Look Who Hacked Into Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian Gas Company

Recent events have emerged showing Rudy Giuliani, and the Trump administration is not the only one who is interested in the Biden scandal.  Russian military hackers have been caught hacking into the Ukrainian gas Company known as Burisma.  The Russian and the Ukraine government are closely related as they are allies, and both agree former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden were behind the corruption involved with Burisma.  Hacking attempts have been ongoing since November of last year, and there is no information as to what they have found, but there is the word they have found out something.

With the timing of the hacking and the large scale drawn to everyone’s attention, experts are saying it is evident the Russians are looking for anything they can use to embarrass the Bidens.  It is apparent to be the same information President Trump was requesting from Ukraine, which led to the Democrats impeaching him in the House.

American intelligence agencies are saying the tactics are similar from when the Russians hacked the emails sent back and forth from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman to the Democratic National Committee.  It was the same type of scandal from the 2016 elections where no evidence was shown President Trump had any association within the scandal.  There was no collusion.  The evidence reverted back to Russia and Ukraine only.

The Russian hackers derived from the military intelligence unit formally known as the GRU.  Private researchers called them by the name “Fancy Bear.”  The group used phishing emails to steal passwords and usernames, according to Silicon Valley, also known as Area 1.  Hackers built websites and sent out waves of sign-in pages to other employees within Burisma to make it seem like the emails were coming from within the company.

Some of the employees fell for the scam and gave their login credentials.  All it takes is for one employee to give away their information, and the hackers can have a field day with Burisma’s other servers.

A co-founder of Area 1, Oren Falkowitz, said, “The attacks were successful.”  Mr. Falkowitz added, “The timing of the Russian campaign mirrors the G.R.U. hacks we saw in 2016 against the D.N.C. and John Podesta.  Once again, they are stealing email credentials, in what we can only assume is a repeat of Russian interference in the last election.”

The hacking taking place within Burisma is running side by side with Russian spies who are also looking to unearth information on the Bidens from Ukraine.  Russia is not a country to be trusted by anyone.

One official said, “The spies are trying to penetrate Burisma and working sources in the Ukrainian government in search of emails, financial records, and legal documents.”  Neither Burisma nor Russia have commented on the accusations.

Even after the Trump administration placed sanctions on Russia for hacking into the 2016 elections, American officials are once again warning that Russia is in the works of doing it again before the 2020 elections.  It is unclear precisely what they are looking for, specifically.

Still, it is possible, they may want to keep an eye on what American intelligence knows.  They may be looking for something to use against us or another country when their timing is right for whatever it is they are planning.  The problem is President Trump will most likely be the one Democrats blame for this too.

President Trump views the Russian interference in the 2016 elections as an attack on his legitimate victory in the presidential race.  Trump also works alongside the intelligence agencies to ensure this type of intervention never happens again.  We all know Hilliary and the Democrats were behind the scheme, but they still lost a rigged election.

The Biden campaign did not take long to blow everything out of proportion and attack President Trump when the news came out about the hacking into the Burisma Gas Company.  They were the first to blame Trump immediately.

A spokesman from the Biden campaign stated, “Donald Trump tried to coerce Ukraine into lying about Joe Biden and a major bipartisan, international anti-corruption victory because he recognized that he can’t beat the vice president.  Now we know that Vladimir Putin also sees Joe Biden as a threat.”

Bates added, “Any American president who had not repeatedly encouraged foreign interventions of this kind would immediately condemn this attack on the sovereignty of our elections.”

Bates is a bit behind the times because President Trump already condemned and punished Russia with sanctions.

59 thoughts on “Look Who Hacked Into Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian Gas Company

  1. Election fraud, dead people voting and foreign government interference in 2016 was all in favor of Hillary Clinton and against President Donald Trump and WE THE PEOPLE.

    1. Yes, glad you brought that up as the fake news and Democrats need to be reminded. Hillary keeps trying to come up with flimsy excuses why she was not elected due to popular vote. We still do not know how many illegal votes were casted in favor of Hillary. Even though it did not matter since the electoral was a major win for Trump. Maybe one day we will find it he won by both Electoral and Popular.

