Joe Biden to Crack Down on Israel if Elected President

The fact that President Donald Trump is the best friend the State of Israel has ever had in the Oval Office is axiomatic. Trump has done everything from moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s established capital, to supporting the Jewish state in its long war against Palestinian terrorists. The Trump administration has even mulled moving the procurement of much-needed drugs from China to Israel, which has a thriving biotech industrial sector.

Former Vice President Joe Biden would not be as warm a friend to Israel, according to the Washington Examiner. Indeed, Biden, were he to be elected president, would return to the Obama policy of barely concealed hostility to the Jewish state, the theory being that only through diplomatic and economic pressure will Israel be compelled to make peace with the Palestinians.

“Presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden warns there will be no peace in the Middle East if Israel doesn’t stop the threat of annexation. During a Tuesday virtual fundraiser with members of the U.S. Jewish community, Biden vowed to reverse President Trump’s policies in the Israeli region and restore the hope of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. To achieve that goal, Biden said the United States should restore diplomatic relationships with the Palestinian Authority. If elected president, the former vice president said he would help build efforts with Palestinians to take steps toward a two-state solution if they agreed on it.”

The Trump administration has been trying a different approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace than previous presidents. The White House has given the green light for Israel to formally annex about 30 percent of the West Bank. The remainder would constitute a Palestinian state. The theory is that only when confronted with a fait accompli with the Palestinians give up their dream to destroy Israel and establish their state “from the (Jordan) river to the sea.”

Biden would stop the Trump plan and the annexation and return to the Obama assumption that only Israeli intransigence stands in the way of a two-state solution and the establishment of peace in the Middle East at last.

Biden, as has been the habit of American politicians who propose to crack down on Israel, was careful to swear that he harbors a commitment to the survival of the Jewish state. He also made pains to say that his stance was not based on anti-Semitism.

Biden’s approach is, naturally, supported by the Palestinian Authority that controls much of the West Bank. The BBC notes that the PA has pushed back hard against the Trump plan.

The PA President Mahmoud Abbas declared, “The Palestine Liberation Organization and the State of Palestine are today no longer bound by all agreements and understandings with the American and Israeli governments, and by all the commitments derived from those understandings and agreements, including those relating to security. From now on the Israeli occupation authorities must bear all responsibilities and commitments toward the international community as an occupying power.”

Whether Abbas was serious or just blustering is open to question. The European Union and the Kingdom of Jordan, which has a peace treaty with Israel, have also issued warnings.

An article in the journal Foreign Affairs suggests that the real obstacle to Middle East peace is Palestinian rejection of Israel as a legitimate state.

“Nearly two decades of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians have failed miserably. The key reason for this failure is the Palestinians’ refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

The problem has been that the Palestinians have never accepted the two-state solution that American politicians and diplomats have been touting for decades. Any “peace agreement” they would sign on to would just be a first step to the destruction of Israel and the obliteration of its six or so million Jewish inhabitants.

Biden, who has been said to have been wrong about every foreign policy question during the last 45 years, would run the danger of adding to his list of follies if he were to be elected by trying to pressure Israel to accept a peace agreement that the Palestinians would accept. And previous presidents have discovered, Israel will not sign on to its own destruction. All a President Biden would accomplish would be frustration and needless acrimony.

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    1. Biden, are you referring to Nazi Germany policy of Nationalist Socialist. Are you referring to Stalinist Russia, the Soviet Union, Marxist, Bolshevik, Socialist. Concentration camps and Gulags.

  1. I will NEVER HELP TRUMP,this virus is this bad because of him. What kind of drugs are you all taking to think we should? Never i tell you NEVER . THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING. IF HE DID WE WOULD OF GOTTEN REAL MONEY THE FIRST TIME. SO THAT’S A BIG FAT NO…

    1. Cynthia, you are a sorry excuse for an American!!! Trump did everything he could to close the borders to keep us save and you like all uneducated morons blame him? Why dont you lay blame on the Democrats, as their policies are the ones that allowed this to happen. But instead your sorry *ss is worried about your check.

