High School Cheerleaders Put on Probation for Supporting Trump

Freedom of speech, our First Amendment right, is one the broader issues that the left is continually demanding and one they say gets oppressed and infringed upon far too often. And yet, it seems they have no qualms whatsoever at turning that right on its head when it comes to conservative supporters getting air time or even the smallest hint of right-wing affection.

And while it’s never ok, to punish Americans, whether they swing left or right, for expressing their opinions and beliefs, doing so to children is absolutely heinous. But that is precisely what has happened to several high school cheerleaders in North Carolina.

On August 30, a group of cheerleaders from North Stanly High School was prepping for a Friday night football game. During this time, the group posed with a pro-Trump banner reading “Trump 2020: ‘Make America Great Again.’” Of course, the photos were posted on social media and were well circulated.

However, someone must not have liked this because, on Monday morning, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association or NCHSAA immediately placed all students involved with the photos on “probation.” The disciplinary action would prohibit them from cheering for an entire year.

According to North Carolina high school policy, students are forbidden to participate in political messages, especially on school grounds or while involved with a school function. The school district’s superintendent Jeff James said the probation was put into place to ensure that the students “don’t do it again.”

While the students are not allowed to cheer for their team at sporting events, they will still be required to attend those school functions, as well as any practices. It has been noted that if the students continue to display political messages, they may be fined or even suspended from school.

However, the group of rebellious students has quite a crowd of support behind them. Already, nearly 1,000 members of the community have committed to attending the next football game wearing Trump campaign attire, and MAGA hats in support of the students.

The event page, which has been organized via Facebook, reads, “Please come out and help me show the school and the NCHSAA that freedom of speech is not dead.” And it continued, “Please bring all your Trump and MAGA gear and let’s throw our support behind the North Stanly High School cheerleaders.”

A local conservative radio host has also chosen to back the group. Todd Starnes even called out Republican Congressman Mark Meadows to come to the aid of the group. Meadows represents the district the high school is located in.

Starnes wrote on Twitter, “Hey @MarkMeadows – the @NCHSAA is targeting the North Stanly High School cheerleaders because they were photographed with a pro-Trump banner. They need your help, Congressman!”

The high school, which is currently standing behind their decision and the students’ punishment, must be receiving a lot of grief over the situation, particular on their social media networks. They have recently shut down both their Facebook and Twitter pages. When anyone from the public or community members try to reach either, whether from the school’s website or directly, only error messages are received.

It would seem they don’t want to hear about the community’s outrage.

Of course, they don’t. But they need to. They need to understand that this punishment is a direct violation of the students’ First Amendment rights. They wouldn’t take kindly to their own rights being infringed upon.

And no, maybe it wasn’t their decision to put the punishment into place at the onset. But they surely should have some amount of say in handling their own students.

Furthermore, it seems this isn’t the first incident in the state of North Carolina where a student’s rights have been violated. Last year, during a high school football game, a student in attendance was forced to take off a pro-Trump jersey.

Unlike the cheerleaders, this young man wasn’t even participating in the school event. He wasn’t on the football team, part of the cheer squad, or even a water boy. He was merely in attendance. And it was supposed to be a patriotic-themed game at that. I would say showing support for our President, and not in an election year would be an excellent example of patriotism. I guess I’m wrong.

I’d say someone involved in the North Carolina legislature needs to gain control of the school system and make sure that these students are no longer punished for merely practicing their Constitutional rights.

249 thoughts on “High School Cheerleaders Put on Probation for Supporting Trump

  1. Someone should track this leftist jackass, Jeff James, down and kick his liberal butt. What an outrage, he should NOT be superintendent of anything bigger than an outhouse. He’s unfit to be a leader. What’s wrong with North Carolina? I guess they don’t believe in the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights. What a buffoon HE is. Good for ALL of those cheerleaders who love their country and support their president. Kudos, girls.

  2. Our total education system has gone to the the weirdos.
    Their teaching things to kids that shouldn’t even be brought up.
    History is one of the most important things because that’s how you can learn better to know history.
    To many Liberal idiots.

  3. God bless these students this is America WHO ever didn’t like this needs to go back where they came from???? Like some said they would leave if MR. TRUMP became President well he IS and they the ones that was going to leave are still here enjoying what this PRESIDENT has accomplished under all the RESISTANCE he going through every day and take these others with them who complained about what these young CHEERLEADERS did in there GOD giving rights here in AMERICA?????

