Protection of the Unborn Is Increasing and There Is a Major Reason behind It

Zamrznuti tonovi/

The issue of abortion continues to grow as more Republican states pass laws that protect life. The Democrats are scared to death because, for the first time in several decades, their beloved abortion right hangs in peril. A conservative court and a flood of conservative groups are ready to address the underlying reason why liberals can murder children in the United States and get away with it.

The Roe v. Wade case of 1973 paved the way for the murder of millions of innocent children. And ever since that fateful day, pro-life groups have fought to the bitter end to save any baby that they could. But recent events have made it easier to protect life.

The states of Oklahoma, Florida, and Kentucky have all passed laws that seek to protect life and push the issue of abortion right up into the halls of the Supreme Court. The Democrats are expected to challenge these laws, which will be appealed to the Supreme Court. Each of these three states has made it impossible for any person to get an abortion within state borders.

Liberals want people to have free access to all types of abortion. They want women to be able to have the procedure done at any stage of birth, including late-term options. But Republicans continue the fight to keep the unborn safe by limiting the practice until such a time that it becomes illegal.

The Democrats have muddied the water with many what-if scenarios that it is impossible to weed through them all. The three states in question removed exceptions of rape and incest as reasons for abortion. Any woman that becomes pregnant from rape must have the baby.

Any doctor caught performing an abortion in these states will face severe charges. Oklahoma law can place a person in jail for ten years if convicted. And others can face severe fines and other penalties.

The Supreme Court has a conservative majority. But the increase in anti-abortion laws is happening in Republican states because the issue of abortion needs to be looked at again. And this time by a court that is not swayed by political affiliation or national popularity. For decades the unborn have suffered at the hands of the liberal establishment, and now it is time to remove that burden.

The strategy being used by the Republican states is to put so much pressure on the issue that it is taken up to the Supreme Court. Each new law puts a fantastic amount of pressure on the court to get involved and take another look at the case that killed millions.

Mary Ziegler is a Florida State University law professor. CNN stated that she mentioned that “In earlier legislative sessions, Republican-controlled states generally had either passed abortion restrictions designed to provide a test case the Supreme Court could use to overturn Roe or had approved bills crafted narrowly enough that they hoped they could survive legal challenges while Roe remained the law.”

Donald Trump knew what he was doing when he appointed certain justices to the bench. He hand-picked them based on their convictions to law and not on political agendas being pressed by the Democratic Party.

The Democrats are reacting much similarly, but just a few years too late. They have pressed for one of their justices to retire so they can put a progressive female on the bench that would work to sway popular opinion on the matter. But the truth remains that the bench is still conservative heavy.

The conservative majority is why so many red states are passing laws to limit abortion. The reaction they want is for the Democrats to fight the laws, so the issue is taken up to the Supreme Court to review the terrible law that has claimed the lives of untold millions in a country that protects the rights of people, including the unborn. The liberals want people to think that the unborn have no rights, but that is only true in a socialist country.