Greta Thunberg is Getting Her Own TV Show

The saga of Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has traveled the world (though only in the approved low carbon manner) to throw tantrums on the subject of climate change has arrived at its logical conclusion, According to The Hollywood Reporter, we need to get ready for Greta: The TV Series.

“U.K. public broadcaster BBC’s BBC Studios on Monday unveiled that its science unit would make a series with Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg. The title and planned number of episodes weren’t immediately announced. BBC Studios also didn’t unveil a network or streaming home for the show.”

The series will document Thunberg’s journeys across the planet that will document her “international crusade, which takes her to the front line of climate change in some of the most extraordinary places on earth, as she explores what actions could be taken to limit climate change and the damage it causes.”  Also, the series will depict “As she travels, Greta meets not only leading scientists but political leaders and business heavyweights, exploring the scientific evidence with them and challenging them to change.”

Naturally Greta the Series will also chart her journey into adulthood as she continues to confront the consequences of climate change. She will also share,” some of the quiet moments as she writes the impactful speeches that are now broadcast and analyzed around the world, as she lives a teenage life like no other.”

It doesn’t take a media analyst to suggest that Greta the Series will be the greatest ecological bit of TV programming since “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” For those people who were not alive in the 1990s, “Captain Planet” was an animated TV show that aired from 1990 to 1996 that depicted a superbeing called Captain Planet who infused a group of handsome looking young people with superpowers, the better to do battle with supervillain threats to the Earth’s environment.

Greta the Series will be a reality show starring a real live girl with mental health issues. Her only superpower, as she has claimed, is her Asperger’s.

One can be forgiven for wondering if the time has finally come to cash in on the whole climate change thing. The CNN story that Greta has sought to trademark her name plus the term “Fridays for the Future,” describing her movement of young people skipping school every Friday to pester the adults about climate change now makes a weird kind of sense. One can hardly wait for the action figures, the line of vegan food, and the T-shirts made from recycled cloth.

Greta Thunberg first became an international media sensation when, last year, she sailed across the Atlantic in a carbon-neutral, solar-powered yacht to land in New York City. She was greeted by adoring crowds like the lead singer of a girl band. There she made her infamous speech before the UN in which she stomped her foot and cried out “How dare you!” at the adults for destroying the planet through the use of fossil fuels. We were also treated to the scene of President Donald Trump entering a room and ignoring the girl as she glared daggers at him.

Greta soon found herself in California where she was feted by such environmental luminaries from the entertainment industry such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Leonardo DiCaprio. Arnold left her Hummer in the garage in favor of a pair of bicycles and as far as anyone knows, Leo did not offer Greta the use of his private jet to get back to Europe for more climate change hijinks.

The media has been split between those who worship Greta as if she was the second coming of Joan of Arc and those who openly wonder whether she is a victim of adults who are exploiting her for their nefarious purposes. In the latter camp, the great Rush Limbaugh took note of the core of the problem that is Greta Thunberg.

“This is — I gotta tread very carefully here. The young girl has some — well, she’s got Asperger’s, and – (interruption) Yeah, but she’s got intense — whatever the — autism. These adults, these people need to be so ashamed of what they have done to the children of this world. Watching this young girl, there’s no question she really believes her planet is dead in 10 years. She really believes. And she believes all the adults have done this.”

Rush also accused Greta’s adult enablers of what is for all intents and purposes child abuse, willing to make sure that she is scared to death that unless something is done, she will not live to see her thirtieth birthday. In that sense, Greta the Series will be the TV version of child abuse for the entertainment of the masses.

90 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg is Getting Her Own TV Show

  1. Where “Captain Planet in Drag” Greta Thunberg came from shouldn’t concern us as much as where she’s going should. That allegedly mature and “stable” Humans would deify and follow a teenager with such obvious angst and mental issues is hardly surprising these days where the average person caters to and condones abomination, but to give the Doomsday Messiah Greta Thunberg an unbridled outlet such as television to rant and misbehave on boggles our perceived naivety. One has to wonder at the Global damage that mad orator Adolf Hitler could have achieved with such a medium as Television. As for myself, I’d enjoy hearing Greta scientifically explain how Mankind managed to survive and to thrive following an actual “climate change” calamity such as the last Ice Age! If Greta would ever have a date like a normal teen, she might aspire to do her part towards some legitimate Global Warming.

