Jeff Sessions Wants His Old Seat Back and President Trump is Not Happy

To almost nobody’s surprise, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that he intends to run for his old senate seat in the 2020 elections, according to the Hill. Sessions is already busily hiring staff and intends to come out forcefully in support of President Donald Trump and his agenda. The problem is that a feud between the two men has existed since Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General.

Sessions has been on the outs with the president ever since he recused himself from oversight of the Mueller investigation into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump 2016 campaign. Sessions made that decision because of his involvement in that campaign. The decision did not sit well with Trump, who eventually forced Sessions out of his administration. Even though the Mueller probe eventually found nothing, Newsweek is reporting that Trump has threatened that he would openly attack Sessions if he runs for the Senate.

For Sessions to get a shot at the general election against Democrat Doug Jones, he first must prevail in a crowded primary.

“Sessions would be joining a crowded primary field that includes Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.), former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, businessman Stanley Adair, state Rep. Arnold Mooney and Roy Moore, the 2017 GOP nominee who lost to Sen. Doug Jones (D) in the special election to fill Sessions’s former seat.”

Besides having to deal with the president’s unhappiness with him, Sessions also does not have the blessing of Republican power brokers, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The theory is that Sessions’ feud with the president is one more complication to deal with as the Republicans seek to preserve and, hopefully, expand their Senate majority.

Trump’s preferred candidate in Tommy Tuberville, according to Hot Air. Tuberville is running as a Trump loyalist. He has also cast aspersions on Sessions, claiming that he had lacked the courage to stand with Trump.

Hot Air also suggests that the Alabama senate race contains some minefields for the president if he chooses to go all-in against Sessions.

“It’s possible that Sessions would win the primary despite Trump’s opposition, as the field is currently split five different ways and Sessions doubtless still enjoys some support in a state where he spent years winning elections. If Trump tried to stop him and lost — a test of strength in a ‘Trump state’ — it’d be a total humiliation.”

The worst development for the president and, indeed, Republicans, in general, would be if Roy Moore were to win the primary. Moore, who had been the nominee in the special election in 2017, lost to Doug Jones because of revelations that he had pursued teenage girls when he was well into his thirties. Moore’s fraught sexual history only came to light after the primary, when it was too late.

Observers of Alabama’s political scene are pretty sure that any Republican not named Roy Moore will easily win the general election. Doug Jones’ election was a fluke, brought on by his great luck in having faced a deeply flawed Republican candidate. If it’s Sessions, Hot Air has some more analysis.

“Meanwhile, if Sessions did win the primary despite Trump’s opposition, Trump would be in a bind. Does he turn around and endorse Sessions in the general election against Doug Jones, which would be awkward and embarrassing for him? Or does he remain spitefully silent and risk having Trumpers boycott the general election to punish Sessions, risking an improbable Doug Jones reelection victory?”

Hot Air judges the probability of the president staying out of at least the primary as about nil. He harbors too much bitterness about the Mueller investigation that took up a great deal of the current term, ironically turning up nothing. Trump feels that Session could have squelched the investigation in its infancy and has judged his refusal to do so a sign of disloyalty.

The wait for Sessions had held the Republican primary contest frozen like a fly in amber. The big-money donors have been keeping their wallets shut until Sessions pulls the trigger. Sessions begins that contest with $2.5 million in the bank, a significant advantage.


234 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions Wants His Old Seat Back and President Trump is Not Happy

  1. Have always supported Sen. Jeff Sessions. But in my opinion, he should enjoy his retirement. This is TRUMP COUNTRY and we are loyal to those who are loyal to Alabama.

    1. Nitya I feel the same way! I really liked him, but when he took the AG Job and then recused himself, well I lost my faith in him! He should never have taken the job, he must have know what it would entail! I’ll vote for Bradley Byrne! You are right, Jeff needs to stay home and enjoy retirement!!

  2. I my opinion, why not just “drop the hatchet” and see what ensues? It may be beneficial for BOTH of them . . . team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. Is it obvious that Sessions was owned by THE SWAMP when he recused HIMSELF? Appears that way. He damn sure wasn’t loyal to Trump, Alabama, nor America when he Double-crossed all of us. Since Trump gave Sessions all the rope he needed to hang himself–staying loyal to THE SWAMP and thumbing his snotty nose at the people of Alabama who sent him to Represent our Republican Senator’s duty and obligations—IT’S OVER. Kinda wonder who’s backing Sessions NOW? It ain’t Trump? My memory still places Sessions in the position AS A RECUSED ATTORNEY GENERAL responsible in large part–for the mess we’re still embroiled in today. There’s too much THEIR

    1. It would be no surprise that the Democrats and Soros put him up to running for a GOP slot so that he could pull a Mitt Romney and always vote Democrat while vetoing all Republican legislation. Sessions failed to do his own job in the White House and was bought off by the Democrats. That’s why taxpayers lost several millions of dollars wasted on the Mueller investigation and the Democrats still won’t stop their assault on the President. Alabama is a proud state and proud name and Sessions doesn’t need to disgrace the state again by putting another stain and black spot on it or the people of Alabama.

