Hillary Does an About Face on the Idea of Supporting Bernie

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was recorded recently, giving heavy criticism towards her once opponent Senator Bernie Sanders. But now that those words are not being taken so well by her party, she has pretty much done an about-face on the issue.

A new documentary is in the works for Clinton, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and in it are some very harsh words towards current presidential candidate Sanders.

She said of the man, “He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him; nobody wants to work with him; he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney, and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Tell us how you really feel, Hillary. I mean, wow! It doesn’t get much blunter than that. But that isn’t all she said on the matter.

On Tuesday, an interview about the documentary was published in which Clinton was asked if what she felt towards Sanders when the documentary was being taped still holds true. And she quickly replied, “Yes, it does.” she then went on to criticize him more, calling out his failures as a leader and the view of women he allows to be portrayed by his followers.

She said, “It’s his leadership team. It’s his prominent supporters. It’s his online Bernie Bros and their relentless attacks on most of his competitors, particularly the women. And I really hope people are paying attention to that because it should be worrisome that he has permitted this culture – not only permitted, (he) seems to really be very much supporting it.”

Hillary also refused to say whether or not she would endorse Sanders if he won the nomination.

As you can imagine, her words in either case, are not being taken very well by Bernie fans, or many members of her party in general. And someone must have let her know because mere hours after her interview was released, she corrected her previous statements, saying she would endorse him if he were nominated.

“I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views! But to be serious, the number one priority for our country and world is retiring Trump, and, as I always have, I will do whatever I can to support our nominee,” even if it’s Sanders.

This is her covering her butt, as usual.

Hillary is already on pretty shaky ground as it is, and she knows she can’t afford to alienate anyone else.

Back in October, rumors began to circle that Hillary might end up entering the presidential race after all. And so in preparation for that possibility, Politico completed some unofficial polls on the idea. It started with Senate Democrats, the most likely to be on her side.

But the results proved that Hillary might be even more unwanted than she claims Bernie is.

Naturally, the senators were polite. After all, she still does hold some sway in politics. However, they pretty much all agreed that her time had passed and now they should turn to someone else.

“Minority Whip Dick Durbin said, “I believe it’s time for another nominee.” Martin Heinrich from New Mexico stated, “It would be a mistake,” and Jon Tester said it wouldn’t be “good” for her. Not a single Democrats seemed to be of the mind that she should run.

And can you blame them? She had already run the gauntlet twice, first against Barack Obama and then against Donald Trump. And both times she had lost, even though everyone had said 2016 would be a slam dunk.

But it wasn’t. And therein lies her real problem with Bernie Sanders.

In 2016, Sanders opposed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. When it became clear that he would not win it, he dropped out, giving it to her. In addition, he also very publicly endorsed her and even campaigned for her, encouraging his supporters to now follow Hillary.

But according to Hillary, it was too little too late. She still claims that Bernie’s delayed endorsement is what cost her the win against Trump. She said in the document, “Honestly, Bernie just drove me crazy.”

What we have here is a spoiled teenager who lost the title of prom queen and is still terribly upset about it. She is bitter and vindictive, and so why wouldn’t she take it out on Bernie Sanders, a man she blames for her current and quickly eroding place in politics.

84 thoughts on “Hillary Does an About Face on the Idea of Supporting Bernie

      1. Hillary sucks and was a horrible candidate, but Bernie is much worse! He’s supported by four anti-Semitic lesbians (Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and AOC, who turned eating pu$$! into an artform)!

    1. I agree completely. However, I don’t think Sanders would have fared well against Trump either. The Democrats are masters at shooting themselves in the foot, then blaming everyone and everything else for their failures. They seem to be of the mind that moving farther to the left will gain them more support, when, in fact, just the opposite is true. They should make at least a half-hearted attempt at capturing some of the moderate Republican votes, but they avoid everything conservative like its poison. This is why they alienate half the country. The Republicans, to a similar degree, are also guilty of the same thing. No one running seems to be interested in being the President of ALL the people – their partisan bickering continues throughout their term. This is what happens when you have candidates who have no interest in the greater good, but only their own selfish wishes.

  1. I would love to go through a whole week, without either the Clintons,or the Obamas in every headline. I never liked any of them,never will,& am sick of seeing,& hearing about them!

