Kellyanne Conway Slam-Dunks Democrats Over Constant Criticism

In a time when the country should be coming together, Democrats are showing their true colors and turning the shootings over this past weekend into political scandal and fundraisers. They have done nothing to bring the country together and only used this opportunity to criticize the president.

The President and conservatives are the only ones trying to heal this nation after the devastation which took place in the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. Counselor Kellyanne Conway was interviewed on “Fox & Friends and said what most people want to say to Democrats. The White House hit back Tuesday with common sense instead of hatred like the Left has been doing.

While Democrats are busy labeling President Trump as a racist, Conway stated the president is “trying to bring the country together and heal a nation.” She said how Elizabeth Warren is setting up fundraisers and emails to raise money for her campaign.

Conway continued, “There is a huge difference between running your mouth and running for president, and being the president and trying to bring together a nation. The president did not respond in kind. They politicized this over the weekend. They all blamed him, and I want to name and shame them now. Do they want to be president? He is the president. And he is trying to bring the country together and have bipartisan, bicameral steps.”

This was the toughest response from the White House since President Trump was elected. Everything Conway said was true, and it is how most Americans feel. This is not a time to point fingers and pass the blame. Newspapers like the New York Times and the news media ignored Trump’s call for the nation to unite and instead used their opportunity to spread more division ordered by the Democrats.

Beto O’Rourke was the worst of the presidential primary candidates who attacked President Trump. He told MSNBC on Monday, “Jesus Christ, of course, he’s racist.” He also used foul language to put down the president and make absurd claims which were irrelevant to the situation. Conway called both him and Senator Elizabeth Warren out on national television.

She stated, “Beto O’Rourke, from the Vanity Fair magazine cover to the vanity project candidacy out there screaming and cursing about President Trump. That doesn’t heal a single soul. That doesn’t help to prevent another mass shooting.”

For Senator Warren she had this message, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was raising money for Senate Democratic candidates in an email appeal talking about mass shootings. This is a disgrace, and if no one else is going to talk about it, I’m going to talk about it.”

Fox News reported this week, “Warren, this week, sent an email to supporters requesting they contribute money to Sens. Doug Jones, D-Ala., and Tina Smith, D-Minn., for their Senate campaigns, among other candidates. The Democratic National Committee also sent an email to supporters, signed by former Rep. Gabby Giffords, encouraging donors to “split” a donation between the DNC and Giffords’ PAC, which was launched after she survived an assassination attempt in 2011.”

Conway went into detail of how Republicans and Democrats handle shootings differently and brought up the Steve Scalise shooting in Louisiana. The shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter for the 2016 elections.

She stated, “When Bernie Sanders’ supporter shot up Steve Scalise who was within inches of his life, and others on that baseball field two years ago, we didn’t run out and say that he was hunting down Republicans and that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter. We were worried about Steve Scalise’s life being saved. That was absolutely the darkest day in this White House in its first year in my opinion.”

Conway brought up another incident, “Some evil, twisted, depraved lunatic was trying to shoot up an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detention center in Washington state last month. The shooter was quoting the exact language that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., had been using.” Conway stated, “We didn’t blame her.”

Even former president Barrack Obama could not keep his mouth shut and his nose out of the pile. He criticized Trump and Conway tore into him also reminding him “No one blamed him for Newtown, Conn., and he had his opportunity to go heal the nation.”

The Left wanted him to denounce white supremacy, and talk of gun control laws and he did. Conway said, “He’s denouncing white supremacy, and they’re out there denouncing him. America, take a look, and don’t forget it.”

104 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway Slam-Dunks Democrats Over Constant Criticism

  1. I’m appalled that the Democrats are so anti American, so disrespectful of the Presidency, so outrageously unfair, dirty and rotten. Politics is Satan’s forte using it to divide humans against each other. Today it is so blatant that it has become the norm.

    We need to stop acting like enemies and enjoin our talents to the betterment of OUR COUNTRY.

  2. All those LIBERAL DEMOCRATS running for PRESIDENT have never done anything meaningful/helpful for the LEGAL LAW-ABIDING, TAX-PAYING, PATRIOTIC, AMERICA-LOVING PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…….What could we ever expect of any one of them should they become President (GOD FORBID)

  3. Kellyanne is absolutely right. The craven and amoral Dems will do and
    say anything to get their power back. I hope the voters realize this
    when the election rolls around.

