Gowdy IDs Reporters Who Leaked Schiff’s Lies

For as long as humankind has been around, news has been reported and heavily relied upon, whether from the town gossip or territory leadership. And while the industry has grown and become something even more critical in recent years, one thing still remains: credibility comes from the source. And for former Republican Representative Trey Gowdy, no one is more to blame for spreading falsities than Democrat and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

However, Schiff did not act alone. It has become well-known in recent months that Schiff would not have been able to spread such lies had he not “leaked” them to reporters in the media who were more than willing to “peddle” story after story and line after line of misinformation.

And Gowdy, who has a former House Intelligence Committee member himself, is more than willing to start naming names.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gowdy was asked by Maria Bartiromo if he could identify individual reporters who leaked information to the public for Schiff. Gowdy implied that it would take hours to do so based on all the information he had. He said, “Well, I hope you have a three-hour show.”

But he took little time to get to the specifics.

Gowdy said, “Let’s just with Politico and anyone not named Rachael Bade.” The former representative went on to state that in all of his interactions with the outlet, Bade was “the only reporter that I deal with that was fair.”

Others, such as Kyle Cheney, on the other hand, “is just an acolyte for Adam Schiff.”

Gowdy then moved on to speak of the ever liberally biased CNN. Of the reporters there, Gowdy believes Manu Raju, who is the network’s congressional reporter, is the worst. “Manu Raju from CNN – Nothing Schiff wanted out, made public – no leak was too low for Manu Raju and CNN.”

And if CNN and Politico didn’t fair to well in Gowdy’s eyes, how do you think The New York Times did on the subject of peddling lies?

I know, you’d be shocked to hear the former representative say, “Fill in the blank at The New York Times,” implying that everyone who works there would be more than willing to take Schiff at his word and run with it.

On Friday, Gowdy had told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he was ready to start naming names of such reporters.  He said, “The media, not only did they not provide scrutiny of Adam Schiff, they aided and abetted him. Politico, the Hill, Washington Post, New York Times, I’ll come on and even give you the reporters’ names sometime.” And he continued, “The reporters who sat there and helped Adam Schiff perpetuate this fraud, next time I’m with you I’ll give you the names of the reporters.”

And it seems that the next time was Sunday.

During the infamous impeachment trials for President Donald Trump, Schiff held to his years-long claim that the Russians had somehow colluded with the Trump campaign to secure a White House win in 2016. He had even claimed that he had proof. That proof later came in the form of the now-completely debunked Steele dossier.

However, that proof was riddled with lies and misinformation.

When it was suggested that the so-called facts of the dossier might not actually be all that factual, Schiff then leaked more information to the media. In February of 2018, he made sure the public heard that the facts had been verified and that the FBI was handling the information to the very best of their ability.

Only months later, both the special counsel and the Department of Justice’s inspector general found evidence to the contrary.

The IG discovered that the FBI had not only failed to vet nearly any of the dossier’s claims, but they had information that could prove them to be false and yet supported the document anyway. One of the primary sources for the text actually contested the allegations included in it. Furthermore, evidence was found that much of the false information had been fed to the author by the Russian government.

With so much false information being given to the public by Adam Schiff and his lackeys, Gowdy wonders why any self-respecting person or intelligence agency would ever trust the likes of Schiff again. It’s clearly apparent the man “leak(s) like a screen door on a submarine,” according to Gowdy.

107 thoughts on “Gowdy IDs Reporters Who Leaked Schiff’s Lies

  1. Schiff and reporters should be made to pay back the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS stolen from the American people!! Justice is everything! Democrats think there above the law that must stop!! People will never trust the government again!

    1. The worst is yet to come if Pelosi and the Democrats have their way with the next bailout. They say they don’t want to waste the crisis. I have never seen such evil in the quest to add more power and control at the expense of Americans. Newsom says CA us the future of America and he wants to run for president so the entire country would look like CA. The state is sinking fast.

