Is California Now Unlivable?

There are two issues on the news of California at the moment, which leaves California’s living abilities worth it.  Between a severe lack of affordable homes and the wildfires which are destroying everything in its path, there is nothing extravagant about the state.  Those two problems are feeding off of each other and going in a cycle every year.  If not one problem at a time occurs, both leave the state branded at the same time.  If a person cannot breathe, then they cannot live.  With the smoke that fills the air and massive blackouts in the cities, over 130,000 people have lost their homes so far, and more are expected to be forced evacuate.

The Real Estate industry is not one of the best in California.  One punchline which may get a home sold or rented would be, “If you’re lucky, the fires won’t come your way.”  It is not much of a selling point, but this is all Real Estate has to work within California.  The cheapest places are where the wildfires take out the homes.

When factoring in the cost of living, it also leaves a person broke before they get paid.  People living there are losing their homes because they cannot afford to keep them.  The rest lose their homes to the wildfires.  Gas prices are not helping the state’s people either at over five dollars a gallon.  If the rent doesn’t break the pocketbooks, the gas prices will.

People are finding themselves living further away from expensive cities and are carpooling, and doubling up their families and friends in apartments and homes.  The rest get left by the wayside and become homeless.  Anyone who is not from the area would say the hand of God has come down to slap them for all the hell they gave to President Trump.

With the housing industry, the Trump administration is doing everything they can to help. Still, California keeps biting the hand that feeds them.  Not to mention the tremors and small earthquakes, the state has been having for decades.  One day, the big one everyone has been talking about may come.  That alone has scared many people away.  What was once one of the dreamiest places in the country where everyone wanted to go has now quickly become one of the most unlivable and unbearable states in the nation.

The wealthiest people live in well-constructed neighborhoods, but as the riches are fading with the high cost of living, wildland-urban interface (WUI) is becoming more predominate.  These areas are not well-constructed buildings, and the surroundings are that of grassy ridges, scrublands, and pine forests, which have become susceptible to the dangers of wildfires.  Just the flick of ashes off of a cigarette can cause hundreds of miles of destructive fires.  In the last few years, it has been due to electrical power lines, which the state’s government has only made worse by not allowing the proper cleanup.

Since 1990, more than have of the housing industry has taken over the WUI.  This leaves one in seven homes throughout the state of California in danger of being burned.  A total of 2 million homes have been counted by the Center for Insurance Policy and Research.  It leaves California, leading the nation with three times more homes likely to be destroyed.

So if it is so deadly, why are people building more in the WUI?  Let’s look at the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  They have the most people living on the streets than in homes or apartments.  The cost of building a house according to the strict building code laws has put those same people on the streets.  Housing is simply not affordable when it comes to the standards of the rules.  As the fires take out more homes, the prices continue to rise.  Insurance premiums skyrocket, and rent is unbelievable.

The only solution to California’s housing problem is to lower the cost.  This would keep people from building in the WUI.  A retired planning director for Sonoma County, California, stated, “I cannot recall any development project that was denied, or where the density was substantially reduced, because of known wildfire hazards.”  Governor Gavin Newsom signed many bills to lower the cost and build the construction industry, but it is not enough.  California’s government has blamed Ben Carson of the housing industry and President Trump.  Since the state’s government is Democrat, their pointing fingers show nothing will ever get done, and the cycle will continue.

202 thoughts on “Is California Now Unlivable?

  1. This is what happens when you vote in CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS. Just take a look around the country ANY state that is in complete DEMOCOMMUNIST control are turning into CRAP-HOLES full of illegal immigrants , rampant CRIME, outrageous TAXES, more UNCONSTITUTIONAL “regulations”, and new UNCONSTITUTIONAL “LAWS” voted in usually in the middle of the night (like COMMUNIST N.Y. state) by “emperor” cuomo and his DEMOCOMMUNIST “minions” in albany.

      Era F.

      1. They vote demo rat they deserve the results. Screw them and let their homes burn.

        They were .ore then happen to scream logging should be banned and clear cuts are bad. Now they have massive fires they want to bla.e on global warming. Stupid ciforniz voters did it to themselves so they should have to stay there and be cooked instead of being lowdd to move to other states and screw them up.

        California sucks becuase all Californians sucks. You California Ian’s voted for the crap your states is now stay there a s ki e with the crap hole you made or learn to stop being dumbass liberals.

          1. You’re correct. When Ronald Reagan was the governor California had a future. When the Demo(n)cats took it over they turned it into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. They have done everything in their power to ruin our cities, done nothing for the Veterans and raised taxes to get raises for themselves and workers with no accountability.

          2. So when are the good people of California coming to defend they’re State????? Begs the big QUESTION???????3

          3. If YOU are not a liberal or believe in their trash ways why are you still there? You love liberals and stupidity.

          4. Maybe not, and I DO know that but I also know they control 99 and44/100s of the state and I wouldn’t waste my time there anymore.

          5. I good point but they move here with the same mentality they left calif. with still not realizing its not going to work here either

          6. Yes I agree. THE Degrading State of CALI IS now
            Controlled by the LIBERAL COMMUNIST NAZI PARTY.

        1. The only good thing about the golden state is their wine country. The rest just sucks , because of the corrupt democRATS that the populace keeps electing.

        1. I have lived in California for 20 years and voted conservative every time, but my vote doesn’t count because of being out numbed by the crooks on the left. And now the HATE of conservatives is so strong here in L.A. that
          if you are conservative you have to keep it to yourself like being undercover. If you speak out and defend our president, it is almost like taking your life in your hands. So you have to (back) out of a room and don’t dare turn your back on the evil leftists in the room. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to move or I would leave L.A. for a state that is safe from the haters.

      1. God will bring is wrath on California with one last swing and drop the state into the ocean and droun all the rats. This and NY and the two biggest crap holes in the country. Maybe he’ll do the same with them too.