  4. The Dems are all true losers and see my below comments.

    How bad are G. Nadler, A. Schiff and C. Schumer who are all Jewish but can’t support Israel or President Trump.
    Our President is the best ally and true friend of Israel and Bibi N.

    When the IG Report is published, it will show that BO, Biden, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, etc. all knew of the ruse they had planned against the President. With Hillary’s rating of 85% versus 15% for Trump to become the next President, this plan would disappear and become buried history. However, Trump was victorious and this flawed plan was exposed. if all the above fraud’s knew, you can be sure that top Democrats, BO and Biden also knew and just two words…”Adios Biden.”

  5. Right on Kellyanne! We never see any hard data to the Dems and the Left to support their claims! It’s like if they say it is so, that’s gospel. We are supposed to believe it, no questions asked.
    The Washington Post’s article about the pregnant women shot near the Virginia Capitol was just hype for the Dems, because the State legislature didn’t address more gun control. Which wouldn’t have changed anything.
    Also by their (WP) own account, “most of the guns were illegally obtained, i.e.: stolen from a home, business, vehicle, in a robbery or a straw buyer. Where is stricter gun laws, that aren’t/can’t be enforced now, going to stop the violence?! They will not! There has to be a change of attitude nation wide. A new direction, a new unity for the country.

  6. The constitution and bill of rights are the foundation of America.How many demoncrats running for president have ,or plan too, as publicly stated,violate these principles and laws,and could actually be considered enemies of the state.

  7. No matter what Trump does it will not satisfy Democrats. If Trump stood up and said that he should be impeached for his actions the Democrats would argue against it. There will not be peace with the Democrat Party, they do not want it and they do not deserve it. Keep calling them out and exposing them for what they are. When they lose the House, Senate and the Presidency in 2020 the Democrat Party will be irrelevant for decades to come. When Trump wins his second term he needs to prosecute the Clintons, Obama , Holder, Comey, Lynch and a host of other Democrats who were and are part of the group that has tried to undermine his Presidency.

  8. Thanks, Kellyanne, we need someone that has a sounding board like yours. They are all a bunch of hypocrites! The day this country will be governed by Liberal and Socialist will be a cold day in hell as long as Republicans have breath in their bodies! I have family in the south that has voted Democratic all their lives, but after this election and the direction of the Democratic party and AOC (what a crock, she has Pelosi running scared, that doesn’t say much about Pelosi does it) they will no longer vote Democratic! And that was from a true Southerner from Georgia and Florida!!! The group running the DNC is a laughing stock and think the American people will fall for their rubbish especially, free Medicare, College for all including Illegals!! How stupid do they think the American people are to allow their hard earned dollars to be spent to house, cloth, feed and educate illegals, that have taken it upon themselves to come her illegally and bring their children and that will have be changed, we will no longer be bleeding hearts for children that are used to fraudulently get into our country and take advantage of our generosity! And forget about DACA, their parents knew what they were doing in bringing them here and they got free education on our taxes and refuse to speak English! I’m also tired of “that’s not who we are!” We are not idiots! And I am not an immigrant!! My forefathers were! I am a 5th generation, I am an American not an immigrant, and we do not allow illegals, to take jobs from Americans! All Illegals have a country, go back and make your government do something for you. God gave you a country and America does not owe the world a life style and free education!


  10. What can you say? The democrats and their left stream media/news people needed a new word and phrase for them to all go out and repeat over and over on every MSM news outlet after Mueller and his million$$$ cabal could not find anything connecting the president and/or his campaign to “Russia”! They went back to screaming in sync “He’s a racist” and/or “He’s a White Supremacist”! Trump has had more women in his ranks than any other and he paid them the same. He had a black woman executive in his company that had nothing to do with optics. He is the only president who has improved the economy so much and that has included the black, hispanic, and women in the better than ever numbers. No more big stories about college graduates moving into their parents’ basement. He has personally intervened to get illegally imprisoned Americans abroad freed and brought home, he has stepped in when individuals have been imprisoned unjustly right here in our own country and pardoned them. He personally pays attention when an American hits the news for a horror or unjust treatment and if he can make a difference he uses his clout. He is the only president I can remember who seems to actually care about people and doesn’t consider his “position” above paying attention and just let the slow and tedious wheels of bureaucracy take it’s time to “get a round tuit”! Do liberals, including the left leaning press, care one whit about any of the positives? Not even a little! The pols pass big gimme’ bills and never have anything in place to check and see if that bill works as they hoped. When it becomes obvious years and trillions of $$$ later that it did no good and/or had the opposite effect, they go out and try to elect the next generation who will promise to pass more gimme’ legislation and repeat the whole scenario over again? Can we get any dumber or without any more vision than that??? No just keep yelling the epithets at Trump and keep promising more and more trillions$$$ programs. It’s all they know!!