    2. Seems to me that Sessions did what he thought was right and Trump couldn’t stand for that because it didn’t serve him well To work for Trump you must be a “yes” person because he has all the brain power.

      1. Every employees job is to do what vf your boss says. If you dont want to resign or by fired.

        You go ahead and do whatever you want at work. See how that works for you.

        By the way who said sessions was right? Mostly he was just a weenie. Trump seems to despise weenies.

        Your just a silly stupid anti trump person who does not think in the real world just your weird filtered anti trump view.

        Now get out there and tell your boss to take a hike today is drifting in the parking garage day and tomorrow is sex in the conference room day. Tell the boss to just write your paychecks and shut the heck up.

        You can be retired just like sessions.

      2. Jeff Session really left the President in the dwang when he recused himself, then Rod Rosenstein set up the Mueller probe and the expensive Russia nothing burger ensued. Im sure he isn’t a bad person, rather a bit timid? But I lost respect after that

      1. I could not have said it better. Right .on. I am almost 88 years old; have know Sessions since he was in Alabama Legislature. Always admired him until I feel like he stabbed President in the back. So sorry. He did lots of good things for Alabama but this recent thing ripped it with me. I am sorry but no longer believe he has our best in mind. I really don’t know what to think about his intentions.

        1. PS: I support President Donald Trump one million percent. Once a democrat (but please don’t tell anyone.) Trump is THE BEST. No one can even come close.

  4. Get that asshole out the country he is not for this country he is a paid democratic rat he was willing to let Trump be removed from office all that time he was hiding under his desk

  5. Sessions is from the old school, civility establishment and that sort of thing
    Today’s Washington will eat him up and spit him out. He’s probably a nice person and would serve honorablely.

  6. It is unbelievable! How could Sessions have the face to return to politics when he failed miserably as Attorney General of the US — spineless. He would be another Romney (ugh!) who will work against President Trump if elected to Congress. He is part of the swamp and should be gotten rid of otherwise he will be another problem for President Trump in 2020! He was given the opportunity to clean up the DOJ and the whole Russia hoax, Hillary Clinton, etc. but instead he joined the Washington swamp! Let President Trump continue to do his job in making America great again without another “swampee” trying to remove him from office.

  7. In my opinion, Sessions was the ORIGINAL DEEP STATE PLANT in the Trump campaign. Not only did he not back the President, I can’t recall anything he ever did in Alabama, except win elections. He even voted “NO” on impeaching Clinton.

  8. I liked him at one time. Then I hated him. Now I don’t know where he stands. He could be a good ally, but on the other hand………

  9. Sessions has always stood by Trump and always will. He is the opposite of deep state …he is the one who behind the scenes was doing everything he could to eliminate the deep state. Not everything is made public. I would absolutely vote for Sessions! He is an unsung hero! I hope one day people find out all the good he has done to help America.

    1. DR, you are very much out of touch with the reality that Sessions is a traitor of the first order and is most likely in very good standing with the Swamp puppeteers. He is part of the reason the witch hunt has continued to this day.

      1. You will one day see for yourself. Jeff Sessions IS A HERO! He has done more than you will ever know to help our nation drain the swamp! The only thing he did not do was go after Hillary! Do you think she is the only one in the swamp! It is MUCH BIGGER than anyone imagined. Justice is coming!!!

  10. Trump needs to keep a low profile and stay away from Sessions because he will get enough rope to hang himself!!! I for one don’t want him back as Senator and I don’t miss his smirky grin !!

  11. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  12. As I said in regards to the little weasel running for the AL Senatorial position he bailed on our President during a very difficult time in his administration, so what Jeffy was involved in the Trump campaign that did not disqualifying him from overseeing the false accusation of collusion between Trump and Putin to ensure Trump’s win against the Hildabeast which resulted in that criminal and treasonous Rod Rosenstein allowing Bobby Mueller to carry on that Witch Hunt far longer than he should have been allowed to charge everyone associated with Trump with crimes completely unrelated to the scope of the investigation and which there was no links between those crimes implicating Trump as an accomplice.

    1. If you will remember, Sessions said he would resign if Trump tried to fire Rosenstein whom he put in charge. That speaks volumes.

  13. During his time at AG, he was notably absent. OK he can’t run the Russia Probe. What about Clinton e-mail? Ukranian interference? They were offering us info. Why not DOJ meddling? Why not voter fraud? Why not anything? His 2+ years has no memorable achievement. That is why I think he is a SWAMP creature. I wish I could admire him, but???


