ICE Targets Public Safety Threats With Massive Number of Arrests

Despite a number of sanctuary cities popping up all across the United States, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been steadily working. They have targeted a number of public safety threats in order to get them off of the streets and to create safer communities. Throughout the Virginia/DC area, 56 criminal aliens were arrested in a single week.

ICE officers targeted and arrested 56 individuals on various civil and criminal violations. This included sex offenders, gang members, and violent offenders. This meant that not only were they in the country illegally, but they had also committed a number of other crimes – and were posing a serious public safety threat.

Some of the individuals arrested were members of notoriously violent criminal organizations including MS-13 and 18th St. gangs.

Arrests took place throughout a number of areas, including Woodbridge, Alexandria, Fairfax, and Washington DC. ICE officers were also assisted by the Federal Bureau of investigation and the US attorney’s office.

Russell Hott, the ERO Washington Field Office Director announced that ICE officers are in pursuit of public safety threats on a daily basis. He acknowledges that the individuals have disregarded immigration laws in the United States and have also committed various serious crimes within the country.

Throughout the enforcement initiative, an Australian national was arrested due to a visa overstay as well as being wanted in Australia for making false statements and fraud. A Honduran national with an outstanding warrant for sexual assault was also an MS-13 member. A Salvadoran national was also arrested, identified as an MS-13 member who was previously removed from the United States and had multiple convictions for being drunk in public. The total arrestees included 53 men and three women across seven countries, ranging from Australia to Honduras to South Korea.

ICE will continue to use enforcement resources on individuals who continue to pose a threat to public safety, national security, and border security. All of the targeted immigration enforcement is conducted within compliance with federal law and agency policy. Additionally, the agency no longer exempts categories or classes of removable aliens from potential enforcement. Anyone who is in violation of immigration laws is subject to immigration arrest as well as detention. If they are found removable by final order, they are also removed from the United States. Each individual is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

There are still sanctuary cities that stand in the way of ICE doing their job. Somehow, Democratic politicians have established a convoluted way of thinking that they are fighting against the Trump administration by allowing the sanctuary cities to stand. However, what they’re actually doing is providing a loophole for illegal immigrants who are wanted for a number of violent crimes to stay protected while victimizing the communities that they live in.

Week after week, there are stories of how police departments and local politicians have stood in the way of helping ICE detain and arrest illegal aliens who are wanted for various crimes. Police departments release those who have just committed a crime back into the community as opposed to holding them until ICE arrives, claiming that they cannot hold them because of “their rights.” The problem with that is that the Democrats believe illegal aliens have rights in the country when they do not.

Everything has turned into political warfare. Police departments and Democratic politicians are creating a political issue out of illegal immigration as opposed to doing the right thing. By giving illegal aliens with considerable criminal records a safe haven, they are creating a threat to national security as well as a considerable problem when it comes to public safety. Local residents don’t want to be victimized by people who should have been arrested or even deported to their home country. However, the Democrats don’t want to give Trump a “win” when it comes to immigration. They would rather allow crimes to be committed on a daily basis.

With ICE showing that they are not going to back down, they are doing what they can around the various sanctuary cities. With 56 criminal aliens removed from a single area in the country in a weeks’ time, it shows that they are doing their due diligence – and working to remove national threats and maintain public safety. As communities become safer due to what ICE officers are doing, maybe it will demonstrate to Democrats everywhere that it is necessary for ICE to have the support of local law enforcement. When sanctuary cities are eliminated, it will make it easier for ICE to make the arrests needed and keep the country safe.

30 thoughts on “ICE Targets Public Safety Threats With Massive Number of Arrests

  1. Thank you ICE for a job WELL DONE! . . . It’s about TIME to RID this SCOURGE of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS out of this country – One Grateful Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

      1. and yet pelosi wants to keep letting everyone come over our border without screening???? This is what we get!!!! WHY are we letting ANY of the illegals come over the border until we get a grip on the processing!!!!????

        1. It’s unfortunate, but Pelosi and the rest of the liberal socialists don’t care, what happens to Americans as long as they can do the opposite of whatever the President wants. They have actually become one of the biggest threats to America, along with the liberal media.




  3. There is no greater insult that to have the Democrat hypocrites support the illegals while purporting to support the Constitution and protect America. Maximum BS.

  4. I am guessing ICE is sending notices of wanted individuals to local police agencies. Why? Arrest lists are available. Post officers around release points continuously to watch the exits. Not cheap but likely effective enough to justify the costs.