      1. Yes charge all of them and make them pay every penny back. Now if they don’t want to pay them take their paychecks , retirements , properties . They are over paid and under worked.

      2. Newsom for president is just as ridiculous as Kamela Harris for v.p. The former Calif. A.G. who threw journalist David Daleiden into jail for exposing her patron, Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts sales operation. Years later he is still in court because the next AG continued on her slimy path. David should have had recognition for exposing AN ILLEGAL TRADE but instead got arrested. a case of ‘kill the messenger’. Harris is evil. We all saw on TV, clear evidence that Planned Parenthood routinely profits from the sale of baby parts and illegally changes the birthing protocol to support their gruesome trade.

        1. Kamal took her oath on the Bill of Rights refusing to place her hand on the Bible. Tells you about the persons belief system.

      3. I agree Mr Schiff ,Mrs Pelosi and Schumer among with Biden and Omar are all taking the USA down the path of destruction. I believe if they get away with it we should rename our country The United States of Socialist America.

        Our country is on the precipice of destruction and we as Americans better wake up and get out and vote for True Americans who love this country and love ❤️ Freedom .

        Our freedoms are being eroded every day . Just look at states like California, Michigan , New Jersey. , Connecticut, Pennsylvania , etc who have leaders who will not allow people to have basic freedoms , but let prisoners out on the street , yet threaten churches, businesses etc with fines and inprisonment if they don’t follow their unlawful restrictions . They are against the constitutional rights of their citizens.

        It time to stand up and be counted and let’s take our country back.

    2. This was an attempted takedown of a legitimate government. Schiff, Comey, Brennen, Strock, Page, McCabe, Rice, Obama and others should be brought up on charges of treason against the government.

      1. Soooo correct!,These treasonists should be brought before our courts and face charges!There must be something we can do legally,they are not above the law!!

        1. The only thing we can do is vote them out and will that even be untampered with? I feel so bad for America, most of our elected officials are greedy, self serving vote seekers who have sold their souls to persecute the public instead of honoring their oath to protect us.

    3. We must prove to the democrats that they are NOT above the law and prosecute them to the full extent of the law! Pelosi and scummer will be shown to be guilty and punished accordingly!
      Their corruption must end now! Let pelosi eat her ice cream before it thaws and spoils!!

    4. Unfortunately, Democrats ARE above the law. How many crimes HAVE WE SEEN PUNISHED THAT TOP DEMOCRATS have blatantly committed? Shiff is a Californian where there has been nothing nothing but one party in charge for decades due to voter fraud and sanctuary protection of a steady stream of illegal voters.

    5. These cocksucking idiots are going to get their asses kicked. The boys are coming for you dipshits. Hope you have health insurance.

    6. They should be made to pay every cent back to our government that they took while getting paid way too much for their job description ,LIARS ‼️‼️ My thoughts are why should it take this long to get to the bottom of such lies ⁉️⁉️ I bet I would be in jail in a day or two ‼️ What are they doing to our beautiful country ⁉️ It’s suppose to be the land of the free and the Brave🇺🇸🇺🇸 No other country like it and we find people like this running 🏃 it ‼️ A nasty shame that these nasty people has brought on us. I would imagine that our God has had enough and imagine if we think this Virus is bad ,the next may wipe out all of us. Just saying ‼️‼️

    7. Shifty Schiff and the lying reporters have caused extensive damage not only monetarily but in anxiety, emotional trauma and arming the totally deranged. They should be sued and required to pay everyone in America who listened to these lies along with shifty leaking shiff should lose his security clearances, if I had my druthers Schiff would be indicted, but seems to be protected by the laws these politicians pass to cover their lying asses.

  2. I am so SICK & TIRED of the democraft party. I know all along that they were lying through their teeth.
    I like Trump , but I am getting so disgusted that he does not get rid of liberal Fauchi (not sure of spelling).
    I hope and pray that Trump wins in November. If he does not, we can forget about our wonderful country. We will become a socialist and communist country. I wish this was all a dream, but instead, a nightmare.


