Gov. Reeves Scorches ‘Liberal Media’ for Ignoring Protests During COVID Spikes

The media is supposed to be unbiased. They’re supposed to share the news as it happens without any kind of hidden agenda. However, the liberal media has become two-faced, showing only what they want you to see.

They’re covering the protests, showing the peaceful and non-peaceful protests that are happening around the country. Their photos show hundreds and thousands of people packed together in the streets, many with no masks on.

They’re also the first ones to talk about the spike in coronavirus numbers. They’ll blame the government for not shutting things down in time.

Now, how is it that the media won’t make the same connection that so many others have?

The protests that began with the death of George Floyd are a potential factor in the spikes of the coronavirus. How can they not be? It’s the epitome of ignoring social distancing.

Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi has decided that he’s had enough of the liberal media choosing what they’re going to talk about. He slams them for ignoring how the protests have played into the coronavirus spikes.

Why would the media leave out such an important detail? Well, if they connect the dots and blame the protests, they’re condemning the protests. They’re condemning BLM. They’re condemning the right to protest.

Reeves isn’t the only one who feels the liberal media is choosing to take a double standard. Conservatives and GOP officials have been pointing the finger at the media for a while in terms of how they’re covering the Black Lives Matter protests – especially the claim that they’re peaceful.

Something has to be done. The “flatten the curve” movement that the country was trying to achieve a few months ago is nowhere in sight. Numbers are climbing all across the country. Meanwhile, the media won’t say anything negative about the protests that could easily be contributing to the spike.

Reeves tweeted some of his condemnation: “Liberal media is trying to claim the increase of Coronavirus was just caused by family BBQs on Memorial Day. They completely ignore the fact that our uptick (and other states) began within days of massive protests all over—which they celebrated.”

He makes a major point, too. A family barbecue may have a few people over, but it’s easy to know whether other family members have been socially distancing and being cautious about the virus. In a protest, there are strangers all over the place – and social distancing is nonexistent because of squeezing into the areas.

Why can’t the liberal media just be honest? They have an obligation to the public to report the reality of what’s happening in the country. Countless individuals think that they’re doing the right thing by holding up signs and protesting within the cities. If they find out that there’s a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 because the media told them, perhaps they’ll be more likely to stay home.

It’s as if the media doesn’t want to say anything as a way to keep tearing the country apart. They can’t keep advertising that the protests are okay in one breath and telling people to stay home in the next. It’s causing confusion. The media outlets want people to believe that they’re immune to the virus if they protest – and that’s simply not the case.

There have been more and more conservatives speaking out. Governor Reeves has had enough – especially since the southern states have been plagued with more of the protests than anywhere else. It’s only a matter of time before more of the politicians in the south call the media out for who they really are – two-faced liberals who want to make it okay to protest without spreading the fear that they’re also at a greater risk of testing positive.

If the media doesn’t step up and do the responsible thing soon, the positive cases will be even more out of control than they already are.

55 thoughts on “Gov. Reeves Scorches ‘Liberal Media’ for Ignoring Protests During COVID Spikes

  1. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I’ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!|

  2. Gov. Reeves is taking a stand against the Progressive media and should be a calling card for
    all other conservative state & federal officials to do the same! The Prez does it but we don’t
    hear enough from those who are supposedly from the right. We need more like him. Go Reeves ! Go Trump!

  3. News anchors should be fined for incorrectly reporting the news. That would be putting their money where their mouths are. I believe this would make them think twice before pushing their own agendas on the public by enforcing the fact checking that diligent reporters of the past were required to do. There was a time reporters lost their jobs if their stories proved to be false. There is a time and place to voice your opinion, but not as “news”.
    Trump MAGA 2020 🇺🇸

  4. If you ask me.. this whole thing is nothing more than the Flu. (Dr.’s tell you , same symptoms as the Flue..”Duh”
    There’s more people die from the Flu every year than Covid.. All the Democrats want is POWER to control the
    people of the US. They failed miserably to remove Trump from office, so now they have turned to Covid.. I just
    hope that there are good Democrats out there that have lost businesses because of the shut downs and would
    love to see the Congress be void of a lot of “OLDIES” that have been around way too long come next elections.
    Put their a$$es out to pasture Especially…Nancy Pelosi..I wish I had a Magic wand.. 🙁

  5. Nellie, go kill yourself, so we can be done with one less ass hole like yourself.!!!!!!!! All your crap you spew on here if straight from Demonic MSM.