      1. Time to pull your head out of the sand! What is the upside of denying Climate Change?????
        The ice cap is melting, seas are rising, Australia is burning, the Amazon is on fire…what can be done about it?
        Time to slow down the destruction of the planet.

        1. The Reality is, right now, the ice coverage and thickness is growing in Antarctica. 2 – yes 2 ships full of ‘climate scientists’ tried to get to the Arctic last year to prove that ice was going away only to get stuck in the ice and have to be rescued. The size of the ice coverage in the Arctic is at record high levels. The fires in Australia were started by HUMANS. The majority of the fires in the Amazon – were started by humans clearing land so they don’t starve. Stopping China and India from leading in the major polluter category is not going to be easy to do. China is building coal fired power planets at a record pace.

          1. Right, Tim. I read an article a few weeks ago from “Scientists'” that are as smart as the ones who say the world is ending. A recent article listed all the things that were going to happen in the near future and lo and behold the article was written in 1920. God is in charge of the weather and the ice. There are more Polar bears now than at any time in history. Australia fires, Amazon fires both caused by human errors, not climate change. Floods, storms, droughts. etc have always existed and occurred. AOC, surprise, the world is NOT coming to an end because you say it will.

  2. We go from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth to Bill Nye the Science Guy to Global Greta Exploited: The exploitation of a child for an exploited world.

  3. Disgusting to see the Left use a autistic child with severe mental issues to deflect attention away from the real issues in the world. I bet we don’t see her in China reading her pre-written speeches to the biggest polluters on the planet. Following her is akin to voting for Obama and Hillary. You don’t have a clue what is going on in the real world. Stick your heads back in the sand. Trump/ Pence 2020. Pence/Ivanka 2024, 2028. Learn to live with that!

  4. As long as she has a well written script to memorize or read, I’m sure many will continue to fawn all over her. But asking her some unscripted questions might be revealing! The adults in this young lady’s life should be ashamed for using her in this way. They are probably being well compensated….

  5. Oh, man, I cannot wait. I will put in as many hours watching this as I spend on CNN, MSNBC, Netflix, and the Oscars. It should be good. ;-p
    JK you know.

  6. Simple if you choose to watch it, watch it. If not change the channel. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. You could choose to agree or disagree your choice. Personally I wouldn’t watch.

  7. No, there is nothing surprising about adults following and clinging to children spewing such psychotic ideas they themselves had their minds programmed by indoctrinators who are and have been on a routine regiment of an IV drip of Dimethyltryptamine for quite sometime all funded by either zionist or hasidist jews or muslims being that the Moonie Muslimes far outnumber the other 2 ideologies my guess is that in their gullibility the zionists and hasidists have memorized the doctrines of the quran in hopes of being spared being casualties of the ultimate jihad which we are now experiencing.

    Moonie Muslimes will kill non-Moonie Muslimes until they have no more kaffirs left to kill and then the various sects will turn on each other.

  8. Greta needs to get her PHD at The Cato Institute on Ecological Science Studies. She will learn about the hoax of global warming.
    NASA and National Weather Scientists teach there.
    If she doesnt, her tv show is DOA.

    1. She can’t get a college degree in anything at this moment. She is a high school dropout. She needs to go back to school and enjoy being a teenager. But Mommy and Daddy have turned her into the Left’s darling of the hour.

  9. When don’t have a God to believe in [or a clue] you can be made to believe anything, Greta! YES were gunna die BUT some of us will go to heaven, most will go to Hell forever! Your Carbon Footprint talisman will not save you from Satan’s footprint on your butt, forever!

  10. This is like Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on the radio. We know now that the girl is a communist ventriloquist’s dummy, a sad mentally ill red-diaper baby whose marxist actor parents write her social media screeds and script and rehearse her in apoplectic tirades in support of the global warming hoax and the Soros scheme for a global dictatorship of hierarchical collectivism. Anyone in America who watches this bilgewater will deserve to be put in the labor camps by Bernie and his Bros.