  11. I do not know why we have to put up with these unAmerican, racist, communist
    Democrats and the “enemy of the people media”, they hate America, my question is:
    why are they here ? we don’t need them. Why don’t they go to Russia where they belong.
    Let us not forget Hollywood they are pretty much Democrats too, so, the same applys to them

  12. August 10, 2019

    Fools they are as God is the one that ordains all authority in the Universe. Read the New Testament Book of Romans in Chapter 13 and you will know the truth. There is no man alive today that could have or would have taken the lies and personal attacks against he and his family without the help of Almighty God. If you notice that He has accomplished more than all of the other Presidents and has been opposed far more than any of the past. The Apostle Paul was killing Jewish people thinking he was right when he was struct down on the road to Damascus by the Lord and chosen to be the one God choose to reach the Gentiles of the world. I believe President Trump was chosen by God because he is a Billionaire who knows and understands finances both here in America and in the World. He has been in so many financial messes and has come out on top that he knows every way a deal or project needs to work to be successful. The Democrats cannot overthrown President Trump unless God wills it! Many Presidents promised to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem but none of them did it. President Trump did move our Embassy to Jerusalem. President Obama spent more money than all of the other combined Presidents did in past history. He also bad mouthed America throughout the world and seeming did what he could to destroy America. He had never ran a hot dog stand and knew nothing of business or world affairs. He like President Trump was chosen by God for his own purpose. History is proving that the acts of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were a judgment upon America to make the people in America consider returning to the God who created them. President Trump is the President that has the most favor for the welfare of the churches of America and is strongly against the murder of the unborn. America just recently had a number of people killed by shootings that made no sense and were a product of hate which caused a national uproar! The Democrats blamed it on President Trump when in fact there were more people shot in Chicago than the other two shootings in El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio that resulted in more than twenty deaths and yet the news and the Democrats who control Chicago said nothing! What if we took all of the babies that were murdered in and out of the wombs of mothers in America and piled their butchered little precious body parts in a pile that wouldl number in the literally thousands? Then what would the cry of America and the Democrats be? Since Roe V. Wade which was a sham trial with no abortion being performed upon the woman who started the lie that the trial was founded upon about sixty million innocent babies have been murdered in America! God tells us in his word that a person, city, or nation reaps what they sow! Has anyone ever thought that the reason we are having so much killing in America is because we have become a nation that has allowed our laws to sanction the murder of over 60,000,000 innocent babies and as President Obama’s old Pastor Jeremiah Wright said “The chickens are coming home to roost” If you are confused about the number it is 60 million babies! The Biblical rule ordained by God is as human beings we reap what we sow. God said “Be not deceived whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” We are in the beginning stages of reaping what we have sown in America and desperately need to repent as a nation and as human beings and change our ways and return to God before we reap the whirlwind that is coming if we do not repent! The answer is not legislation as the only cure for America is God Almighty. We all need to read II Chronicles 7:14 which states “If My people which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My Face, and then turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  13. Good for you. Keep speaking up. We Americans are tired to death of the Democrat lies, and running down our President.

  14. Shooters will have a FREE RIDE as long as CONCEALED CARRY is INFRINGED upon.
    Red Flag Laws STRIP AMERICANS of their guns without DUE PROCESS. With one exception, the rest of the gun control ideas will not stop shooters.
    It is way past time to exchange GUN FREE ZONES for UNINFRINGED CONCEALED CARRY that will put shooters out of business RIGHT NOW. They will no longer know where the guns are. End of the free ride.
    This solution may not be perfect but a whole lot better than shooters regularly killing a lot of people. It is what worked in the past before we got gun free zones, giving potential shooters confidence that there would be no opposition and a free ride.

  15. WOW!!that little girl said a mouth full and ever word was true. can you imagine what that poor little gal has to go through being stuck with that trump basher husband. go go gal we love you,

  16. Good. for her…she surely took these Dems for what they are. R a c I s t !! Shame on them. What. Terrible time to insult the president at these bad times……yet when obama and Hillary said. Stand down in bengazzi..none of these idiots said a word…shame on them. And thank you kellyanne. For speaking the truth !!!.

