Left-Wing Whoopi Didn’t Get the Memo: She Scolds the Looters Instead of Paying for Their Bail

Looters across the nation are setting things on fire. They’re destroying businesses. They’re creating chaos. For most Democrats, they’re willing to look the other way. In fact, there’s a fund started in Minnesota that’s even paying the bail for those arrested during this crazy time.

Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host of The View and a left-wing Democrat, may not be as left as she likes to think she is. Either that, or she missed the memo where Dems were supposed to be in support of the looting.

Goldberg posted a video to her Instagram, letting followers know that enough is enough.

She doesn’t care who you are. Enough is enough. She believes that people from all walks of life are getting fed up with the looters. It’s no longer about Floyd. It’s a reason to go out into the streets and cause destruction. There are too many law-abiding citizens having their businesses and their livelihoods ruined by the looting – and for what reason?

Goldberg is right about one thing: they’re destroying dreams.

The looters are saying they’re angry because of creating victims out of innocent people. However, they’re just as bad. They’re doing the same thing.

How is it that Goldberg can see this when so much of the Democratic party cannot? Is this her way of breaking off from them or was she left out of the loop?

Many on the Biden presidential campaign have donated to the Minnesota fund to pay the bail for those who have been arrested looting and protesting. In addition to Biden, there are a number of left-wing Democrats taking to social media to urge donations – Justin Timberlake, Kamala Harris, and Steve Carrell are some of the bigger names.

It would seem that Whoopi Goldberg would jump on this train. She loves her Democratic party fiercely. She wants to do whatever she can to support them, but it seems she’s not blind. She doesn’t want to help those who have been looting.

Whoopi Goldberg is doing what the mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio, has been begging people: to do something. DeBlasio has been urging celebrities and religious leaders to call for a stop to all of the madness. However, too many people have been ignoring the cries. They want to make it all about politics. They support the looting and the rioting because it allows those people to make a point about Floyd’s death. The problem is that Floyd wouldn’t have wanted this. His family doesn’t want this. And it stopped being productive days ago.

Goldberg warned that people have made it impossible to get back to their lives. She said to all of the looters that someone – your mom, your grandmother, your cousin’s baby – can’t get their medication because you have burned the pharmacy down.

The View is currently playing re-runs, so it’s hard to know how Behar and some of the other co-hosts feel about the looting. Perhaps they were left out of the memo on how the Democratic Party is handling the issue, too.

Goldberg could easily get mad. She could agree with the looters and the protesters. However, she’s seeing dreams being crushed. She’s reading about lives getting ruined. She’s choosing to get mad about that. She may not be the die-hard Democrat that she wants to be due to her compassion on this issue. She sees the other side.

Now, if only Goldberg could take it one step further and call her fellow Democrats out for what they’re doing. Why would they donate money to post bail for those breaking the law? As many have pointed out recently when Justin Timberlake recently tweeted to call for more donations, the fund should be to help those who have had their lives ruined by the looters, not helping the looters who actually broke the law.

Goldberg not getting the message may be the best way for the looters to finally get the scolding that they need.

136 thoughts on “Left-Wing Whoopi Didn’t Get the Memo: She Scolds the Looters Instead of Paying for Their Bail

  1. I am glad Whoopi sees this and is speaking out at the looting and I hope the violence and disregarding the rights of others. I hope this becomes about right and wrong, law and order, and not politics.

    1. thank you for your honest much needed comments criminals should not be recognized for anything other than what they are and what they have done
      those who are bailing them out are misguided
      not facing reality
      organize peacefully sign petitions call your law makers demand proper treatment for all Americans protect hardworking people from looters,destroyers,thieves We are fortunate to have freedom in our great country

      1. Thank God .. Some on the left have a better sense of whats right and hats wrong!!! peaceful protesting .YES…… Looting & RIOTING destroying others property…. Not the way to you’re point across ….. Thank You Whoopi!!! God Bless!!!

        1. Defunding the police DOES NOT mean what the APD.com would have you believe! It does not mean, not supporting police forces and, the legitimately responsible measures needed to protect & serve us. In, short it means to diversify those monies into areas that are in desperate need of funding. You, who have commented on anything in this publication, obviously have your own access to the Google. Use it, there are many sides to almost everything. Life is SO MUCH MORE than OUR SIDE & THE OTHERS! There’s room for everyone, there’s money enough for everyone. There can actually be PEACE IN THE VALLEY ONE DAY. The BOSS is the problem. The BOSS is no longer trying to protect, and nurture the wellbeing and prosperity of humanity. The BOSS is the 1%! The BOSS needs to keep us busy fighting each other, so we can’t concentrate on the fact that the BOSS has become the ENEMY!! The 1% don’t give a shit about white or black people (and all the lovely shades in between). They could care less about red states & blue States. And, where being green is concerned, they know it costs way too much to clean up the mess they’re making of OUR PLANET!! Besides, they can afford to live in the nice places that remain. When lil donny starts going on about the dems, understand that what he means is, don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain! That man is the BOSS’!

