Is California Now Unlivable?

There are two issues on the news of California at the moment, which leaves California’s living abilities worth it.  Between a severe lack of affordable homes and the wildfires which are destroying everything in its path, there is nothing extravagant about the state.  Those two problems are feeding off of each other and going in a cycle every year.  If not one problem at a time occurs, both leave the state branded at the same time.  If a person cannot breathe, then they cannot live.  With the smoke that fills the air and massive blackouts in the cities, over 130,000 people have lost their homes so far, and more are expected to be forced evacuate.

The Real Estate industry is not one of the best in California.  One punchline which may get a home sold or rented would be, “If you’re lucky, the fires won’t come your way.”  It is not much of a selling point, but this is all Real Estate has to work within California.  The cheapest places are where the wildfires take out the homes.

When factoring in the cost of living, it also leaves a person broke before they get paid.  People living there are losing their homes because they cannot afford to keep them.  The rest lose their homes to the wildfires.  Gas prices are not helping the state’s people either at over five dollars a gallon.  If the rent doesn’t break the pocketbooks, the gas prices will.

People are finding themselves living further away from expensive cities and are carpooling, and doubling up their families and friends in apartments and homes.  The rest get left by the wayside and become homeless.  Anyone who is not from the area would say the hand of God has come down to slap them for all the hell they gave to President Trump.

With the housing industry, the Trump administration is doing everything they can to help. Still, California keeps biting the hand that feeds them.  Not to mention the tremors and small earthquakes, the state has been having for decades.  One day, the big one everyone has been talking about may come.  That alone has scared many people away.  What was once one of the dreamiest places in the country where everyone wanted to go has now quickly become one of the most unlivable and unbearable states in the nation.

The wealthiest people live in well-constructed neighborhoods, but as the riches are fading with the high cost of living, wildland-urban interface (WUI) is becoming more predominate.  These areas are not well-constructed buildings, and the surroundings are that of grassy ridges, scrublands, and pine forests, which have become susceptible to the dangers of wildfires.  Just the flick of ashes off of a cigarette can cause hundreds of miles of destructive fires.  In the last few years, it has been due to electrical power lines, which the state’s government has only made worse by not allowing the proper cleanup.

Since 1990, more than have of the housing industry has taken over the WUI.  This leaves one in seven homes throughout the state of California in danger of being burned.  A total of 2 million homes have been counted by the Center for Insurance Policy and Research.  It leaves California, leading the nation with three times more homes likely to be destroyed.

So if it is so deadly, why are people building more in the WUI?  Let’s look at the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  They have the most people living on the streets than in homes or apartments.  The cost of building a house according to the strict building code laws has put those same people on the streets.  Housing is simply not affordable when it comes to the standards of the rules.  As the fires take out more homes, the prices continue to rise.  Insurance premiums skyrocket, and rent is unbelievable.

The only solution to California’s housing problem is to lower the cost.  This would keep people from building in the WUI.  A retired planning director for Sonoma County, California, stated, “I cannot recall any development project that was denied, or where the density was substantially reduced, because of known wildfire hazards.”  Governor Gavin Newsom signed many bills to lower the cost and build the construction industry, but it is not enough.  California’s government has blamed Ben Carson of the housing industry and President Trump.  Since the state’s government is Democrat, their pointing fingers show nothing will ever get done, and the cycle will continue.

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