        1. I agree they are feeling the hand of the almighty and don’t even know it. They haven’t learned by now they never will. Float California float

      1. Yes we need term limits and the convention of states together vthey can drain the swamp and limit federal power and cut spending and set the limits .I have actually talked with the people at the US term limits and the people at The Convention of States I’m try to find out if they can combine there efforts to make them go faster..and more than anything we most definitely need God back in this country ..he does miracles look what he did to Kanye west he changed him ..and now he has put him to work to bring him back this country desperately needs God back.

    2. I lived in NYC, when it was governed by Republican Mayor Giuliani and Bloomberg and it was Great, Safe and Clean.
      With Far Left Progressive Socialist Liberal, de Blasio and the rest of the Socialist, it is now an unsafe city, and it is getting worst.
      Progressive Radical, Racist, Socialist-Communist, Brainless, Ignorant, Stupid, Moron, “AOC must be terminated together with de Blasio”, Schumer, who are backing and supporting all the criminals that are attacking our Police Dept. who are trying to keep Law and Order and protect the Innocent.
      Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, de Blasio or any Socialist who may get attacked by criminals, they will want the help of the Police to protect them, but in their case maybe no one will respond…because they have proven, they hate the Police.

      It’s time to vote all these disgusting, hateful Socialist, DemoRATS OUR OF OFFICE.

    3. What you outlined is exactly the case as I live in one of them too and its the state I was born in but left it several times over the years usually coming back to an OK place but now I wish I saw all the writing on the wall long ago its all going downhill fast like you pointed out! The evil DEMONCOMMUNIST BITCHES AND BASTARDS are grabbing all they can and destroying the state! They are evil people and God is going to fix them when their time comes!

      1. I saw it coming and now live in a red state. Great weather, nice apartment and I can afford to eat. No problem with Healthcare. There are some Democratic strongholds Miami and the Capital, but they’re eroding fast.

        1. Sounds like most Americans realize that the problems are. My question is , just what are you American Patriots , whom know what the Declaration of Independence says and means , willing to do? It’s pretty apparent that out elected officials , from both parties, most this their above and beyond us. Well that’s not the way America was made and became the hope to of the world! That light is dimming into the night and it’s just about time for patriots to light their lanterns . We need to march , drive, take trains , planes , and any of way to March on and take over Washington DC until the juveniles good home and the Adults can get our country business done. Our forefathers spoke on and talked at length on hard far to let it go before it’s time to take it back, I see that bend in the road and it’s not far at all. Socialist, Communism, Traitor to America , America has drifted but it’s time to drift back and that takes us all . Stand with courage and stand with the truth and you can’t lose. God Bless America !


      1. That is that makes me furious! Everybody complains about these corrupt state politicians, but the people keep voting them into office!

        1. ….BUT….are they really being voted back in? The left insists no id’s for voting….WHY???? Me thinks there is corruption afoot when it comes to voting in some of these states run by the left, for the left and OF the left. The ones who scream no id’s also scream there is no corruption in the voting process. Sure….there are no voting dead people being found over and over….illegals voting….people voting more than once, heck…more than 3x it’s been found. ……all the while the media suppresses the true data….

          1. Michelle Obama is now teaching 16 year old kids her way of thinking about how the govt. should be!! Can you imagine this? She is PLANNING on REGISTERING these kids to vote in the 2020 election!!!!!!!!!! What and who gives her the right to do anything , that is (1) illegal, the voteing age has not been changed and (2) she cannot change the law on a whim!! So how is she gonna do it, give them voter ID that make them of legal age?? SCARY!!!

    5. Cliff I agree. The unconstitutional laws were created in California 1930’s / the 2nd Constitution for Corporations only and that is a ” FICTION ENTITY ” that is why the left has so much protection. And the weather has been controlled since the end of the WWII. It come from the Germans and the old Prescott Bush plus Vatican gave all these German killers protection and they were working underground with U.S. Did you ever think about these bigfoot and others where they come from ? Well, they are half human and animal and the research is continuing and continuing. We are labeled the slaves and stupid, no common sense and we are not allowed to know.

    6. Cliff…..You are 500% correct! Bath House Barry, left America a legacy of racial division, corruption, both political & real everyday happenings. the “People” he left in GBMNT, most certainly should have been expunged from their bogus jobs, as they are enemies of the state, under the Presidency of Donald Trump! Obama, pilfered “billions”, of $’s, & sent much of that to Americas, enemies: Russia, Iran, & Other countries that we still need to have identified. Obama’s “Legacy”, is a scourge on this country, & his “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE”, is a total disaster! Thank God for Donald Trump, & his choices to run this country! is he “Perfect”?…..NO, & he doesn’t claim to be! Trump, will be honest with America, & say what he thinks, feels, & is going to do! This is the ‘TRANSPARENCY”, we all have been waiting for!

    7. I haven’t been to California in 20yrs and by my assessment it wasn’t livable then. No wonder its become a third world country living like parasites on the back’s of the remaining hard working tax payers and the LEGAL immigrants. Mean while pelois shifty n watets….ect try to destroy Mr.Trump and neglect their district’s that need him the most.

    8. California doesn’t want to follow any of the laws of the nation you want to be their own little world stop spending money they made the mess they can pay to clean it up they can’t say who cares it’s their problem enjoy your sanction cities the rest of the country doesn’t need you

    9. Cliff: I’m a retired Detective Supervisor with the LAPD. I was with the LAPD in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80s. We now refer to those years as “when the LAPD was considered the finest Police Department in the world.” The City’s sidewalks, streets, and parks were clean. We were allowed to enforce the law! There was no such thing as Sanctuary anything! The requirements to join the LAPD was tough! Even in the late 80’s when females were permitted to join the job they were unable to meet the physical requirements so LAPD was forced to eliminate them. Frankly, society has been degraded because we allowed it to be.

    10. you are correct used to live there went back to see my old houses do not want to return socials are ruing the west coast sham those used to be great

    11. It is absolute Disgrace what the Radical, Evil, Criminal Corrupt DemoRATS-Socialist-Communist, are doing to our once beautiful cities and states, that are now

      What did these DemoRAT leaders do with the $Millions & $Millions of dollars that was give to them to Maintain and Improve their Cities, absolutely nothing…


  2. It use to be where everyone wanted to live and vacation.Then the Democrats got into office.Look at all the other Democrat run States. We need to vote all these Democrats out of office.