      1. Your so right. I say ; damn the torpedo’s; Let’s get our country off Her knees and back on our feet to make sure Trump gets another four years and hopefully a Senate and a Congress that has enough true Patriots in it to block and eliminate all this radical progressive bullshit!!!

      2. Anthony Fauci is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A VERY evil man.Please,President Trump…GET RIDE OF HIM!!!

    2. The problem Has Been from the beginning, Trump has to let the rule of law do the dirty work or it will look like he’s on a vengeance spree !!!
      Or, it will look like what he was accused of: A person that wants total control !


      1. Bullshit. He has fired almost everyone who has been confirmed by the Senate, and that is to give him full control over the lackeys he put in their under the term “acting”
        Where do you get the idea that he allows staff to do their jobs??? Everyone, including Bill Barr, kisses his ass every chance they get. The Senate needs to grow a spine, he should have been convicted during the impeachment process and removed from office. Even cardboard cutout Pence would do a better job of running the country until the November elections, but he has compromised himself as well. I do not understand how a person can vote against their own interests. Don’t hand me the “best economy in history” lie, only the rich are benefitting from the tax cuts and the stock market (before coved-19) not the average person, with the exception of small 401k”s. Pull your head out of your ass, before it is too late.

        1. Poor little mistreated left leaning liberal asshole…….you spout more stupid shit than a communal ghetto outhouse receives. We understand that you like open borders and the influx of illegal aliens, medicare for all to include illegals, amnesty for all illegals, abolishment of ICE, abortion upto birth, free college, free child care, etc etc etc! News for you and your democrat idiots, we like the way this country the way it was intended to be; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – not a third world shithole!

        2. There is nothing to convince you that your wrong. I just hope your wrong until January 2025. Please move to canada, they would love you!

        3. A liberal kool aid drinking lies, where did this moron get his education from the sxxx for brains university

        4. Ask your self why we don’t have an accurate voting system, when banks seem to keep accurate records of money & transactions. The IRS knows who filed returns. So why not accurate voting? Because then, some can’t commit fraud. The way we vote keeps changing. Why? so some can commit fraud. No mail-in voting. Why? No ID & you don’t know who’s voting or who’s casting who’s ballot. Career politicians should have had this fixed by now. Don’t bash my President! The reason we voted him in is because we didn’t want the backroom deals & political bullshit. Trump has been transparent and a great teacher of media bias & propaganda. People SHOULD kiss his ass! He’s the President. Democrats have set a horrible example the last 4 years with their lack of respect for the President & his office. Do people expect the President not to respond to the blatant lies the Democrats tell? They’ve done it since day one. Obamagate. Trump is trying to do for us but the Dems won’t let him. Dems have done 35+ years on heath care fight they know they’ll never win so they can keep control of masses. Why don’t they fight for a living wage instead? Lord know that’s what we all NEED. How do you seriously expect our government to work if half won’t do their jobs? Dems want us locked down and enslave so we do what they want.

        5. And ur full of Schiff boy !! I invested in the stock-market years ago , a total of $5,000 over 3 yrs. and didn’t touch it. It’s now made a nice profit for me & no I’m not rich . I live on my SS & a VA pension. Just because u r to stupid to do a little checking to invest in the right companies, don’t blame OUR PRESIDENT. This country is a business & a businessman is running it, that’s why the U.S. is doing so well. Your best bet is to move out of mommy & daddy’s basement. Take responsibility for yourself !! Democrats only know 3 thing s, LIE CHEAT STEAL !

        6. Mark Pierce: You have contracted a horrible emotional disease! You are incurable!! The severity of your illness is comparable to someone being diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer!!! If Trump is reelected for his 2nd term this November, you will become “just another suicide statistic in 2021!” That will prove to be a GUARANTEED FACT!!!!!