        1. Omit the borderline! She is certifiable!
          There will never be peace because the Arabs don’t want it. They want the whole enchilada with Israel wiped off the map. The Creator of the universe gave the land to Israel and said he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. Woe to America for trying to divide the land. It will not bode well for us if we do.

          1. People when we cast our vote in Nov.2020, do we want a man as President that’s already saying he will undo everything President Trump has accomplished with Israel. I believe God placed this man in office and he truly loves Israel. If you haven’t listened to Kim Clements prophecy in 2009 you can go to You Tube and listen to it. This prophecy was given 7 yrs before President Trump was elected. God gave the Jewish people that land and the word of God says He will bless those that bless Israel.

      1. There never was a President as caring for Americans
        as Trump. His fierce loyalty to our Republic well being is historical. He succeeded a fiasco called Obama. Turned this country completely around . Accomplished so much despite all the attacks against him. America don’t even think twice , Trump is the only person to consider voting for. A true patriotic leader. Thank you Mr. President for your leadership.

        1. Unfortunately there will be a Democrat president next January.
          The Democrats have been hard at work since 2016 figuring out how to subvert our election system. Think about it. The Democrats were able to put Barry aka. Obama into the White House. And they almost did it again with Hillary. This time they will succeed in Nov. 2020 .

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    3. Yeah, and let Israel take care of itself. US need not be the world’s nurse maid, jumping in where American assistance is not wanted. America needs more than ever become isolationist. Perhaps then American Industries would return home and the American worker have access to good paying jobs. But this is a pipe dream at best. Sad.

      1. ALAN I HAVE 4 WORDS FOR YOU AFTER YOUR REMARK Listen closely YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID and thats exactly what you are !!!!!

      2. So you think we should discontinue our treaty with Israel? Our government pretty much can control Israel and they are a serious friend to us in that part of the world, and the only one! If not for the government of Israel we could have worse attacks against us by people in the areas that they control. If you look around the world at our friends, please show me one that is as strong and loyal as Israel!

        1. To all Israel is God’s chosen nation. Whatever you believe know this that God is God and He said whoever blesses Israel, He will bless. Whoever curses Israel, He will curse. Wake up America. Israel is key to the future of the world.

        2. If we had Biden in office our country would be in the hands of China and Iran because we are aware that the Democrats cater to them just like Obama did I forgot North Korea I’m glad that Trump is our President

      3. Alan ,
        You can thank the Democrats for our industrial situation. First , Clinton pushed through his CAFTA. Second , unknown to most , the major industries are run by Democrats. The billionaire Democrats became multi – billionaires. They don’t give a hoot about the America workers.
        It’s the money ! So , tighten your belt another notch and get ready for a Democrat president in Nov. because it will not matter how you vote.
        Your vote didn’t matter when they installed Barry aka. Obama did it ?

      4. We already tried the isolationist approach (remember?) and that didn’t float for long. Time for America to start learning from past mistakes!

    4. You poor brainwashed soul. I’m so sorry that you’re thinking is convoluted. You’d prefer a candidate who probably has dementia or Alzheimer’s than a reasonable businessman who has your interests, all our interests at heart. He may be callous. He may say idiotic things. We all do especially you! Good luck to your scrambled brain


        1. I believe anyone in politics should have at least a business degree. Also if the president gets 2 terms,so should all the rest of government. New ideas are regularly needed. Elected officials are not there to make friends, they’re there to do a job. I don’t want to hear a presidential opponent run on “I can beat Trump” instead how about having an actual platform. Oh and GOD bless my President.

    6. Cynthia, you don’t know damn snit of what you are talking about. Do some research to find out who really is blamed for the corona virus. Go to a real news outlet to find out what really is going on in America. Stop wasting our time with your ridiculous statements. You are using good oxygen that we need to live.