  17. This is all unbelievable. We have a group of unqualified people trying to run for the highest office in this land non of which I would trust to run an ice cream stand. How do we end up with people like this in our government? No experience in managing anything and they are elected to-govern our country? Are we that radical or asleep at the switch ?

  18. Prestident Trump and his followers and people working for him are all cast from the same mold. They are liers, cheaters, abusers, shame makers, and will do anything to make the other people believe they are right to control and create a tyrancy for them to control…

    A new order is trying to rise up and take over this world and the whole world needs to become aware of their hatrid, and ways to create fake news and sound bites for them to make the world believe they are the right people in today’s world…They know how to manipulate and make money for themselves and possibly gain more power….

  19. I am disgusted with the behavior of supposedly caring adult’s. The actions of the Democratic party is so uncaring to those who have been killed and their families. These democrats are a total uncompassionate group of people, who are users of such a devastating occurrence.
    The Democratic Party is showing the world what an uncaring corrupt party it truly is, and untrustworthy party it is, and how they truly don’t give a darn about us people, they care only about their wealth and their corrupt agenda. I am sick of this heartless party. God Help us if anyone of them are voted into office as President.
    President Trump is a compassionate human being. Thank God.

  20. Miss Conway is 100% right but not going far enough!! Let’s make sure that all these Libs/DemocRATS that want universal gun control, DON’T HAVE ANY ARMED POLICE OR SECUITY OFFICERS AROUND THEM….wherever they live or travel. And if they don’t agree to do that, then you’ll know that they want to do exactly what HITLER did….TAKE GUNS AWY FROM THE COMMON PEOPLE in order to have POWER OVER THE PEOPLE which led to the mass murder of over 7 MILLION people. Let’s get real and realize who these Fascists are and what they’re trying to do. May GOD BLESS the GOOD people in America.

  21. I agree with every word that Kellyann said,come on normal Democrats you have to realize everything you are doing is not helping America. It is disgusting what your party (which I was once) is saying and doing just because you don’t like your president, time to stand up for what is right and move on.

  22. She is absolutely correct. The Leftists are all about obtaining power for their own despicable and treasonous agendas. They all truly stink…along with the evil that supports and motivates them!

  23. President Trump’s, my blessings to you today, tomorrow and always. I am totally tired of fake news. You are one of a kind , and how can we have a better future, if the F_Troop, don’t want to work together. Together, we build futures. God Bless America.

  24. Kelly Anne is ‘spot on’!! The left and lame stream verbally assault & bully President Trump 24/7-365!!! Sooooooo what is he/Kelly Anne & his supporters to do?
    Run hide in a corner and hope THAT will stop the left and lame stream? It won’t they will just call him ‘scared, afraid etc”
    They are soooooooooooooo push ‘health care/medicare for ALL!!!!!
    So ‘for ALL” means them TOO!!!!! they don’t want ANY private employer health care so they need to “SIGN UP” for their own ‘free health care” and STRAP the American People with this luxury they have……EQUALITY correct?
    Bring it up & see how FAST they ‘STUMBLE’ as to WHY ” Oh NO WE KEEP OUR CADILLAC PLAN” that WE pay nothing for but “We the PEOPLE PAY for them”Something REALLY WRONG with this stand!!!!! Rise Up America……Just LISTEN with CLEAR EARS!!!!!!

  25. The Democratic Party or trash talking
    Spoiled brats who look more like the communist party and act as if they belong to a dictatorship out only for themselves st all cost and the hell with the people lies bullying harassment violence really sounds like the party of hilter

  26. 1 Nation under God…..Unitdd we stand….Apart we fall….Liberty and justice for all. Go USA……
    Ok update. The King James is out . So is God.
    1 Nation under Face Book and Twitter.
    Justice and liberty for none USA people 1st.

  27. If Donald Trump were to refer to Joe Biden using Beto’s words, the NYT headline would read, “Trump calls Jesus a racist.”

  28. Hats off to Kelly for telling it like it is. unfortunately her husband probable wont speak to her for a while if its true he’s a democrat!

  29. I think Kelly-Ann is right about Democrats. They just want to destroy Americans and the unity that president trump is trying to create. How is it that democrats can’t see it. Is the hate for President Trump so deep that they are lost.

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