Lockdown Larry Blatantly Lies About Weekend Protests in Maryland

The state of Maryland, like many, have relatively strict stay at home orders in place. And as has become common in these states, citizens are getting tired of the draconian measures set by their governor and beginning to protest.

This past weekend held one of Maryland’s most massive protest rallies to date, organized by a group known as ReOpen Maryland. But the governor there dismissed the protest as a vast misrepresentation of the rest of the state.

Larry Hogan, the Republican governor with stricter than most tendencies, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, the day after the protest, that only “a couple dozen people” showed up to protest. And while they had “every right” to do so, their numbers were not significant enough to represent the state as a whole.

Furthermore, he added that more people had died from the virus in the state that day than showed up to demand reopening procedures be started. “Sadly, we had far more people die yesterday in Maryland than we had protesters.” According to the state, Saturday reported 30 new coronavirus related deaths.

However, it seems that “Lockdown Larry,” as many of his citizens are calling him, is either grossly misinformed or he is merely lying to the American public.

It has been noted by several sources, including the protest group, that their numbers were actually in the hundreds. The protest, as the state is under strict social distancing guidelines, was a cross-state vehicle one that began in Fredrick, Maryland, and traveled some 150+ miles to reach Salisbury, where Republican state Representative Harris spoke to the crowd in affirmation of their cause.

Upon meeting at the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick early Saturday morning, it was noted that at least 265 vehicles had chosen to participate, each with a driver and several passengers. And as the drive began and continued on its route, more cars joined in.

Several sources report that upon one stretch of Interstate 70 and exiting onto the Baltimore Beltway, an unbroken line of cars could be seen for some 50 miles. Each was waving American flags, painted with protest remarks such as “All Jobs are Essential,” and filled with people. Many vehicles even sported demands to have ‘Lockdown Larry’ resign.

The sight drew in more and more crowds by the second, with many joining in or standing on overpasses, waving their own flags, or honking horns. So many people helped to participate along the way to Salisbury that the group said it was difficult to known just how many protested that day.

But remember, Governor Hogan said it was only a couple dozen. And that those few didn’t matter.

Once the large mass of vehicles reached Salisbury, Rep. Harris was there to greet them, thank them for their participation, and encourage them in their goal of demanding that Maryland reopen its non-essential businesses and economy so that people could get some semblance of normal back.

Harris told the crowds, “Now, I didn’t wake up in Communist China and I didn’t wake up in North Korea this morning and tomorrow I should be able to wake up and go to the church of my choice and worship any way I choose,’ reminding the people of their constitutional rights and that as long as this is America, those rights are not to be trampled on by some governor feeling the need to flex his muscles.

Of course, Hogan didn’t much appreciate Harris’ words, and basically rebuked them on Facebook, while at the same time admitting that he had a right to say “whatever crazy things he wants to say.”

But ReOpen Maryland was right there to back Harris up and call Hogan out for his grand misstatement of a ‘couple dozen’ people. Their post read, “We had hundreds of protesters, not a ‘couple dozen’ – check any video. You are clearly misstating the truth here – we did NOT have ‘far more people die in Maryland’ than we had protesters. In fact, we had more protesters by a factor of 10.”

I’m pretty sure if I were in Hogan’s shoes, with a public that no longer wanted me in office, lying to them would be the last thing I consciously did. Then again, it may not matter what else he does for very long, as Hogan may soon find himself without a job. As it is now, he is already being sued by Maryland Delegate Dan Cox for giving “Overreaching Executive Orders.”

62 thoughts on “Lockdown Larry Blatantly Lies About Weekend Protests in Maryland

  1. Yeah, you guys sound just like your leader who lies about everything like saying millions were there at the Washington mall to show their support for his inauguration.

    What a bunch of hypocrites you guys are.

        1. Despite all the evidence to the contrary of your statement, you still continue with your delusion. Sad….

  2. Yeah, you guys sound just like your leader who lies about everything like saying millions were there at the Washington mall to show their support for his inauguration when much less.

    What a bunch of hypocrites you guys are.