        7. Trump does not play the “political” game. Most of the people he hired come from the swamp or are used to dealing with them and Trump does things his own way. This is what the people elected him for. When someone disagrees with his methods, he doesn’t like it. We have elected politicians for years and years and years. Politicians think differently. Many don’t know how to run a government. Trump has been a successful businessman and we, the people, elected him to clean-up the mess the politicians have made over the past few decades. He has kept his word and we have come from “apprehensive” to a champion of his presidency.
          He loves America and he doesn’t play the political games. He is about keeping America free and helping people succeed without being reliant on the government. That is what America was founded on.

        8. If you like the way we are living now with mask and told what to do multiply by 10 and then see if you like being liberal.

        9. I think it’s you who needs to pull his head out of his ass, Mark. I’m not rich and for the first time in my life, all of my debt, except my student loans is paid off and I have close to 10 grand saved between my savings account and two brokerage accounts. I have another 2 grand or so invested in precious metals. I never had anything CLOSE to this kind of financial security when Obama was president. Why are so few people willing to give Trump any credit? I’ll admit sometimes he makes himself an easy target, mostly due to the liberal press picking at every word he says, but why can’t you give him a break? What has Trump done to anyone that is so bad that he deserves so much spite and vitriol?

      2. I hope vengeance is had on all these unpatriotic evil scumbags. I don’t care who’s dishing it out; as long as it is!!!

    3. All if us–rich and poor alike must get out our pocketbooks and support Presdent Trump with more than our prayers! Dems with their rich corporate and Hollywood friends ate out raising Republicans 10 to 1! People are being inundated by anti-Trump and anti-Republican propaganda and if we don’t fight back in kind Trump could lose as well as many of our Republican Representatives and Senators! This may be our last chance to save our country!

    4. We must never allow our magnificent country to ever be degraded to a socialist/communist
      country! All their promises are pure fiction!
      Look at Cuba ,Venazuela and Soviet Russia for the reality of these bogus political philosophies. There is no real freedom there at all.

      1. If it does turn into a communist country I guess I’ll die wrapped with the Red White and Blue and rifle in hand!!!

  3. I heard the other day that he had immunity from prosecution because he was a congressman. I dont inderstand how that gives you immunity from commiting TREASON and trying to overthrow the Government and elected President. He should be shot or hung in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Let CNN broadcast that

        1. Hell a firing squad would be more appropriate. I’ll provide the bullets and if you short on shooters I’ll gladly volunteer. I’ll even provide my own ammo and rifle!!!

    1. I agree. We need a constitutional expert to investigate and see if we can’t get that creep charged and removed from office. If a president can be impeached and removed from office…why not a Congressman or Senator?

      1. Everybody should email and call your representatives and tell them it’s not everyday business for your President to get over thrown and your taxes wasted for 4 years and tell them you WANT JUSTICE FOR YOURSELF & THE AMERICAN PEOPLE for being lied to by the elected officials who are supposed to represent us. Email the President & the Whitehouse too.

    2. I would love to see the obamas and clintons gifted with Tar, Feathers and a Rail. That would at least be a good start!

  4. The Donald Trump administration should start filing charges against these lying Democrats for committing anomalies, atrocities/crimes that are against our constitution, against the laws of the United States of America.

  5. I’m sick to death of Democrats getting away with their countless crimes and endless lies to the American people. We deserve better than this from our government. These criminals should repay all the millions they’ve stolen from us and spend the rest of they’re lives in prison, including the Clinton’s and Obama’s!!

  6. Adam S****t can lie in the halls of Congress but not on TV in a studio. He has done that many times. So why not sue him. It’s been proven the man lied. Is he above the law like Comey, MaCabe, Hillary, Obama,Biden, and so many more who lied to the FBI. WHat happens to them, nothing, what happened to Aretha Stewart,Flynn and other for lying to the FBI even if they didn’t. Time to prosecute them all. Because we all know if a liberal socialist dem gets elected They will stop everything.

