Liberal Minneapolis City Council Says Their Police Dept is Evil…They Gotta Go

A man in Minneapolis who is a strong advocate of defunding every police department nationwide discovered one of his vehicles windshield wipers had been snapped off by a vandal. Outraged, the man immediately reached for his telephone, but he wasn’t calling the Ghostbusters.

In his moment of anger and frustration, the man did what all of us would have logically done. He called the cops. The same folks in blue he’s claiming nobody needs,

Of course, the police responded to the man’s call, as is their job to do, even considering how minor the infraction was. But what if the crime had not been so minor? And what if the crime was of a more violent nature and currently in progress? And what if there was no one to call for help? And…and…and…

Lisa Bender, President of the Minneapolis City Council, in her sunshine and roses mentality, moronically believes Minneapolis should be returned to the gunslinging days of the Wild West. Who needs cops? Let lawlessness rule.

Even CNN’s highly-liberal Chris Cuomo was shocked beyond stun gun level, which is a firm testament to the idea’s wackiness. He asked Bender, “When you say you see someday being police-free that sounds aspirational, a utopian concept where nobody’s committing any crime, because as long as these communities are being prayed upon, both from within and without, there’s gonna have to be good men and women willing to step up to keep people safe.”

Bender, her head barely visible from the cloud where it resides, stupidly replied, “I think the idea of having a police-free future is very aspirational, and I am willing to stand with community members who are asking us to think of that as the goal.” Since when did lawlessness become an aspiration?

Buckle up kiddos. Here is what she said next, “The system of policing isn’t working for a lot of victims of crime. We have thousands of rape kits that have gone untested. We need to improve our response to all kinds of different violations of public safety because again that trust in the system is so eroded that our community is across the board.”

Let’s do a bit of analysis. Since the system of policing is not working for ‘some’ people, the sensible solution would be to abolish the do-nothing police department altogether. Does this sound about right?

The fine residents of Minneapolis should have no problems relying on their heavily armed neighborhood watch patrols once they finish marking off their respective territories. They need to shift their thinking to more of a gang-like mindset for this thing to properly be effective.

Minor infractions such as a busted wiper blade, a rape, a hostage situation, domestic violence, armed robbery, and any other heinous crimes can easily be dealt with at the neighborhood level. Defund the police! What are ya gonna do? Snowflakes will be snowflakes.

Despite a veto-proof majority of Minneapolis’s deranged city council members raising their hands in favor of this mind-boggling decision, city Mayor Jacob Frey, being much more well-versed and experienced than the lower level barely-weened council members, ain’t buying it.

Defunding any law enforcement agency is a direct violation of our rights as citizens to feel safe, both in, and outside of our homes. It would remove all deterrents for villainess criminals and it might even prompt those who have considered a career in crime to go ahead and pursue their dream vocation. Think of the jobs this would create.

In the liberal la-la land of America’s Democrats, the only crimes committed on our streets are being committed by the very people whose job it is to serve and protect us. They’re the evil ones. Not us. Makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it?

These are our nation’s Democrats. Is there any question why they cannot be allowed to gain any further footholds anywhere from sea to shining sea? In their vile attempts at destroying our proud country, this should be the final straw that collapses the proverbial camels back for any sane-thinking American patriot. We simply cannot support this liberal agenda.

We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter. Don’t hold back.

50 thoughts on “Liberal Minneapolis City Council Says Their Police Dept is Evil…They Gotta Go

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  3. Vandals note: if the police are disbanded and you see my yard littered with dead hooligans, only attempt to break into my home if you wish to begin going air temperature immediately. That’s right, Punky, follow the red dot. I call you all Punky because you’re a bunch of F-ing Punks. Where’s that rap bastard in Seattle. Front and center, Punky. See the pretty red dot?