  4. The action of the far left does not surprise me at all. Of course the wish to restrict speech that (they do not write)
    Why not . The radical left not only wish to stop speech they do not like they even have started to say all males are bad folks.
    I expect them to eventually to call for stopping all male /female relationships because all males are bad.
    Glad I am an old male and do not have much longer to listen to these ravings of far left losers. (I HOPE)

  5. some one ought to out right sue the school district for violating there freedom of speech cause I damn well bet that if someone had taken a freaking knee for the national anthem nothing would be said about it. So the hell what it was practice it wasn’t at a game or a sponsored meet performance I bet some of them were seniors and now they were blacklisted their whole senior year this is utter bullshit. why haven’t parents gotten together on this and filed suit. I’d taken my child to another school and placed her there so she could cheer. fuck the school

  6. Typical Dumb-As- Dumbocrat/Socialist(Not Patriotic Democrats) action !!! Those Parents should unite and school the H out of the Morons that did this to the kids !!! Rather the Idiots accept it or not the Kids have Rights !!!

  7. NCHSAA and all state athletic associations are like dictators. I never cared for them when I was in grade or high school. By the way, the NCAA is no better. They are like dictators too.
    Pack Sand NCHSAA.
    K-12 public school system is an orientation in communist, socialist and fascist systems. No wonder the USA can’t compete in the world any more. Our teachers don’t teach, the indoctrinate. Need to get back to the basics of reading, writing, mathematics, real history and the sciences that were taught long ago.
    No more bi-lingual carp.

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  9. I think we’ve come to a very sad period in our lives when young people can’t support THE President of
    the United States. I have no doubt that had this been Hillary or any Democrat it wouldn’t have been a problem and that in itself IS a Problem!

  10. Seems like it is OK for Progressive to let their students out of class to protest a political point, but darn, it was their right. Also Pelosi wants to allow 16 YEO to vote, hmmmm not not Republicans? It is fine for a teacher to state their beliefs in class, but not the rights of a student? The problems with some of our school now is Progressive Socialist Communist Infanticide’s control the education system and continue to erode education.

  11. whoever is in charge of this school needs to be fired/ you sobs allow players to disrespect the flag and say nothing but to praise the President of the United States is wrong this is a outrage and you need to be fired

  12. President Trump (:?) will take advantage of any moment to make him look good..His behavior from the (his) past has indicated this and it is vital to keep this behavior in check and also speak up in a positive manner when ever he steps or over steps his own way of being presidential. He is not my president and the current problems expressed sense his time in office indicates he is only out to make himself look good and get photos for his own manner of creating history.. It is FAKE NEWS to the max and the girls cheerleaders team leader need to speak to the school about this kind of presentation while using their “voice”
    President Trump (?) will use, manipulate, lie, find followers who will speak and pass on his negative manner of spinning a voice “about him”..

  13. The students were put on probation, the school officials should be flat out fired, then prosecuted for civil rights violation, if at all possible.

  14. I believe it’s right for these young women just stand up for who they want as president and it’s a disgrace for a school and it’s teachers and principals to finish them for it I think they should be in a trunk parade with their banner it says Trump for president 2020 I’d be proud to see it and give these girls my blessings I pray for them keep up the good work young women I need more like you out there

  15. They should be invited to the White House by President Trump and Melania 🙂

    The school should encourage Patriotism and students wanting to get involved in Government.

    The school just Stifeled their desire to be an engaged contributing citizen.

    Then they wonder why some students become thugs?

    We Americans are PROUD of you Cheerleaders!

  16. I want to find out the School Board phone nu. and call them. This is violating their 1st amendment rights for sure. I can;t imagine why No. Carolina is going so liberal, commie, vile, corrupt. What is going on? Is it people like my commie sister who moved to Huntersville to destroy that area with their DEMS votes? Anyone who wants their names contact me…[email protected]

  17. Freedom of speech is dying in America. Our schools are turning more left every day. I bet if they had posted with a BIDEN OR WARREN FOR PRESIDENT banner, that would have been fine. The schools have no right to suspend these students from cheering. Their political views are not for the schools to censor. If I was the parent of one of those students I would be suing that school for discrimination. I would also be looking for a new school for my child. SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. He is the duly elected president of the U. S.

  18. The students had every right in the rights are being violated what happened to America land of the free home of the brave this is out rages


  20. Absolutely outrageous! These ADMINISTRATORS should be required to copy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of rights 100 Times or until they Catch on to what is Ment in those documents. Also Further study by requiring these IDIOTS tho study the Book The Federalists Papers which was written by the founders to further expand and define what the Constitution is about. AND THAT THEY THEN HAVE TO PASS A TEST OVER IT OF AT LEAST 90% OR FACE A SUDDEN RETIREMENT. Since this is a continuing problem with ESPECIALLY N. Carolina, May I suggest this be incorporated into the curriculum of all teachers in the state in order do continue teaching. THESE ARE FUNDAMENTAL things and should be regarded with care and I don’t think this is the case in THAT (ignorant) State.