  5. I have a whole different way of looking at this. Just build a wall around Beto, Nancy, Kamila, Bernie and Joe’s houses and drop them inside. If they want this type of people in our country, let them have them. It is easy to be anti-gun when you have armed body guards. It is easy to say open borders when you don’t have to live with criminal aliens. It is easy to want to open prison doors when you aren’t the one living with the criminals. I don’t consider these politicians Democrats, they are the new wave of Socialist and liberals. If I could just pull a chain and watch them all go swirling down the drain of the porcelain throne….but septic systems are too expensive.

  6. Praise God for our ICE agents and President Trump who continually fight the illegal immigration corruption brought about by blinded corrupt Democrats, socialists, and RINO’s and their financial supporters – or should I say “American
    traitors”! If they hate America so much, why don’t they move to another country – or is that because they won’t have
    the so-called power and ability to rob the American people they have here if they move !! These so-called “elites” need to be stood before an honest American judge, convicted of crimes against our Constitution, and sent to Gitmo !!! I hope they turn to the One True God soon before they face Him in judgment.

  7. Thank God that ICE and all the other law agencies that are helping to make our country safe are doing their jobs.MR. President keep giving them all the support they need and stop giving sanctuary cities tax payer money for their programs and deport their so called familys that are sucking up the help that our own citizens need.WE THE PEOPLE are going to vote you back again no matter what and we do want you to finish draining the swamp there’s still a lot of work to do there especially career politicans get rid of them their no good for our great country and they don’t represent the peoples interest. THANK YOU MR.PRESIDENT

  8. What we need is ICE or FBI agents posted at ALL voting places in the USA every election. That would eliminate a great deal of voter fraud

    1. us legals do a serious crime, like a lot of illegals do, and we are put in prison. Illegals do crimes and they are only deported. why? are they a special class?

  9. How come JOD does not arrest the sanctuary city’s order giver’s ex. mayors, governors, attorney generals of that state for obstruction of justice ⚖ or conspiracy to impediments of government administration. The Feds. do it all the time in drug cases, sex traffickers (including minors), drug mules. I am for enforcement of illeagal immigrants, there is always a way to enter legally, to rid the criminals who are here illeagaly needs to go.

  10. Why in God’s name does the Federal Government tolerate so-called “Sanctuary Cities”? They are a violation of Federal Law, yet the government does nothing! The mayor, city council, and whichever other titles are bestowed on the “city leadership” should be hauled into Federal Court and prosecuted for violating Federal Law. If the mayor and city council of just one city (say San Francisco for example) were to be prosecuted under Federal Law and sent to Federal Prison for al little as 1 year, there would be no more “so-called Sanctuary Cities”. The Federal Government (US Marshals) should immediately arrest the leadership of just one so-called “Sanctuary City” and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law! If they would do that just once, you would have no trouble counting the remaining ‘Sanctuary Cities” for there would not be any! Enforce the law and stop tip-toeing around trying not to offend the lawbreakers!

    1. What needs to be done and it will be fought in the courts, is to withhold any Federal funds from any State, City, or localities that will not enforce and participate with federal
      Immigration enforcement. And this includes withholding funds to those local police departments, including training and equipment. I know Trump started this approach and I hope the Justice Department is still pursuing this. It will need to get past places like the liberal sixth circuit in California perhaps to the Supreme Court.

    2. I agree that those who pretext illegals should be arrested and prosecuted for BREAKING OUR FEDERAL LAWS. I am disgusted with the DEMOCRATS who want open borders, allowing all kinds of criminals to come into our Country. It is time for our Justice Dept to charge those who have sanctuary cities. They are a danger to the American citizens.

  11. Thank you Pres. Trump & ICE , making this country safer by the day . It is a far cry from what clinton had promised & bragged about , which was sucking in millions MORE of these criminals from other malevolent , enemy countries . We , RIGHT NOW , would have been over-run by her & obastard’s organized crime criminals & ISIS terrorists , we wouldn’t have been safe ANYWHERE .

  12. In sanctuary cities people are going to have to protect themselves from illegal criminals, the only way to do that is to shoot first and ask questions later, since the courts are turning criminals back out on the streets in order for the criminals to commit another crime tis is a last resort

  13. ICE should be working hard EVERY day, there are 40 + million of the illegal maggots thumbing their noses at all of our laws and constitution, while stealing our kids future and costing us billions per year

  14. The people making comments putting ICE and the word Trump in the same sentence is giving the democrats the reason to not obey ICE requests.

  15. We citizen who know there are illegal aliens and who want to rid our nation of the illegals can also do our parts and keep an ear and eye open around us and can also call in despite the sanctuary laws. If you know of someone in your area call them in. Just make sure you don’t target the wrong individuals who are here legally. Help them out. You can call the local ICE office for information on what you can do to inform them.

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