          1. By referring to our president as “li’l donny”, I’m assuming you’re not a fan of his. Is that the “man behind the curtain” you’re referring to? I’ll have you know that Trump doesn’t hide from anything. Your “man behind the curtain” reference just may well describe Sleepy Joe Biden better. A more accurate description might be “man hiding in his cellar”!!!

          2. Apparently you haven’t seen the numerous photos and videos and the verbal outbursts of Black Lives Matter supporters who say “ABOLISH the police” and “ALL white people are racist.” I certainly don’t like some of President Trump’s personality traits, But I am certainly not going to support abortionists and socialists who have taken control of the Democrats. It’s scary that Joe Biden has a hard time knowing what’s going on or even what he’s trying to say unless he is scripted and has to rely on handlers.

          1. Thank u Mike for your comments I think that George who does not condemn the actions of the radical Criminals on the left BOTH black and white The mayors and governors of all these major cities. Should be thrown out of Office they r a disgrace to the Patriots and Law Abiding citizens of our Great country GOD Bless America (I never take her for granted)

      2. Thank you Whoopi Goldberg!! A radical left-wing Democrat with common sense. The looters are just destroying property in the name of protesting the death of George Floyd, when his family and friends are calling for them to stop. They are wiping out the dreams of their fellow residents and making it hard for people to get back to work so they can support their families. Why can’t they see this, very real fact? You got this one dead right Whoopi!! See if you can talk some sense into the minds of your Hollywood friends, who think it is OK for destroy private property and put businesses out of business!

    2. They are not only burning down and looting White Buissenesses but also hurting Black peoples Buissenesses. Is this what we want for good hard working people. Totally sick.

    3. How long before “they” get to her, and she walks back her comments and opinions like so many of the brain dead left-wing celebrities have done? 2 days? 3 days? Certainly by next Mon!!!

    4. finally someone stands up and sees what is right and wrong!
      Thank you!
      I knew you had a heart and sense of decency!
      Maybe if more people would stand up and say no more this is wrong
      Our Country has a chance to recover.


    5. For many years I laughed, even cried at Whoopis marvelous portrayals, and then watched as she turned against too many of my beliefs with her slants on many things. I now find that she has finally seen the truth about all the looting, rioting, burning businesses, buildings, and God only knows what else has been happening that the news media couldn’t keep up with! It is long overdue that the EVIL stops, IMMEDIATELY and the ignorant are enlightened! Our towns and cities, NATIONWIDE have been exposed to PAID RIOTERS that are being bailed out of jail by those that SUPPORT THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA AND OUR FREEDOM AND PEACEFUL WAY OF LIFE, and those poor suckers that would ruin our wonderful country!! ANYONE that would aid in the RUINATION OF AMERICA should be shipped to a country that practices their warped values, and not allowed back into AMERICA!!!
      I am 80 years old, and have watched our wonderful country sliding backwards and downhill for entirely too long, and I truly feel sorry for the young people that must put up with this garbage because people with warped values decide to tear up AMERICA!!! GOD BE WITH ALL THAT WILL FIGHT THIS EVIL CANCER!!! IT WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT BRAVE PEOPLE TAKING A STAND AND REINSTATING SANITY, LOVE, and A CARING SOCIETY THAT REFUSES TO SEE AMERICA TORN APART BY EVIL!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, and ALL that are taking a stand for TRUTH, SAFETY, AND THE RETURN OF SANITY!

  2. Good for you Whoopi! This sounds like the “old” Whoopi that I always liked, Not the one that became One sided the longer she stayed on The View that I quit watching because of ALL the one sided hatred. Barbara Walters most always looked at BOTH sides and Whoopi USED to. Glad she said ENOUGH on the rioters destroying peoples livlihood.

    1. Wow!!!! I am proud of you, Whoopi!!!!! We need more intelligent people who know that businesses are being destroyed. BLACK business owners have seen their dreams destroyed by other blacks. These people who riot are CRIMINALS, and should be treated as such!!! Out here, we do NOT have this issue, thank GOD!!!! We still treat each other with respect and civility. Here (location NOT disclosed) we say hi to each other, and don’t worry about race!

