Gabbard Announces No Congressional Run in 2020

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate and current US Representative for the state of Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard wants to make one thing clear: She is in it to win it. And she is proving that by showing that she is not like most of her fellow White House hopefuls. Naturally, any such candidate would strive to stand out and prove to the people she is the one they want to lead them.

However, in a race with so much uncertainty, most contenders have a backup plan if things don’t go their way. For those like Andrew Yang and Donald Trump himself, there is always business to fall back on. Both are successful entrepreneurs and as such own a number of their own companies.

But most candidates, like Gabbard herself, are politicians. Sure, they may have done other things in their lives, but their life-long careers have a foundation of politics. They are the elite of Congress. Men and women already chosen by their districts to represent the people in our capital and to make sure that the average American’s voice is heard. They are senators and House of Representative members. And when their presidential elections don’t look like they will pan out, most will also run to keep their seats in Congress.

Gabbard isn’t like most, though, as she has already proven. Instead of also running to represent her home state of Hawaii in the House or even try out the Senate, she has just announced that she will try for the Oval Office and nothing else.

Her tweet early Friday morning pretty much says it all.

“I’m fully committed to my offer to serve you, the people of Hawaii & America, as your President & Commander-in-Chief. So I will not be seeking reelection to Congress in 2020. I humbly ask for your support for my candidacy for President of the United States.”

She did explain herself a bit further by attaching a video form of her announcement to this tweet. In the video, she said, “As President, I will immediately begin work to end the new Cold War and the nuclear arms race, end our interventionist foreign policy of carrying out regime change wars and redirect our precious resources toward serving the needs of the people here at home.”

She went on to say that she would lead the nation with the Hawaiian idea of “aloha,” a term that represents compassion, peace, and love.

“Washington, our country, and the world is in dire need of aloha. Only aloha has the power to heal the divisive wounds in our nation. Only aloha has the power to bring our nation together – recognizing we are all God’s children, and we are all Americans. As President, I will with aloha – putting people ahead of profits, putting people ahead of politics, putting the wellbeing of our people and our planet above all else.”

And while these are beautiful words and an excellent idea, they border on the same kind of romantic notions that pushed Marianne Williamson right out the door. Unfortunately, there is simply too much evil and crazy in the world to rule with only love and peace.

Moreover, Gabbard should understand that more than most. Of all the 2020 White House candidates, she alone has served her nation by being a part of the United States armed forces. In fact, she even put her presidential campaign on hold for a while so that she could participate in her assigned active duty.

And this isn’t the only time she has proved that she would fight fire with fire and not peace alone.

Just last week, she hit Hillary Clinton back hard after the former secretary of state said that Gabbard was being groomed by Russia to be a third-party candidate and Kremlin asset.

Gabbard didn’t waste any time in calling Clinton “the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that sickened the Democratic Party for so long.”

She has, on numerous occasions, also taken shots at media outlets that she believes are biased in favor of only a few of the top 2020 candidates such as Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. For instance, when The New York Times joined with Hillary in the Russian asset accusations, Gabbard was sure to let them know they were wrong.

So to say she can’t stand up for herself and possibly even our nation is definitely a complete falsehood. But it makes her words about peace and love seems a little hypocritical.

281 thoughts on “Gabbard Announces No Congressional Run in 2020

        1. She promises everything, exactly WHERE is she going to get the money?? HUGE TAXES, THAT’S WHERE!! She sounds like Warren, another big mouth w/ empty promises & empty words, except she doesn’t lie like Pocahontas.

      1. absolutely i am a trumplican and would support you because i be-leave you to be honest and a patriot i wish you sister i n all your endeavors whoa111111111111111111111 ed

        1. Tulsi is the most dangerous dem running. She always pushes how patriotic she is/ we think she is one clever woman/ think she is more red than pink. Disaster for America. BEWARE OF TULSI.

    1. You idiots TULSI IS DANGEROUS you guys fall for a pretty face/watch her speak she never says anything except how wonderful she is. GET A GRIP / USE YOUR GOD GIVEN BRAIN FIGURE IT OUT. GOD HELP AMERICA !!!!!