    7. cynthia go back and put a fresh pair of panties on apparantly you have starch in the ones your are wearing

    8. Cynthia, you are a moron. Israel is our best ally in that part of the world. You are obviously a very small thinker. The virus is Trump’s fault??!! It goes to show how naïve and misinformed you are. It is much worse in countries that are more socialist or communist as you likely more agree with. Can you imagine this country that has enjoyed the very BEST economy ever until the virus hit was dependent upon the likes of Biden or Obama? If you are on welfare maybe the economy doesn’t matter as long as the mail is on time??

      1. The GOD of Israel has the last say not Creepy Joe Biden. God said in his word that he will curse those that curse Israel and bless those that Bless Israel. Now you can believe that or not however I choose to believe it. I am right and you are wrong on that there are consequences that you will answer to God for. Is it worth the risk? Joe is a fool.

    9. You are an absolute and completely naive idiot and have no grasp on the reality of anything lady. Your kind of help is not needed because it would just be misguided and wrong.

    10. Wonder who, with the same information, would have done (could have done) a better job. Perhaps someone who can accurately see the future. Up until March 4th or 5th, ALL, ALL, ALL of left wing liberal media were publicly down playing and dismissing any danger

    11. Bull. The virus is bad because the workd was lied to by China. It has also adversely affectedus because no one listened to Trump. He was taking action while impeachment proceedings were going on. Democrats as late as 4 Feb were stating tge virus was nothing to worry about and that theircitizens should go about their business. Trump was called a racist and xenophobe. Obama depleted reserves and never replaced emergency stockpiles of PPE. Democrats have fought him every way and held out funding for pet projects.

    12. You are another uneducated moron who doesn’t have a clue of how much the Democrats are to blame for where we are today. If Hillary were president, You would be dead but now. Get a grip and start to look at the real facts, not the fake news your liberal media is peddling.

    13. Everyone got money! The more they GIVE, the higher taxes will be on our jobs causing our paychecks to become lower. Let me guess, you don’t work, right? Welfare, SSI? Well no matter, as though checks will become lower also anyway with the monies they have already given. Trump is the BEST President we’ve had in 50 years! The economy was great until this Wuhan virus. If you don’t think China and the WHO caused this, then go live there, see how that goes for you!!! TRUMP 2020!!

        1. The Israelites are part of the ‘chosen people’ at the Second Coming, this fact will be ever so painful to antisemitics and all those against Israel. President Trump is an ally of Israel and is also part of the ‘chosen’. So get used to it.

    14. Are you really that ignorant??? Really, the virus is Trump’s fault! Not so fast, there is no excuse for ignorance with this. Our wonderful president has been pro-active, getting resources in place before it became this wide-spread. The Radical Socialist Dems created this crisis scare to use for their own benefit. They have used every opportunity to get their POWER back – that’s all they want is their power to control the country, not to benefit the poor or help the little man. We’ve had too many years before President Trump of abuse of power and abuse of our economy. When Obama took office, the country was $8,000,000,000.00 in debt, when he left office we were in $23,000,000,000.00 in debt — taking our tax money and pissing it away.
      Get the truth — and not from MSNBC, CNN, ABD, NBC, or CBS – they are controlled by the Left.

    15. Cynthis,
      If Trump had listened to the Democrat voices back in Jan the pandemic would likely have been worse. Shutting down flights from China probably saved lives; maybe even your own.

    16. Cynthia, Your ignorance, uneducated stupidity shows. So, you are looking for more hand outs fr gov. Get a job, work, save money to get through hard times. And that formula is 3 months salary in savings. Dont ask hard working Americans who pay taxes for gov for free handouts. Discusting. How did the President start the virus. His stay at home order probably saved your ass. The demo crates are to blame, because they Demorats used bail out money for special interests. Talk to and blame the liberal left Democrates in Congress.