      1. Same here Joan. In small town Texas we greet everyone with a smile and a howdy do. it doesn’t matter what your race is, we are all proud to be Texan Americans. I feel sorry for those who have been raised without self respect or respect for others. What empty souls. sad.

        1. Arizona is filled with beautiful places to live . And most places are affordable. I bought my 3 bedroom , two stall garage, house for 66.ooo$. I also have the most beautiful view of cochise stronghold. I love living in a rural environment. The covid didnt really change are lives and people are so friendly . And there are no protester that are robbing our stores and destroying peoples lives . I think they would be afraid to do that crap here.

  3. Thank you Whoopi for showing concern for the victims of rioting, looting and businesses being set on fire. THAT DOES NOT HELP ANYONE…and it’s a VERY POOR EXAMPLE TO THE THE YOUNGSTERS OF THE COUNTRY!!…Looters should be jailed and made to pay for damages!!! Did they enjoy being seen on tv????? Were they raised by Animals????….Humans are REARED…Animals are raised….I don’t think any animals, would damage their surroundings. They look out for others, in their own ways!!!! How would the Hollywood ELITE like to have their homes or businesses looted and burned???? That might change the ways they think!! Are they all living in “bubbles” in La-la-Land???? I THINK THEY ARE!!! My deceased father-in-law was a Screenplay writer in Hollywood in the ’30’s thru the ’50’s. He and his wife went on drives to sell War Bonds, during WW ll, and she helped out at the USO serving food, non-alcoholic beverages and dancing with the G.I.’s. What happened to that civility???? America needs to get on track…and SOON!!!!!

    1. Whoopi, you are 100%, but if you speak to joe Biden he will tell you that if you don’t support the Looting, Rioting then you are not Black. And, Joe knows. That is why this Democrat will vote for the law and order candidate, Donald J. Trump. Just look up David Dorn, and you will see why I feel that way.

    2. What happened? Terrorist organizations…Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Neo-Nazi’s, KKK, Democrat Party, George Soros, Black Panthers, Southern Poverty Law Center, et al. Hater’s of America, the Constitution, and freedom. Sadly, the “useful idiots” who are slaves to these organizations are too stupid to realize that once they’ve accomplished the socialist “utopia”, they will be the ones who suffer the most.

      1. The current President of the USA DOES NOT BELIEVE IN LAW AND ORDER. You need to turn on the news more often and see him LIVE AND IN ACTION. OH YES AND THERE IS NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN WALKING! Sort but it isn’t possible. I’m a Democrat and I can assure you I do not believe in any of those things. I’ve contributed to nothing to support those things. Get a grip and help get this country back under control.

        1. I beg to differ with you, but our current President DOES BELIEVE IN LAW AND ORDER!! What island did you come from? You had better sit back, learn to listen, and watch all that President Trump has done for America. He has done more for America than the last 2 or more presidents have done, and he has done it quite fast!!! Maybe you should go up to Nancy Pelosi’s and eat ice cream with her out of her $24,000 frig, or go hind in the basement with Biden. Those are 2 of the worse people to have a seat in the house. So is Maxine Walters, and a lot more of them. I am so glad that you like them so much, even them taking our rights away. looting and ruin people’s stores and their livelihood is not the way to go. And defunding the cops, NO WAY!!! Should I call you if somebody breaks in my house? Should I call you if some of your friends just come to touch my property down? I doubt it, not if you approve of ruining other people’s lives for no reason!! And Mr. George and his family did not want this to happen either. I feel sorry for you, but then again I don’t, it’s your life to live and do NOT EVER THINK THAT WHITE MEN AND WOMAN DON’T GET KILLED BY THE POLICE, THEY JUST DO NOT POST IT!! All lives matter, your blood is the same color as mine and I don’t care what color you are, we should be United Not Divided!! I hope you can sleep at night.

        2. This country hasn’t seen a better President than President Trump. Obama thought he had a scandalous administration and turns out to be the worst corrupt President in USA history. Obama gave 1.5 billion dollars in cash to Iran, our tax dollars. Obama turned out to be a JOKE. Then there’s Biden, i don’t know what’s worst, his mind or his perverted behavior with little girls and women. NOT PROUD TO BE A DEMONCRATES

        3. You’re just plain stupid, can’t fix that. Trump does believe in law and order. The dems are behind all of this. They are paying to get criminals out of jail that have ruined peoples lives and you are so brainless that it’s OK with you? Really??? Better hope Trump gets elected again or we will be living in a communist country!

