Judge in Flynn Case Hasn’t Agreed to Dismiss Charges Yet

The case against LGT and former National Security Advisor to President Trump has been a long and arduous one. And finally, after three seemingly never-ending years, it seemed that it would come to an end. But, of course, the left always seems to have a card up their sleeve to make things move in the direction they want it to.

The card, played by District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of Washington D.C., was to delay the newly submitted request for a dismissal of the case and instead ask even more info to be brought to the table.

If you know anything about the case, you will know that Michael Flynn was appointed to be the National Security Advisor for Trump shortly before he was set to take over the White House. And as such, he was in contact with officials from all over to get a good grasp on his job and the most pressing issues it would entail.

But one phone call to U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Sergey Kislyak, set him on a path of destruction. The FBI, in collusion with President Obama, sought to destroy the Trump administration before it ever began by claiming that Trump only won because he had used Russian intelligence to best Hillary Clinton. And since the FBI had proof that Flynn had Russian ties, he was named as a primary suspect in their investigation.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok then questioned Flynn in such a way that it seemed as though the man admitted to lying to the intelligence agency. By June, the case against him was wholly stacked, and he had been left little choice but to plead guilty so as to avoid severe punishment. There was also evidence that his son was being threatened by federal prosecutors for not pleading guilty.

Things did not begin to look up for Flynn until he fired his original lawyers and hired Sidney Powell. With her at his side, Flynn was finally able to see at least some light at the end of the tunnel.

However, at every turn, no matter what Powell requested, whether time for review, motions for exculpatory evidence, or dismissal of charges altogether, Judge Sullivan denied them. In fact, Sullivan sent a 100-page opinion to Flynn and his attorney in which he gave a very forceful no to each and every demand the lawyer would ever make.

It was believed that Sullivan would do the same to Powell and Flynn when they ask that Flynn be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea. However, before the judge had time to do so, thousands of newly declassified documents became public. And many of these proved Flynn’s innocence, or at the very least, that there was a plot to ruin him.

Powell wisely filed these documents with the court. And only days later, the federal prosecution, filed to dismiss the entire case due to a lack of evidence that Flynn had actually done anything wrong. But Judge Sullivan once again thwarted Flynn’s attempt to prove himself.

Sullivan said, “Given the current posture of this case, the Court anticipates that individuals and organizations will seek leave of the Court to file amicus curiae briefs pursuant to Local Civil Rule 7(o).”

Basically, this means that anyone with outside information or expertise can come to the court and debate why the Department of Justice shouldn’t drop the case. And Judge Sullivan can create as big or as little of an ordeal with this as he wants, even bringing charges against the Department of Justice or William Barr.

Now, if I didn’t know any better, and let’s be honest, I don’t, I would say that Sullivan has a personal vendetta against Flynn for some reason.

As I mentioned before, Flynn’s lawyers have filed motions and requests of all kind, each receiving a no. in fact, they even filed for amicus briefings previously, a total of 24 times, all of which were denied. The judge, at the time, was adamant that “Only the Department of Justice and the defense can be heard.”

But now that the prosecution had sought to drop the case, Sullivan suddenly says it’s alright?

Something seems a little fishy to me for sure. Then again, I’m no law expert, so maybe it’s a smart move after all.

134 thoughts on “Judge in Flynn Case Hasn’t Agreed to Dismiss Charges Yet

    1. Mine, too! Was judge Sullivan being blackmailed, or threatened ? Or did he have a political or personal vendetta against Flynn? He was definitely going out of his way to destroy Flynn! I hope he and his kind get dethroned…soon!

        1. Check out the judges back ground. He is bought and paid for By George Soros and associates, the Globalist movement group who are pushing for a dictatorship over the United States.

          1. That is no surprise. Soros seems to have a lot of back doors into shady doings. Remember one of his “charity” groups is behind the really bad trouble makers. That man should have been thrown out of America a long time ago. Russia and Israel both would love to get their hands on him. He’d be treated like the criminal that he is.

