATO Roster…After They Are Done With Russia

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Despite decades of rebuking the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Ukraine started coming around following the latest Russian invasion. When the topic first came up as they were invaded, multiple countries rebuked the idea. They didn’t believe Ukraine could hold up their ends of the agreement, or that they would hold up beyond when it […]

Famed College Football QB Leaves to Join Navy SEALs

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It’s pretty much a fact that young people often have difficulty seeing the big picture and focusing on more than themselves, especially if they are already accustomed to some sort of fame and glory. But this college football quarterback isn’t like most. Introducing Levi Williams, famed quarterback for the Utah State Aggies. If you know […]

You Aren’t Paying More, and Biden’s Misinformation Monitors Intend to Prove It 

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When Topher Olive took to TikTok to express his outrage at paying over $16 for a meal from McDonald’s, he set the internet on fire. The post went viral, even catching the attention of the White House Office of Digital Strategy, which viewed it as “an exaggerated example of the nation’s economic challenges.” The incident […]

Newsom Springs Mass Shooter Eight Years Into a Life Sentence, Because He Did “Work”

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California Governor Gavin Newsom is the poster child for the Democratic ticket. Filled with second and third chances for everyone he comes across, he has been the shining star for failed liberal policies. Based largely on the race card and claiming discrimination is everywhere, he fails the victims to praise the criminal. In this latest […]

Self-Driving Tesla Jumps a Backyard Pool & Crashes into a Lady’s Kitchen

A woman who lives in San Mateo, California, was fortunate that she wasn’t home last Friday when an unexpected surprise showed up in her kitchen—a brand-new Tesla! The spectacular crash in a suburban area has investigators looking into whether Tesla’s self-driving technology has contributed to yet another accident. The crash happened at 7 a.m. Friday […]

Another Endorsement for Trump…Can He Possibly Lose?

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There are quite a few people still in the running within the GOP primaries. If you’ve tuned into any of the latest primaries, you know that Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy are all still battling it out to see if they can get the nomination from the RNC. Just because Donald Trump isn’t […]

FBI Creates New Domestic Terrorism Category to Target MAGA Conservatives

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The FBI is looking more and more like the Democrat Party’s Gestapo every day. In the latest development, the bureau has now created a brand-new domestic terrorism category that will allow them to target even more Trump supporters beyond the January 6ers. The designation is Anti-Government, Anti-Authority, Violent Extremists (AGAAVE). However much you hate the […]

NYC Sets New Record in Counterfeit Goods Bust

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On the morning of November 15th, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York had Adama Sow, 38, and Abdulai Jalloh, 48, arrested. Picked up on charges of trafficking counterfeit goods, the duo were arrested without incident. Charged after a lengthy investigation, they allegedly had been moving the merchandise through a Manhattan […]

Is Chickenhawk Ben Shapiro About to Fire Candace Owens for Her Sensible Comments?

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A story went viral on social media this week when a video of fake conservative gatekeeper Ben Shapiro emerged in which he’s bashing his popular conservative colleague Candace Owens for not showing 110,000% slavish fealty to Israel. The internet has been on fire with speculation that Shapiro is going to fire Candace Owns for being […]

House Democrat Attempts to Jew-Splain and Looks Horrific Doing It

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Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) likes to think that as a Black man from the Bronx and a card-carrying member of The Squad, he has the moral high ground. Self-assured that he knows everything about the struggle for people across the world, Bowman believes that he can tell everyone how to behave and that he’ll always […]

NBA Player Announces First Sneakers with “Visible Bible Verses”

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If you know much about the NBA, you’ve likely noticed that in the past decade or so, the league has turned increasingly woke and left-leaning. Thankfully, not all players fall into this category. Take power forward for the Orlando Magic team, Jonathan Isaac, for example. Isaac is actually a very outspoken and bold Christian, never […]