  7. I was a republican and donated tons of money to the cause. Now, Pres.Trump has turned me away from this party and I will be putting my dollars to whoever runs agains him. He is a lier of the first class. nothing he says has any truth to it. He is in my mind a bit deranged and a non caring person. He is only interested in his own agenda and the hell with the small guy. I owed and sold a huge company of which I shared a lot of the money I got with the employees. With 5600 people on a payroll it came to a lot, but it was the right thing to do. I do recomend that we have to get the country moving again and we must do it by voting out Mr.Trump. He calls everyone stupid names so try this on. Plump Trump. Now we can all say Dump Trump. You may feel that Trump is the person for you.Fine.vote the way you want.
    But once he is out,who will you turn to.? No matter what. Stay safe.

    1. That’s not a very intelligent statement. If a Democrat get in office for President. This country is over. Our Freedom will be a thing in the past. The President has had to fight,the House,the Senate,The Representatives,and the Lying Media.The man has not been allowed to be himself. He has done a great job bringing this country back from high unemployment, brought jobs back from other countries where Obama pushed them out. The President has had to deal with way to much,for any President to have to deal with. All I can say is,DON’T cut off your nose to spite your face. It will bite us all in the butt.

    2. Newman: You were never were a Republican, and never donated to anyone but the Commie Liberals, your a Commie and socialist, dont pretend to be one of us. . WE know thats a total lie, just like everything you spout. A true Republican would NEVER NEVER start with , I was a Republican, we are smarter than you stupid, idiotic commies. “I owed and sold a huge company of which I shared a lot of the money I got with the employees”. WTF? You owed and sold what?. Your a horse shitter and Im called you out you dweeb! GFY! Trump 2020!

  8. Schiff should lose his security clearance and if he was a Republican they would get rid of him, but the DemoczrATS will give him a badge of honor, that is how bad the DemoczrAT Party is!

  9. I Love Trey Gowdy. I think when Donald is done being President, He Should Become President.
    He reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in that movie where he fought for justice. He is a Truthful person and very likeable.
    I am so sick at my stomach with the Democrats. I would like to see them be vacated from this Planet.
    The Democrats owe the American People a lot of our tax money back. And they keep going after our Social Security money which is OUR MONEY. WE EARNED IT OVER THE YEARS WE WORKED. IT IS NOT THEIRS TO SPEND.

    1. I totally agree. TRUMP 4 4 more years! He is the only person who can pull this nation out of financial hardship. He is the most caring president. We need to open the economy. We can do it safely. Those blue state governors can take lessons from the red states. Blue is the color of water. Red the color of fire. The blue state governors are cooling off the economy, the red states want to fire it back up! For those of you in blue states vote republican next time. They are for the working class. The demoncrats want control. They even tried controlling president Trump! With Trumped up Russia charges. Demoncrats are swine not donkeys maybe donkeys they are jack asses.

      1. You know Trump maybe an asshole but he’s my kind of asshole. I know he’s not refined nor politicly correct, I am not either. He’s probably rude, base and may be a sob. But thats why I call him POTUS. He’s not a political hack and I’m not either. What he is though is the bitter medicine that will make America well. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad but with Trump the good well exceeds the bad. He’s that painful shot in America’s ass that She so desperately needs. Four more for Trump!!! Eight more for Pence!!! Just what the sick patient America needs!!! Make America Great Again!!! MAGA!!!

    2. The way social security was designed, if you don’t contribute you wouldn’t receive any payments. The money received went into a fund that would cover future payments. The fund grew and was extremely secure until LBJ saw that extremely large amount of money he couldn’t spend. He put the money into the general fund and gave social security an IOU, backed by our government. Now you see why the SOCIAL SECURITY fund is broke. Bless his little DEMOCRAT heart

    3. No time limits mean coruption. They should have to buy their own health insurance to.why should we have to pay for it ! They might pass something good if they had to pay plus they might get off their high end butts and pass something faster.