  4. Just count the right wing haters on here or any of these sites and you will get nauseous. Their spawn will probably be the same racist thugs that they are which is scary. Trump could have helped heal this country but his evil from the start with his greed and birtherism wouldn’t have allowed. His egomaniacal actions, constant insults to nearly everyone should make the serial sexual assaulter and scam artist a pariah, but his cultists love his lies, stupid promises and mean attitude, they think a sick macho, lying way is effective, meanwhile he has been kissing Putin’s butt for over 3 years.

  5. First, what a fool anyone is in wanting to disband the Blue Heros. She states the “rape kits” are behind, the blue does not do that, obviously she knows nothing about her system and how it works. The let people go that deserve to state in prison. They put their lives on the line everyday. That is not to say there are not bad apples, heck there are bad apples in every company, so you get rid of the VERY FEW BAD ONES. Defunding the Police is a big mistake. I ALWAYS BACK THE BLUE. THANK YOU BLUE

  6. Bender is paid by the American taxpayers and yet she clearly shows her disdain and disrespect for not only her constituents but the taxpayers who are paying her salary every chance she gets. She actually said that dialing 911 was a privilege. She obviously doesn’t get it the part of the taxes that we pay is for the ability to be able to dial 911 and have police officers come to our aid. She wants to disband the police department so the first thing that has to happen is that all security Paid by taxpayers for all elected officials including county, city, state and federal end immediately. In addition, she’s towing lotta body Americans to buy their own guns to protect themselves since she’s putting us all in harms way and victimizing us. She is also opening the door for any Of her constituents, who she was elected to serve, to sue her for any violence perpetrated against them.

  7. I was a cop in Baltimore during the sixties and seventies. Back then even the stray dogs and wharf rats were Democrats but I never heard such idiocy as defunding our Department. Something has happened since those days because Democrats used had a modicum of common sense.

    1. The stray dogs and wharf rats were the cops and then there were racists like you.

  8. Well, wouldn’t you know it , finally after so many intelligent posts, here comes the one that I was surprised, took
    so long, “Justicefor Trump” . The person who posted the previous comment, doesn’t read or know much of what
    Trump has been busy doing. President Trump has done more for the Black people than any other president,
    including the black president he replaced.
    So many people even the African Americans have noticed that President Trump is not a racist and they also
    have learned throughout history, the people that have done the least good and the most damage to black people
    are the Democrats.. Who owned the most slaves? That would be the DEMOCRATS… Who actually went to war
    and Freed the slaves? You got it, the REPUBLICANS freed them. Ignorance plays a big part in not being able to
    understand history and not knowing whom to vote for and speaking foolish talk as this last person wrote.
    It’s these uninformed or ill-informed people that are going to succeed in bringing down our country and turning
    it into a Socialist/Communist country like they did to Venezuela, Cuba and many others…
    we should pay attention and learn from their mistakes and then make sure it doesn’t happen to our beautiful USA..
    It never was perfect, but it has been the best country in the world. All you have to see is how and why
    so many people who felt the need to escape from their country, ended up here. That was not coincidence.
    Now too many of the ones that came last, are trying to protest , criticize, and demand change in our country. I say to
    them, “Go back to your own country, if you are trying to make my country like the one you left .” They become candidates
    and then if they get elected they want to swear on their own Bible that is just the opposite of the Bible used in the USA from the very beginning to form THIS country. This too should have NEVER happened, but guess who are the ones that allowed
    it to happen and fight for these aliens rights?? You guessed it, the LIBERALS also known as DEMOCRATS !
    There was a time when I was younger than my 81 years, the Democrats and Republicans wanted the same good things
    for our country, their only differences were in the way they wanted to achieve their goals. NO longer so, NOW their
    goals are different and that is exactly what has divided us severely. Their entire philosophy has changed and not for the better.
    They no longer use Common Sense, it now seems they have gone completely INSANE in their thinking. We are miles apart
    and it is destroying our country. They can blame President Trump all they want, but indeed it is HE who wants to see our old
    values and goals implemented to make America the great country we always knew we had. If you want to save our country
    vote MAGA and Republican all across the ballot. If the Democrats win , America loses !!!

