Governor Abbott Proves Joe Biden Is the Worst President with Border Policies the World Has Ever Seen


Governor Greg Abbott is fighting a war on two fronts. He is fighting to keep illegals from entering the country on the south side. And on the north side, he is fighting the clueless Joe Biden, trying to get him to wake up and realize that the border is a significant problem that needs to be fixed. Abbott has proved that securing the border can happen, but it will take federal effort to get the job done, and Joe Biden should not be involved.

The president’s views and policies on the southern border at the worst the world has ever seen. Abbott noted that the Biden willfully removed the last line of protection that gave border agents the right to turn people away. Title 42 was put in place by former President Donald Trump to keep illegals infected with COVID-19 from coming into the country. But now that the virus has mysteriously disappeared, Biden wants to open the border so people can walk right on into the country.

Biden’s wrong decision to remove Title 42 was opposed by dozens of Senators from both sides of the political landscape. Republicans and Democrats begged the old man to leave the law in place. But Biden loves to ignore people and do his own thing. He decided to have Title 42 removed at the end of May.

Joe Biden has also told the illegals to start coming north now that there are no more restrictions. Governor Abbott noted that Biden estimated an additional 18,000 illegals would start crossing the border a day. Abbott stated, “Do the math on that and you will find it means that more than six million people will be coming across the border a year, and about half of those will be in the state of Texas.”

The governor pointed out that the number of people sneaking into the country in just one year will amount to the population of Houston, Texas. Abbott also pointed out that “There is no way the state of Texas can assimilate those people, and there’s no way the United States can assimilate that number of people, and so what Joe Biden is doing is far more than reckless, it’s the most disastrous thing to the United States of America anybody has ever witnessed in our lifetime.”

The Homeland Security Secretary is Alejandro Mayorkas. He even made things worse by trying to lie about having a plan. He stated that the government has a plan to handle the influx of migrants coming. Joe Biden and his administration are the biggest liars the country has ever seen. There can be no plan to handle additional migrants pressing the border if there is not a plan in place to handle the ones trying to enter now.

Governor Abbott has taken the fight up himself. Joe Biden does not care about the American people living at the border, with illegals coming up to the homes demanding to surrender supplies and provide free transportation into the interior sections of the state.

Abbott pointed out the president refuses to talk with the Mexican president, so the state governor is making deals with Mexican state leaders to start protecting the border from illegals. Texas will set a new standard for how the border will be protected since the federal government, under the control of selfish Democrats, refuse to do its job and secure the country.

Abbott has already implemented the building of a wall in Texas. The state uses razor wire and a blockade of boats to keep the illegals out of the country. The Texas National Guard finds the illegals and forces them back across the border.

Joe Biden’s reckless policies are putting lives in danger. People trying to cross illegally into the country are risking their lives by trying to cross a deadly river. And the people living by the border have to deal with drug agents and human smugglers crossing their property lines. And all Joe Biden seems to do is sit back in his rocking chair and act like there is no problem since the border is thousands of miles from his home.