    1. Your opinion however maybe if you had got up and looked for yourself, instead of being a troll… Somehow I think you are very shallow-minded, a puppet, take news Zombie that really enjoys staying at home working in your “not working” ethics to become the best at what you are… “SHUT UP” you have no care or any real facts to give you any opinion, your loving being complacent in a “DO NOTHING LIFE” so enjoy your Leech hood status and enjoy your petty miserable life by yourself. Don’t include those who care and love the Freedom that Several thousands have died for to give us that Freedom, just sit there and be a do nothing low life turd☠💩💩💩💩 you seem to have that job title down pat, so yeah you don’t need any assist in that are, “SO JUST SIT THERE SHUT UP THATS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET 😡👿🤔🤔🤨🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. The only reason that people like you do not KNOW the truth about his inauguration numbers is because you do not do your own research!! Instead–you rely on the LYING FAKE NEWS NETWORKS, (owned by Elite special interests and traitors ) WHO ARE THE ENEMIES OF ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS! Wake up! We are at war! It is a War for Your Mind! “They” want it and want to own it and YOU!

  3. Yes Dan hypocrit, lying, being two faced go hand in hand when it comes to Democrat’s. It didn’t say millions you sissy bitch. It said tens of thousands. It is just your hypocritical slow working brain thinks If you lie enough people will believe the lie. Usually people like you are as spineless as the rest of the Democratic party. You can’t win anything on their record, so they lie. A typical Democrat tactic. As for this spineless power grabbing RINO. I don’t understand why the brain dead Maryland a$$ holes would vote him in office. This clown looks like he borders on retarded.

    1. Michael

      By the way, you do realize that Gov. Hogan is a card carrying republican, yes?

      Your comments would be more readable if they were not so bigotted.

        1. all kinds of democrats my friend, and most escape your narrow confinement. A bigot shows intolerance for any but their own opinions.

  4. It is not much fun in Trump town today. First of all, while opening up, none of the states has met Trump’s criteria for opening up for business.
    While that is not being challenged outright, it is curious that persons can be both FOR TRUMP and FOR REOPENING FOR BUSINESS, given the contradiction.

    You have to have some compassion for a guy who is spending state money to protect HIS PPE AND TESTING SUPPLIES FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…, such as they are doing in at least 4 other states.

    It has apparently become very convenient to lie about situations, and call them the “best ever” since Trump has taken office… counting on it that the American public has a short memory, and we are now overwhelmed with trying to keep our balance with the pandemic, and much else besides.

    Just everyone please keep your eye on the ball. Thank you.

    1. What contradiction? Trump has stated he would like to get things opened up as soon as possible taking the necessary precautions into acct. Where is the contradiction.

    2. The lockdowns were SUGGESTED by Feds and President Trump instituted by GOVERNORS ONLY! The Federal Government could only lock down states under marshall law. You need to read the Constitution delineation of powers!

    3. Eleanor: I don’t t know where you got the idea President Trump wants to continue the lockdown when he has been criticized by Democrats for wanting to start up businesses using proper precautions. As for lying, I’m 89 and don’t have the best memory anymore, but I remember every proven lie made by Democrats(Schiff in particular) to try and discredit our president. Democrats and the mainstream media completely refuse to report that while twisting every word President Trump says to suit their agenda. Reporting the honest truth would be most refreshing.

        1. sincerely wish I will be as sharp as you when over 70… your articulation is perfect. That being said, some of us are allowed to disagree with each other without throwing bad names around.

          1. Eleanor: Thank you for the compliment, and I’m pleased that we can agree to disagree without nasty name calling. That’s what America is all about.

    4. Trump has provided suggestions, based on recommendations of the people that for now, he must accept as the experts. Until it can be proven that they are actually traitors.
      “Suggestions” are NOT mandates and anyone with common sense knows that each and everyone of the should be applied differently according to the situation at hand.
      Please disprove his OPINIONS! You cannot disprove an opinion. Again, anyone with common sense would realize that the words “best ever” is an opinion! NOT a lie!! If he said it though, you can take it to the bank to be a fact. You cannot rely on anything in Google search or the other Communist run search engines, NOR can you rely on the FAKE News
      Groups. We have Traitors in every state. In every institution, in all Mainstream News Networks, 90% of Hollywood Celebrities–Choose a side.
      Could State Governors, who are hoarding supplies, be Democrat by any chance??
      Everything they do is for Political gain, that gain, now, depends on how well they convince the people of “ORANGE MAN BAD!” Everything they do or say is to denigrate & defame President Trump. They are NOT doing anything to help their people. They can talk a good game while posing for Photo Ops, but just pay more attention to actual outcomes.
      They know that President Trump will expose their lies, expose their past crimes, and you will see that those who yell the loudest (about Trump) have the most to hide!
      Again, we are at War! It is a War is for your mind.
      Wake up and use Your Mind for research and speak the truth!