  11. BBC and Hollywood need to stick this one where the sun doesn’t shine! It would take a platoon of makeup artists to get the scowl off of her face. How do they alter her mental state for real viewers to know she can speak unlike a mini-Gestapo agent!

  12. All you Greta-haters, (like the Trump-haters) are so embarrassed and ashamed to admit that you KNOW it IS us humans, we, the adult “know-it-all” men and women, (mostly men), we have messed up this beautiful planet, polluted the air, water and soil, with our greed, with our one and only desire in life, to live a comfortable “modern” lifestyle. Isn’t that what all our goals are, to live comfortably? But at what cost? Leaving this cesspool to our children? Expecting THEM to clean it up, solve all the problems, making it a world worth living in again? But having been born, raised and lived among these spoiled comfort-hungry adults, they won’t be equipped to do any “heavy lifting”, to get their hands dirty, and do whatever it takes to turn back the clock. They’re all a bunch of sissies. Except the one exception to the rule, in a person like Greta Thunberg. You can mock her all you want, it just shows how immature you are, how little you understand. Have you had any serious conversations with your own kids about this, neutral, without trying to brainwash them into your guilty views, into your narrow view of the situation as it looks now. Remember, even a dog won’t shit in his own bed, where he lies down, to sleep or just snuggle.

    1. You talk a good talk. But you forget something important. The folks that have manufactured this hoax of climate change / global warming are political bigshots who are capitalizing on it to rip off millions from taxpayers to pad their bank accounts. They fly around the world in their cushy private jets spewing out exhaust into the atmosphere, driving their big SUV’s along with the body guards also driving SUV’s spewing out even more while all along being critical of all the rest of us and our lifestyles. It’s the hypocrites the likes of them who promote this hoax which is the biggest ever perpetrated on the taxpayer, taxpayers who struggle to make it from pay check to pay check while all along these fraudsters live in multiple big fancy mansions that are powered by fuels that are damaging the planet. So before you get all over the rest of us for just trying to make it, consider the excessive lifestyles of these supposed champions of climate change whom I’m sure you support, and hope you feel real good about supporting their excess. Because you support them you are just as guilty of their sins.

      1. In addition, Tova………. Those who back this hoax better not just talk the walk …… they better walk that talk before anyone will even begin to consider it. Examine your own lifestyle as well. You should set an example for the rest of us. You get rid of your car and any other thing you possess that was manufacture from sources that pollute. How do you get to work? Do you have plastics and paper products in you home? How do you heat your house? Do you purchase items from the grocery store that were delivered there by large fuel guzzling semi trucks? The fact you are on-line preaching to the rest of us using this terrible plastic box called the CP that contains substances that were created with the use of chemicals that pollute the earth. Then when it wears out you’ll have to dispose of it and purchase a new one which only supports the very thing you preach against?????? Come on Tova……… tell us all about it………. tell us how you feel! You need to really examine where you are coming from and do your own research instead of being a mouth piece for the promoters of this hoax which has no scientific basis.

          1. Waiting for what……….surely you are a Yank residing in the greatest Sheighthole in the world…and still you are only 4% of the world and with people like you with your dirty vile arrogant gobs think that the USA can do just as she likes anywhere in the world
            She even tried it a few years back sending over a bunch of arrogant CIA agents to spy in Sweden they got no further than the arrival hall, where they were arrested and jailed for “carrying”

      2. If climate change is a hoax, what’s the matter with flying around the world and driving big SUV’s?
        I guess all that polution is good for the planet, in your eyes, at least.
        WAKE UP!

    2. Tova Kopperud: I read with interest and some amusement your solution to the dread “climate change” problem. Perhaps you can offer some insight toward the solution to the real cause of the world’s demise, with emphasis on America: Overpopulation. Yes, Overpopulation threatens the planets existence, as it does America in particular: Irreversable overpopulation by teeming hordes and literally legions of immigrants, specifically Illegal Immigrants introduced by Liberal Democrats. Can you offer a solution other than genetically-induced Pandemic or Nuclear Holocaust?
      Tova, you have the floor.