  3. The wrath od G-D is upon this state…the homesless people should go and run the demorats out of their
    cushy jobs and run it themselves..wait till 2020..has nothing to do with politicks..people will be leaving
    in droves, rich, poor, dumb, smart, homeless those with homes..a wasteland cometh!!

  4. California Politicians will never acknowledge their role in the destruction of California. It will always be the Republicans fault, even though that party has had no political power for decades. They also try and lay the blame on the federal government, which is curious as other states with similar problems (New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas) with similar wildfire conditions and have not experienced anything close to the tinderbox created in California. Adding to the cost of housing the ‘California Only’ construction mandates and regulations, add significantly to the cost of housing. Now add the irrational zoning decisions as it relates to fire risk and you have a crisis made to order for the foreseeable future. But it will always be someone else who caused this, the politicians and irrational, ridgid environmentalist will never accept their role.

    1. What goes around comes around the democommunist party has dished out distruction and now recieving distruction I know that their are some good people in California but not many and the good people probably pack up and come back to their home state but leave California hatred and bull shit in California where it belongs

    2. The democrats want the fires. The clai. It proves climate change.

      It really proves 40 acre clear cuts are good and the Sierra club was wrong again. Of course the Sierra club is always wrong.

      No one should ever give money to those stupid lying environmentalist groups. They Re all full of moro s that dont know what they are talking about.

  5. I used to think an earthquake would destroy Califoria. I am beginning to think the corrupt Democrats, illegal immigrants and wildfires will do the job. Feel sorry for the residents but they have brought it on themselves. My son and his family moved from San Mateo to Minneapolis last year.

    1. All Californians should be forced to stay in California. The voters thought they were soooooo cool voting for every stupid liberal idea that came along now they should have to stay and live with the shit hole they created. Dont say you didnt becuase Californians were voting 80 and 90 percent democrat for years.

      All liberal ideas everywhere are always destined to screw up the world. Burn on California: you voted for it and keep thinking the Sierra club is good. Those evil clear cuts would have made nice fire breaks but now you get to burn down hundreds of thousands of acres of your precious animal habitat.

      We should be suing the Sierra club and california voters for destruction of animal habitat.

      Save the squirrel’s kill a Sierra club member. Save the chipmunks kill a california voter.

    1. All the ppl from Other states say the Same..Many of these demorats come to their states and bring their Trash Ideas to their state’s…Leaving Trash then trying to force the same on other States..👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Texas is the land they flock to!!.. Bringing their BS ideas with them.. Its happened twice in the last 30 years and the move from about 2 years ago has started again!!.. They come raise the prices of homes, buy a 2nd one (so they don’t have capital gains), then leave a few years later cause they can’t get their way in TX, leaving behind their ‘slump loads’ homes they never take care of!! I think Texas is looking the wrong way at their borders!!… Focus on not only the Southern border but wets as well!!!

      2. I see stupid californians around my place a the time now. I key their cars, pull up their election signs and drive really slow in Front of them.

        I have zero respect for any californian. Only a fool votes to screw up their city and state then move sc somewhere else cause their state is screwed up and vote the same damn way.

        All Californians are stupid and oregonians are stupid. Everyone in western washington is stupid. They can k ha e their homes burned and hopefully they and their babies will be home at the time.

        They all love voting for d ery stupid liberal environmentalist idea . Now those ideas are burning down the forest and their homes. Clear cuts were prettier you dumb shits.

  6. What is killing the home market is the local governments and there assessments. New home buyers can have there assessments increase 2 percent a year! In ten years that could be an increase of 20 percent. Home buyers will not buy those homes, they will not be able to sell the homes! California is a disaster for home owners. and they better fight the cities who will try to sneak the increase on existing homes to 2 percent a year!

    1. Larry, i was born and raised here in California. We moved to another state my wife didn’t like it now we’re back. I am 75 yrs old. The thing that scares me is that WHEN (NOT IF)CALIFORNIA FILLS FOR BANKRUPTCY, IT’S GOING TO TAKE THE HOLE COUNTRY DOWN WITH IT. GOD,IS COMING BACK SOON

  7. I truly hope the Democratic governor in Nevada doesn’t turn Nevada into the next California..
    Because Voting fraud will keep Democrats in power just like in calif. We have to be very sure there is none in Nevada..

    1. It saddens me to live in Las Vegas, unfriendly people who came from California and they vote Democrats in, destroying now Nevada. Las Vegas is now just like LA. But the mayor here had the guts to put the homeless OFF city streets recently, but I am sure some asshole judge will undo that. Judges have way too much political power.


    1. I wholeheartedly agree Ronald L. Water has always been an issue in Cali. And now that Nevada and Arizona no longer give up their allotments from the Colorado River, it’s only going to get worse. But of course, Newscum is focused on that damned bullet train to nowhere!

      P.S. I left Cali 36 years ago and never looked back, although there are now tons of Commiefornians here in Idaho, bringing their stupid blue values with them.

    1. We should fence the borders to keep all the Californians in let them all burn. The. Their governor can scream climate change while everyone is burning.

  9. I am from California. What I have seen also is the population in the state has changed. People are having smaller families or even not having children because of the cost. Which in turn has been a surge of CLOSING OF SCHOOLS. Not only elementary but also high schools. Plus people are leaving the state. The state has very strict environmental rules that most heavy industries have left the state. Which also the jobs that go with them. All that is left is distribution and agriculture. Even agriculture has had issues not being able to get the water to grow. The price of fuel is insane. With the very taxes on the fuel and the special blend. You would think that the roads would be the best in the country. But no they just patch. Or if they do it right instead of a project that should take maybe two years it will take ten years to finish. Look at (Interstate 5 in Southern California.) Then before they do anything they will have all kinds of regulations and permits and to see if some poor animals are in danger then the project gets shelved. It has even effected people that want to do upgrades at there house. If you don’t get the permits and you do it any way you have to take it out at your own cost. Welcome to California!