        2. IT IS Very OBVIOUS that THIS Sullivan s` A.. is ON The LINE..AND HE IS ..Running Scared.. and is Trying to delay The Inevitable For WHAT HE Did NOT SUFFICIENTLY Pull OFF TO THE EXPECTED Conclusion !!!>> Lots` Of Heads ARE going TO Be Rolling VERY SOON !!

        1. He was coerced, tricked, framed and threatened that if he didn’t do what they wanted- the Gestapo Mueller was going to go after his son.. They bankrupted this 3 Star General who was NOT a politician. Comet admits his deceit and trickery on video and laughs about it.. The same way Biden commits QUID PRO QUO with UKRAINE and then Democrats do what they do best- DISTRACT AND CONFUSE American Citizens with their lies, fabricated untrue stories and deliberate omission of facts to suit their own twisted, corrupt narrative. This behavior in America is despicable, irresponsible, unethical, disgusting and flat out wrong! We must remember EACH AND EVERY DEMOCRAT ACTION AND THEIR NEVER ENDING ATTEMPT TO REMOVE BY ANY MEANS THEY CAN MAKE UP, OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. Don’t forget this behavior come NOVEMBER…. Let’s VOTE these power, control politicians out of office… VOTE REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY!

        2. Hey tony you asshole lets see if these crooked deep state pos threaten one of your kids and see if you have the balls to fall on the sword like the good General did to save his kid, I don’t think so you chicken shit slime.

        3. Flynn only pled guilty after lawyers fees bankrupted him. He lost all his money his house, and Muleturd’s team threatened to indict his family on bogus charges. The scum on the left has no bottom to how low or illegal they will go.

        4. Pleading guilty does not make you a felon IF you have been threatened and extorted to do so to protect your family, i.e., his son. The FBI, and the Left’s little darling, Peter, are the ones who really committed crimes. That Flynn spoke with the Russian ambassador was a routine part of his job. It was no different than Jeff Sessions “meeting with” the Russian ambassador by shaking the ambassador’s hand in a receiving line, yet this was called “having a meeting.”
          The Liberals/Left/Dems ALWAYS distort what has happened because they have no morals at all. If Democrats didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all!

        1. You, my dear, are obviously part of the liberal left who love to call names. It is one thing they do best! When they have NO argument, they, like little children, call names. And whose the fool?!?!

      1. I think Sullivan is Mentally Disturbed. He needs to be replaced. He indeed does have a problem with Flynn but no one knows why. Stilll doesn’t give him the right to become the Prosecutor. DOJ Barr needs to step in and do the right thing.

      2. I’ve heard this judge is a Trump hater, so he shouldn’t be the judge to decide
        It should already be closed, but some Democrat decided different.

      3. Flynn had contacts with government officials of a hostile nation and confessed to lying to the F B I if that would have been you or me we would be jailed or executed for treason. They are only trying to get him off so trump won’t have to pardon him

    2. This smells to the high heavens. When the prosecution dismisses a case it is over. This Judge either enjoys the notoriety, has a personal vendetta against Flynn or owes someone (Obama & Biden) a big favor.. It is time Chief Justice Roberts step in & reign this Judge in. We have had too many judges become so-called social justice warriors & that is not their job. Their job is to be impartial & keep a level playing field not to assign guilt y or innocent.

      1. FLYNN is guiltily as hell turning him loose would be a travesty of justice Flynn and his son were conspirators in a kid napping scheme in Turkey

    3. Is what this Judge doing even within His right to do? It was My opinion as a layman that the Judge’s job was not that of a District Attorney.

  1. Sullivan is a cocksucking dumbass nigger with shit for brains. Someone needs to kick his sorry black ass.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, HE IS A DEMOCRAT ASS KISSING NIGGER, AND AS FAR As brains go he doesn’t have any.
      as long as he has pelosi between his knees with her teeth out sucking up all his juices he will do what ever she ask of him

    2. Removal from the bench for activity outside His sworn duties for political reasons—perhaps blackmail?

  2. sullivan , you no good piece of shit. why don’t you put your head up pelosi’s ass and let her shit on you
    or go did ditches about all you are good for . Flynn, is a national hero and you can’t stand the truth so you want to punish him for being a better person then you are. how many years did you spend protecting this country? . none because you were to busy destroying peoples lives. because you are a nothing,

  3. Sullivan should be removed from the bench. He is obviously a deep state operative. I thought, and have seen written, that is the justice department drops charges, a judge cannot continue a case.