      1. TEEMING HORDES and literally legions of immigrants………like in 2015which was perhaps the worst crisis year in the M East………when the USA took in 11000 immigrants……….and at the same time GRETAS country, Sweden took 162000………so Gerald kindly shut your gob……… smells as well

    3. Tova , thanks for the laugh. I was born in 1945 just after Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the greatest war in human history. I remember the smog in NY City and seeing it in LA. Later as a Cub Scout and explorer we went around cleaning our neighborhoods , the City cut back on coal furnaces , there was a huge effort to clean the Hudson , East and Bronx rivers and things got better. The US is in the top five for cleaning up the environment. and is one of the lowest polluters in the world. FYI , do you remember Mt. St. Helens ? When it blew it’s top , it put out more bad gases than all the automobiles ever built. The last 3 major volcanic eruptions have put out more pollutants than WW1 and WW2 combined. Do you remember all the A & H weapons that were tested in the 40’s , 50’s and 60’s , continuing today ? Some said they would kill all of mankind……Still here Tova.
      Greta is a child who knows nothing except the BS she was TAUGHT. She has no experience in researching weather , and even less in Climate. Check out the meteorologist who founded The Weather Channel. He has never stopped saying that Climate Change , Global Warming and Global cooling due to mankind’s actions is pure BS. Solar storms , wobble on the earths axis and a shift of even one degree in the tilt will do more then all of mankind.

    4. @ How phony of you Swamp & Cesspool types to [Saul Alinsky] “Mock” & Ridicule us normal humans with your Godless Sinful Socialist Greta Thunberg agitprop!
      YOU one world socialist types have already exterminated 290 million humans with YOUR failed Satan inspired Socialism! Your type of miss thinking brings only Death! As mentioned in [Romans 6: 23] I.E. “The wages of sin is Death;bur the gift of God is Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” I.E. NOT a One World Commie Socialist “Peoples Workers Paradise” !

    5. For a show to be on TV these days is no great feat. TV Land (with only a few exceptions) is a cesspool that, in both programming and advertising, touts illicit sex, the degradation of family, disrespect for authority, hatred of USA — the grossness is endless. I no longer waste more than an hour a day (to watch biased news) and even at that am assaulted morally and intellectually by what I see even in that short time As a service to humanity (for those wishing to see the rabid exploitation of a child with a disability ( note: where are the disability advocates in all of this???? UM???) the Greta show needs to be on TV in India, Asia, China and Africa where most carbon pollution is generated. USA is a model country in reducing CO2 emissions — look at the stats over the past 5-10 years if you care about being factual rather than comatose about the issue. But, she may be a big hit here since the USA seems to have high numbers of the most gullible adults and, now, teacher-indoctrinated children in the world.

  13. let us talk common sense, how many of the life ending of the world Claims by these FOOLS have come to pass. NONE is the answer. How soon is the people going to recognize that this is a hoax? I am 90 years old and heard and seen this prediction fail over and over again, so Wake Up Stupid You Are Being Lied too.

    1. November 2, 1922 Washington Post-“Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.” Published: November 2, 1922, 97 years ago.

      1923. Chicago Tribune – “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada.” (Professor Gregory of Yale University).

      1970 January, Life magazine: “Scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support…the following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution…by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half.”

      1974. NY Times: “…the facts of the present climate change are such that the most optimistic experts would assign near certainty to major crop failure…mass deaths by starvation, and probably anarchy and violence.”

      1975. International Wildlife magazine: “The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind.”

      “The evidence for global cooling consensus:-Most cited is a 1975 Newsweek article The Cooling World that suggested cooling “may portend a drastic decline for food production”: Meteorologists disagree about the cause and extent of the cooling trend… But they are almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century.”

      2006, January. Al Gore predicted that we had ten years left before the planet turned into a “total frying pan.”

      2008. ABC News predicted that NYC would be under water by June 2015.

      2008. Al Gore predicted that within five to seven years the entire north polar ice cap would be completely melted.

      May 13, 2014. France’s foreign minister said that we only have 500 days to stop “climate chaos.”

      2009. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center head James Wassen warned that Obama only had four years left to save the earth.