    1. Roland,
      probably you mean babble…. not babel, which is a javascript compiler????

      These are the Trump driven recommendations for the states opening up their businesses and state activities, styled as “gating principals for reopening the states”
      1)14 day downward trend in coronovirus and flu syndrome symptoms unspecified
      2) 14 day trajectory of downward documented covid cases or a downward trajectory of positive tests as a percentage of total tests done, with flat or increasing numbers of tests
      3) All covid patients may be treated with necessitating “crisis care” AND
      4) Robust testing of at risk healthcare personnel, with antibody testing

      THESE ARE THE CRITERIA LISTED AS PRELIMINARY TO ANY PHASED OPENING, after which there are criteria for activities asked of employers and other individuals in each state, as a prepared reopening guideline.

      1. correction of 3_ covid patients may be treated WITHOUT necessitating crisis care.

        I think it is easy to see the contradiction between the Trump whitehouse facilitating reopening of the states, and the lockdown referred to. Trump is responding to the lockdown and is not critical of it, merely providing guidelines for reopening, and these guidelines have not yet been met.

        1. Eleanor,
          What is it about spell check on cell phones that you don’t get? Arrogant much?
          What is it about the word “guidelines” that you don’t get? Does the word guideline spell “mandate” in your mind?
          Simple guidelines are not to be taken as Democrats do, as mandated edicts to be imposed and enforced by fines, arrests and jail time!
          You dodged a bullet when Donald Trump won the election.
          If President Trump was not in office right now, and any Democrat were there instead, especially Hillary, your life would be a living hell. You are merely seeing small examples of a reality that awaits for anyone in a Democrat/Communist run country!

          1. Let us refer to a thread of replies:
            Dolores notes that Trump wishes to reopen safely, hence the guidelines produced. Randy acknowledges the same thing.
            Every guideline has been ignored by both republican and democratic governors, because it does not work with rapid implementation desired by both republicans and democrats, and with local variations based on disease density.
            Among other things….. Trump said “you want a test… you can get a test…” March 6,and “5 million ready to go by April… ” So far, testing at will is available to the white house, and darned if I can find where else the testing is keeping up with the “guidelines” unless you are rich and high up in the government.
            So…. you can understand why some people might feel they are being gaslighted by the Trump Administration…. and the contradiction is that Trump would like to reopen business and restrictions, but is incompetent with its execution. It would seem that his guidelines… and believe me… it is apparent that the guidelines are the right thing to do… the guidelines seem to be getting in the way of the practical business of getting back to work…. both sides of the aisle.

          2. Agreed. Hopefully the stench of Socialism won’t be forgotten when it comes time to vote for a non-Rino Conservative. The people should remember that Socialism equates to the corrupt-power-crazy Democrats. Don’t leave them in office to destroy this nation under God. Remember the burdens of Socialism!!!

  5. All democRATS are spineless liers and will say or do anything to embarrass or to spin it their way!! You all should move out of the country to …umm Canada where You would feel right at home!! Socialist/ retards!! Live free or DIE …. less government…. GET OUT!!!

    1. dear bruwhaha trump train

      who might you be calling a democrat.???
      And live free or die…. the New Hampshire state motto….
      And why would canada make someone feel at home?

      1. because comrade Trudeau would welcome Liberals with open arms, they are right up his spineless alley.

      2. Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to the plight of Canadians. Canada is fast slipping into a completely Communist country. All of it’s pre-existing rights that all Canadians used to trust would be enforced, are, to all extents and purposes, simply no longer there.
        Trudeau has shown in a multitude of ways where he intends to take that country. If Canadians don’t also Rise Up and Physically Resist, they too will become a Venezuela, or worse, a Venezuela living under Shariah Law/

        1. Agreed. Sorry to say, that most Canadians that I see and hear criticizing Americans; and saying that the reaction to the Coronavirus is not about freedom, are very much in the dark about freedom, and don’t understand the sensitivity that Americans have about freedom and Demo. Socialism. If one studies the US history, one learns that right from the beginning the US was pushed around and thought little of more than slaves. Maybe the British thought that because we were their slaves because so many Americans came out of British jails. So, when some one in authority starts being insensitive about normal Americans and shoves their authority down our throats, we become very sensitive to dictatorial actions; and these feelings are shared by the majority of most US Citizens.