    1. I forgot more history than you ever new Josie. The vast majority of the protesters were ,born here so that is a racist, stupid comment, worthy of the garbage bin. Most blacks who came in before 1865 were put in chains to get here, countless ones died on the cruise you fool. Then your Bible comment is absurd, and unAmerican, and 155 years ago both Republicans and Democrats owned slaves, the Republicans did fight against it more with Lincoln as President. That was a long time ago and the Republicans became the oppressive party against blacks, especially when LBJ signed the Voters’ Rights Act in 1965. Those Democrats and their hating supporters became Republicans. They were called the Dixiecrats. LBJ said the Democrats would lose the South for 40 years, it has been 55 and it will continue much longer. So Josie read a historical book instead writing a list of lies and half truths. Trump is a serial sexual assaulter his whole adult life, as is a mobster running scams, and blowing his Daddy’s money, and he was a cowardly draft dodger and now an incompetent President screwing up COVID and the protests, and continuing to insults people of color every day since the Central Park Five, calling Hispanics killers and scum, Democrats and the press scum, that is the word Hitler used but again you do not know history. Trump has ridden the great economy that Obama started after the Bush disaster when the stock market dropped to 65oo and when he left it was 19000, and unemployment went from 10% to 4.8. At 81 you are still young enough to learn so read some books by people not affiliated with Fox News.

    2. You have done a great job of twisting history and fact. The Democrat party of today have been the bad guys all the way back to our start. So you should go hide until your story gets straight. The Dems have been using blacks, actually all the minorities, since the gitgo. Promise them the world and deliver nothing. Lie till your tongues hang out. Accuse others of everything you have actually committed . There you go..simple analysis. Drop any Dem name in the slots and they all prove that premise.

    3. Your statement about the Bible comment is wrong. This change was for the Muslims who were voted in. How did that happen. The Liberal Democrats slipped in a vote allowing non-Americans, foreigners to be in office. Formerly, this was denied. So the Muslims have created more hate, for all to see. The one called AOC is trying to push Nancy Pelosi out of her job. Has totally idiot ideas for the Democrats and they are listening to her. She was a bar-attendant in NY when elected, knows – zip- about politics, economy or American freedom. Many other Democrats think she is beautiful !! is that going to pay off?, but hopefully, there are 2 Republican candidates running against her. How did she get so far so quick? This is/was the first year of two of her campaign. Also, again I state, the Democrats have always been the oppressive party, they started the KKK when Johnson was in office. He was a criminal, a rotten president. Trump has done wonders for the USA. He has not screwed up the COVID. He started earlier than the fake news have stated. He does insult people, but it is people who lie, put our fake news, do not publish the truth. Obama DID NOT START a great economy, he almost ruined the economy with the regulations that ruined small businesses, and would do nothing to advance anything good for the USA. Obama spent our treasury money (tax dollars) as if it were his own personal checking account. I honestly cannot say that he did anything good for the American people. You are evidently a Democrat, the economy was not 4.8, it was more in the 3% range, more people were unemployed than ever. Also, some of the remarks you made come from CNN or MSNBC. Most all media are owned by the Liberals, Obama started that. Did you EVER hear any negative or true remark about Obama…No, and yet you slander a president who has done hundreds of good acts for the American citizens. I saw on one show a list of what he had actually done or passed. It was a huge, long list, some of which we did not ever know.

  9. We can not hold the actions of one officer to warrant the disbanding of the total police force!!!

    They do much more good for society than bad. Yes they were right to apprehend the officer for going overboard!!! We can not control the USA without their good deeds, safety of the public and formal type of organization.

    Do not and I mean it, disband the police force!!!!

  10. Many officers were the bullies of their high school, the job attracts that type of person although the majority are good. The South and Midwest are filled with disgraceful rednecks, some embrace that image and others deny it, but many have been hunting down black and brown people their whole working career. What do you think these protests around the country are for, and around the world? Several thousands towns have had demonstrations of the abuse of racism and abusive control by Trump and his squads, most support him despite his lifelong sexual assaults and running scams.