  10. It’s so easy for the Liberal governor to blame our great president for his own ruination of California, including Jerry Brown before him. You reap what you sow. California is reaping hard now. It’s going to be a big crop and the reaping will last for a long time. At one time, I felt sorry for them, but not any longer. California should just break off into the ocean and drown. Just stop blaming someone else for your faults and accept responsibility.

    1. Hah! Governor Moonbeam started this slide into the abyss when first elected in 1972 (1973-1981). I was born and raised in Costa Mesa in what was then conservative Orange County (today that’s no longer the case). In the ’50’s and ’60’s Cali was a great place to grow up. But the passage of the Coastal Zone Commission in Moonbeam’s first term put the handwriting on the wall for all to see. After observing Cali’s downhill trajectory in the quality of life, I left SoCal in Aug of ’89 and never looked back. Meanwhile, the Calis who remained journeyed further an further left, and then the stupids re-elected Moonbeam some 40 years later to finish the debacle he’d started. In the interim, Dukmejian and Wilson were minor obstacles the the Left’s way, where political correctness, “diversity” politics (diversity – isn’t that a synonym for “division”?… same root and all….) rule supreme. So, now, I have no sympathy for what Cali is going through. I only miss body surfing at Newport Beach. I used to say that I’d move back to Cali only if I was filthy, stinkin’, hog-nasty rich. The last few years, though, I reconsidered thought that if that was the case, I could find at least ten other places I’d rather live.

  11. Becareful what you wish for? The land of Hollywood and glamour? Not so fast! Life in the fast lane? Look what the Democrates jave done? It is certainly God’s wrath upon them. It use to be a blessed state. Their wicked leaders are to busy trying to take down one of the best President’s this country has ever had! I personally commend President Trump for taking on these whatever you call it? He is not given the credit that he derserves. May God Bless you President Trump!

  12. I live in California. We lost our house in 2008 we have experienced all the things that are happening. And it seems it’s not getting better only worse. We now live in the family home with our son. Everything is going up all the time taxes gas cost of living. I never vote for the democrates. Yet they are in total control. Now they want to take away prop 13. Which is good for people who have had their home for a long time. And seniors. If it’s taken away we won’t be able to afford higher taxes. It never ends. Our whole family is here working hard. But may soon have to leave also.

    1. California is a case study of what that left is trying to do to the whole country. Better wake up people its happening NOW!!

    2. Start arguing with your dumbass liberals neighbors about why they screwed up the state. It is obvious the Sierra club is wro g about all things environmental. They forced bans on clear cutting then banned most logging. Now you have no fire breaks, but I dont hear a tone saying the Sierra club was wrong. So you got what you voted for.

      I dont hear californian voters saying no more benefits to illegal aliens or stop encouraging the homes drug addicts. Instead I keep hearing the doctors or pharmaceutical companies cuased the problem. Bullshit, the drug addict is a drug addict becuase they choose to take and continue to take drugs.

      Stop voting stupid and stop being afraid to tell your neighbors they vote stupid. Just because they vote liberal does not make them right.

  13. The state should break off and vanish in the Pacific.Nothing of their being there will be missed.Imagine all the moronic, stupid hollywoodites and corrupt , evil politicians are gone.

    1. Didn’t Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) have a vision of California breaking off and disappearing into the ocean? He was known for the accuracy of his visions so there’s hope!

      1. Problem with that is the western rockies will be beach front property after the resulting tsunami. No better burn than slash.

      2. I wish is would happen right now and really fast so no one can escape.

        They are all stupid worthless liberal scum. Drowning like kittens in a sack would be good for them

        1. You mean the elite Hollywood haters. Drebra messing,deniro,and the rest of the actors that live in scripted land . Oh and i cannot forget that old hag hanoi jane. She almost choked on her words saying she drives an electic car. I voted along with everyone that is sick and tired of corruption. Jimmy Kimmel snl and all the other late late shows of course the view (as long as you agree with their view) etc. , can have that cheating corrupt killer Hillary. She stole and cheated Bernie now she’s trying to steal it from us. Hillary go back behind your wall ,walk your dog (your looking a little hefty,not healthy).
          I always liked Bill maybe ill meet up with him in Arkansas. Oh shucks I’m over 21 .

  14. Every person who gone to poll box to VOTED is the blame for all of California problem. You check the wrong box! If you cannot open your eyes to other party because you are a Democrat! Then you are destroying your state! It either you replace all of them and the government. Or keep looking in the mirror at the problem.

    1. You are right. They love thinking that voting de.ocrat makes them young cool rebellious liberals. So you just stay in your young cool rebellious state with your Sierra club environmentalist forest management practices and burn. You can dream of the old days of logging and clear cuts and wish th here where 100 a re fire breaks while the ski. Burn off your body as your house burns and the gas tank in your bmw and Prius blow up.

      Californians should be suing g the Sierra club for 60 years of lying about the environment and forest management.

  15. No matter your party affiliation if you have any comparison left for your fellow American. Lets take a look what the Dem O rat’s install in each and every state they run political. They chase out the middle class with debt crushing taxes, low pay for all(expect for them) quality of education, health care, roads, regulations on everything from ownership of business to all home improvement projects. If they can turn 99% of its population poor then by offering food, substandard housing and health care they will ensure that population continues to vote them in. What choice do they have?

    1. They could vote republican. They are just too greedy and lazy to do it. Nope I have no compassion for them.

      When you vote for things it is voting against the things the people you are taking the money from wanted like their own Education and housing and retirement.

      So no compassion. All of the California voters can burn to death or be homeless . I dont care.

  16. I feel terrible for the DECENT people in California (not the GOVERNOR or other LIBERAL MAYORS, OFFICIALS, ETC.) and they deserve our prayers and best wishes…..I would not want to live in that LIBERAL RUN STATE and i know many of them would like to leave but can’t……HOWEVER, in my humble opinion, if they would remove NEWSOM and the other CORRUPT, CROOKED POLITICIANS from their Government and hopefully elect people that had the best interest of the LEGAL CITIZENS of that state, into office, perhaps they could make California the “GOLDEN STATE” again!