      2. You are so right. Especially last words and I know that because I lived most of my life in socialist country.

  4. Thanks Whoopi for speaking out! There is a difference between protesting and rioters and dismantling police department!

  5. Exactly. The Hollywood celebrities fund should be used to help those business owner’s who had their business destroyed, not to help the destroyer.

  6. Thank God she understands that using someones death to destroy our country our states and our cities devastating businesses and dismantling our police department is wrong. I wish she would talk to some of these Hollywoodies that they are wrong to bail out people that are breaking the law and making people suffer when they work hard for what they have, explain to them the democratic party has been corrupt for quite a few years, they do not care about our country our people nor our police force or Military. They are working with Sorros and Antifica so they can win the next election . We must keep law and order no matter what color all lives matter.

    1. I agree, “ALL LIVES MATTER”. All races had their businesses destroyed by people who do not care about anything but themselves.
      Yes, there are bad cops, same as bad other professions. Rioting, looting and killing will never be the answer. It will take “cleaning the house” and re-organize to get the system right. The people that was destructive and looting should be serving time by cleaning up the mess, helping with the construction of the buildings (even if just doing manual labor, sweeping, pickup the scraps, dumping the trash, etc).

  7. Little “late” don’t you think Whoopi, NOW that everything has been looted and there is little else to steal and ruin! You might have “WOKE” up sooner when it counted rather than when it ended ! You DEMWITTS are what is ruining this country and you are so “BIASED” or “PRIVILEDGED” you are to STUPID to see what the game of ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER are PLAYING on you! Someday you might wake up and discover that you BAFFOONS in HORRYWOOD underestimated WHO YOU WERE FOLLOWING ! Unfortunately it will be TOO LATE ! So Good Luck in HELL!

    1. Whoopi, you are priviledged, so why don’t you kneel down in front of the protesters and apologize because you are priviledged???? That is what the rioter’s made some of the “white” people do.

  8. All of the rioting and BS is being allowed by the demonrats and then they are blaming it on President Trump. Thank you Whoopi Goldberg and I hope you see how the democratic party is no longer what it used to be!

    1. No Carol, it isn’t the Democrats doing the looting, but those skin-heads, or klukluxklan doing so at trumps bidding so HE can win the election. He is the one dividing America, with every lying tweet and atta boy when a bad guy does something wrong. The antifa-a very small group of “antifascists” are NOT responsible. So far I think we’d be better off socialist than fascist, which our dictator in chief is shooting for. Good luck if he wins, which he just might do if his lies continue to resonate with folks like you. pj

      1. Dems caused this separation and if you can’t see that you must be only about 12 years old and don’t know any better. You better wake up and pray Trump gets a second term. If by slight chance he doesn’t it won’t be socialist (which is what Hitler was). It will be a full communist country.

      2. PJ , your KKK are demonsrats . Where have you been ? Look at the photos of stupid demonsrat presidential conventions in the 1920 -1930s where thousands of KKK are marching as demonsrats . You don’t know history , did you go to school ?

  9. Thank you very much Whoopi!! I am sorry the article was slanted about “the memo”. We might not always agree, but you have always been a woman of compassion and common sense. No one had to draw you a picture about this! I think many feel the same way but do not speak out. I worked with special needs children for 30+ …. the ones from the worst home situations imaginable. The one rule I tried to follow was “natural consequences”. I would like to see people who looted and destroyed others things to work to make it right. That method was the most effective with or without law enforcement being involved. It should be used at a very early age in their homes. The fact that they get bailed out simply reinforces that behavior to happen again! I have asked myself many times “what are we doing to our young people”? This time I am screaming it!! My concern is for those who are participating in the bad deeds and those who see them as role models. I have no sympathy for the adults who are supporting this! God is watching…may he help our young ones!!!!

