GOP Senators Getting Involved In Primaries

In the past, the Senate Republicans got involved in the primaries and it always costed them. This time they are making an effort to get involved but with precautions. They will get involved in the 2020 elections to keep control of the Senate, and they are doing something they have never done before when getting involved. They are going to start early this time around. In fact, they have already begun the efforts to hold on to the Senate.

A few weeks ago, Republicans bashed publicly the Alabama and Kansas GOP candidates for losing the statewide races, and they are fixing to lose the race there again. National Republican Senate Committee spokeswoman told reporters, “Just last year Kris Kobach ran and lost to a Democrat. Now he wants to do the same and simultaneously put President Trump’s presidency and Senate majority at risk.”

The same thing happened in 2010 when Charlie Crist was endorsed by Republicans for the Florida Governor’s race. Marco Rubio won the primary because Crist was too attached to the movement.

The GOP examined any and all mistakes, and they looked into the reasons why Kobach lost to a Democrat in Kansas. They felt he was too controversial as he looked too opportunistic pushing issues before he ran for the governor position. There were other candidates in the primaries who were overlooked and underrated which would have taken the seats.

So what is the GOP’s secret weapon to use to eliminate the problems in the primaries this time around? Who else, but our President Donald Trump. Republican strategist Brian Walsh explained, “Republicans control the White House. Unlike the Obama years, President Trump has the ability to transform a Republican primary very quickly.” President Trump has proven in Senate races, he is the kingmaker. He is the key to solving the problems with Senators getting involved in the primaries. The National Republican Senate Committee is pushing for this to happen and the president will oblige.

President Trump has already told Moore to back out of the race on Twitter. No one at this time is sure if he will back up Kobach. If the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo goes after the vacant seat in Kansas, then he will be the one Trump endorses.

The GOP is also hoping Pompeo will go after the seat. Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to give a nudge for Pompeo to go after the Kansas seat and for the president to endorse him.

McConnell stated, “The Kansas race is open, and I’m not sure the president agrees with me, but I’d like to see the secretary of state run for the Senate in Kansas.”

Having President Trump involved with the primary races for the Senate is the best thing which can happen for the Senate. It is a win, win situation. Republicans will hold the Senate with the president backing them up.

Most of the Republicans who ran for offices were supported but not financially endorsed. When Crist ran for governor, there was no effect with the endorsement which left Rubio to win the race.

Walsh stated, “The committee got involved in a couple of primaries verbally in 2010 and 2012, but it didn’t put any real financial muscle behind it in order to preserve resources for the general election against Democrats.”

Another strategy Republicans are taking to heart is they are more agreeing on choosing candidates everyone can agree upon. In 2012, The GOP was burned when the party divided and did not pursue the primaries in 2012.

Walsh stated this time concerning Moore, “I don’t see any grassroots movement flocking to Roy Moore right now. He cost Republicans that race.” Almost all the GOP members agree they will not pick Moore this time around.

Another tactic they are using is utilizing outside groups to persuade the primaries or shutting out the candidates who are hurting them. Strategist claims the Republican party has a much better balance and handle on assessing what is best for the GOP Senators.

Senators are highly confident this time around they have all their ducks in a row and have started early in the preps. Along with the secret ingredient, President Donald Trump, they feel everything will go in their favor.

It is very important the GOP keep full control over the Senate. It would be a dream come true if America could have both the House and Senate filled with Republicans. One can only dream at this time.

328 thoughts on “GOP Senators Getting Involved In Primaries

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  3. Its smart to let President Trump help. Also you need someone that is real. That can relate with the people on there level. We the people are tired of you politicians. Sorry but thats all of you. Republicans and Democrats alike. None of you have done anything for this country except line your pockets with our tax dollars and make it where we just barely get by. I will be probably voting Republican just to get these communist Democrats out. Ive worked all my life and im 54 yrs old and havent got hardly anything to show for it. Ive only drawn unemployment benefits 1 time in those 54 yes. We the people are fed up and tired of all of you. You live like kings and queens while we get your scraps.

  4. It is about time that the Senate think common sense in preparing for the primaries in full steps with President Trump when selecting the best candidate for any Senatorial positions anywhere. By doing so, they will continue to build their numbers as strong as anyone can imagine. Go for this idea…you will be successful without a doubt.

  5. Yes we can dream and pray. News this am says AOC +3 were not voted in They were casted in A job request went out for an actress and AOC won. I’m not sure how truthful that is but Obama has been pushing Muslims and Sharia Law. My question is what happens if AOC and her band try to overthrow our government what can we do (Trump) do to protect our laws

  6. I NEVER voted for a PARTY, always voted for the person. NOW I will NEVER vote for a Democrat her again. They are destroying our country from within. God Bless the Republican Party!

  7. KEEP THE SENATE! . . . Do what it takes and do it “above board”, nothing under handed. Trump did a splendid job, and he’ll do it again. Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. I hope you don’t forget Michigan is in play!
    John James can win if he gets some “national support”. He nearly beat clown face “spend it now”.

  9. That`s Good : Like President Donald Trump Says let`s make America Great again and let`s not back down we need our Nation to be the Greatest Nation . Regards:: Once A Marine Always A Marine

  10. Our country has taken a turn for the worse I think. The Liberals have lost their minds I have never seen such a vile filthy bunch running for offices. They care nothing for this country and show no respect for themselves. I think if we keep God in this election we will come out ahead. So please do not forget to pray for God to send us the right candidates to run for these offices and I feel he will be with us again.
    God Bless our President and guide him to help us make the right decisions.

  11. candidates like Mitchell & Lindsay are too party oriented. They could care less about what’s good for America,
    but only what’s good for Trump. They are too hateful of O’bama to think / care for America. They will never
    put the citizens of America first…. they will always suck-up to Trump….
    How can you consider yourself as a Christian, an a country loving American and blindly support a racist like Trump ???

  12. Whoever wrote this piece should do a better job of researching his/her facts. Case in point: Marco Rubio never ran for Governor of Florida against Governor Coppertone Charlie Crist. They opposed each other in the race for a US Senate seat.

  13. When looking at candidates to fill vacant Senate seats, the Republican party must do a rigorous background check on the candidates and make damned sure there are no skeletons in their closet. The last thing we need in 2020 is to have a Republican candidate riding high and find out he/she has had problems with the law in the past that most people simply cannot forgive. Backing such people is a sure way to lose an election. Also, it would be a smart move to ensure Republican candidates are actually Republicans (preferably conservative) unlike the Amash? House member who took every opportunity to vote against Trump and the Republican agenda and finally dropped out of the Republican party. We want Senators and Representatives who back the party we voted into office.

  14. Please everyone we have to get out the vote in 2020. We cannot let our guard down and allow the far left get in control.

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