    1. Racism really ? Trump? He’s done more for the black community in 3 yrs than Obama did in 8 and Biden’s done squat. If trump said if you vote for Biden you ain’t black the media would have a field day ! Try to educate yourself about what THIS PRESIDENT DID!! Trump pence 2020

  11. What is happening within our great country? Thank God that Trump is our president during this whacko blip in American history. Antifa is a rotten pack of crazy rats who wait for anything that they can grab onto that smacks of injustice in their syphillus ridden minds. The sheep that are protesting are being led by this scum and they are certainly beating a dead horse. Justice has been taken in hand and the police officer responsible has been been jailed and will no doubt go to prison. That should be the end of this ridiculous farce. The brain dead protestors need to step back and remember that they have lives and that they need to get back to the business of living and quit behaving like complete morons. No one seems to realize that more Caucasian males perpetrating crimes are killed yearly in our country than black men. I say the black people that hate this great country so much should go back to Africa and find out what kind of lives they can live there.

  12. My family and my home are my sanctuary. The law should allow me to protect it like they do the White House. Personally I don’t need the police to protect me and my family, however current laws in Mass. prohibit me from doing so without ramifications. Change the law and you can pick up the dead body at your convenience.

  13. Well it looks like they can’t figure anything out there and it Minneapolis anyway, Maybe they oughta try waking up and voting in some republicans or somebody more a little less moderate then the Democrat is, Because the democrats, Well then they are the democrats.

  14. The non-liberals should stage a march on their city hall and physically throw out the whole lot of them. Let the non police force try to arrest anyone and put them where? Oh right no cops no jail, no court, no fair trial, no rights, no law suits, no free money; no taxes, no welfare, no food stamps. No laws no enforcement no PEACE! Think if you still have a brain’

  15. What the hell are these pukes thinking? Sure there are some cops who don’t need to be wearing a badge and carrying a sidearm but that’s probably less than 1% of them! Not like Stabler on SUV on the show who will do what has to be done and has to go to Internal Affairs but I think that when someone like the puke that MURDERED Mr. Floyd who had 19 complaints AGAINST him and still kept his job is WAY too many and was he ever before Internal affairs? I believe that they also should appear in front of a civilian review board and have their record (abuses) along with what internal affairs found out..maybe Mr. Floyd would be alive!

    1. Don’t think so..thugs should go rob their homes and then we’ll see the fun of who they gonna call.

  16. I keep thinking we are going to wake up from this nightmare but then it gets worse. Has the gene pool gone that far off that we now have people thinking this way. If I were the police I would go on strike for several days and see what happens to these cities. We should also give the addresses of these so called City Council Members to the criminals with an open invitation. I just find myself shaking my head and thinking are these people crazy or smoking something. Also we should not bail out any of these cities where they let the criminals overrun them.

  17. Why would businesses want to open up again after being looted if there is no police. It’s the DEMONCRAPS that keep crushing the economy & American People dreams.
    Defund the DEMONCRAPS that require body guards. Let the speaker walk among the rioters & terrorist since she funds them. Those who contribute should be held accountable for murder, burning of businesses, looting, etc.— the only difference is you pay them to do your DIRTY WORK/YOUR HANDS are just as BLOODY as the rioters & terrorist. You should be in PRISON. DEMONCRAPS are SCUMBAGS.

  18. If any Police Department were having problems with there officers/it’s there responsibility to handle the situation. Apparently nobody is doing there job.
    All police officers aren’t corrupt.
    As DEFUNDING the police it’s direct violation of our rights as citizens. So I would get a lawyer & sue the governor.
    Stop putting the problem with black on black crime on the back burner. Biggest problem is the THUGS.
    So get up off your ass an do something. As for Floyd he was a THUG. I don’t condone what that corrupt officer did to him. I will not kneel to give Floyd honor for being a THUG. I will stand an honor the American Flag PERIOD! God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am weary of these idiots speaking for the people — these kinds of decisions should be put up for a vote by the people! She probably has the money to hire security; however, the rest of us do not! She sounds like a real airy fairy and has no business speaking for the thousands of citizens who depend upon law and order. We admit change is necessary, and if the Democrats would use the money their states are allocated for those changes, instead of lining their pockets, things might get done. All of these cities run by he Democrats for decades have gone from beautiful and productive to looking like third world countries with crime off the charts and businesses seeking safer territory. When are you idiots going to realize your liberal policies are not working in the real word? When are you people going to stop voting for these idiots?