    1. Mr. Deveau, I agree with you completely!
      Obama is one of the most successful con men in history!
      He makes Barnum and Bailey look like rank amateurs.
      Without really knowing anything about him the public elected him president
      twice! He appears to be the result of his caucasian mother having a one night stand
      with a black african.
      Does this really qualify him for a two term presidency!

      1. Stephen: The black African being Malcolm X, for whom O’s mother worked. Put a photo of Malia Obama next to Malcolm X and tell me they are not related….compared to the round face of the poor man from Africa who substituted. How else did Obama get into Harvard after dismal grades in Punahou School? Also where did all the money come from for Obama, a penniless student, to travel and spend time in Russia and the Middle East? Plus the U.K. has records of Obama’s birth in the Kenya Colony then under British rule. Also Malcolm X could not let it be known he had a child by a white woman although he desperately wanted a son.
        Things have a habit of falling into place.

      1. Take them all with you and she says nobody likes and wants to work with Bernie I don’t like he is turning all the kids into socialists and they don’t have a clue

    2. Right on!!!! I could live on and on without hearing their name…UNLES they had all been convicted and in prison…that would be a sweet sound!

  2. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall”, has spoken twice now. Its long past time for Hillary to retire from chasing her overly ambitious agenda as a “career politician”. She should instead “just let it go” and ride off, quickly, into the sunset with her husband.

  3. Her failure to properly respond to the Bengaszi attack which resulted in the needless deaths of our 4 brave soldiers and diplomat is unforgivable. Her profound words afterwards “What difference does it make!” will be her legacy in life.

  4. Hellary is a dumbass bitch with shit for brains. I hope this cocksucker runs again. It will be fun to watch Trump kick her ass again.

  5. She is one of the most corrupt and biggest liars in politics. Not to mention that crossing her or staying that you have dirt on her can cause you to end up dead.

  6. The Clintons, much like the Obamas and the prince and Meagan Markle are irrelevant in todays world. Perhaps a curiosity to some but to most, just another spam email to delete or a waste of time on a news broadcast whether its opinion, fake news, or accurate reporting. I think I can safely say that the majority of working American Citizens DO NOT CARE.

    1. Agreed wholeheartedly, althoughI would like to see the rightful return of the taxpayers’ china and area rugs she quietly, and inappropriately, relocated from the White House to her home in Chappaqua several years ago… I mean, cmon – adding insult to injury.

    2. I just hope and pray that you are right, Mark.
      These US bastard families, Obamas and Clintons meddled even with the UK Royal Family!!!
      Real bastards.

  7. My concern is about Bernie!
    He is a self-proclaimed socialist/ communist!
    His election would change our country forever.
    Bernie really thinks that big government is the solution to all problems, when it is in fact it is source of most of our problems!
    President Reagan was right!!
    The democrats are wrong!!

    1. I can’t think of ANYTHING Reagan was right about. He busted unions, took care of banks & big business and
      screwed the little people!

    2. Stephen Leonard for the most part I agree with your point. People should not and must not ignore the results of socialism. As a Christian I note that God made provisions for the poor. He told the rich to leave the corners of their field for the poor. But the poor still had to work it. That was an agricultural community and is probably not viable in todays world.
      We know that any workable plan will have to require everyone to be able to benefit. The rich take risk, are taxed, but still must benefit. The middle class must not be drug into the gutters while the poor must be willing to work without the drugs, sick, lame and lazy and be able and the I am entitled view of Warren and Burnie. Employers must be able to hire unskilled at unskilled wages that justify the wage vs skill. i can go on and most understand the issues.
      So why do both parties not work on a balance instead of selling to their constituents plans that will never work instead try to work for all. This obviously has to destroy the easy money of crime. Which you should see is where the major problem is.
      And tell the people to bring forth improvements.

  8. My concern is about Bernie!
    He is a self-proclaimed socialist/ communist!
    His election would change our country forever.
    Bernie really thinks that big government is the solution to all problems, when it is in fact it is source of most of our problems!
    President Reagan was right!!
    The democrats are wrong!! The secret internet censer insists My remarks have been published before: they have NOT!

  9. What do you expect from a dumb democrat! She blames everyone else for her problems instead of looking at herself!Thank god she never made it to the white house, what a mess we would be in. She is no better than Sanders and he is a disaster waiting to happen!

  10. Poor Bernie! . . . imagine being supported by the likes of Hillary. There was made a Billy Jack movie about them, called “Born Losers”. What will this Democrat Clown Car do NEXT?!? Team TRUMP and his allies 2020.

