Iran Issues Stern Warning Regarding the U.S.

Iran is a lying second-hand nation that is just crying for attention. They want the world to be watching them and acting afraid of their threats and comments that they are making. After declaring to the world that they are enriching uranium once again in full defiance of the 2015 nuclear deal they now want the European nations that still on board with it to live up to their part of the deal. They want these nations to shield them from the sanctions of the United States. In effect, Iran is demanding that the allies of the United States turn their backs and join Iran in their struggle against America.

The nations of Europe were left in a bad deal when the president pulled out of in 2017. They could have followed, but they chose to remain and now they are left with the consequences. Iran is using the old agreement to bully them into something that they do not want to do. Iran has already chosen to not follow the deal when it broke out of its limitations as to what they could produce as uranium. And now they want to force the other nations to go along with something that they have never had any intentions on following.

The Foreign Minister of Iran has stated, “It is meaningless to continue unilateral commitments to the deal if we don’t enjoy its benefits as promised by the deal’s European parties.” Iran never intended on honoring their side of the commitments as they have already declared months ago. They are crazy if they think people are going to go along with them with their hatred of the United States. Like any child trying to hold their breath until they get what they want Iran will continue to break other parts of the agreement until the nations come to their aid.

Iran is idiotic to think that anyone cares about they are babbling about this time. Iran has already broken the treaty the day when they decided to enrich more uranium and the day they tried to sneak their oil in the county. It should not come to any person’s surprise that Iran has the desire to start up its nuclear program again.

It is something they have always wanted to do, and they are just using the United States the means and the purpose for them breaking the rest of the treaty. Iran wants to try to get the European nations to save the agreement, but at this point, they would be hard-pressed to have the support that they are looking for. Iran is asking for nations to turn their backs on the president and the United States.

Iran is also threatening to take more aggressive steps to get what they want. They have even eluded that the steps are reversible if the other nations come along with them. Iran is pressing for an all-out war with the United States. They want the conflict. What they will find will be similar to what happened in the country of Iraq where their military simply surrendered because they were tired of the oppressive leader that they had to defend and fight for. Now the country of Iraq is a free nation with a leader that can be trusted at its helm.

The President discovered that Iran was never really obeying the deal that they entered into under Obama. So he pulled the nation out. He recognized that it was a bad deal and wanted to negotiate a new one. But Iran will not deal. Which shows they never wanted the deal in the first place. They just wanted the time to build their nuclear arsenal. Iran is just another terrorist country that is bent on destroying the whole world. They want to bully other nations into siding with them and that is what they are trying to do to the European nations.

Iran claims that it never wanted nuclear weapons but the truth of their actions tell another story. If they never did want the weapons, then there is no need for them to enrich uranium to the levels they are. President Trump saw this and it became the reason the pull the country out of the deal.

15 thoughts on “Iran Issues Stern Warning Regarding the U.S.

  1. Iran is also planning a nuclear attack on Russia but make look like it came from us so Russia will retaliate with nuclear strikes on the United States. Also Iran is planning a biological attack on our water supply and kill millions of We should judo the world a favor and nuke them now!

  2. Thank you Obama administration ( crazy Joe) ( horseface Kerry). I have a 6 month old great grandson who could have negotiated a more beneficial agreement.

  3. It seems the United States and Israel are the only countries that see through this evil regime. Do others really believe Iran will honor the agreement? Remember, you were fooled once before by an evil dictator in Hitler and also remember the words of their supreme leader who said it was their religious duty to rule the middle east and then the world. Well, guess what, that would be impossible without nuclear weapons.

  4. Iran will make a fine parking lot once they decide to either cause mass Causalities by attacking the U. S. Navy or deploying a dirty nuke or their half assed nuclear missile with in the United States. It’s a shame as I have meet and worked with Iranians in the United States and they were nice people.

  5. IRAN . . . I don’t think that the people of the world are THAT stupid to listen to “TIN POT DICTATORS” who are as stupid as a hard day is long. You are a bad actor causing hate and vitriol and the sooner your dictator ways end, the better the world will be. I’m sure your people will REJOICE when your ROTTEN to the core regime falls from within . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Today’s renegade Erdogan government of Turkey is now threatening the sovereign island nation of Cyprus that was attacked by Turkey in 1974 and never left!

    Erdogan had his security detail attack innocent U.S. citizens in Washington, DC on two separate occasions on May 16, 2017 and May 10, 2018!

    Turkey needs to-be removed from NATO by emailing Trump at: – and by starting a petition at:

  7. Trump should target Japanese, Korean, EU companies which are maintaining offices in Iran and discreetly doing business with the terrorist regime.

  8. Independently Iran is poking to find anything that will anchor their goals that are part of collective actions of authoritarian (autocratic, communist, theocratic….), governments to decouple the bonds on the US/EUROPE and ultimately NATO. These nations main goal is to destabilize and fragment the financial systems so they can operate with impunity regionally and globally while continuing to mask their repressive control in their own nations.

  9. Sanctions are only a ruse enacted so that criminals like Robert Mueller can sell Iran uranium and centrifuges on the black market which he stole from the US. The “deal” was also a stunt. People are not falling for this crap any more.

  10. Iran, United States and Israel are ALL on the same side; don’t worry. In secret they are working together against the Islamic World. All these noise is JUST to keep you and me busy so that they may go on doing their business in secrecy. Go home, please and get a cup of coffee.

  11. Word to IRAN . . . Don’t mess with U.S. If you mess with the BULL, You’ll get THE HORN. I’m hoping You guys are not THAT STUPID. But with that “leadership” of IRAN’s . . . Well, they’re not too bright. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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