    1. liberal people and their governing policies are ruining America and absolutely pissing off the other side. Is it any wonder why we cannot find neutral ground. Vote the democrats out of any and all power positions as they cannot govern without feelings. Law is law for a GD reason. Boot them and note the changes!

    2. Michele, You just said what I have said for months, even before this idiot idea of “banning the police came up”. The Floyd George incident was definitely a horrible action by the police. Is hard to understand why the police standing by did not say or do something to stop this murder. I have heard before that the Minneapolis police are not punished for crimes they condone. Not sure if it is the Mayor, police chief, or the Liberal Democrats controlling this city. And there are other cities with Liberal Democrat Mayors who are, I believe, just idiots. The official or woman speaking about getting the people to vote, or just security is truly living in Lala land. How did she get in office.
      Is true that the cities run by the Democrats, for ages, are lining their pockets. Look at Chicago, California, Baltimore and more. Are slums, the death rate in Chicago is truly horrible, and the Mayors do absolutely nothing, but they want to end Police brutality. What about their brutality? what about their crime of living high off the citizens money. Is ruining Chicago. The Democrat Mayors wanted to keep the citizens in home safety ? No, the leaders of the Democrat Party, not thinking of the citizens, only their crusade to ruin Trump, get rid of him and if their businesses did not open, that would reflect bad on Trump, and he would lose votes. They do nothing for the Democrat voters, and the Democrat voters should investigate, look up, get information BEFORE they vote for another official in any state.
      All these leaders, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters are ruining the chances of the idiot, Joe Biden getting elected, just reverse what their plans are. I am having a feud with a guy, says he is a former Democrat, but slams Trump every chance. Wants me to verify every remark I make about the Liberal Democrats. I does not believe the statements I make. Called Pelosi a lady, I nearly choked. Reminded him of the way she tore up the important document given to her, from Trump as she is the stated: Speaker of the House!!. She was rude, defiant (I’ll show you who is in charge”), just behind Trump, so the world could see what she was doing. She wants to be president, (God forbid what this country would be like). She should be impeached, fired, definitely not Speaker again. I have not ever known of anyone in high office, being that rude,. defying the President of the USA !!.
      We must EVERYONE Vote for President Trump. He has saved this country from a depression, from everything Obama was doing. Won’t get on the Obama subject, but have been following politics for about 15 years, and as you can see, I am a Republican. The Democrats have always been deep into crime, actually started the Klan, but blame it on Republicans. Another of their lies, and the lies that Schiff, Schumer and even St. Pelosi told trying to get a perfectly innocent patriot and President impeached with their false lies. I could go on for more paragraphs, but every word I have said is the truth. And I do not lie… I do hope that this site is not as some others. IF THEY DO NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SAY DO NOT PRINT IT!!

  20. No police…no peace

    we are going back to the 1970s and I am a registered democrat. My party has been hijacked.

  21. Let the LAWLESS LOOT! . . . sounds like “lock and load” OPEN SEASON against them – TARGET PRACTICE. One Delighted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  22. Ms ‘the boat’ Bender needs to stop using her navel as her window to the world. Considering the people Minneapolis elects it should be declared a mental institution and be walled off from the rest of America.

  23. What if the people in the security territory don’t like you for some reason and turn a blind eye to you getting mugged or raped in the street! Good luck with that!

  24. Are people really that stupid? Get rid of police and all will be hunky dory. Good luck with that

    1. The subverted democrats coming up with another backward idea. Removing policing is making it safe for criminals and unsafe for law abiding folks. What’s more those who want to remove policing are those who have friends who are criminals, are related to them or are themselves criminals or are democrats.

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