  15. Jeff Sessions is out of the Woolf’s pack. He’s wasting his time trying to get his old position in the Senate again. Let’s hope the people in Alabama remember his lack of interest in helping the president and his non-doings, to support the president during the Witch Hunt collusion with the Russians.

  16. The Republican Party has in the past 40 years bred too many “sit on their hands” and “talk a good story but, accomplish little” politicians to represent our country in Washington. A few like John Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan received great support of voters but, little from their party. President Trump is another but, so different, he has stood in the torrent of threats, false accusations, lies, and a media (which could be trusted with relating the truth about anything and cover up that which may be contrary to their agenda), and total adversity of the Democratic Party which professes to almost everything to undermine our country, values, freedoms, Constitution, and President Trump. Jeff Sessions has shown over the years to hide behind or under a rock when he is faced with adversity, rather than stand up for our President, country, freedoms, values or prosecuting guilty individuals who have committed real crimes, dereliction of duty in execution of their sworn duty to and for our country, fraud, and traitorous acts. He appears to have won election and favor as “the lessor of two evils”, or “just another lock-step Washington Swamp Politician”. I feel, it is passed time he should step down from politics. Our President should stay out of the Primary Elections and “let the chips fall as they may”. The voters will vote for those who support President Trump in Making America Great Again, not because they want a seat in Congress then, sit back and do nothing.

  17. he’d have to bite the bullet and endorse just to keep a democrat out. Just my opinion, but Trump is most always the bigger man when people think he’s caving. You have to pick your battles.

  18. How in the hell would anybody want a person like Sessions back in the government when he disgraced the American people buy refusing to perform his duties for the President Trump and ill never trust a weasel. Number one Sessions is way to old and not fit for the senate in any way.Also if he did get the job he should be very limited 2 years only and Retire because he looks very tired and I’m sure he doesn’t have the wits to perform and would cost the tax payers to much money that Sessions doesn’t deserve. Everyone in the government should be look at and if they aren’t performing the duties in which they get payed for out the door.

  19. God invented civil government to be a blessing to His words of Scripture that He provided for guidance so we could all have a heavenly life after our mortal demise. Of all the candidates running for the Senate in Alabama, none has a proven track record of faithfulness to the Word of God as does former Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Roy Moore. The Dems used the same dirty tricks and lies, late into the campaign, to keep Roy Moore from being elected to the Senate. These were the same tactics they tried to use to keep Justice Brett Kavanaugh from being appointed to the US Supreme Court. Thank you Lord, the people were wise to such tactics the second time around, and Justice Kavanaugh was appointed.

    Sessions, had his chance as US Attorney General and chose to recuse himself rather than serve when he was most needed. That fact should disqualify him from being elected to the Senate. Let’s elect a man of God this time so Alabamans can reap the benefits that will provide.

  20. Let’s be fair, sessions recused himself because he was honest & had Russian contact before trump was elected. I would not vote for him because like most republican SEnators all show but no brains. His problems with this president should not be a factor in your state election. You people talk like god fearing individuals, I think you should take a closer look at what you support in this president. In all truth If think he has been cleaning the swamp, that has been only people that he brought into his administration. You people seem to repeat words from our leader, you dont know much of his background, it would behove you to know more about him & where he comes from. If you cant see truth from lies I would suggest, you talk with your leader in church. I am a solid independent & I see big problems with this administration. Thanks to all veterans & god bless you all.

  21. What are you talking about?
    Did you watch the confirmation hearings?
    I think we heard all about J Sessions that we needed to know back then.
    We had no idea then that he would stab the president in the back once he got his Attorney General position.

  22. Sessions is just another weak Rhino, like that piece of crap, Mitt Romney. He is not as bad as A-damn Schitt, but no one else is either. Just think about the fact that we have so many people running the gov’t. who are corrupt and liars and they get away with it as the entire media sucks big time. Cory Booker, Harris, Castro, Sanders, Pochahontas, Biden, and on and on are all corrupt, and almost everyone is a millionaire. Sessions had his time- now get the heck out and grow cotton or peanuts. He was in charge for over 2 years and what did he do, Zilch. I am not from Alabama, but my brother lived there for 35 years and told me how the rich guys ran the state and had for generations. Not much difference that Cal., Illinois, N.Y., N.J., Mass.,D.C., State of Wash., Oregon and on and on. Jeff is a swamp rat and he and thousands of other have to be gotten rid of along with the lobbyists, the lawyers, and it certainly won’t happen ever with Democrats, Socialists, and Communists, College profs. & presidents, and worst of all NBC,CBS,MSNC, ABC,CNN, The Times and the Post and the Globe and Daily News and so called leaders like Di Blasio, Cuomo, Murphy, Newsome, Kerry, etc.. God Bless America and screw them that are trying to make us Europe, The Far and Middle East, Central America, and So. America. Matt Simons

  23. No ,you don’t have what it takes to fight back , and you know to many
    Of them that are against him . Enjoy your retirement and all the benefits
    You get.

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