    17. You must be sucking too many cocks, Cynthia. All of that cum that you are swallowing is destroying your brains. In fact, you have shit for brains. You’re really a dumbass liberal bitch. Democraps eat shit.

      1. Yeah right, Trump spread the coronavirus all around the world… what an idiot you are… check out Event 201:A Global Pandemic Exercise to see the Demonrat, globalist, socialist groups and individuals who planned the pandemic back in October.

    18. Cynthia,
      You idiots find anyway possible to blame Trump for EVERYTHING. American is getting wise to the actions, tactics, and really tired of you pathetic whiny cry babies like you and your people that don’t know your head from your ass much less the real story and foster up ridiculous theories and ideas, ALWAYS!

      If Sleepy, Creepy, Rapist, Criminal Joe, Piglosi, Political slut Harris, Lyin Schiff, Ape Waters, Fauxcahontas, Communist Sanders, Nut Job Nadler, and all the othertrash that sides with them told you to jump off the cliff you would. You believe anything and everything they tell you! Thank God selective breeding keep your numbers down on liberals and Democrats. Democrats 20+ years ago weren’t even the gutter trash they are now.
      If I piss enough of them off in this message, then good, I have done my job supporting The President of the United States Donald Trump!

      You believe what you want, none of you can shut your mouths ever, never listen to the real information, assume and contunually take everything out of context and continually make the worst ignorant and destructive decisions for this country and its people, not the friggin illegals.

      Stay off the damn internet and stop listening to CNN and MSNBC if you can’t decipher right from wrong. Comments you make show your low intellect and you should have your voting rights stripped!

      This country was returning to be in incredible shape after Obama and his moron administration and followers raped this country in so many ways and the Chinese Pandemic started. This country will be great again but not with Democrats at the helm. You all have proven what can be done and it’s nothing good! Start paying attention to what is actually going on around you, NOT the propaganda crap the media promotes and listening to your fellow weirdos with TDS. Misery loves company but many in this great country will not let it be destroyed any further or longer!

      All of you idiots need a good bitch slapping and finally we have a President that puts the imbecile media and morons like you in their place. If you don’t have the intelligence to decide if something is good for you or not by all means do something stupid. None of the Republicans will stop you. The only idiot responsible for the outcome will be you! Sorry, you can’t harass, intimidate, or bully decent Americans. We know who is fighting for us, TRUMP!

      Go crawl back under the rock where you belong and take the rest of the bottom feeders of society with you. None of the liberals or Drmocrats ever take accountabily or responsibility for their actions. They never have and never will. God knows there are enough of you running the streets called liberals and democrats and they have their heads so far up their ass they have no clue the difference between right and wrong anymore, have an agenda to get rid of Trump no matter what he does. You all have sunk so low you have no dignity, pride, or self respect whatsoever.
      We need to bring Asylums back and get many of you on some meds and it won’t be for the virus but for mental health and derangement issues!

      If the rest of us could just as easily get rid of democrats and liberals this country WOULD be straightened out immediately. You support the illegals go live in their country and see if they care of you. How about Syria? I know they love mouthy women over there. I am sure you know what they would they would do to you for your actions! You and your buddies never learn Cynthia.

      You all like pointing fingers and blame game poke your fingers into your own stupid faces because you all (Democrats and Liberals) are the ones CONSTANTLY causing a problem, not Trump!
      This country needs a good enema to get rid of the waste; democrats and liberals!

      TRUMP please continue to bitch slap the democrats and liberals because they still haven’t learned yet!

      F socialism (COMMUNISM) You and the rest of your people Cynthia need to leave this country! None of you appreciate it or the men and women that lost their lives protecting your sorry excuse of a human being to have freedom which none of you deserve.

    19. Wake up you don’t know anything. Our president is doing what he can. You try and do what he does. For one thing us American should stand by our president. Who ever we voted for we should stand by them. It should not matter what side they are.what matter is how they do here. Quit putting our president down. Try to stand by him

    20. You stupid, ignorant freeloader. That’s all you kind do is give’me, give’me, give’me. Mine, mine, mine. Just like what that corrupt, scheming, deceiving anti- American & greedy Obama-nation ( as in abomination ) and his administration did to try to sink this country and create his own greedy socialist utopia.

