Has Biden Gotten in Trump’s Head?

The president found his old personal cell phone and called some of his former advisers who he had not spoken to in years. He was anxious to talk about his standings in the recent polls against Joe Biden. President Trump’s closest friends claim he calls Biden “too old” and “not as popular as people think.”

Tony Fabrizio is Trump’s campaign pollster, and he briefed him on a 17-state poll where Trump is trailing Biden in the states he needs to win the election. Public polls also have him trailing in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

The president wanted all aides to let the people know he is doing well in the polls no matter what is happening. This has many people thinking Biden has gotten inside Trump’s mind. The president has planned to engage with Biden when they both meet again in Iowa on Tuesday.

With everything happening in the U.S. and abroad, the president has stepped away for a bit from the elections to do what he does best, which is handle up on business. Now he needs to get his mindset for re-election. Other people who are around the president say he is more concerned with approval numbers than he is with the polls and even the campaign.

He is focused more on getting the job done. His closest aides say he is not worried about tomorrow, he is worried about today and what is happening in the present. The president even wants to keep the same slogan for his campaign, “Make America Great Again,” and he also wants to tack on, “Keep America Great Again.”

It was noted that the president was griping about all the traveling he was doing, and at the same time, he was asking, “Why am I not doing more rallies?”

This is nothing out of the ordinary for a president who is up for re-election. President Trump is not one to worry about all the hoorah. He is concerned about Iran, Mexico, tariffs, trade, North Korea, and he is also concerned with the white collar and blue collar workers. The president cares for America, and he cares for the citizens of this great nation.

This is why he is so concerned about the approval ratings because he wants to know if the people feel he is getting the job done. The polls have seldom been accurate, but there is something about Joe Biden that irks him.

There are the ones who feel the president is not doing enough for his campaign, but there are those who strongly disagree. In reality, the president has campaigned since the day he was inaugurated.

He is the only president to uphold his campaign promises and did what he said he was going to do. Even on the first day, he was ready to start before the party was over.

Jason Miller, who was the communications aide to the Trump 2016 campaign, stated, “His counterintuitive gut instinct that drove much of the 2016 race was spot on through the primary and the general elections. I wouldn’t expect that to change going into 2020. He’s always going to be the one who drives the message and makes the important political decisions.”

President Trump is aware the wall is not completed as of yet, but he has met an uphill battle with the Democrats every step of the way. His closest supporters realize he is fighting for America and doing the best he can.

But these are the topics which Joe Biden hits on for his own campaign, and this is what adds fuel to the fire when the president fights back. This fight continued as the two met in Iowa, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down.

Jeffery Kaufmann is the state Republican Party chairman for Iowa, and he had this to say about the president, “He didn’t win Iowa in our caucuses, but he still maintained Iowa as a special state for him. I’ve visited with him in the Oval Office, and every single time he not only shows his support for our state, but he shows he understands the issues out here.”

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