  11. Hillary is a total screw up and a career criminal that is why she married that draft dodging Bastard who is also an evil criminal~

  12. from the Scottish Rose
    I can understand the amount of ire, frustration and fear that many of you feel as I feel that and more myself. But what I don’t understand is the type and number of totally offense adjectives used in many of these comments. There are many words in the English language that can express, even better, your feelings of dread and hate as to what is happening to this great country that you all love so much.
    My father served in world war two, my deceased husband in the Marines and now my son is a career air force man. He served 2 tours in the middle east in a dangerous area. So I come from a family that has proudly served our country for 3 generations.
    I have great hope that many of you are using you energy to not only write about your feelings but to go out into your states and encourage everyone to go and vote. Help them understand with calm and respect the dire straits our wonderful country is in. That is the only way we have any chance of saving this country.
    Blessing to all

  13. My father and three uncles were in the military my husband was in for 32 years and my son was for 12 years until he met a girl to marry and stay home to have children and be a hands on father to them. My family of Marines all love America. We don’t like the Democrats communist ways, we all have to vote them out of all governing offices. They’re very scary.
    God bless America.

  14. Hate to inform Hillary, but no one wants her. Her daughter doesn’t even need her any more. King Lear syndrome. Her husband wants to be with anyone else but her. After they ripped off the hurricane relief money thru their foundation that is basically a laundry of hot money that they can use to hire her hit men. Jeff Epstein, will attest to that,… well if he were alive. Well then Ambassador Stevens could have attested that those US rockets that got lost to terrorists under Hillary’s guard, but then the terrorists took care of him as well. Yes Hillary,…. No one likes you, no one loves you, and no one admires you either. I am probably in danger now. So if I die by suicide by shooting myself in the back of the head twice with an automatic, like Vince Foster,….Hillary had it done.


  16. She was right in her first assessment; wrong in her revised assessment. In spite of her statement, the goal of the Amerian people is not to eliminate Trump. He is the only thing between the people and the utter destruction of truth and the US Constitution. The DNC doesn’t know if it wants to shit or go blind. It truly does not want Bernie and only defends him publicly to appease the radicals in the party. His election would assure chaos. If he were to be nominated it would badly split the DEM party. Moderates would have to choose between voting for Trump, write in, vote for a minor party or abstain. All four options will help Trump. To combat him and not split the party they want a moderate, probably Biden. However, he is showing signs of weakening. They lost their attempt to bring witnesses during the Senate trial because of their failure to compromise and allow Hunter and/or Joe to be witnesses. They couldn’t afford it because of the potential loss of Joe as the nominee. However, concern over his declining numbers vs Bernie is also of grave concern. They have modified their debate rule to allow mini-Mike into the fray. I suspect he will be Biden’s backup in case Joe completely takes gas.

  17. The best example of her dishonest character and deeds is with the “Clinton Foundation”. A very hateful and vengeful woman!

  18. That 2 face witch doesn’t know the difference between schitt and shinola!!! She really needs to be in prison
    along with her old man who is as crooked as she is!!!
    Semper Fi

  19. Wow, though Hillary continues to be someone for all to hate, do you really think that after Monica had a taste of Bill, that she wanted to be second “sucker”?

  20. Crooked Hillary is having numerous hot flashes, PTSD and general acute sociopathy and delusions caused by her old age, hormones, and putting up with her pedophile husband engaging in carnal relations with every female mammal with a pulse. She’s more than ready for A Place For Mom.

  21. She is a money whore and while DOS got hundreds of millions of dollars in Clinton trust, she committed many crimes while working for Obama. Now she has divided she is still thinking the DemocRATS might call her to run once again.

  22. Killery knows that Bernie will have a heart attack almost as some as she can kill him if she is his VP. We all know that is the only reason she would take a back seat to anyone. Every Patriotic American needs to go out and Republican in all elections this.year.We cannot allow the demonrats to win any elections this year. We mus ensure that the demonrats lose seats in the house and senate. We all know that the democrats are trying to destroy the United States of America. Why is the thing that I don’t understand. If they destroy this country what will they have to control? They have completely turned communist, they have proven that they are 100% Russian communist, that must destroy America. All I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP, he is not perfect but he is the best we have had in a my lifetime.

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