    21. You are like the lunatic democrats that are responsible for the virus along with China and soros. Trump is doing the best job anyone could do in this situation.


    22. Yeah right, Trump spread the coronavirus all around the world… what an idiot you are… check out Event 201:A Global Pandemic Exercise to see the Demonrat, globalist, socialist groups and individuals who planned the pandemic back in October.

    23. So Cynthia…… this virus is not of Chinese origin…Trump secretly developed it then sent it to Wuhan.. .He obviously did everything possible to spread it…. Closed the borders to flights from China, Blamed Cuomo putting patients into Nursing homes, Stopped infected people getting treatment on USNS Mercy, and never used the Hospital tents set up by the Graham foundation???

  2. Back to Obama days, CANNOT say Merry Christmas. Anything representing Christmas cannot be seen by public, ect. Like some states [BLUE] want churches CLOSED.

    1. I work in an open all year long Christmas store. We freely say, “Merry Christmas” all year long. Grumpy Christmas haters don’t even bother to venture inside this beautiful, magical, happy store. They have the right to avoid the store. The store has the right to be there. No one is forced. But a lot of people from all over the world love that Christmas store.

      On another note: Biden will not be elected & I know exactly why. It is because he is anti-Israel. President Trump is pro-Israel. President Truman was pro-Israel. God blesses those who bless Israel & does the opposite towards those who oppose Israel. President Trump will return for 4 more years.

      1. Ingrid ,
        President Truman was a Democrat ! He was also the only world leader to have ever used nuclear bombs during war time. And who did he use them on ? Non – military civilians ! Women , children and old men .
        Truman was a typical Democrat through and through !

  3. Biden goes against Israel. What does that say about tells u if ur not for Israel then the lord is not on ur side ..we have enough foreigners in this country trying to tear down christianity. Now he wants to go against the lord ..biden needs move to china and take the AOC and other that dont believe in Israel and the lord..u see these corupt dems state hurting..coincidental.not likely..

    1. Alan all socialist need to leave to a communist country that seems to be where their is, but we can not allow them to come back

  4. Creepy senile Joe has been a crook, liar and an idiot his whole life. They did not give him the nickname of doofus for nothing. With the onset of dementia he is unable to tell the difference between his sister and his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of our country. The best thing they could do for senile Joe is to find him his rocking chair and make sure he uses it somewhere out of sight.

    1. Agreed !!! Biden is definitely a crook, liar and idiot. God help us all if he rises any higher in our government.

  5. Should Hell freeze over and that senile old Muslim-lover is elected President, Israel will be the least of his worries. America under Biden would be intolerable, and many Americans know it. The ones who don’t will have a chance to learn it quick enough, in the upcoming & imminent American Civil War. Repeat after me, “Better Dead Than Liberal!” We will make your hokey Communist Coronavirus’ “Death Rate” seem like a Summer cold.

    1. No fucking way. The Palestinians are terrorist. They hate Jews and will never stop trying to kill them. We should nuke Palestine and get rid of the asshole Muslims. Islam is the religion of the devil.

  6. SO,,, what does this say the Jewish populations around the USA? Now if you want this huge voting block voting for you,,,? Ha ha I laugh in your face. Mayor Bill and gov Andy have crapped in the Jewish community to the point they are no longer democrats

  7. Creepy Joe Biden should be in an Assisted Living Facility. Instead he’s make a fool out of himself and the Democratic Party.

  8. Biden seems to be anti everything except Joe Biden. Amazing he got as far as he has. I am a registered Democrat and I know many who believe his role is to be a puppet, FOR CHINA!