  21. It is a crying shame that a minority of people can interfer with the rights of the majority. I hope these young ladies will seek help from a group that is dedicated to seeing that American rights are not trampled on.

  22. Are you kidding me? Hard to believe what I just read. A couple hundred years ago some of the States rebelled and chose to leave/go to war with the USA. How did that work out? Though I realize it isn’t everyone, most likely a small minority, but if this school system in North Carolina can’t or doesn’t believe in the Freedom of Speech, maybe all their Government funding should be stopped. Hey Congressman Meadows what do you think?

  23. Looks like NC is unconstitutional! The 1st Amendment guarantees the right of free speech. The cheerleaders have that right to support who they want to. The school is wrong and the cheerleaders should file a law suit against the school, the principle and the state!


  25. All politics. The entire cheerleading should support her. The schools are getting out of control. When is this going to stop. Democrats are ruining this country. Sad isn’t it.

  26. I am sad to say that I am a born and bred North Carolinian, have been for eighty years, and I have never been more disappointed in my state. I see where a teacher fromUnion county( where I now reside) has been looked at by the secret service for saying Mike Pence should be shot in the head!! Then I see where cheerleaders are chastised for supporting the President of this country.
    Seems to me the wrong people are being chastised!! The cheerleaders should be commended for taking an interest in political matters and the teacher should be fired for her or his remarks!

  27. School officialdom/officialdumb, the latter more likely, should be fired, after making profuse apologies, on blended knee, to the offended students.

  28. I am sure if they had poster of a Democrat they wouldn’t be punished. How dare you take away their freedom of speech. North Carolina should not be allowed to punish the students for showing support for
    their choice for president. I can’t believe the North Carolina legislature. Thank God I love in New York!

  29. The cheerleaders should conract some Republican attorneys file suit for denying freedom of speech attorneys go before a Republiclican state judge and federal judge.

  30. so where were these idiots when they were teaching little kids to pledge alegence to oboma , everyone on the school board should be fired , seems the only ones who have freedom of speech is the left while they silence everyone else , another topic for why ain’t these idiots being arrested for interfering in other peoples rights


  32. In my 64 years of being able to vote, I can’t remember of ever seeing society or a Board of Education trying to shut down students or cheerleaders Constitutional rights. The Board doesn’t have a right to tell anyone that they can’t express themselves.

  33. I believe that all socialist – communist elitist should keep their mounts and opinions to themselves. Those who have been supporting these ideas have shown they are and have deep mental problems as being pedophiles, subversive, have no idea what capitalism represents, real deviates extremist so far left that most normal center people don’t understand them.

    I was once told ” if you don’t understand the subject, you should listen, keep you mouth closes so people would not think you are stupid.”

  34. “According to North Carolina high school policy, students are forbidden to participate in political messages …”.

    Sound like some high school parents need to contact the American Center For Law and Justice and file a civil rights law suit.

  35. Those cheerleaders who were barred for supporting Trump should file a class-action lawsuit against their school district for $4 MILLION apiece. That way, if they win their suit, they may receive $1 MILLION apiece in compensation, which would be fair. If those cheerleaders lose their suit, that will prove that the legal justice system in North Carolina totally SUCKS, and President Trump and AG Barr should take drastic measures to correct the iniquities prevalent in that state!

  36. The school should be SUED, and Faculty responsible should be either JAILED or FIRED, NVER to hold ANY office again. “MORGAN AND MORGAN – FOR THE PEOPLE!” Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  37. I wish I could stand with all the people at the next game. All of us are tired of our President being treated. The girls took a stand for what they believe in and I’m proud of them.

  38. Appears the NC legislature is practicing socialism/communism. There must not be any Military Veterans among them – if there is they need to be branded as traitors.

  39. If the school doesn’t allow it then they knew what they were doing The man is a moron they don’t want there school to look the same way he promotes hate racist show no respect towards women cares nothing about our environment our national park our wild life Doesn’t know how to tell the truth doesn’t honor our Decoration of Independence Thinks he is above the law Just to name a few things the school is right

  40. A school can be sued for violating a students Constitutional rights!

    President Trump did more for America and the American people in one year than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!
    Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
    Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
    Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!

    Since President Trump was elected millions of new jobs have been created, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, over seven million lifted off of welfare/food stamps lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 70 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy and one of the largest tax cuts in the history of America, all because of our amazing President’s policies! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

  41. Whoever is responsible for putting these cheerleaders on probation should be fired. The schools should be supporting students getting involved in politics and supporting the President of the United States, no matter what party it is.