  1. A woman of integrity, intelligence, and class, and truly an excellent Presidential candidate. If I were a Democrat, she would have my vote.

    But I’m not, and policy differences do matter. Nevertheless the Democratic Party is making the same mistake they made in 2016 by actively supporting certain candidates and not allowing their members sufficient exposure to great candidates like her.

    1. I agree totally. She seems appealing. If she just wasn’t a democrat! The party is corrupt. I don’t see that changing until a lot of old, powerful people pass on. Unfortunately, their rot has infected the younger ones. I don’t know if a cure is possible.

    2. Tulsi is committed universal righteousness in all walks of life!
      Tulsi needs to fight and not withdraw from ensuring that righteousness prevails.
      Tulsi, please do not give up the fight for a noble cause as stipulated in all religious faiths and scriptures.

    1. All well and good!!She is still a DUMBORAT!!! That tells all!! Wake UP !!!!!Dimborats are for themselves not THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  2. She is the only one I could support out of the clown car of candidates but unfortunately she is a Democrat and they have totally proven over and over you can’t trust them no matter what they say.

      1. This woman is THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON running for an office. Are any of you really listening to her responses? They are so measured & it is clear if she contains her responses & with you people desperate to find a candidate you like she is a dangerous shooin. Beware what you ask for you may get it frankly I prefer to earn my keep not receive it from a source that owns me.

  3. Just because she served in the military and is still attached does not bring her credibility. She is a committed liberal with socialist tendencies. Further, she is a Dimwit and has to be since Hawaii is wildly liberal. Only liberals can be elected there. The Democrat Party is a criminal cartel that does not have America’s best interests at heart. Just look at the leaders, past and present. Truman was the last good Democrat. Those that followed were either moral degenerates, incompetent,or both.
    Don’t be fooled by those in or were in the military. Credibility must be earned, not granted for military service. There are a lot of people in the military with questionable morals and intelligence. Having served for thirty-six years, I write with experience having served with many of them. This includes the flag ranks.
    Give her credit for serving. Nothing more. She has not earned anything more. Basically not qualified to do anything but fly. Just as I am not qualified to do anything but break things and kill people. But, I was very good at it. Nothing more

  4. I would have trouble putting ANY TRUST in a Democrat, makes no matter what she says. Her being a Rat-hole
    Democrat tells me all that i need to know.
    I am a Southern, born & reared, Conservative and a non – supporter of the Godless Democrats.

  5. I would never vote for any democrat because they believe in killing babies up until birth, socialism and the Green New Deal. Also they have put Muslims in Congress.

  6. I will not support or vote for anyone that does not support the Constitution of the United States as written. She does not.

  7. I respect Gabbard and her belief in her convictions. I don’t agree with her on most of her positions, but she does seem sincere. She won’t get the nomination, but I do wish her success and happiness in her future endeavors.

  8. never heard of her but if she is a DEMOCRAT then she is a low class LIAR and once again if the U.S. GOVERNMENT runs true to form they will never allow a woman in the white house as PRESIDENT because a woman in the white house would be a high level SECURITY RISK but if she wants to blow all her money just because of her typical woman’s starving EGO then let her go ahead and EMBARRIS her self we are not a women’s nation like EUROPE!!!

    1. I won’t vote for her. She’s a democrat, but aren’t you being a bit sexist? What type of women have you been dealing with. Enlarge you circle of friends. You may be surprised.

  9. Tulsi is a Dem but not like the rest of the Dems. She not about to give everything away. If I had to vote for a Dem, I’d vote for her, but my vote goes to Trump. And one other minor point, she’s good looking and the rest are beasts, particularly Warren. Yeah, I’m politically incorrect and could probably go to jail for saying she’s hot! 🙂

  10. I cannot support anyone who votes for this Soviet style coup against our president who has done nothing that supports impeachment.