  4. Impeach this Left Wing Liberal JUDGE to FEDERAL PRISON, in HANDCUFFS ASAP, Permanently barred from EVER holding this position EVER again. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

      1. I agree, he needs to GO ASAP! He’s not doing the job he was sworn to do, instead he is using his position on the bench to make bad decisions all in the name of politics! Shame on you sullivan!

  5. “Judge” Sullivan finds himself between a rock and a hard place – this is the time for him to pause and remind himself of his oath. After that he should resign from the bench – we need judges who love the law, want to uphold it and make us all proud to be an American.

    1. Marcia your comment should always be on top of this feed. Calling names and such puts Repubs down in gutter with DemS. I hope Gen Flynn is soon totally free and Pres Trump fires Wray and gives the job to Gen Flynn!! Clean up that mess!!

    2. Oh then you really must love this batch of uneducated idiots that McConnell is getting appointed. Don’t give a damn if they are Democrat or Republican, they are not qualified to be on a bench for the rest of their life. If you approve of them, I sure as hell hope you don’t ever have to go before them

  6. I support removing the corrupt scumbag judge and his cronies immediately and I hope President Trump hires General Flynn in a position for payback againist all the liberal lying socialist democrats that attacked him. Maybe he could be put in charge of the Russia collusion by Obama and his criminal gang, that would be real justice, maybe we could bankrupt all of obamas criminal supporters!

    1. I certainly agree with you on this. This judge has not done any justice on Flynn’s case by not dismissing it. It has been proven he has been railroaded and forced to confess to something he did not do. Sounds like Nazi Germany doesn’t it? Get rid of this judge and replace him with a Constitutional judge that goes by the law! Would be great to see President Trump really agitate the democrats by giving him his old job back!

  7. Hey guys and gals, there are over 160000 sealed indictments that are going to issued shortly against members of the deep state. Obviously Sullivan is one of these. Many other officials and some very high are going to be charged with crimes up to treason (punishable by death). And will be arrested and locked up shortly. I sure hope this includes some of the high officials and owners of the fake media and are charged and convicted of crimes of lieing consistently to the American people and obstructing justice.

    1. You Republicans on this website are the most disgusting racist uninformed hateful pieces of shit I have heard of you all deserve that corrupt and lawless P O S in the whitehouse

  8. Mine, too! Was judge Sullivan being blackmailed, or threatened ? Or did he have a political or personal vendetta against Flynn? He was definitely going out of his way to destroy Flynn! I hope he and his kind get dethroned…soon!

  9. Calling someone names only temporarily feeds your own ego thinking you have solved or corrected the situation whereas you have only caused your opponent to “Dig in” deeper and made them feel more strongly about their opinion ! Just leave the situation in the hands of the people who know how to solve this problem and have patience that it will be corrected without calling a person out with racial slurs ,that only shows that you aren’t even on the same level as the person you are attacking but on a level that shows your anger which doesn’t help at all !

  10. Of course it is a nigger that continue to be against American way of life.. just like the nigger president who spying on Trump.. and trying to ruin his administration.. with lies about Russian ambassador and general Flynn and any white political official in the Trump administration and still lie at some nigger college saying that they are being held back cause they are niggers well I hope the niggers from any college fails in life and find themselves in prison where they belong

  11. Sullivan is an alien from outer space! Did this scum ever fought for the country like our patriotic General Flynn? With all the comfort, prestige, and wealth this shitty judge is trying to destroy the country that gave him everything that he posses. This scum is so divisive and will not honor our patriotic General for some creepy reason.

    1. Orders from Obummer i would guess. Thats who appointed him. Need to suppeona his and Obummers phone records or check his bank statements and see how much he was paid. He just mad because they made him look like the dumbass that he is

  12. Justice is supposed to be unbiased, and then along came the leftists funded by billionaire Communists like Soros and Bloomberg. Then it all became about politics. This judge should be disbarred. Move to take the case somewhere for a FAIR dismissal.