      2018. A bartender from N.Y. City predicts that we will all be dead in 12 years.

      1. @ Bill E. Try this prediction! Soooon we’ll all “shuffle off this mortal coil” Most of us and Satan’s Marxist Socialist will soon be suffering “total frying pan” / “Climate Change” for all Eternity, so Al Gore’s “total frying pan” prediction was right, for most!!!!

  14. Well when you think about it, it’s her generation who messed up our planet. Last generation used reuseable items, Paper bags not plastic, Glass bottles not plastic, etc. Most plastic isn’t reuseable. Glass bottles can be used like 25 times at least. We didn’t need a car ride every time we went somewhere, your generation does even a blocks to a store or school. More polution. I saw a pic of you on a train, bad girl. Also you were eating and everything you had was in a non reuseable container. Bread in a plastic bag, stuff in plastic bowls, etc. So it’s ok for you to trash the earth????? I’m sure Tova will back you up. Get A Life girl.

    1. I totally disagree with you on this. I don’t believe that her generation is to blame for whatever pollution issues we may be suffering from. As a boomer myself, I would put just as much blame on my generation as any other. Carelessness is a very human trait that we all must actively fight if we’re going to bring about change. As for this globalist generated climate change BS that so many are buying into, I hold that it’s the boomers who are MOST responsible. We were the generation who stupidly threw out everything that our parents taught us, including how tell BS from truth. The fact that so many were high on God-knows-what as well as focused on constant bed-hopping didn’t make us wiser. Yet we have the audacity to blame today’s young people when we provided very little guidance, stability, and traditional values to our own kids. If you look back fondly on the 60’s and the era of free sex and drugs, and the nearly constant stupor that many were in, you have identified the basis for most of these current issues.

  15. This is where we need to see the TRUTH in the “Climate Change Crisis” for what it is . . . A lie and a HOAX, the GRAND MASTER PLAN to usher in GLOBAL Socialism/Communism by the GLOBAL elites to FORCE every individual into their IDEALS, like it or not, through DISINFOMATION, or at the end of a barrel of a GUN. The HARD data PROVES it is a MASSIVE lie and it NEED to be EXPOSED and STOPPED in it’s TRACKS. these people are REPROBATES with no soul for the truth and WILL NOT listen. They are TREASONISTIC TRAITORS in every nation and need to be dealt with accordingly. Educate your FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS about these truths if you don’t want to succumb to this HORRIBLE tragedy. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. I read somewhere that TRUmmP not only TWEETS at 3 or 4 in the middle of the night he also has a quick one or two with female staff in the Whore House……….what a dirty vile smelly pig he really really is

  16. Bill E. Bob: Love your apocalyptic Timeline! I am quite entertained by the Dystopian prophecies due to having been born in 1952, back before the Cold War when the Soviets were promising “We will bury you!” and had a nuclear stockpile big enough to annihilate the Milky Way galaxy, as did America, and it was common knowledge as an American that we were going to be atomized by nuclear fission at any time, and most Americans accepted that as fact. The scientists even created a symbolic “Countdown to Destruction” clock, which hovered within the “4 minutes till Midnight” range more often than not. But, even as a child, I knew something that the adult experts didn’t: Just holding a big gun is no guarantee that one will have the audacity (the “Balls”) to use it. And so, we have all survived and the world just gets worse and worse and the Doomsday Prophets like Greta continue their futile harangue, and I’ve known all along that my own cause of death will be inevitably dying of Boredom.

  17. The fools putting her up for this don’t understand one basic fact. This spoiled brat is not a scientist. Everything she is spouting is garbage she was taught by garbage teachers who know nothing but what they think is correct.
    What a great show this will be . A 13 yr.old robot spouting nonsense. Whoopie !!!! They can call it ” I Robot ” after the story by Isaac Asimov and later a decent movie .

    1. Please do not call her a retard or threaten her with violence. She suffers from Autism which is a neurological disorder and which, in her case, is rather profound. Autism is not a mental health condition though it has been reported that she suffers from bouts of severe depression. With the proper treatment and behavioral interventions she can be helped to overcome some of the obsessions (such as with pending death) that she experiences. Instead of getting help — so that she can become an independently-thinking adult — her condition and her person-hood is being manipulated by people with an agenda to deceive the world rather than make it a better place. This is blatant child abuse and abuse of a person with a disability and the adults around her should be charged with such crimes.