  11. Tulsi is the ONLY candidate on Either side that has real integrity. She is not restricted by the Democrat platform. She is not funded by corrupt money from either right (citizens United) or left (Soros). She has led an honorable life. She is not a liar- as is every other candidate. She has not embezzled or been involved in shady financial deals at home or with foreign countries. She has knowledge of and first- hand experience with foreign policy.
    She is a good soeaker- free of ticks, twitches, annoying mannerisms or speech patterns. She is classy and artuculate and as honest as anybody I know!! She could be a great president- but are the American people worthy of her?

  12. If she is “committed to serving the needs of the people here”, then why is she a FLAMING Left Wing Liberal, who LIE about EVERYTHING to get elected? Sorry, but NO Marxist TROLLS allowed on MY BALLOT choice! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  13. It is too bad she chose the Democratic Party as her political ally, they will turn on her the instant she goes against their socialist agendas. She would have made a decent Republican but the choice was hers and Hillary Clinton just showed her where the Democratic loyalties stand, she just needs to listen. If I were her, I would rethink my political party choices.

    1. The DNC already turned against Tulsi Gabbard after she appeared in the 2nd debate and crushed Kamala Harris with her scathing comments re: Harris’s stint as Calif. prosecuting atty. After that, Tulsi was regarded by the DNC as damaged goods, and worked to keep her out of future debates, although she fought against them and did appear in the latest debate. She has admitted that she realizes her chances in the 2020 run for president is bleak, but she is the one 2020 Dem candidate who has been invited to more TV appearances after her run-in with Hillary, after her defense of the U.S. getting out of wars which see no end in sight, and will now be taking up the cause of seeking justice for the families of 9/11 victims by confronting Saudi Arabia (they have been proven to be a participant in the 9/11 tragedy). Therefore, although Tulsi’s chances of winning the presidency is nil, I must admit that she has been shrewdly taking full advantage of her many TV appearances to attain name recognition by many Americans, which she will try to use to her advantage to promote the causes she will be advocating. And this can be better done without being tied to the Dem apron strings. Many people have been ridiculing Tulsi for her determination to stay in the race, but she is not planning to drop out of the race until she and a number of other 2020 Dems lose in the primary. After that happens, it will become clear why she refused to quit.

  14. I sincerely wish Tulsi Gabbard would run as an independent. I am absolutely certain there are many Independents, Democrats (and some Republicans) that would gladly vote for her. It would certainly throw a huge monkey wrench in the process.

  15. While I do not agree with Tulsi on everything, I do like her. I think she’s an asset to this country and perhaps could a useful aid in the Trump Administration, somehow.

  16. She is young, maybe she will come to her senses. I did. When I was her age I was also a democrat. Until I opened my own business. That changed me. I saw how regulations and other democrat ideals stifle business , then I saw the light and changed to the Republican Party. Now, I will vote for DJT and his allies in 2020. Straight Republican ticket!

  17. I like her and the values she embodies,and while I’m disappointed she’s a member of the Socialists democratic party. I think she can and has served our country well in both our military and as a political representative.But her inevitable loss in next years presidential bid is not a matter of her political aspirations, by rather because she does not yet posses the necessary skill set to become our next president. Her loss will be damaging to her home state of Hawaii and to this nation.I wish she would reconsider her future plans, and not put all of her eggs in one basket!

  18. What if she had said .. “Let’s wait until all the facts are in before anyone of us .. (left or right) … jumps to any conclusions about impeachment .. That’s the right way and the only way it should be processed. Try explaining that to Mr. “Shift-less” !

  19. Please see who helped her get started for Congress. Her helper is an American Democrat Socialist and all socialist (deceptive name for communist) want to destroy the America thousands of our best and brightest gave their all for, and many lost limbs, eyes, minds and families for her and so many of those running for President to destroy. I know what Communist and Socialist do to a nation. Take a trip around this world and see which one you would trade for this nation. I’ve seen them and would give my life for this one, praying God will never let this get any closer that it is already to any of the rest.

  20. ANY elected person who wishes to run for ANOTHER office should be forded to resign, these phony fools who are prancing around the country running for president are being paid to represent people and they are not doing it

  21. Beware of gabbard…At least the other dems lie right out..she is being toooooo nice in order to win and then hit the people hard with her dem ideas, just like the rest…..beware!!!!!

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