    1. Your So Right David J, The Puppeteers That Bought mr o, An Put Him In As Our President, Have A Plan For The Up Coming Election. If They Succeed With Their Plans For The Up Coming Election, mr b, Will Not Be In Office Very Long, Because Of His Health, (I Haven’t Decided Which One ) But Who Ever They Decide Will Be Running With Him As His V P, mrs. c, or mrs. o. Will Step In As President. “MY OPINION” But This Seasoned Lady WILL BE VOTING AGAIN For Our President.

  9. creepy, sleepy corrupt lying biden doesn’t have a thought or idea of his own. that is so sad. he worships obama because he was able to fill his pockets while serving obama. what a corrupt POS

  10. I can’t imagine any state leader (blue or red) who would try to ban any church services, as that might be their death knell as far as re-election might be concerned. Regardless of base religion, Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, or even the indigenous believers, who believe in spirits and rain gods, the one thing that people want to retain is their absolute right to believe in what their faith demands. I have lived in many countries, Venezuela, Mexico and Trinidad, where a lot of people claim to be Catholic Christian, Japan, where the devotion to Buddha is pronounced, Indonesia, where devotion to Allah is dominating, and not once while in those countries, has there been the slightest inkling of religious suppression.

  11. Biden is burying himself with his totally stupid, biased comments. He has no functional brain activity. He will lose or we the people will take him down.

  12. Biden is only capable of being a puppet if elected. His policies would be irrelevant. The policies would be those of the Puppet Masters. Who would pull his strings – Can you say Far Left Extremists.

  13. Joe Biden is a communist piece of shit who has committed Treason against the American people and needs to be arrested for TREASON And hung by the neck in full public view till his feet stop jerking ( PERIOD )

  14. Looks like here is where the real racists are . What’s wrong with you people . Old joe is a rapest and still you would back him . Trump only said about grabning a pussy and look how y’all acted . But here is a true pervert and you don’t bat a eye . That’s racist … don’t do that . There’s not a guy or women out there that didn’t say or think about grabbing a pussy at one time or another . You really think the delusional democrats care about you ? Only your vote … that’s it . What have they done for you lately … in the last year ? In the last 3 years ? Now look what they did for themself’s . Try looking at the real world . Not the one the delusional democrats tell you about that doesn’t exist . I don’t care who wins as long as they try to fix our country . So far only the deplorable republicans are working to fix our country and the delusional democrats are trying to break our country . One might ask why are they breaking up our country . That’s the right question to ask . That’s if you can be honest with your self for once . Ask questions , not just going by what your told . Look for the truth . It she’ll set you free

    1. @Old wolf … while I do understand what you’re attempting to get across, would you kindly explain to all of us how perversion became “racism”?? Rape and perversion are completely separate issues – neither have anything to do with race.

      Ever since Obama’s evil ass and Uncle Joe were forced upon us (You don’t actually believe they honestly won either election, do you?)… everything, instantly had become all about racism. I, for one am SO fucking sick of hearing that word I wish it would be permanently banned from the English language!! And now, with the Trump era, the brainwashed have gone into maximum overdrive – “White Chistmas” was labeled as being racist – “Baby it’s Cold Outside” was labeled as sexist among foaming at the ass mad looney liberal feminists. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about Trumps “locker room talk” – just about everyone on the planet has engaged in such conversation – hell, I’ve heard stories from quite a few women that would probably make Trump blush in embarrassment!! Something called MORALS and SANITY have almost completely disappeared from this world and we need an immediate return of BOTH!!

      Race and gender shouldn’t even be issues as we were ALL created in His image. Unfortunately … most people don’t even believe in Him anymore. For most, their God is the almighty dollar. The extreme left is entirely to blame for all of this insanity … they all suffer from the same ailment – GREED. They don’t need to be locked up, they need to be immediately jettisoned off the planet!!

      You KNOW damned well these lazy, brainwashed morons are hoping this fake “Covid” lockdown will last for the next several years: they’re getting off on getting paid to stay at home to do absolutely NOTHING to contribute to society. And of course, it gives them plenty of time to plot, to make us sane people more miserable than we already are.