  10. I used to like Whoopi in movies but since she is a Dem I no longer watch any movies she is in! However now with her attitude against the looters I may start watching her again! These demonstrations are getting old now even the legal ones. The looters should be forced to give a certain portion of their income to help pay for the damage caused by their illegal activities! It’s time now for all the demonstrators to get back to their normal life! Point haas been made! Getting rid of police departments is plain stupidity! I guess seeing these never ending demonstrations show that stupidity! I pity the country if they demonstrate our future leaders! They now show their stupidity by continuing to demonstrate. Instead of sympathy they are aggravating those they are wanting to get their point across to! I am color blind when it comes to race but I am now getting angry and shut off any more news of these demonstrations! President Trump is the only American President actually helping the people of color. No Democratic President or Governor has done anything except expect their vote and they obey like good little boys and girls! How stupid!! There are a few people of color who are smart enough to know the truth and can think for themselves now and realize the Democrats support them only for votes! President Trump said it best “ What the hell have you got to loose by voting for him.” I agree with that! Maybe Whoopi is seeing the light! I hope so! The country can’t stand a Joe Biden! I said in a comment months ago that poor Joe will continue to deteriorate in his mental faculties because he has dementia! I saw hundreds of these poor people in 52 years of family practice that once it starts nothing stops dementia yet! I think most sensible people know that Joe Biden is only a puppet and other Democrats will run things! Poor Joe will never realize his wish to become President may succeed but his mind will be gone and he will never even know. Dementia robs a person of their identity and they never know it! It’s pathetic to watch their character disappear! If he even gets to the vote will be amazing! He will never be able to debate President Trump and should just let his wife or who ever now is pulling the strings debate the president! Poor Joe even at present is not writing his own comments! When he is on TV responding ad lib his mind fails miserably! That is only going to decline! Sorry Dems!!! You asked for it and now you must take it! It is a bit late to out speak President Trump! I just hope like me that other silent sensible sane people vote for Mr. Trump like in 2016!!! Hopefully Schiff, Feinstein and Pelosi will soon be gone!

  11. I haven’t agreed with Goldberg much lately, but on this we agree! As a Minnesotan the looting and riots have left the message of needed meaningful change in the dust. The Hollywood celeb’s money should be used to rebuild these businesses that have been destroyed. Let the rioters pay their own bail or rot in jail. They committed devastating crime and destruction on the community and the lives and livelihood of those business owners and we should never condone such actions. Peaceful protest is our right! Rioting is not!

  12. The looting, riots, & the violence never was, is not now and never will be about Floyd. This was simply lawless anarchy in its purest form. Where liars, cheats and thieves who have been encouraged to wear mask thought they could get away with something and they did. Their cruelty towards innocents, law enforcement , firemen, emergency personnel is nothing short of atrocious and an embarrassment to the rest of us Americans. Maybe, just maybe people like Whoopee and other so called liberals will begin to understand that liberalism IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is not what they think it is. Especially now as all it is is disguised COMMUNISM plain and simple.

  13. While I Totally just like will be Goldberg for most of her views, I commend her on this story. She is right when she mentions that the protesters have lost the idea of what they were protesting to begin with. We hear you loud and clear but after 12 days and the same thing over and over and over again that’s enough people. It’s time to move on and learn from what has happened.

  14. I stopped watching “The View” because I didn’t think you all didn’t know the difference between right and wrong, anymore. Black Lives Matter, so do white, asian, and every other color, but so do businesses that employ those black lives, and whites, asian, and every other other color. It’s just wrong that businesses are destroyed for just being where the blacks and whites, and every other color of people happen to be. They didn’t do anything to cause that destruction and death, so they don’t deserve to be destroyed. It’s shocking that in our city the destroyers were locals, black and white, not the out-of-towners like everyone thought.

  15. Now this is the real VIEW I’m talking about, way to go Whoopi. A view to the reality of what is really going on and no BS attached to it.

  16. Whoopi, purely a pile of manure gone sour, even the horse flies try to ignore her. Look, for her to opposed one party propaganda media, and Democratic Party lies some how she was directly effected by a harmed family member, or friend victim of the anarchist army created by the Democratic party and the 95% propaganda news outlets they control. Democrats are so mentally ill their comparing Antifa communist to the young men who stormed Normandy beaches. Human piles of communist shit, these brown shits of the Democratic communist party are as worthless as a pile of dog shit. How evil and crazy are theses Democratic Party morons. How low could these democrats go, no one opposes peaceful protests, not terrorizing the weakness members of our society through anarchist terrorist tactics. No one opposes protesting, but the left is not capable of separating peaceful protestors, from deadly rioters.

  17. Well Whoopi, it is about time you came to your senses!! Whoopi lost my respect when she had the nerve to sport a t shirt with a picture of a bullet going through the head of our dear president Donald Trump. And the network that allowed her to wear it on the show, the View. I was and still feel sickened by that!! What is going on now, is absurd!! As for all these famous people who have so much clout with the public and are using it to damage a society that is already in need of healing, I have no respect for either. They should all be held accountable but that will never happen unfortunately! Whoopi come on over to the other side! Open your eyes PLEASE!! Innocent people should never suffer for healing to take place! I pray for all of us daily! God Bless America!! and dear Donald Trump who has a big heart and cares about our country! And is doing something about it! If only the dems would get out of his way!!