  6. Great ! Now that he has pointed it out WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? ?? Not a DAMN THING!!

  7. Sorry Nellie, but I’m with Bob, George and others on this one. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt being the gracious Christian that I am and say that like Eve, you have been deceived by the serpent which in the beginning was Satan but today is the Democrat party that has sold its soul to Satan. You have been given the Devil’s Kool-Aid. If I were there, I would run to your refrigerator and pour it all down the drain for you. All evil people of all ages have always believed that if you repeat a lie loud enough and often enough that they convince people it is true. This what CNN(Clinton News Network, MSLSD, the New York Slime and the Washington Compost have been doing since Trump announced his candidacy! Enough already! CoVid id more transmissable than the flu and in some cases more harmful but they are learning more about it every day. They are discovering that young, strong, healthy people who do not otherwise have underlying conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart concerns, breathing difficulties most often get it, become immune and never even know they had it. China has lied, the WHO has lied, he CDC has been wrong, good old Dr. Anthony Faucci is constantly wrong and so he waffles about masks, about this not being a “big deal” in early March and still doesn’t know his ass from his elbow regarding Covid. So President Trump, unlike what the media says, IS following the Science just not Weird Science and not Stupid Science. My dear Nellie, You are out of your league on this site both in numbers and brain cells. You have proven to us all that there things that are more contagious that Covid and that is Stupidity!

  8. If the ill advised protests did not cause the spike in the “19” it certainly contributed to it. marching shoulder to shoulder couldn’t have been a statement of social distancing. Not wearing a mask in public cannot be accepted as protecting you and your fellow citizens. — The current age group suffering the highest number of new cases ( as of W/E July 12 in Los Angeles Times ) was as low as 18 to 21 years of age. The week prior, same L. A. Times article, said it was 28 to 48 years of age. Does that imply that we older folk took our governments pleas seriously? You BET it does.

    I’m 78 years old and I don’t have a single friend or relative who has the “19”. That’s 4 generations of law abiding citizens.

    WEARING A MASK IN PUBLIC AND PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING WORKS! What doesn’t work is sending patients with the “19” to nursing homes where the greatest number of fatalities have been recorded.

  9. They promote “peaceful protests ” but now the corona virus is back with a vengeance and yet it’s not the protesters faults, it’s people getting hair cuts etc, the way the media was 2 weeks ago the virus was gone. Now it’s back, what did the president do to pics off Soros and all the democrats. He did his job, something the dems don’t do.

    1. dear Cheryl,
      apparently you agree with the propoganda wing of the Russian state, with your comment on Soros. Soros has supported protests all over Russia, and you believe their propoganda. Great. Aren’t you an ignorant American.
      On March 11, the Russian state-owned media outlet RT (Russia Today) published an article headlined: “’Everything’s up for grabs’: Soros sees big opportunities after Covid-19 ‘endangers our civilization.’”

  10. In addition to the comments this fine governor made for which I agree entirely, there is question how face masks help. First, the value of masks within the medical profession is 50/50. Half of the experts say they help, half say they do not. Second, infection statistic reporting by locales run by Democrats are being inflated to include individuals with the flu, the common cold, allergies, and assorted ailments, in some cases shootings only to get federal assistance. Finally, the crimes rates have spiraled out of control to the point that ones chances of getting shot dead are greater than the risk of becoming infected by the virus. The liberal media does not report any of this and should be reigned in.

    1. gee george,
      read the stats for Fla, Tx, AZ all red states. What you said is not true.

      The flu that Trump thought was the pandemic, will not be around for a couple of months.

  11. The news media is about just reporting what is actually happening anymore, unless they can twist it to mean what they want.
    As for the virus numbers going up, the blame lies with the sheeple that are too stupid to not go out and get tested for no reason. Of course the news media only reports on the spikes and what the democrats/communists want us to know and not the truth.