      As for me, I’ve never voted blue and I never will. I dont recall whom posted it but, he/she was right in saying that if Biden wins, this nation will see a civil war like never before. More accurately … all hell will break loose!! I voted Trump 2016 and I will vote Trump 2020!! Peace!!

  15. Joe BitEme is an anti-Semite. He has been his entire political life. Somehow he manages to be protected by the left wing media. They cover for him every day. He will not support Israel, he will support the Palestinian terrorists in the middle east as he has for forty years. If there was ever a time for the American Jewish community to step up and vote Republican, it would be now.
    A vote for Biteme and the demoncrats is a vote for the rebirth of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. If the Palestinians get their way they will destroy Israel and kill millions of Jews over there and over here. Watch out Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Tarlov, and all the jewish superstars in Hollywood. You would be at the top of their list for removal from this world……

    1. Dennis Clements – no matter how we or the American Jewish community vote, there is no escaping biblical prophecy. When the son of perdition proclaims to the world that he is God, all hell is going to break loose in Israel. I am beginning to believe that we will see this in our lifetime.

    1. willie watts…… ignorant …. racist…. puckered brown-eye….. democrat loon….. House-Nigga named Boy…..!

    2. willie watts, dumbass, cocksucker, motherfucker. piece of shit. shit for brains, asshole , Muslim, nigger, dipshit, dickhead, prick, pussy, etc.


    4. Willie Watts, for your information – Trump has *NEVER* been accused of being racist until he announced that he was running for POTUS. Liar? If that is so … why is he exposing the corruption of the extreme left? Jerk? No, he’s the first President in our lifetime that actually has the BALLS to tell it like it is – and YOU kiddo apparently have a severe aversion to truth. Stupid Asshole? Again, no – his I.Q. is off the charts. So, please – do tell us what YOU’VE done for the good of your, or any community as of late? Get your lazy ass off your mommy’s couch and get a job you leech. Oooh look, I think I’ve found your binky. Time out for you, go sit in the corner and suck on that for a while like a good boy.

  16. let’s put blame on the one who started the virus “CHINA”. I think it’s a great idea to let ISREAL make the drugs and get out of china’s grasp. Biden doesn’t want to help America just his family.

    1. The Holy Scripture states in Genesis 12th chapter, third verse: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curse the thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed”. Almighty God was speaking to Abram who later was called Abraham when he said these words…..and God means what he says. Abram who later was called Abraham was the father of the Modern day Israelites or Israel. You can research history to find out that all those who came against Israel had great misfortune befall them…..I.E…..Egypt was once a mighty empire, but now has nowhere near the power or might that she once had. Great Britain suffered the same fate, it was once said of Great Britain that the “Sun never sets upon her land”. However now, the once great empire of Great Britain is now where near the place that it once had, this happened after it came against the children of Israel. There are many other examples as well. Do the research…….

  17. Eddie Chuck – It is so unAmericam to see and read such filth and pungent remarks that mostly republicans are sending to our great nation!!! You try to sound like you are so Godly. Remember that God hears everything we think & say! Judgement day will be hear before you know it! What you have said so far here will require a lot of forgiveness on your part – you all better start yesterday!! Good luck.

    1. Eddie Chuck has shit for brains. He’s a cocksucker too, motherfucking asshole piece of shit. Go fuck yourself faggot.

    2. Eddie Chuck – oh dear me, are you responding to yourself? Yes, you are indeed!! Tell me hun, are you following the laws set forth in The Torah to the letter? Yeshua did not say he came here to wipe away the law – his sacrifice was to bridge the gap created between Ya and man. Don’t believe me? Look it up. We all fall short of the Kingdom!! The true path is hard, narrow and exhausting. Don’t be too quick to judge, you may not make the grade either. As for the fifth you speak of … I’ve seen most of those comments coming from Democrats – NOT Republicans.