  18. I used to love everything about Whoopi. Her intelligence and humor but when she exposed who she really was when she became a part of “The View” my heart harden towards her. I wonder how she can sit alongside Joy Bigmouth (who wouldn’t own up to doing Black Face) everyday, or Sonny who I never believed truly defended Trayon Martin (Weapon of choice was a part of the sidewalk and his heart can be pulled out of his chest and he can still speak) and of course Cindy McCain who is still pouting about what Donald Trump said about her father even though, it was okay for her father to speak ill of him. It amazing how some people feel that they are the only ones that have the right to speak ill of someone and God forbid that person defend themselves. I don’t care if you don’t like someone, it is wrong to stereotype someone because of what you think that person is because someone could brand you from your pass behaviors. Whoopi, you know when a person is doing a good job? It’s when you can never find anything good to say about them, even though you see good things happening all around the country. Sorry Whoopi, that’s Donald Trump and you know he is doing a good job. No one owed Hillary Clinton the presidency and no one owes it to Joe Biden. It’s a shame that the democratic party is trying to push Joe Biden on the American people, especially black people. The media, former presidents Obama and Bush, Colin Powell, Romney and of course his wife and doctor is well aware of his condition but will not reveal it to the American people. It’s a shame of the forest that is being perpetrated on the American people, he is suffering from “Dementia”. As for as the riots, not the peaceful protesting, I am sicken by the display of our young people who were destroying businesses, looting and stealing. But they fail to understand that the ones that are going to be hurt the most is them. It’s common sense to know that their are bad cops amongst the good in the many agencies across the country but as a whole, most are good. So if criminal activity is occurring in these defunded areas who are they going to call, “Ghost Buster”. When you live in a world where you don’t have to face the day to day hassles of this world and you have security at your beckon call, it’s hard for the common lay persons to relate to you. All of the rhetoric going on right now is just idle words because most politician care more about remaining in office as oppose to being straight up with our young man and women about having dreams in their life and seeking to accomplish those dreams. Where are the parents who fail to instill in their children to dream and encourage them to work hard towards those dreams because it’s there for the taking. What are we telling our youth? Are we telling them that they are owed 40 acres and a mule. The parents in this society needs to understand that when you have children, you are given a charge by God to bring them up in a respectful and honorable way because we will have to answer for how they turn out. I am a believer if you don’t put anything in a child ( help them understand life and how to charter their path) you are not going to get anything out of them but pain, frustration, and disappointment. Even those who grow up in the best of circumstances sometimes turn out to do wrong. I don’t blame white privilege because no child is responsible for what conditions in which they are born whether that be good or bad. Whoopi, I am so glad that you spoke out against the loss of life, rioting, looting, stealing, and destruction of others lives by destroying their businesses. I understand the frustration from the video of George Floyd, It was very difficult to watch, as a matter of fact, I was in tears. It’s very painful for something like that to happen. But this is not about George Floyd, it’s something much bigger. It’s sad what this country is going through and the media needs to accept their part in inciting this bad behavior. Look what’s in our neighborhoods, abortion clinics(genocide), failing schools, drugs, ect. A lot of our so call leaders get elected and then forget why and fail our children over and over again. Our children are taught to repel. Our children are not given a moral compass because the rappers of this world constantly refer to black women as bitches and whores and they use the word “nigger” with reckless abandonment and say black people own that word, but so many of our black boys want to be rappers, not doctors, teachers, judges, scientist but rappers. By the way, I don’t own that because I know the definition of it. I don’t respond to it because that is not my name and the person that uses it, I know what their character is without question. Our black girls who are in poverty are continuing the cycle of having children out of wedlock which keeps them in their economic condition. Our children need to understand that they have the ability to be just as prosperous and successful in life than anyone else. We as parents have to plant that seed and cultivate it so it can grow. I was happy to see that ray of light in you Whoopi. Thank you for that!!!!! Just on a side note, I was in Law Enforcement for 35 years and I am Black and very proud of who I am. I will not be” hoodwinked” as Malcolm X said….

    1. Well said and accurate by both the comment and Whoopie.
      It doesn’t matter if your left or right–it matters if you truly care for others and act to correct the problems of society that are embraced by the few non-caring and self-centered such as those who condemn whole groups for the sins of the few. Violence on either side is wrong and should be addressed accordingly with sane due process and not rewarded by the notoriety, praise, funding and assistance by those who seek self-glory and personal gain.