    1. First step: remove the demon’s. Second step: elect conservative common sense. Third step: deregulation. Damn the tree hugging morons. Fourth step: Don’t go back to the old ways. Fifth step: Wait!

    2. There are no decent people in California. They know what they are voting for. They a bought the Sierra club forest management animal habitat BS they all bought the “illegals are only doing the jobs americans dont want to do” BS. They can all stay there and live with the crap hole they voted for.

      Stop trying to be reasonable. Its black and white. All liberal stuff is bad. All democrat stuff is bad. Some Republicans stuff is bad. You vote no most of the time.

  17. California is a SANCUARY STATE therefore it is an ILLEGAL STATE I was born and raised here in California I am now ashamed to tell people that I am from such an ILLEGAL STATR thanks to Jerry Brown and G Nuesume and of course the mentally sick PELOSI and California is no longer California they are going to change the name to NOTHERN TIAJUNA,GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP , PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP THE GREATEST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME!!!!

  18. Governor Brown made this place a shithole. Newsome Keeps it that way. California is too beautiful of a state to throw away to the illegals and homeless. I have struggled trying to keep my home on my own for 15 years with the cost of living here . The insurance laws are so so wrong. I cannot afford to go to the Dr. yet people get free health insurance and visits? I don’t get it. We need to Recall Newsome and get a Governor in here who will clean up this state. Preferably one who supports the President of the United States of America! No matter who he is!

    1. That’s right. I was raised in the Central Valley. Hard working farmers. They are good people. Not all f calif is a shit hole. The valley people are conservative. But the coastal area is the problem. Our votes in the Central Valley do not count. They are feeding 80% of the world. They can barely make it. It’s not the federal regulations and taxes. It’s the democratic state. We don’t like the sanctuary state either. But thanks to the gov who is an idiot we have no choice. The gangs are rampant. They are killing our officers. They need to split ca down the middle do the good people have a chance. Pray for the good hard working people. They don’t deserve this.


  19. Voters make choices. California’s voters have made their choices and now are living with the results. PG&E is in the shape it is in because of Government mandates. PG&E spent tens of millions on green energy when they should have spent that money on maintenance and grid improvements. In the 1930s the German people made bad choices. It got 10 million of them killed in the war. They paid dearly for their bad choices.

    1. The good conservative voters in the valley don’t have a chance. We don’t vote for Democrats. Our votes don’t count. Only those in the coastal cities count. We are outnumbered
      So don’t blame the whole state. We are not Hollywood.
      It’s not the federal gov s fault either.
      The state legislation that’s doing it.
      And environmentalists too. It sucks

  20. Like most problems caused by liberals; solution, get rid of the liberals, work hard to rebuild for a few years, and hope the liberals don’t come back. Yes, a fantasy, or-err pipe dream, but those who remember “purple haze” now know the “green Haze” is the fad, unto death do us part. Suggestion: move now, before someone illegal gets your spot in the new Land of America.

  21. As a native born Californian, I’m ashamed of what this state has become. There is more concern for illegals and criminals than there is for our own state’s citizenry. As a Sanctuary State , I feel, we’re a criminal state. I would already be gone if it weren’t for family here (mom, sister, etc.). I’m ashamed of our states government. We are so demonized by the Democrat’s many of us just pretend like it will go away or say it won’t affect me. All I can say is shame on you that continue to stay silent. Eiter work at becoming part of the solution to take back our state (vote for those who promote improvements for our citizens and the rule of law or get out.

  22. The homeless should have a poopathon sit in adjacent to Nancy & Adam’s property’s. They should demand port a potties be placed where they live instead of relieving them self’s in the streets. This would help with the rat issue and the diseases that are multiplying. That is the least they could do for their districts. There could be another plague of the Democrats do not get it cleaned up soon. San Fran & LA should be quarantined.
    So much for themselves giving the Citizens pretty much 0. The concern should be impoopment in their districts instead of impeachment.

  23. California is the worst state in the US to live in or work from. Weather is overated. The Liberal/Progressive Democrat politicians have overtaxed and over regulated the citizens and businesses of this state in and out of control manner. Fortunately business companies and individuals have the opportunity to make the wise choice of moving to another state. Everyone should leave California with its political economic created disasters, earthquakes, fires, pollution, homeless crisis etc. If California wants to secede from the US, let them go. And let them be without any US financial and military support. Alone California should be !!!

  24. I began my professional career in Southern California in 1959. By sheer accident, I met Ronald Reagan within a few months of establishing my office. As it turned out, at that time he was president of the Screen Actors Guild and their office was in the same building as mine. We liked each other from the beginning (he was 6 months older than my father) and we would have breakfast a couple of mornings a week. It wasn’t long after meeting that the conversations turned to politics which, at that time, I knew nothing about but was interested. I soon learned that he was contemplating running for governor of California one day and that there were a number of shakers and movers behind him should he decide to do so. One of them was Justin Dart, the CEO of Rexall Drug and Chemical Co., my boss.

    Ronald encouraged me to join the Young Republicans and I did so. Fast forward to 1965 when I received a phone call from Ronald telling me he would announce his candidacy for Governor of California and asked me if I would organize his campaign in Santa Monica. I agreed and with a great deal of help, we gave him 84% of the vote. He won California by a land slide and was governor from 1966 to 1975 and, in my opinion, the best governor in the 20th century.

    After he left office I began to see a change in California politics. The governors office as well as the assembly and senate were controlled by liberal democrats and continued to be to this date. The politics of California were definitely changing and not for the better. Ultra liberalism consumed almost every corner of the state. The state’s debt soared and the rating on their bonds went from a AAA to a Baa as rated by Moodys and Standard and Poors. Spending was rampant and conservative Republicans were silenced when they opposed.