  10. What about the Ukraine hoaks? When they going to get this straightened out so that the impeachment can be nullified since it was falsely created and when are these so called leakers going to prison and those who took the leaks and published false information to the USA??
    Lots of people need to be brought down including good old poop face Nancy Pelosi.

  11. Yep, crooked losing scammers!!! But how come all the cheaters and no good for nothing a-holes that get caught on their actions never go to jail, but instead say to themselves…wow..got away with this!!! AND then go on to continue with more bull. THESE BUTTHEADS NEED TO PAY AND WALK OUT OF THE COURTROOM HANDCUFFED LED BY THE LAW OUT THE BACK DOOR AND PUT IN SOME JAIL CLOTHES. I THINK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS AND I BET MOST AMERICANS HAVE SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ON THEIR OWN LIST..

  12. The MSM wants to be on the side of the Anarchists, so they will be held accountable as co conspirators I’m this coup against the people! You can’t have it both ways, once you choose a side, you no longer have immunity!

  13. The MSM will be found guilty in this coup against the United States as co conspirators on the side of anti-America Anarchists! They gave up immunity for the press, when they chose a side!

  14. I also agree with Linda. All these media slim, and Schitt should all be charged, and made to pay back all tax payer 💰 money’s that was used to perpatrait this con. Now if we actually had a Republican party in America that weren’t so cowardly, and spineless that might happen. But America has a cowardly Republican party that are afraid of their own shadows. So don’t hold your breath.

  15. Adam Schiff should be made to walk there plank for his nasty deeds, no if’s, and’s, but’s or maybe’s.

    1. Too kind my friend, he deserves to swing at the end of a rope and left out for the birds of prey to feed on!!!

  16. Adam Shi–tt and the other Dems should be shame of themselves! But that will NOT
    try to do more lies. I’m sick and tired of their BS. It’s time for all of us to go to
    work and be with people; especially the school kids.

  17. Nothing will happen to the ring-leader the de-frocked Daffodil & his Pervy Clown and all of the other traitorous bastards…! Gowdy & Lyndsey Graham are up to their brown-eye’s in the Daffodils treacherous plans…. ! Every Rat in D.C. protect each-other and them-selves….!

  18. Adam Schiff is a disgrace to public office and actually a disgrace to men in this country. If we would have had Adam Schiffs fighting in WW11, we likely would be speaking German right now along with Europe and Great Britain.

  19. Steve Winner Says the Democrats should not only pay back the millions of dollars they have stolen from the American Tax Payer, but they all should face a minimum of five years in prison for the charge of Extortion. The Democrats initiated in the State of California the vote by mail without getting the voters approval. I am totally pissed off. They did that for the illegals to vote, and criminals that have committed high crimes. Newsom and every Democrat in the state of california should be facing a minimum of 15 years in prison. Their crimes include extortion, theft, lying after taking an oath, stealing from the American Tax payers, and providing benefits to the illegals over our American citizens and Veterans in this state.

  20. Get rid of Pelosi and her gang. They are as close to being communist as they can get. That is treason to our country. Do they still have the fireing squad? Start with Pelosi and work your way down.

  21. Lock them all up for crimes against our country. Get rid of Pelosi and her gang. They are as close to being communist as they can get. That is treason to our country. Do they still have the fireing squad? Start with Pelosi and work your way down.

  22. Every reporter that spread Schiff’s lies, deceptions and talking points must be charged with treason along with the investigators who changed documents. The list is so long but it starts with Barack Obama as the king pin scum, FBI, CIA, NSA,and the democratic congress. Remove them all.

  23. I still believe if it’s a felony for a citizen to lie to congress, it should be a capital offense for a Congressman to like to the Citizens….

  24. Pelosi, shit head shiff , cryin Chuck , donut mouth Nadler , Maxine Watters , swallswell , Chris Hahn , Richard Fowler ,
    Should all be locked up !!! Oh hell lock all them dem o rat Congress men and women up ! They are taking this country to the gutter !

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