    2. The president did not do the shutdown first sorry you continue to be on the demorat plantation here is a history lesson Lincoln who was the president who freed the slaves the demorat party created the kkk

  6. These morons that complain about the President should read completely the Constitution. He has not even evoked the Commerce Clause which he has the power to do. So tired of no nothings, do nothings complaining.

    1. Dear Tina…
      maybe you should read the constitution with its Commerce Clause, because the constitution does not give that power to the president.

      1. I would suggest that all Powers are given to the President should he declare Martial Law or a REAL State of Emergency or he could also declare that we are at War with China, as China is being proven to have enacted a declaration of war against the U.S. and the planet with their man-made, “gain of function” enhanced viral bio-weapon and using the WHO Director to say it was not contagious “one on one” and telling all countries not to close their borders to China and then waiting far longer than he should have (which is now obvious to everyone) before declaring a Pandemic.
        Understanding the Constitution means that you understand all the amendments and the Executive Orders put in place by Obama like the NDAA which Trump co-signed after taking office, for his intended use of it, DRAINING THE SWAMP. So many Democrats, unknowingly, are exposing themselves as Swamp Creatures.
        You don’t know how lucky you are that Hillary is not President.

  7. Remember people as the Bible States 2 Houses’ can not stand together That is why the Founding Fathers Made this Country a Republic and not a Democracy learn from the Fact that Nowhere in the U S Constitution will you Find the Word Democracy the Democrat’s Weaseled there way into our Country through the Elections Creating New Party’s Rather then only the Republican Party that was to Represent the Republican Form of Government that was Supposed to Be Formed For this Country Just Look at Both the Old and New Pledge of Allegiance’s the First one Stated as Follows.(I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for Which it Stands with Liberty and Justice for All.) AND in the new Pledge of Allegiance that Had Added Under God this took Place in 1954. Todays Version States it As follows (I pledge Allegiance to the United States of America and to the Republic For witch it Stands one Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All.) Nowhere in Either one Do we find the Word Demarcate Or Democracy Mentioned. Therefor the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS STILL A REPUBLIC .Case Closed.

    1. Dear Robert Williams:

      The US satisfies the requirements for being an oligarchy…..where its economically privileged and its business interests hold larger impact over policies that regular citizens. I think we can strive for a Republic . In a Republic, there is an elected supreme power… power being held by the people’s respresentatives, with no elected King or monarch.

    2. Dear Robert Williams
      I think the quote you are looking for is “a house divided against itself cannot stand?”

      1. Nicholas….it feels like a police state to me to.
        So let us work together to make this better, because name calling is not doing much for us…. as a group (not accusing you of name calling, Nicholas, FYI)

  8. Well it seems to me that their are a lot of opinions there in Maryland, never the less still good wholesome red blooded American’s . People need to know that the government is behind a Hoax carries out by the CDC and the NIAID with Robert Renfield & Dr.Fouci and they are in bed with FDA & ADA also the NMO ,WHO . Not saying that the Covid 19 isn’t because it is ,But blown way out of proportion and covered up by Dr. Fowl-cheese . What’s not being said is Dr. Fowl-Cheese has been going to the P4 Lab in Wuhan and conducting experiments with the CCP .and Corona viruses before the out break . Sound far fetched ? Put a mandatory vaccine worth $100,000,000,000.00 on the Table and watch the Buzzard fly in . There are no coincidences in murder and that is exactly what this is about , Gates Foundation for population reduction . Since It has been confirmed by doctors I every where that Medicare is giving them $13,000 dollars for every covid19 patient that’s admitted into the hospital and $39,000 if they are put on the ventilator which will kill the patient if not needed as treatment who else is on the take ? Republican or Demacrat Governors need total transparency when it comes to WE THE PEOPLE . And doing these protests is a absolute.

    1. where is it confirmed that medicare is paying for covid? You have to be 65, disabled, or with end state renal disease to get medicare. Hospitals are furloughing many of their providers because of inconsistent payments.