    1. Obama would have considered Sullivan good material for the Supreme Court.
      He is so crooked when he dies he won’t be buried.
      Simply screw him into the ground!

  13. The Framers of The Constitution, warned of the pitfalls that would trouble the people, if a Democrat two party system were decided upon. Why would the Framers be divided on this matter, a conflict in Ideology. These conflicting ideologies originate with the ancient philosophers from Ancient Greece. Marx was a student of ancient thought which has brought pain to many.
    The struggle between parties, is a struggle between two ideologies: The Democrat is a follower of Marx and his Grecian Ideology.

  14. I thought that once a prosecutor drops the charges, that should be it. This could and I hope it does back fire on Judge Sullivan. More incriminating evidence will be told and found against Comey, and Obama. Hope someone sue judge Sullivan for promoting this kind of abuse of power.

  15. Judge is trying to drag this out as long as possible. The ONLY thing he has done is show that he is incompetent to serve. It seems to me, more and more judges are putting their personal feelings into cases and it certainly has gone to the Supreme Court as well. And those SCJ’s know who they are that put the law aside for their personal disdain for THE BEST PRESIDENT IN MY LIFE!

  16. “Follow the money”! Something fishy really really fishy. How corrupt can a so called Judge be? Will we find out where the money is coming from?

  17. A court can only hear and rule on a case that is presented to that court. Otherwise, a judge isn’t allowed to get involved in the issue. The DOJ has dropped the case, so it is no longer a case, and the judge can no longer hear or rule on it.

  18. He’s doing Obama’s bidding. It was Obama and his shady Illumni that sent the amicus brief – Friend of the court – to Sullivan on the 11th hour, after Obama intentionally leaked a phone call concerning his disdain of the charges being dismissed against Flynn. Funny how the senders professed to be from the Watergate panel, when Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and Pelosi have all referenced their attacks against Trump to Watergate. Trump needs to demand that the records from the sham impeachment scam be also released to the public. I can bet that there is a wealth of information in there, exposing them all, including the Whistle Blower – Eric Ciarramella.

  19. I pray to God to intercede because General Flynne is being railroaded by dishonest Democrats.
    Their continued efforts to politically destroy good honest political leaders are costing our government and ultimately Taxpayers millions of dollars. Let’s help us do what is right.

  20. The comment from Barr stating he didn’t “EXPECT” to bring charges against Obama and Biden, I hope he puts emphasis on that word and as the blame falls on the underlings, I pray that it unveils all Obama’s guilt and they put him in prison for treason. To undermine the highest ranking official of our country is a treasonous offense. I hope people see the truth about Obamagste. And any future or present president or ex president may think twice before committing such handouts crimes!!

  21. If the charges were dropped how can a judge try the case on his own? I was a former police officer and in all My years(27), I never heard anything like this from an honest judge. So I guess this is not a an honest judge. Check his bank account now and for ever.

  22. He’s stalling to help Obama and the demonrat communist party. I am so sick of these power lusting, money grubbing, POS. Remove this demonrat. I wouldn’t call him a judge because a judge would do the right thing and drop the fraudulent case against Mike Flynn and start pointing fingers at the real criminals.

  23. He must be debarred for there to be true justice for all!
    Otherwise our justice system will be nothing more than a corrupt group of inane lawyers, making America another Banana Republic!

  24. And where oh where is our vaunted Chief Justice who corrected President Trump when he categorically stated that ALL federal judges were HIS judges? Emmett Sullivan is an embarrassment to the federal judiciary yet there he perches like some little demigod. What an ass.
    This is the SAME Chief Justice that namesEVERY judge to the FISA court. There are ELEVEN judges on that court. There are FIVE judges that were appointed to the federal bench by George W Bush. There are THREE judges appointed by Bill Clinton, TWO judges appointed by Barack Obama and even ONE judge appointed by George HW Bush. Guess how many FISA judges were appointed by President Donald J Trump. ZERO
    Those FOUR incurious FISA court judges that were lied to repeatedly by the FBI. How many are still ON that court. FOUR. How many were removed for being clueless by Chief Justice John Roberts? ZERO

  25. You say Judge Sullivan is playing the left’s card. You have NO proof of that! Just a familiar conservative talking point. Your whole story is built after that one assumption, and you have no proof!