  19. How smart are you Hollywood “elites” if you think that’s what you really are that you PAY MONEY for their bail so basically REWARD THEM for breaking the law??? WHY the hell will they STOP THEN? Hell, free tv’s, free sneakers, free EVERYTHING and FREE BAIL!!! No consequence for breaking the law!! Just REWARDS!! That’s idiotic!! I sure bet it’d be different if they burned down and looted YOUR businesses or YOUR mansions or took YOUR jobs away!! THIS BEHAVIOR MAKES ME SICK!! You FOOLS ENCOURAGE IT!!! So SMART!

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong. To me it seems that most of the oppertunities for rioters and looters opened up during the night time as the peaceful protesters rallied in Minneapolis and other cities. I’m sure this weren’t the protester’s intentions, but it happened. After witnessing such distruction, couldn’t the protesters have decided to protested during day light time only. After all that’s when I would think protesting would be more affective. What I don’t understand, why come back night after night to see it happen again and again.

  20. The protesting start has peace full marches and then the Antifa and black lives crews show up and start the lawlessness breaking windows and then they the piece full protesters look around and see bad behavior looting burning murder and then they look around I got a mask on other are stealing , and then o hell I want a freebie and the next thing full pledge rioting then the bad seeds take over, and this is all being organized and the FBI knows most of the sinners name if the don’t there not doing there jobs. Do after them and arrest them every last one of them and finger print them all and try all of them and place bail at $1000000.00 per person and $5000000.00 per organizations

  21. DEMONCRAP governors & mayors you saw how they treated people. It was for power & controlling people like cattle. They are EVIL. Why do you think so many were SUED but the lockdowns didn’t include
    them. Need to DEFUND the governors & mayors along with others that tried to take away OUR RIGHTS. Remove them from the residence that we pay for. They are no longer needed.
    CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL. The DEMONCRAPS no longer go by the CONSTITUTION because they want a NEW Constitution. We fought for our FREEDOM—Land of the Free & Home of the Brave. GOD BLESS AMERICA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    TRUMP 2020
    Clean out this EVIL swamp ASAP👹👹
    DEMONCRAPS Socialist/Communist/Corrupt are nothing but Scum.

  22. I am very sure that George Floyd would Not have condone this type of behavior for one second.
    This not about looting, destruction and mayhem of Legal Business, Personal Property, City-Wide
    Defacing with Graffiti. These unlawful actions will cost us all to cleanup and replace. But a “single
    group” destine to “Create a Riot” just blended in to a Peaceful Protest and this was their goal..

  23. To DEFUND the police is highly insane. All cops are not Corrupt—if you are not abiding with the law you deserve what you get. Every police officer when they step out to do there shift knowing that they may not return home. The thugs white & black are the biggest problem. Walk in there shoes for awhile. Some don’t even listen to the police so pay the consequences. I agree there is needed work to be done to correct the problems with the police systems. I would not want to be a police officer because there is murder, rape, car accidents where people have been killed, etc. They defund the police I will SUE the governor for not helping to keep law abiding citizens safe. You will have blood on your hands.

  24. Whoopi, I am proud of you for denouncing the violence and murder.I have watched this unfold since the late 60’s. I agree that some blacks have been killed unnecessarily. That was tragic for Loyd and his family i am sorry. The point I am trying to make respectfully is, more whites are killed than blacks every year. You never hear a thing about them or any other race hardly at all.ALL Lives Matter, whether they blue or not. As in every race there are instigators, they need to be beaten till they can’t walk and sure as hell don’t need to be bailed out, they are traitors to humanity.

  25. We have some calling too defund the police dept. if anyone gets into trouble whom will they call Ghost busters?!?

  26. I no longer watch her or any movies she is in because of her ultra radical views. But at least this proves she is not entirely an idiot like the rest of the DUMB”RATS” Liberal crazed lefties with TDS syndrome

  27. The leftists blame everyone but themselves. Floyd was a career criminal despite all the hoopla. The cop that killed him was also a bad one. He should have been removed from the force years ago. Neither of these facts should bring about the situation we have now. Innocent people are being deprived of their living and peace because of Antifa and their violent crimes. We need more police not less!
    It’s all just the Democrats trying to install Socialism to America period. They are totally okay with the violence and in fact are promoting it. Watch out leftists KARMA is a bitch and you will pay the price sooner or later.

  28. Whoopi,
    It’s great to hear some common sense. Our politics may be different but seeing the looting and damage going on should certainly stop. These people don’t care about the folks they are hurting, ruining lives taking their livelihood from them. As you said even the family of George
    does not approve of this. It is a disgrace. Enough is enough. Let’s listen to Martin Luther King!

