Law Enforcement Outraged After Illegals Charged with Rampant Sex Crimes

Law enforcement in Maryland has finally had enough. This week marks the seventh arrest of an illegal immigrant in Montgomery County who has been charged with rape or other sex crimes in less than two months.

These are by far not the first ones to have happened in the area, but as the numbers only increase, it has become hard for local law enforcement and community members to simply try and deal with them.

Now they are calling for a change and placing the blame solely at the feet of the county executive, Marc Elrich. Last month, Elrich signed an order that made Montgomery County, Maryland, which is just outside of Washington D.C., a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants.

This means that the county does not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE. So when an illegal immigrant is arrested, no matter the crime, the county does not notify ICE of the arrest. And while the subject can be prosecuted for a state crime, once that person is adjudicated, they are released without penalty.

Furthermore, because ICE is not notified, even if they have a detainer for the person, they cannot enforce it.

Such men like Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez, who has been charged with sexual abuse against a minor, second-degree rape, and third and fourth-degree sexual offenses, is free to walk the streets and find more victims.

ICE has detainer on him that would allow him to be deported back to his home nation of Honduras, but because Montgomery County has been labeled as a sanctuary locale, he is free to do as he pleases without serious consequence.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of the neighboring Fredrick County says, “It’s really outrageous,” and is “jeopardizing public safety.”

He says, “What they’ve done now is galvanize the fact that you can commit – Montgomery County – commit crimes as an illegal alien and you won’t feel the consequences.”

He and many others are furious at Elrich and the current policies that allow such atrocities to happen in their community.

Jenkins says, “What he’s (Elrich) done effectively is jeopardize public safety throughout the whole central part of Maryland. Montgomery borders D.C., it borders Frederick County, it’s a gateway to central Maryland.”

But Elrich, and those like him in other parts of the nation, would rather score political points with their democratic base and leading party officials than worry about their community and the harm they are enduring.

These men shouldn’t even be in the country, and yet this corrupt politician is allowing them to not only stay but to enjoy everything America has to offer, including the predation of young and innocent children.

And what’s even worse is that they won’t allow the Feds to do their job. This is precisely what ICE was created for, to enforce that those who are coming into our nation’s borders are of a certain quality. That they aren’t previously convicted felons, here or anywhere else; that they will behave according to our laws. If they are going to live here and not their own place of birth, then they need to abide by the rules, we have in place or else return to where they came from.

Our laws aren’t that difficult to master and not much different from most other nations. If an American citizen is found guilty of a crime, here or abroad, there is punishment meted out. The same should be true for non-citizens.

Our laws were created for a specific reason, and that is to keep our communities safe and thriving. It’s not racist to enforce those rules, it’s fair, and it is what keeps our home protected. If we continually allow people to partake in heinous crimes without consequences, citizen or not, then we are forfeiting our home and everything that it once stood for.

It is apparent the county executives like Elrich no longer care about America or her standards and laws. They are only self-centered, egotistical dogs who only care for themselves and where their polices can take them.

Those like Jenkins see right through him and his schemes. Until Montgomery County changes its policies, we will know precisely who to blame when the next crime occurs.

19 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Outraged After Illegals Charged with Rampant Sex Crimes

  1. When I learn people being victimized it makes me very angry and when I learn justice denied to them I feel extremely depressed and want to cry. It is an insult to injury. May be if the victims start to make a hue and cry about denial of justice to them the things will start to change.

  2. I not only blame the County Executive of Montgomery County but I also blame Chris Van Hollen, Ben Cardin, Elijah Cummings and any other democrat in the State of Maryland for allowing people like this to commit these crimes. People of Montgomery County should wake up and vote them out of office at the next election or when they are up for election.

  3. To all the victim in Montgomery Count Get a Lawyer Gloria Allred Come to kind and sue this Marc Elrich for every thing he’s got and then some and impeach this SOB and make him pay before the rest of his life. And a few years in jail for the rest of the idiots who work for and passed the god awful sanctuary county law sue them to whip them out financially also. Always go for financial destruction that hurts the most to people like this

  4. Let’s put Elrich’s Wife and Daughter out there to get raped by an Illegal Immigrant. Then, these laws would change. What a hypocrite. That should be put into a Constitutional Convention. Federal laws supersedes any State law, no matter what. Anybody who oppose goes to jail.

  5. The federal govt needs to step in and do something to eliminate these illegal sanctuary cities. All those mayors/governors, etc. who condone & support these cities need to be removed from office, fined & jailed. They are not, and should not, be above the law! If anything, they should be enforcing the laws of the land. They are as guilty as the illegals who are breaking our laws! What kind of example are they setting? All federal funding needs to be stopped!! All laws were meant to be obeyed. People cannot pick & choose which laws they will abide by. If illegals can commit crimes with suffering any consequences, does that mean the rest of us can do the same? I think not! We would be behind bars before we knew it.

  6. When are the people going to wake up and stop letting the illegals
    into the country? And rid the country of the Sanctuary Cities. If the
    people come in legally and legitimately and are thoroughly vetted,
    welcome. Those who do not then beware, we will find you and send
    you back where you came from. Any rapist needs to be dealt with
    immediately and with harshness. Sorry, illegals have no rights in
    our courts and should be sent back without going through the courts.
    Put them on trains and send them back immediately. Do not pass go.

  7. I feel so sad for the victims and the police. Its let saying to the other countries,
    come to the United States and rape our girls and get all the benefits free. We don’t care,
    cause you are more important than the Americans . Look what our Democrats are saying
    To be president. God Help Us.

  8. Good Heavens! is as if some virus was loosed on our Nation that completely inhibits rational thought processes. What does it mean they are catering to their Democratic base?! The Folks of liberal ilk don’t want themselves and their children protected don’t care!??? It would seem any sane person would read the parameters above and get rid of whomever is responsible for such edicts! Imagine the county that for many, many years was known for their excellent school system?? What a fall from grace!!

  9. These supporters of sanctuary cities should have to face the victims of those they pander to. The victims have the right to demand accountability from those who allow these thugs to run free.

  10. Simple. take this guy and all others you can find and dump him off in this political creeps yard with instructions that he can do anything he wants to those inside and you will not respond as its a sanctuary.

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