  42. I think it is absolutely unpatriotic for schools to punish these cheerleaders or any student for supporting the President of the United States!!! Since when can we not voice & support whosever we choose! We want everyone eligible to vote yet the schools gave the right to punish like this?

    I hope President Trump invites these cheerleaders to the White House…the People’s House & the people’s President!!!

  43. This school is sending the wrong message to its students and needs to have their goals redirected by the state board of education.

  44. Can you IMAGINE if a high school in America had put their cheerleaders on probation for showing support for Hillary or Barak? The 630 pm news and every other news would be organizing protests, boycotts, and calling every white person in those schools Racists, Nazis, Fascists, Bigots, White Supremacists, Radicals, and maybe some new coined insult. Instead, I suspect that NBC, CBS, ABC, and the gang would instruct their reporters and anchors to hold these cheerleaders up as role models and the hope of the next generation, and proof the next generation is enlightened and on the road to a perverted perverse socialistic totalitarian utopia. The news is no longer the news, it is Pravda. The schools are no longer schools but indoctrination camps. The streets are not even safe in some cities. But the leftist revolution shows no sign of coming to its senses nor repenting of the trouble they have caused for themselves, the nation, and the world.

  45. These students have a right to their opinion.
    However, the school rules say they are not to engage in any political messaging on school grounds or while participating in a school function.
    Use their freedom of speech rights at other times. Yet many get so upset that freedom of speech is being put down.
    Get a grip!!

  46. If it was OK for the communist Amreica haters infesting the NFL to protest during game time, it should be OK for these young women to boost this wonderful land during game time. The leftist kooks who propagandize them while posing as “teachers” and “principals” should be the ones to be censured for anti-American sedition, or worse.

  47. J. James should be relieved of his duties with out pay for supporting the group who haas taken away the first amendment right of the students. I served my country in uniform and swore to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That includes school leaders, local, state and federal leaders. I have not been relieved of that oath. These young girls have done nothing wrong and their punishment should be lifted. You have a republican leadership, then force them to get off their fat asses and put a stop to this.

  48. When we have democratic debates with no US Flag behind them. No mentioned of God anywhere then you know why the schools are doing this. As the leaders do so go our socialist Godless and unpatriotic liberals. They stand for complacency and laziness and lawlessness. These are exactly what brings all countries down that become socialist countries. Happens every time.

  49. Since our current president has been campaigning for re-election via his many political rallies and the production of MAGA hats saying 220 slogans, your assertion that this display was not in part a political reelection demonstration during aHigh School function is patently false. Get your facts straight.

  50. Let those school officials that partake in abusing freedom of speech be put in jail for a year and 1 year of extreme community service for violating students rights.

  51. In my opinion, what this article, and these, foolish people, are not able to understand is that FREEDOM of SPEECH, is a PERSONAL right. It is designed to allow all Americans to have their PRIVATE, and PERSONAL, thoughts, infringed upon, by others.

    Where the cheerleaders went WRONG was posing in SCHOOL ATTIRE. Had they posed, in normal, or “street clothes”, this article, and the suspension, would NOT exist.

    BY posing, in school attire, these cheerleaders violated the rules, by which all students are ruled. Just as Negro students are ordered to remove “dread-locks”, and students are not allowed to were MAGA gear, IN PUBLIC school, these students should NEVER have used school gear, to “sell” their PERSONAL agenda.

    I must add that the school should, also face a penalty, of up to five years suspension, from ALL, local, regional, and national, sports, and other activities, with the WRITTEN REASON being “Public Schools are NOT political arenas. This school should have issues PRINTED notices, stating that such practices are a direct VIOLATIONS will result in suspension, or expulsion.”

    If a student wishes to be “political”, they should join a debate club, or other, extra-curricular activity club.

    Nothing, which appears to endorse ANY candidate.

  52. Lord Jesus I ask that you bring each and every one of us who live here on your creation to accept you and you alone and protect our freedoms. Amen.

  53. Wait just a minute! You’re reporting on an infringement of 1st Amendment rights inflicted on a North Carolina high school cheer leading squad.
    And this news outlet doesn’t even bother to use an actual photo of the alleged incident. It instead, chooses to use a stock photo of some generic cheer squad performing in an empty sports arena.

    I am prone to question this media outlet’s courage to illustrate the actual event. Even though the narrative seems to have adequately described the infringement on this groups first amendment rights.

    My observation is if this cheer squad had used the Obama Hope and Change .. presidency logo or some like image, everything would have been completely fine and no objection would have been made. Just more clear evidence of the hypocrisy and double standard within the National Education system.

  54. The school system should lose all funding for the year, an be forced to close while the school board members attend classes on our civil rights, and the consequences of violating them.

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