      There may be NO VACCINE!!! jUST AS THERE IS NO VACCINE FOR HIV. If you don’t want a ventilator for covid… put it in your living will. Many people do not want one. And physicians are still skilling up on how to treat, and are the ones reporting alternatives. There will be months of research and data swaps, plus it may be that there is more than one strain. Realize that the alternative is a CPAP machine, also a ventilator mode…. well there are a few alternatives, but since you do not seem to be prepared to discuss anything but a conspiracy theory, we will leave it to those who are qualified.

      There are plenty of coincidences in murder and otherwise… they should just rest on information basis.

      1. What if I have the Proof in hand because I do and I research it in many out let’s like Wikipedia WikiLeaks snoops in google before making my accusations but I’m not compelled to show someone with a sharp tongue as your self . Red pill vs Blue ever see the Matrix ? Red pill take it and stay in wonder land and I’ll show you how deep the Rabbit hole go’s take the Blue pill and wake up in your bed and believe what ever you want ! Choose .

        1. Steve
          Don’t believe you have proof in hand… and wikileaks is not a good source. Do you have primary sources?

          For a start… let me give you a primary source to correct the information you put out about covid and ventilator reimbursement schedules:
          1) A patient who is intubated while not needing intubation is not reimbursed at all.
          It is called medicare fraud.
          Let us not scare all of these American citizens on this thread with us with information that is patently false.
          2) Medicare fraud can result in a loss of license and accreditation, with a long spiral of bad financial outcomes. Some may do jail time. And forever after, when applying to a facility or any position within the medical field, you are asked “have you ever been accused or convicted of medicare fraud?” It should give the general public some degree of comfort to know that there is a mushrooming degree of oversight and inspection of bills and services, and the federal government does not like to pay for anything it does not have to.
          3) So for pulmonologists who oversee ventilators, and ED physicians who may be the ones inserting lines (IV access sites) and endotracheal tubes, those interventions are well documented as to need, and the criteria is well defined. The billing for most insurance companies, to include Medicare is “reasonable and necessary”. If your bill got paid and is later discovered to not be “reasonable and necessary”, the federal government can request and get reimbursed with penalties and interest.
          I for one am glad there is such scrutiny over medical services, and if you are worried, you can call in a complaint to CMS/JC and they usually will make a surprise visit. Hospitals have gone out of business for not being at the top of their game with billings and verified services.

          But you don’t HAVE TO HAVE A VENTILATOR, in any of these scenarios, and your relatives do not have to have a ventilator. Please put it in your living will.

          Just so you can verify: 800 MEDICARE or, 800 447 8977 to report fraud or abuse
          or for the hearing impaired: TTY 877 486 2048 AHEM…. For those with ears to hear, let them hear!!!
          Now, I have shown you mine… you get to show me yours…. proof in hand person.

  9. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that the people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. (Thomas Jefferson)

  10. To Eleanor ; I see you’ve taken the Blue Pill , and you believe what it is you what . That’s what so great about this Nation , the freedom to do as one will ! But freedom is not free and may require blood shed to protect liberties virtues from her enemy’s If people do wake up and see we’re being attacked and identify the hidden enemy’s and fight back now Freedom was only a passing trend in the History Books !

    1. so where is your proof in hand.
      I thought you wouldn’t have any proof or sources we could go to.

      You do have freedom. I did an intervention so that you would not cloud up this thread with useless and incorrect information. It is what Russian and Chinese bots are doing… we do not need you doing it also.

      We do not have the freedom to do as one will… for instance, one cannot go to a mall and shoot up people whom one perceives to not be on your side. … or to be of a different ethnicity, or a variety of reasons one may shoot another
      TB patients do not have the right to infect people. It can be pursued criminally if one is knowingly spreading around HIV….. particularly, deceiving sexual partners. But, TB and HIV have not been politicized the way covid has. In other words, one does not have the freedom to do harm Hard to know what you might mean when you talk about shedding blood.

  11. To Eleanor ; I see you’ve taken the Blue Pill , you believe what it is you what . That’s what so great about this Nation , the freedom to do as one will ! But freedom is not free and may require blood shed to protect liberties virtues from her enemy’s If people do wake up and see we’re being attacked and identify the hidden enemy’s and fight back now Freedom was only a passing trend in the History Books !

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