    In 1999 I had finally had enough of California and the direction the leaders had and continued to take the state. I retired, sold my home, packed up and moved to east Texas hoping this conservative state would give me some peace of mind during my remaining years. Unfortunately, I am beginning to see liberal Democrats growing by the thousands here and am very concerned that Texas may soon turn blue. Because Texas offers excellent employment opportunities liberal Democrats are moving her from the northeast as well as other blue states including California. Time may soon tell if the Democrats gain control of our state legislature. I’m hoping that does not happen in my lifetime. I am now 83 years old and hope and pray that my predictions do not happen. However, I spent 40 years watching the same thing happen in California and do not hold out much hope for Texas keeping it’s color Red.

    1. Yeah I’m in Texas now.
      Geo Soros is trying to turn it blue
      All the tech people moving in.
      We are fighting to keep it red. Pray for Texas

    2. The wise governor of Alaska said it long ago. The Colorado river cannot support the agricultural needs of the future. The oil pipe line in Alaska is drying up much like the tillable lands of California. Alaska has 100× the freash water it needs. How about a new pipe line? Everyone thought he was crazy. His reply “when they get thristy enough they’ll call us” how bout it California getting parched yet?

      1. I hope you are smart enught to charge them about 30% of California state income for water with a surcharge of 25%for illegal alien population above 3% of total state population and Alaskans get to vote in a california rctions at a levels. So the alzzkian get to ekect San Francisco mayors and stuffing that. That would change thi gs in California.

  25. I have read all of the comments and agree with the need for GOD in our daily lives. A relationship with JESUS CHRIST is essential. We are his children. I am grateful for where I live. I try to hear his guidance. I am a senior I have some physical problems that would make it difficult for me to leave if there was a fire. I heard of seniors leaving their homes with their walkers and some were on I’vs. They are now homeless. I do not have blood relatives here except my son who lives with me.. We desperately need God in our daily lives; a personal relationship with Jesus Christ..It is easy to know him.I can’t blame anyone no particular person or organization for the way things are.
    I believe,from what I have seen first hand, the fact that we are a sanctuary state concerns me. I believe communes could help, though we know that would be hard to implement; I also know that budgets are tight; when I was homeless I needed to get help so I applied for General Assistance it was hard to get but I did get it. I noticed, everytime I had an appointment with my worker,the room was filled with people from other countries;I am what is called white, most were Mexican, some were from viet nam some from Pakistan, Cambodia and others I didn’t ask. The Salinas hospital was the same.I was the only person who spoke English and the room was full with all mexicans I was applying for help with medical for my glasses. People are coming because they believe in the American dream. inspite of the fires. I heard that California feeds its people, low income housing . plenty of jobs and there’s always welfare. those of us who live here know the truth. from Pat Venn

  26. People are leaving in droves from California, cost, taxes, corrupt government, “sanctuary” for non-americans? other wise known as illegal aliens, gangs.. birthplace of MS13, poor management of where homes are built .(.insurance companies want out from under the cost themselves)/The list goes on and on. The reality of not having to live there where it’s crawling with celebrities who have an over rated opinion of their importance. Then there is Pelosi, Schiff, Lieu and the to loudmouth Waters and Swalwell? Talk about a bucket of puke. When you leave just remember to leave “California type politics and the criminally behaviors there in California”! Life is good out of that sh=t hole that it has become due to politicians and celebrity insanity.

    1. Screw them. Dont let them.leave. liberals never learn. They think some other then their dumbass voting causes the problems.

      It wasnt they desperate desire to be cool and follow the Sierra club forest management that cuased all the massive fires. They were right ti kick out the logging companies. Those clear cuts were ugly and the burned up forests are cuased by climate change. Liberals will vote for the same crap in idaho.

      The high taxes are not becuase of the enormous about of free stuff california gives to the illegal aliens. The taxes are high becuase trump is mean.

      Liberals are stupid people that can not learn. They need to stay in california. It’s the heaven they voted for. No moving to texas, Nevada, oregon, idaho, washington or Montana. Stay in your liberal heaven. You voted for it now live what you did.

  27. All Democrat/liberal controled things turn to shit. All of them every time . Detroit, chi8, seattle. Portland, San francisco, LA, boston Argentina, Cuba, Spain, greece. Soon Sweden. All hosed by their dumb ass liberal politics.

    The problem is the lack of incentives to create value in a system becuase in socialist systems you can sit back and drink until it crashes

  28. There is a simple and obvious solution to California’s problem, every voter get together and vote the democRATS out of office, elect someone with common sense who will revoke the stupid laws the democRATS have imposed on the people in order to let illegals take advantage of the taxpayers of the state, revoke the sanctuary state policy and start deporting the drain of illegals on freebees paid for by the California taxpayer, if the citizens of California are too stupid to see the way out of their disgrace that keeps them down if they can’t get their heads out of the democRATS behind they deserve what happens to them, everyone has to co operate with the plan of freeing your state that means democRATS. independents and republicans

  29. CaliMeccaJerusalemMexifornia was founded on the pursuit of greed and and an ultra posh life let them suffer for their selfishness.

  30. I am a naturalized American citizen and when I see what half of the American people (Democrats, liberals, the media, students, Academia, et al) are doing to destroy this country, I just don’t understand it that this slice of the American population will do anything to destroy it. Don’t they consider America as their country? In their quest for power, they’d rather have America go down the drain than be a prosperous and safe nation. Countries who hate America are just laughing at the stupidity, disregard for the rule of law, and the shameful spectacle that is going on right now in the House of Representatives of the US Congress. Moreover, some members of this branch of the US Government are America-haters who want to see America destroyed and would rather help America’s enemies. And to think that they are in the US Government, I find it shocking and in other countries would be considered treasonous. Why are they there? Americans who voted them to Congress must feel the same way and are America haters as well. Why hate a President who wants the best for America and its people? Instead we should help recapture America’s greatness again by supporting the President who is doing a magnificent job despite the arrows that are being shot at him relentlessly ever since he took office. What is also sad is that America’s institutions that run the Federal Govt. have been compromised as well. I will never look again at the FBI, DOJ. IRS, etc. as entities of integrity and fairness.

  31. Do any of you in Clifornia realize that these Fires are being set buy ISIS Terrorists the are ether Homegrown or Radical Islamic Terrorists that came to America Illegally? If you recall yesterday ISIS did say their ISIS Members are setting fires.