  18. Acting the like the Hitler youth, Commie Greta Thunberg should get statue built in her “honer” like Commie 13 year old Soviet Boy Hero Pavlik Morozov got for ratting off his parents to the “law”!

    1. More vile coming from our YANKEE GOB………assuming that cos she lies in Sweden then she must be a commie………….care to tell me how you arrived at that conclusion………..try using both braincells

  19. She needs to go to China and India and spew her nonsense because she is obviously a puppet of the climate change nuts. Look at Al Gore he made a lot of money spewing lies and B.S. and that made Al Manure millions of dollare

  20. Someone please let me know when and what channel. I want to make sure I don’t accidentally turn it on. That would completely ruin my month.

  21. G.Thunberg would be the perfect islamist child bride. Exile her to Qatar where the corrupt luxuries loving totalitarians there are trying to air condition the desert. Civilizations before shariah islam built tunnels and even entire cities underground to escape heat. Thunberg would would be stoned to death in corrupt Qatar or she would commit suicide. Natural solar up and down cycles and no man made climate change ever !

  22. Reading thru a few comments, it shows the mentality of most Americans, just how stupid and brainwashed they really really are, to get so angry, and vile and hateful towards a 16yr old Swedish girl, who has much more between her ears than most Americans have, who are always saying that the USA is the greatest country in the whole world……………..GREATEST at what, invading other smaller countries, destroying them and murdering MILLIONS of civilians…………….and still the USA is but 4% of the world……….and with a vile hateful dead brain PUSSIDENT in the whore House married to a well known prostitute

    1. Just to follow up on my own comment.
      People who live in the USA are always calling the USA as the greatest country in the world…………well in many ways you are…………regarding the climate, the USA still uses close to 70% fossil fuels for providing energy to homes and industries, where as Sweden…..Gretas home country uses ZERO% for energy……..and Swedens household waste does not end up on landfill sites as it dose in the USA……..per person,Americans throw away almost 980 Kgs of waste on to your 1000s of stinking landfill sites……..whereas Swedens waste is incinerated to provide energy……about 29% of their total energy needs, the rest comes from Wind, solar, nuclear and water……………NOT ONE Kwh comes from fossil fuels………so America……………… you do have a long long way to go………… change from a fossil fueled nation to become a clean nation, so stop using fossil fuels

      1. Burning household waste is producing C02 just as burning fossils do.
        You and Greta should meet and gripe at each other.
        She’s obviously off of kilter. (being nice here)
        And you. An angry emigrant who no doubt probably invaded Europe to run from the shit hole you and fellow countrymen built . Where you have cross bread so much the brainwaves become like foam.

        At what other time in living memory has culture not been
        able to universally agree about who is male and who is female?
        Truly, ours is a society unable to acknowledge and
        accept observable and objective reality.
        Is such a culture sustainable?

  23. What this child does not know is she should read the Bible, these changes has always happened but we must remember GOD IS IN CONTROL.
    I wont waste my time listening to her . She should do her homwork and go to bed.

  24. Climate change aside, I’m not at all sure that this teen has a bright future ahead of her. Just as child actors often suffer from severe depression and mental issues after their careers fade, Thunberg may well hit rock bottom when her “cause” loses popularity and she is again treated as just another person rather than a queen. Not to mention that she ALREADY has documented mental issues. This is a very dangerous game that the left is playing with her, but then when has the left ever cared about the well-being of an individual when they are trying to further their agenda? If she goes over the edge, the blame will rest squarely on the shoulders of the “progressives” who exploited her. Shame on all of them.

  25. Pure alarmist. They have existed throughout biblical times and I am afraid always will.
    But here’s to you. Mr. Robinson.
    Jesus loves you more than you will know.
    But only god knows why.
    Get some sleep. Maybe a drink.
    But stay away from the Greta koolaid man.
    Try holding your breath until the darkness prevails.

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