Joe Biden Goes Back To Finger Pointing Tactics When In Iowa

Joe Biden hasn’t been original in any capacity of his presidential platform. The former vice president has made countless mistakes along the way – and the polls are representing just how many people are changing their mind about putting him in power for 2020. He has relied on being Obama’s VP as well as pointing fingers when things don’t go his way.

As he takes his campaign trail into Iowa, he is back to the finger-pointing tactics that are making most voters roll their eyes.

Biden’s Conversations

When Biden addressed a large audience in Burlington, Iowa, he chose to discuss Pres. Donald Trump more than his actual campaign platform. He talked about trumps moral platform and how the president has a political strategy focused on “hate, racism, and division.” Of course, this is Biden’s opinion – and most people recognize that. However, what Biden doesn’t realize, is that going in front of a large group talking about hate, racism, and division is just as hateful, just as racist, and just as divisive.

Biden also addressed to the pair of mass shootings that took place over the weekend. He linked some of Trump’s Twitter retort to the white supremacy of the shooters. By doing so, Biden inadvertently points the finger is right back at him. He was already in the White House for eight years. However, Biden didn’t do anything to change gun control laws – and Trump is actively working on ways to reduce shootings.

Further, white supremacy has been a part of the United States for hundreds of years. Trump making a comment or two on Twitter isn’t going to suddenly make sane people pick up guns and kill dozens of innocent people.

Pointing the Finger

Biden didn’t do much else but point the finger during his speech. He talked about Trump “fanning the flames of white supremacy.” How Trump managed to do that single-handedly is beyond anyone. Biden didn’t talk about healthcare. He didn’t talk about border security. He talked about Trump. He pointed the finger at Trump. He did nothing to offer up solutions.

That’s the problem with Biden and has been all along. He doesn’t have any original thoughts. He’s jumping on the Democratic bandwagon of blaming Trump for everything that goes wrong in the country. Racism began to spread considerably when Obama was in office and nothing was done about it. White cops killing black kids happened first on Obama’s watch, but no one wants to talk about that.

What makes no sense is how Biden ended his discussion. He said that he wished he could say it began and will end with Trump, but it didn’t so he won’t say it. However, he already did say it. Everything throughout his speech talked about how he blames Trump for all that’s been going on.

There’s been a rise in domestic terrorism for a long time, longer than Trump has been in office. Obama could have done things to prevent it, but he didn’t. However, Biden isn’t going to turn his back on Obama because being linked to Obama is the only reason that Biden is fairing as well as he is within the polls.

Biden is Lacking Motivation

Biden isn’t motivated to win the elections. If he was really focused on doing what was right for America, and if he really had the answers, he wouldn’t have let Clinton run for president in 2016. If he was the answer for America, he should have run in the DNC primaries in 2016 to follow directly after Obama, which is what most vice presidents do. However, Biden lacked the motivation to do anything. He left it in the hands of Clinton, who didn’t get the job done.

Now, Biden points the fingers at Trump for the mess that the country is in. Trump hasn’t been in office as long as Obama was. Biden could have had more of a say for what’s going on, but he was one of the most silent, most obedient, and most unaggressive VPs in American history. It’s likely why Obama isn’t choosing to put his support behind Biden. Obama knows as well as anyone else that Biden is a bad move for the country because he’s not motivated to make the changes. It’s easier for him to stand behind the podium and point the finger at Trump than to do anything of real substance.

Everyone who heard Biden’s speech in Iowa knew what Biden was doing: pointing the finger. As for Biden’s plan to fix America, he hasn’t gotten around to that because he’s looking to figure out who to blame next.

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