  32. When I worked for GM I tried hard to get a transfer to one of the then operating assembly plants in California. Later in my career at GM I was part of the team to close the California plants and transfer equipment and people to the new Mid West plants being built.
    The California plants were closed due to the fact that most California buyers were choosing foreign cars instead of cars built in their state. Plus the unfriendly government environment for industry in the state.
    California has got what it ask for by years of letting their state be controlled by liberals. I am forever grateful to GM for leaving me in the Mid West instead of approving my request for a transfer to the golden state…..

    1. Your right. The California voters have the heaven they voted for. They all need to stay their and live is the heaven of their creation. Afterall they were all soooooo… cool voting for a those liberal things. They li e the Sierra club forest management and were happy the Sierra club and go ernie brown (janefonda’s husband at the time) sued all the lighting companies for their permitted clear cuts destroying animal habitat. Yup really cool young hip people those Californians.

      How are those Sierra club forest management practices treating you now? You voted for it you live with it. Why are t you suing ex governor brown and the Sierra club for killing hinders and destroying billions in assets? Still too busy trying to be young and cool and hip and claiming you hVd proof of climate change?

      Stay in your damn california liberal heaven. I want to watch you burn.

  33. Before 1970 California was a fantastic place to grow up and live. Because of our ignorant, incompetent, corrupt politicians voted in , beautiful California has been ruined. Examples of what has happened are well described above.
    What a shame!

    Third generation Californian

  34. Yes, California, my home state for many many decades, is no longer the Golden State, it’s more like a Tin State now. And this is a real shame. However, on these low notes we are talking about all things other than the incredible beauty. The beauty remains. However, even that is in jeopardy to some degree, what with building ticks tacky all over and the hordes of immigrants, legal and illegal, etc. Those things do affect the beauty, and beauty has an “eln=bow room” component to it. Item: a beach usually is so much more beautiful with 5 people on it rather than 5,000. Then there are those morons running the state, now way too many of them have names other than Smith and jones (if you know what I mean) and the sanctuary city imbeciles defiling my state, and the complete pinko-dirtbags running and ruining our schools. California has way too many problems and the losers in charge will make things worse. But I am not leaving. It’s my home and always has been my home. I often have to bite my tongue at the in-your-face stupidity and arrogant nature of those leading the present idiocracy that is made up of about 99% of any office holder. What worthless assholes they are. But I am staying. It’s mine. I still love it.

  35. Trump/Carson have been in office >3 years. California’s problems did not start a mere 3 years ago, so find someone else to blame someone closer to the problem. State and local government is responsible.

    1. Blame 50 years of infantile California voters going along with every liberal and environmental concept in a vein effort to prove they were young and open minded and more clever and free thinking and realy really stupid.

      Now they all want to move away from their liberal heaven. The they will vote for the same stupid shit where they move next becuase they are just stupid low IQ people.

  36. Excellent comments!!!!! This is my first time posting here. OMG! California,where do I start? 😮 Yes, the insane cost of living and housing, too many people,high taxes/utilities,fires,traffic,crime,exorbitant state sales tax,cost of gasoline,homeless problem,sanctuary cities..what A JOKE!,water issue,stupid-a** elected representatives,liberalism disease,diseases popping up in SoCal that haven’t appeared in 100 years :o..WTF?!,ILLEGALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(,preferential rights/laws for ILLEGALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!. :(..etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been living overseas and don’t go back to The Not So Golden State much anymore, but when I do I can’t believe the PUNKA** MEXICANS AND THEIR DISRESPECTFUL,ALWAYS PLAYING THE VICTIM,ANTI-AMERICAN,HOSTILE,FU****-UP ATTITUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 * I loved the Newscum and Commiefornians comments!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! 🙂 SO TRUE!!!!!! There are good people in California. * Yes, California should secede from the union and take their criminals,liberals,demoRATS,ILLEGALS,corrupt,greedy property owners,etc. with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!

  37. When was California livable for the real people? I don’t think that it has been livable for decades. They want to be a country, let’s put nitro in the fault out there& give them their own island to screw it up all they want.

  38. If you are reading this please stand in front of a mirror! California is so unlively thank to the VOTER OF THE STATE! Nobody else is to BLAME! You go to poll box to VOTE and you continue checking the same person name who don’t care about you! Please don’t leave California! No other state want you! Want to fix the problem then STOP CHECKING DEMOCRATS NAME ON THE POLL LIST!

  39. You liberal Democrat fool in California is the state biggest problem! Don’t even understand the situation you have created. State legislative is control by Liberal Democrats who only looking out for themselves! If I am wrong prove it! Every position in your government is held by liberal Democrat fool! Nothing getting done in solving anything around the state. Except watching every state Legislative give themselves a big pay raise! With all these in the night laws are pass WITHOUT you knowing about them. So keep VOTING them back into office! Just remember YOU ARE THE ONE WHO LETTING IT HAPPEN!

    1. Some of us here who are conservatives are trying. But we are out numbered.
      Plan on leaving also. Its our property we pay the taxes but we cannot do what we want with property to pay for it. The dems are only for themselves an the Sierra Club are just jealous what we have an they don’t So make all the crazy rules

  40. I. moved. from. NYC. to. California. – 1960-s. Rent. San. Francisco. 2. Bedroom. Apartment. $125. a. Month -2019. 2. Bedroom. Apartment. $4000. a. Month. San. Francisco. 1960s. -2. Bedroom. House. $58,000. 2019. – $1,200,000. and up. San. Francisco. Oakland. And. Berkeley——-.

    1. When I was about, maybe 7 or 8 years old, my mom bought a 3+1 house new in Riverside for $13,500. Believe that? She bought a new Studebaker full size 4-dr. 6 cyl. car for $1,600. That’s right. When we would go shopping, she would fill up the CART at Mayfair market for a paltry $20. So what has happened? DEBT-MONEY. Look at your dollar bill, it says “NOTE” and says is “legal for all debts public and private”. It NO LONGER says in addition: “…..and is redeemable in lawful money at any Federal Reserve Bank”. What else do you need to know?