  12. Great job Governor, it shows how great you are, demonstrator were just lazy people out to get something free, not looking for a job, like they all should have. If nothing else give them a broom and dust pan and start cleaning the filthy streets like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York etc. They are lazy good for nothing people. Oh and by the way, we only kneel in church, not for a human, only to GOD.

  13. I been saying this all along. the protesters are the ones causing the spread of the virus but they want you to believe other wise.

    1. re: protesters not the cause of a significant amount of corona spikes:

      even Forbes says that it is not true that protesters the cause of spikes. staff of economists with data research, now support epidemiologists. This is the business community, Dude. It is enclosed groups, inside congregations, possibly hasty business openings not following any rules. It is the business people saying this too.
      Forbes is Republican leaning right wing magazine. Show yourself capable of taking in more than propaganda. You can look up forbes.

    2. Nellie, you must be a Dem? All of your replies back up what they are trying to make people believe. Just keep in mind that God is watching, he may save you or let you burn in hell, but he is watching.

    1. dear cal,
      look at Rupert Murdoch and Fox news, and you know that your opinion is untrue. Just to name one outlet…. Republican.

      by the way… we are already out of PPE AGAIN. And, the ventilators that came in are not for use except in CPAP modality… not the modality of a ventilated patient…and…. please look up ECMO, and you will get a look at your ignorance and maybe not be in such denial about what is going on. ECMO shortages….
      Trump and Pompeo gave to china, 18 million tons of the nation’s PPE to china in February. You can find how proud they are on twitterfeed (2/7). We have never caught up. The masks we got back from China do not meet guidelines and operate at 50% or less of the efficiency needed. I have several coworkers out with covid. We are so short of beds, we are sending people home on hospice to die, so as to free up another bed.
      Face masks and distancing are to protect others (masks) and ineffective if not practised by the public at large. My bank did not regulate social distancing too well a few days ago, and is shut down so it can be cleaned after a quarantine.

  14. Clarifying #3 Masks;
    Proper mask/respirators will work when used and worn properly under proper conditions.
    A General Practicioner might not be experienced enough to give proper guidance for specific situations.

  15. The Governor is spot on. The media is so bias. What happened to reporting the news not your one sided opinion. I am so tired of this.

  16. This Govenor is Absolutely Correct!
    Just listen as words are mixed around and ignorance of factors are not reported.

    1) Spikes vs Deaths vs Pre-existing conditions.
    2) Now reports (After the fact) People on/we’re on ventilators (Which were by Exicutive Order to be produced) now require (According to First Line) rehabilitation both mental and physical.
    3) Masks will not protect as advertised. Ask your doctor if you don’t believe me.

  17. The governor is correct. They are actually TRYING to spread the virus and make it accelerate till the election in November so they can blame Trump for their scam. These protesters need to be Shut Down!! They are being paid by Soreass to cause as much trouble in our congress and our country as possible. That is their paid JOB! They are from all over the country and Out of the country. They are TRYING to cause Racial tension and pit blacks against whites. Until these riots started, nobody even Cared what color you were.

    1. There are several reasons why BLM protests not contributing to spikes, and masks and social distancing at times, outside with breezes… has probably helped.
      Article from Forbes… a magazine much beloved of Pres. Trump…
      It must be embarassing to have the spikes in red states where mask wearing and social distancing was downplayed:

      Research Determines Protests Did Not Cause Spike In Coronavirus Cases
      Tommy Beer
      Tommy BeerForbes Staff
      Updated Jul 1, 2020, 05:29pm EDT


      Protests against systemic racism held in 300-plus U.S. cities following the death of George Floyd did not cause a significant increase in coronavirus infections, according to a team of economists who have published their findings in a 60-page paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research; these somewhat surprising results are supported by Covid-19 testing data in many populous cities where demonstrations were held.

    2. I believe you are correct, they are trying to destroy our Country before Nov 3rd just so everyone will blame Trump for it and he will not be re-elected. I know that many of us can see through their plans, but there are still some that are believing the Fake News and are going to blame Trump. I hope they wake up before Nov 3rd.