  29. well done Whoopi on ur recent remark on how the looters where very wrong in destroying the livelihood of many business owner across the united state of America…..and not at all thinking about George Floyd real message so disrespectful and destructive…animal are so much more human then the looters……
    shame shame shame……on all the looters…….and again thank you dear Whoopi Goldberg for seeing the true matter……

  30. Whoopi can get away with taking this tact because she is black. If a non white were to say that, they would be attacked as racist, and or as a white supremacist.
    These other “Hollywood” types are trying to buy their way into the movement, i.e. pandering to the crowd for their own perception of self worth, or simply to buy “creds”. The same goes for a number of large corporations. Much like. “look at us, we’re on your side, so don’t tear us down.” Sounds like BLM has learned to use Sharpton’s tactics.

  31. They DEFUND the police no one will open there business to be looted again. DEMONCRAPS plans to destroy everything. Karma will be a bitch. May they pay big time for what they have done to this country. EVIL SCUMBAGS **********Those who vote for the DEMONCRAPS you will get what you deserve. Enjoy being herded like cattle. They will control everything. I pray that TRUMP wins by a LAND SLIDE & put the swamp in it’s place. HELL as far as I’m concerned*********


  33. So next time you need to fill out a form and they ask what race you are please write in HUMAN. Let’s stop this divide and conquer ideology. We are the only losers when we take the bait.

  34. What we have witnessed happens time and time again and nobody seems to get it! Peaceful protesters, for what ever the reason for the protest, aren’t too bright! They allow themselves to become “Human Shields” for those who would slip in, and intermingle within their ranks to set themselves up into a position to cause the violent chaos, looting, and terrorism that befalls these protests! So even in totally and absolutely legitimate peaceful protest, the protesters still haven’t gotten the message that their actions will sometimes (many times?) lead to the destruction of their own communities that they depend so heavily upon. The drug stores for medicines, grocery stores for food, the auto mechanics to keep their cars running, clothing stores, and so many other stores that these same protesters need to continue their lives as easily as possible. One day they’re there…. the next day they’re gone! So what do they do now? Just look at the aftermath of hardship they have leveled upon themselves!
    What’s the answer? Find another effective way to protest to take the bad guys out of the equation.

  35. Looting and stealing from legitimate businesses is against the law. Being dissatisfied with decisions made by government and/or lawful citizens exercising their rights is not a legitimate reason to destroy property, steal, loot or act in a way that disgraces society. The merchants did not deserve this kind of treatment. Injustice? What was so “just” about the treatment some of the merchants experienced? Businesses burned to the ground? Why?

  36. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  37. certainly like your web-site but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
    Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome
    to tell the truth nevertheless I will surely come back again.

  38. boy, blow me over with a feather, never in my last breath would I ever have believed Woopie even coming close to agreeing or backing Trump on anything. But giver her credit when credit is due. I just hope this is not just about looters because it goes beyond that and that others start realizing what is really happening in this country and stand up as well. Maybe their is hope for the democrat party. But lets not let our guard down until it is over.

  39. Whoopi Goldberg….. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can throw her, which wouldn’t be at all!!! She’s a hard core liberal just like her “View” friends. She just wants to rack up points with people so she can persuade them to vote democrat. All these liberals think they are so clever but anyone can see right through their schemes. Like I said Whoopi shouldn’t be trusted not for a second. It’s just another ploy to get you hooked to vote for Biden. Nope I KNOW who I want for president and it is not a democrat!!!

  40. Yeah…. thanks Whoopi!! Nice you’re feeling some kind of morality…. didn’t know you had it in your left wing demeanor. I can watch about 7 seconds of your filth and vile on “The View” any time I try. Even less time with FAT Joy…. maybe 4 seconds. SERIOUSLY Whoopi…I wouldn’t even let you wash my feet

  41. I would think Whoopi would have some sympathy for the Black areas. They looted & burned the stores in mostly black areas. Now the place they shopped & worked are gone. If you do NOT like Black areas this is good. Starve them out.

  42. I have never heard DeBlasio plead for celebrities To speak out against the looting His own daughter was arrested and he stated he was proud of her actions.

  43. DeBlasio praised his daughter for participating in the riots and looting. I do not believe he wants the anarchy to stop. I believe he promotes this violence each time he holds a conference and condones the actions of his daughter and the looters.

  44. Thank you Whoopi for stepping up. I was taught to respect myself and show courtesy To others, didn’t matter what the color of skin was !!!! 🤗

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