  18. I gives me much hope in seeing how many people out there still do have functioning brains, and know right from wrong, and the RIGHT way to cast their votes!!

  19. If Bidden becomes president we will be in another war that we can not win Israel has god on her side example the 6 day war in 1973 Rapist pervert Bidden is useless

  20. REAL money, Cynthia? My wife and I are on fixed incomes but we haven’t gotten a check of any kind, and we really don’t care if we do. The country can’t afford such waste. TRUMP!! TRUMP!! TRUMP!!!

  21. Is Joe trying to lose? I think the Dems are in Deep Do Do, they rigged the last Election and they still lost, and they are still Mad as Hell Hillary didn’t get to be Soros Puppet. This election is going to be for Freedoms, We The People MUST vote to keep those Freedoms, cause the Dems will take them away!!

  22. Well it’s official , Crazy Joe Biden had cracked up . Israel is the only real friend we have in that part of the world . The Palistinians well never make any form of real peace as they want what is now the state of Israel for themselves . Those who call themselves Palestinians were a nomadic people who never had a homeland but rather moved their herds of sheep and goats from place to place in what we now call Israel , then a semi arid desert and now a prosperous land with farms producing crops to feed her Citizens . When the Israeli state was formed after WWII they had the opportunity to stay and become citizens they chose to attack and kill the Jewish people , many of whom were once their friends and neighbors in the year before WWII .

  23. Cannot “believe” anyone would even “think” of voting for Biden …. He is at his “end!!” Physically and MENTALLY!! The Democrats of “today” are not Democrats of yesteryear….It’s an Unknown party…they are now demonizing the world!! Pres. Trump has done more for this Nation in his one term than any other. Being a business man, he put our nation back on $$ track and yes, it is right our businesses SHOULD return to the U.S. We NEED them for good paying jobs HERE!! I am almost 100, so I have lived through many Presidents…also lived through the last depression etc. Believe me…it was “no fun!!” Yes, Pres. Trump has some personality problems, we ALL do but “they – we – you – have NOT given him a chance! He has been antagonized all four years by the media, by almost everyone! The Democratic Party should “oust” Nancy Pelosi and her cronies…revamp the whole Democratic Party and then maybe, we will have someone – or something to fight and vote for!!

    1. Agnes!! Almost 100?! Bless you dear lady!! You have seen many things and have gone through hardships that most of the under 30 crowd wouldn’t believe if you told them. You’ve literally seen history change, truth being replaced with lies – I’m only half your age and I’ve seen it myself!!

      You’re absolutely right, yes – Trump has his own flaws, as we all do. Though it’s no excuse for what he’s been subjected to on a daily basis since his took his path. The Democratic party as you remember it no longer even exists. I’m not even old enough to remember a decent Democrat President being in office, Kennedy was assassinated a few short years before I was born. He may not exactly have been high on morals but at least he DID have the best interest of the people at heart.

      I pray dear lady that you are still among us when Trump is in his second term as that’s when eveverything will really begin to turn around for the better – we will finally be fully out of the Obama era at that point. May God’s Blessings be upon you.

    1. Agnes!! Almost 100?! Bless you dear lady!! You have seen many things and have gone through hardships that most of the under 30 crowd wouldn’t believe if you told them. You’ve literally seen history change, truth being replaced with lies – I’m only half your age and I’ve seen it myself!!

      You’re absolutely right, yes – Trump has his own flaws, as we all do. Though it’s no excuse for what he’s been subjected to on a daily basis since his took his oath. The Democratic party as you remember it no longer even exists. I’m not even old enough to remember a decent Democrat President being in office, Kennedy was assassinated a few short years before I was born. He may not exactly have been high on morals but at least he DID have the best interest of the people at heart.

      I pray dear lady that you are still among us when Trump is in his second term as that’s when eveverything will really begin to turn around for the better – we will finally be fully out of the Obama era at that point. May God’s Blessings be upon you.

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