  18. The LIBERAL Left Wing Media are COMMUNISTS . . . why SHOULD they be honest? They’re the Propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, and, Dishonesty and LYING are one of the PLANKS of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. If they have committed ANY law breaking as per the U.S. Constitution, then they need to be SHUT down and the owners responsible should be sent to FEDERAL PRISON as per the U.S. Constitution for TREASON and SEDITION (or AT LEAST “tarred and feathered” . . .). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Dear JoeyP,
      speaking for treason, do not like it that trump has not tried to protect the American vote from putin’s meddling, and now says nothing while knowing Putin was placing bounty’s on the heads of American military.

    2. nothing but unproven nonsense. give it a rest and stop drinking dumbocratic koolaid. all you people have is finger pointing without proof. this shit is getting so old

  19. He is right this COVID scare fear and fake news is got to stop open our country back businesses factory’s jobs this socialistic COVID is not any different than the flu more people die with flu than any COVID flu stop ‘‘tis political game and destruction of America


    1. these so called protests have respited our country tell your children to stay home

    2. Carol you’re right & I think most of the media communist. Praying the Lord will say enough is enough. They need to think God opened the earth up and 23,000 were gone. This could happen again.

    3. Absolutely right on!!! Media is beholden to Chinese Thug Totalitarian Government!!! They are actually foreign operatives by proxy. Saying they are useful idiots(Karl Marx) is giving them a pass! They are an I going and clear and present danger to and the enemy of the people. They wouldn’t know freedom of the press if they got bitch slapped with it!!! The only phrase they know that contains the words “Freedom“ and “Press” is their Freedom to Oppress!!! These acts of war against America including Chinese Disease that seems to Spike at statistically impossible times have to stop!!! Like Last Week!!! Why is the right afraid to call the red Chinks out on the carpet? Possibly like Mr. Sheffield in The Nanny Fran Drescher going to play tennis—-They forgot their balls!!! Price of freedom is eternal vigilance!!! It takes balls to the ground to get free, be free and F…ing stay free!!! East Coast no virus—- Chinese Commie bitch journalist shouts Racism! In a few days virus cases start popping up like there is no tomorrow!!! Guess she called her stealth infiltrators to start spreading and seeding and I don’t mean green beans! Hero Chinese Lady escapes and starts dropping dimes, quarters and dollars on Chinese Bio Warfare conspiracy. Apr 27 arrives; her family immediately starts disappearing, and wonder of wonders the virus starts a parabolic infection curve bigger than any bubble the banksters ever created to bust and steal from the depositors and American people! Now this shit goes way back. We will get to the first genesis in a later post! 1949— Harry Houdini Truman Ballot box stuffer extraordinaire from the Fascist left(Don’t forget Hitler and Stalin Same type of genocidal totalitarian criminals; different distractions; communism for good of people or Naziism for good of the people. Only people getting anything good are them and their cronies!!! McArthur wants to clean China 🇨🇳 if commies. We have nukes! Russians working on them. Truman stops him. Commies take China, Korea and Vietnam and Cambodia-and Laos!!! Red Chinks get nukes! North Korea gets nukes. Democratic Party! They have more bodies in their car trunks with their arms hanging out than the Mafia on St Valentines’!!! July 4 we formed a new party! The American Common Sense and Freedom 🎉 🎈 Party!!!

    1. I think there are more people out there that realize the left has left the people behind. When you can’t even tell the truth for the people health, you know something bigger is going on here. And it ait pretty. The leftists have been throwing temper tantrums for over 3yrs. Does anybody truly believe this is all coincidental, with the virus(And dems connections to China) and the ANTIFA violence,protests, destruction, chaos,etc. I do not believe this is all coincidental. The dems can’t be trusted. Neither can the media that is paid by dems. The downgrading of police is their way of implementing Marshall law.the dems have stated this at the beginning of the shutdowns.

    1. The democratic party knows that this virus is more harmful to the black people of the world. Why wouldn’t they push for riots. The same reason they push to fund planned parenthood in america and abortion clinics in Africa. After all they are the hate colored people klan.

    1. Gov Reeves is absolutely right!!! A person would have to be blind & stupid to not see what’s really taking place!! Pres Trump is correct in calling the Liberal Media – FAKE NEWS!!

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