  41. UN’s Agenda # 21 destroying regional communities / Deforestation. UN’s Agenda # 2030 – 95% Depopulation for a New World Order.

  42. The first time they put Govenor “Moon beam” in it toke several years to clean up the the mess. Then after it was getting close to be cleaned up guess what. Govenor Moon Beam gets put in again. Then the people put in Newsom which does the same shit. Yea team!! My question is the taxes on fuel,sales, property is so high. Where is it going? We should see improvements some place. But no they want more. It just gets worse!

  43. I spent three weeks in Oakland in the late sixties, then I had to stay in the capitol for a couple of weeks. That was a gracious plenty for me. I honestly feel for the decent people who are stuck there and don’t have the where with all to leave. While I don’t want to be pessimistic I can’t see things getting any better for them with the lack of leadership in government and the rule of the Hollywood types. Things have gone so far it appears there is no way out for the state. Even with all the federal help it just continues to go down hill.

  44. You want to save America? Follow God’s laws through Christ, not man’s laws that always end in oppression and poverty. To start, begin meeting with 10 families in your area (any definition of family) and start your own township, see Biblical Instrution: “Form 10-100-1000”. Work with national movements to rescind and revoke ALL CONSTITUTIONS in all states and the United States and instead invoke God’s law of perfect liberty through faith, hope and charity, not force, fear and violence of man’s government. Yes, it will be tough for a while, but do you have any idea where we are headed? Right now: 23 Trillion National Debt and the only money in circulation IS THE DEBT MONEY. How do you pay back the debt WITH THE DEBT? In addition, Our Traitorious (sp?), tyrannical, totalitarian, military-state Congress is forcing taxes on all of us to pay at THIS time, 33 Billion $$ per year in interest on that above debt. Read that again: 33 Billion $. Do you think all this is going to have a happy ending? We must REMOVE all constitutions and outlaw ALL statutory government and debt-money banking. READ THE DECLARATION AND RESOLVES OF THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS OF 1774. It went down hill from there. The USA has been at war for all of its existence except for 22 years so the secret society international British Bankers (own and control America) can become insanely rich by lending us nothing but debt to finance every thing! God will free us, but not unless we all obey Jesus Christ. Learn the truth: GOOGLE THIS, and then read/watch and learn: “Brother Gregory and His Holy Church”

  45. With the likes of “Moonbeam”, Newsom, Harris, a Demo Legislature, the SF Politicians, a State full of Santuary Cities, and a Sieve at the Southern Border, the “Stars” are aligned for failure. Then, on top of that, they have pissed everyone off with their arrogance, so the rest of the States say F-em, let em sink!

  46. This kind of thing has been going on for decades not years. Newsom just made it worse. He keeps spending and spending but not in the right areas. Get the Streets cleaned up, get the homeless into shelters or their own places. That would take care of some of the issues. Reduce your own pay, close the borders and remove state aid to those that don’t deserve it. Stop being so Anti-Trump and maybe things will change. Even the rich are not going to be rich there if things keep going the way they are.

  47. it always has been,,millions of illegal aliens redic restrictive laws high taxes gas and everything else..sanctuary’s .the worst politicians, gay ass LGBT .but i reccomend anyone living there to stay put,,we dont want you here..

  48. California is an illegal state for ILLEGAL ALIENS ILLEGAL means AGAINST THE LAW which all DEMOCRATS ARE or we would not be an ILLEGAL STATE the DEMOCRATS have made the UNITED STATES of AMERICA the laughing stock of the world that is why they waste millions of U.S. DOLLARS to try an IMPEACH the GREATEST PRESIDENT in our history because he is exposing all the ILLEGAL acts that the DEMOCRATS have committed and making the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA RESPECTABLE AGAIN wake up DEMOCRATS PRESIDENT REGAN DID but if you love the feeling of being LIED TO than by all means remain a DEMOCRAT and you will continue to not only be on the wrong side of the fence but on the ENEMIES SIDE of the fence and remember 99.9% of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS are all HARD CORE REPUBLICANS and believe me you don’t want to PISS off the MARINE CORPS VERY SINCERELY ALAN DUNN former UNTES MARINE.

  49. Fire’s are one thing….. homeless Honduran diseases with their rivers of piss & mounds of crap & mounds of crap smeared ass-wipe…. trash …. unruly disrespectful no hablo English public school aged chavalos are another thing all together…. Gay Man-Boy Gavin and his gang of democrat loonz have twisted the Golden State up their Gay ass….!

  50. Some of us here who are conservatives are trying. But we are out numbered.
    Plan on leaving also. Its our property we pay the taxes but we cannot do what we want with property to pay for it. The dems are only for themselves an the Sierra Club are just jealous what we have an they don’t So make all the crazy rules

  51. Don’t know how other people feel yet you couldn’t pay me enough to live in the hell hole the democRATS have turned California into. feel sorry for the people that can’t muster enough votes to kick the democRATS out of office, the illegal voting is what keeps them in power, take the illegals out and sensible people will regain the state and clean it up

  52. The only thing in Cali. that I have seen worth seeing or doing is the Redwood forest. The rest is just a crap hole of a state. What do you expect when you have a bunch of dumbasses trying to run it. Cali. will get better if you let the Republican party take it over. So get out and vote the dumbass dems out of office. If not then don’t bitch at what will happen in the next few years of being under the democratic thumb of disaster. If you can’t see through all the BS that they tell you then you get what you deserve. Trump 2020.

  53. washington state is a garbage dump also. I believe here, the corrupt liberals, demo(rats) change the ballots We all need to rise up in our wrath, not unlike Hong Kong!


  55. Sooner or later the Democraps will implode and be voted out of office.
    People are not stupid and see right though them and how their leftist agenda affects their lives. The 2020 election is going to be a shock to these idiots who have no clue other than they lost in 2016 and have spent their time trying to reverse the peoples choice of Mr. Trump instead of looking after the quality of life for their citizens the represent.

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