GOP Senate Candidate Discusses the “Inclusivity” of the Biden Administration

The Biden administration is being “inclusive” with who they nominate for the various positions. And at first glance, it all looks very diverse. There are men, women, blacks, whites, and even members of the LGBTQ community.

However, is the inclusiveness what’s really what’s best for the country?

One GOP Senate candidate out of Arizona has a very vocal opinion about what’s going on.

Blake Masters has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump. However, at the moment, he’s speaking out on Twitter about the diversity at the Federal Reserve – and commenting on a story that the Associated Press shared regarding how the Fed’s leadership “has become its most diverse ever.”

AP shared that “there are more female, Black and gay officials contributing to the central bank’s interest-rate decisions than at any time in its 109-year history.”

This seems to be an odd comment to make. What does the gender, skin color, or sexual orientation of a person have to do with their ability to do their job? Simply saying that there are officials making decisions would have been sufficient.

We have to look at what the bank’s decisions have been doing. Interest rates have been skyrocketing as a way to keep inflation under control. However, it is also devastating to the housing market as homebuyers no longer want to take out a mortgage due to the higher rates.

With the decisions being made by the Fed, they’re leading us toward a recession – and fast.

Masters responded to the AP story with sarcasm, tweeting, “Finally a compelling explanation for why our economy is doing so well.”

Ian Miles Cheong, a right-wing journalist, tweeted in agreement to say that the same thing happens when various companies prioritize diversity in their hiring instead of looking at talent, qualifications, and skills.

Many people in the federal government have been hired based on their skin color. The most recent SCOTUS justice was chosen for that reason. Biden made no qualms admitting that he was looking for a black female candidate – and he got exactly that. Forget about whether there were more qualified individuals – he wanted someone who fit a very specific checklist.

And the same can be said of many other positions.

It’s all about the inclusivity that you can bring to the White House. If you don’t have the experience, well, that’s okay.

A perfect example would be Pete Buttigieg as the Department of Transportation Secretary. By having a homosexual in the cabinet, Biden gets to check the box. The former mayor of South Bend clearly has no experience with transportation and is flailing within the role. But qualifications don’t matter in the liberal administration.

Some people are in denial about how inclusivity may actually be damaging the White House. The founder of Moms Demand Action, the founder of gun safety, made a comment on Twitter about Masters’ tweet saying that it was a “racist, misogynist, anti-LGBTQ hot take.”

But is it? Or is it simply that Masters is speaking the truth? Is it better to hire someone because they are LGBTQ or is it better to hire someone because they have all of the necessary skills? And if the most qualified person just happens to be black or female or LGBTQ, then fine.

Unfortunately, the latter isn’t happening. It’s as if the Biden administration focuses in on their checklist first – and then narrows down the candidates after that. Those who don’t fit in the checklist (such as being a heterosexual white male) won’t even get considered.

Masters is right to bring up the issue – especially since the economy will be one of the hot topics for the midterms. The longer inflation stays at a 40-year-high, the harder it will be for Democrats to gain a footing at the polls.