    1. Come on Andre! If Sullivan is not a committed democrat to the core, then pigs can fly. You can imagine that Sullivan would lose all his lib friends and never be invited to anymore dinner parties. Who then to discuss the “New Green Deal” with?? Remember how the constitutional professor Dershowitz (a democrat) was treated by his pals when he simply stated the constitutional facts during the Russian hoax hearing? He was the “red-headed stepchild” to his former “friends”.

    2. Andre, old friend of the demos, this guy should have never been made a judge. Rather been left in the field to pick cotton. What a poor example of what a judge should be.

  26. Evil,judge! They are playing with others lives, even tho they are wrong about Flynn. Just wait til,God decides to punish them for wrong doing. The sadness is these people don’t believe in God, so therefore they make unrighteous judgements against innocent people. They FALLOW another GOD, it is powered & money. If they continue rejecting GOD, there eternity in he’ll will be horrible for all eternity!

  27. The Judge who was promised a part in one of Obamas B movies has just gone into retirement. He will blame everyone else for his retirement but it is only him. Very dumb to listen to ‘The Emperor’. There will be no movie roles.

  28. most of them democratic judges get payed shomehow to let dirty guilty democrats get off while inocent republican get condemmed after cohersion by crooked fbi people investagating no wrong doing ! Whats wrong with our justice system ,?democrats who are down and dirty get away,( hillery and obamas)most of them democrat judges are payed off under the table! need themall put in prison ! Liberal investagatoy dont investagte them!


  30. Flynn couldn’t file amicus brief’s but no w anyone against him can? SCOTUS comes to mind, sound very fishy that this so called Judge is back peddling on his denial of brief’s before. Now they are just fine? Airborne

  31. This is the new way of america the obama hillary USA haters it started after WW11 and now they are making their move we only have 5 more years of President TRUMP and then what happens? Sooner or later they will get back in power.Unless the conservatives can come together and fight this Commi-Socialist attack.

  32. This Jude Sullivan Is A Total Disgrace to Blind Justice Integrity Step Down And Be Dis- Barred Exactly What Is It That They Have ON YOU and How Much Money Are They Paying Yo? You Do Realize You Will Go DOWN?

  33. Blackmail or threats or paid off…..I can’t believe a US Judge could do this. I used to think judges did a great job of supporting our Constitution! This judge should be dismissed and put the next judge in who has compassion. Actually. They’ve messed up for sure.

  34. There should be consequences for Judges that pull this sort of thing. You get removed from the Bench in disgrace, and you can never practice law again. On top of that, you get his pants pulled down in public and a switch taken to his behind.. Say about 25 lash’s. I’m having my Liberal brain thought for the punishment. I’m really conservative.

  35. I hope President Trump gives Flynn and Roger Stone a full pardon. After that OBAMA an his entire Administration should be sent to prison.

  36. Your right miss Jane, all the low life crooked judge’s that the demonRATS are paying off needs to be nailed to a tree and start by cutting his little to- off and work their way up to the head.

  37. I believe that there are democrat liberals on this commentary pretending to be conservatives. Their racist rhetoric is beneath contempt. The judge is unlawfully trying to legislate from the bench and should be removed and lose his law licence.

  38. It is my belief this Partisan Judge was put in place as part of the coup plot. I believe the Obama/Clinton Criminal Organization spent a great deal of time plotting this coup as an “Insurance Policy” against Hillary losing. This judge was chosen for his rabid partisanship and his willingness to bend or even break the law to achieve the Party’s or his Leaderships agendas. There are many such Black Robed Tyrants on the bench placed there for their Partisanship. I believe if they have the authority it is time To have a team of Prosecutors and a Special Inspector General appointed to investigate this judge and the judge in the Stone case first and the continue inspecting all judges who have made blatantly partisan ruling over the last few years.

  39. Apparently, somebody has something on this judge. That’s a very good reason why we need Term Limits and free elections of judges, at every stage, as well as for Congress! We also need to have fixed spending caps and limits to political fund raising.

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