      1. By the Numbers…..Hitlery won California by five million votes but only won the national popular vote by three million, that means President Trump won the popular vote in the other forty nine states by two million votes. Let’s see her spin that.

          1. Hard to tell how many votes that the Dems claimed were illegal and fraudulent. They did this in several states and evidence points to them as doing a repeat of their voter fraud again in several states. Will be difficult to prove in Democrat controlled states as they try to quickly get the evidence and destroy it to prevent any legal action. As far as Biden’ claims about Trump and Russia being involved, it’s likely that Russia is after Biden for having committed bank fraud, money laundering and racketeering on top of theft of Soviet money and other currencies. But that’s Biden’s problem. He got involved in the crimes and now the foreign governments are after him and they are looking at Schiff and Pelosi as well. Our delema will be catching the Democrats red handed in elections and voter tampering and then prosecuting and convicting them. It’s quite questionable as to whether or not their candidates could be removed for having gotten elected by fraud, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. They got away with it in California and voters will be leary of the elections this year.

          2. Los Angeles County alone had 1.2 million more voters then there are registered voters, so that’s close to have of the 3 million just in one area of California.

        1. Schiff, Pelosi, illegals. Imagine that. ALL in Cali.
          Pretty pathetic when you rig an election & still LOSE.

          Shame Cal didn’t “secede” from the U.S. as they half-assed threatened.
          Fed money going there woulda stopped & streets woulda been more FULL of SH*T.
          Kinda like their degen, lying Dem politicians.

          1. I’m in Kansas and a Clinton Foundation van took all of the black people, only black people who “wanted to vote” out to vote. I am told by someone who was in the jail at the time, that most weren’t registered to vote. In Kansas you must be registered, go to the voting facility you are assigned to, and have identification. Where they took these van loads of people to, I’m not sure. But here in Kansas a felon is not able to vote and if you are in jail during voting time-they don’t just take you to vote because you lost that privilege by being in jail.

      2. And don’t forget, the Democrats were caught taking van loads of people from polling place to polling place to polling place!!

      3. As long as we have an extreme liberal press John, we will NEVER “find …he won by both Electoral & Popular.” vote…The media has kept the Nixon massively made up scinario to history…I lived and worked exceedingly close to all that…He merely “took the hit for the team”…and compared to the Clintons, he did NOTHING anyhow…This isn’t Trump’s “first rodeo” with contravercy so don’t worry too much – he’ll make it…

    1. Wait for the other shoe to drop: re; How Obama funding the Ukraine coup led to dems using Burisma to launder billions of dollars

      1. The money Obama is using to buy his house with. He was worth $895,000. He makes $400,000/yr for 8 years that’s 3.2 million but he bought an 18 million dollar home? Crook! Dems are trying everything under the sun because all their skeletons are coming out. They know Trump ain’t a politician and won’t play their games. The 3 stooges need to be impeached. Traitors!

      2. This is the right track that definitely should be investigated. And guess what folks, it can all be done because of the interest of protecting foreign policy!!
        Obama is a total THIEF! He demonstrated that multiple times while in office. We need to get the proof on this and literally skin his hide!!

      3. Yep, and this case would prove to incorporate The Clintons & The Obama’s, The Biden’s & John Kerry & the Hienz Boys!!

  2. Just like in PRO sports today. It is all about the $$$$$$ and POWER. No one can just be Honest anymore. Whether it takes cheating, FAKE NEWS, fraud, threats or even murder ! Those who have been honestly beaten, must always attempt to find a way of ” getting back ” at someone who won an event fair and square; whether you are talking about a sports event or POLITICS ! The LOSERS, just can’t accept the fact that the voters were not going to be “hood – winked,” AGAIN, by some lying crooked politician and want to clean out the corruption up once and for all ! As in sports, it is very self – evident who the cry – baby losers are which are also the same ones that are
    the CHEATERS !

    1. Look at it this way. If they weren’t thugs, criminals, and the like in the first place, then they wouldn’t possess the kind of character that makes them hellbent on retribution for a legitimate loss.
      Thugs don’t play by the established ” hard and fast rules of fair play,” they make up their own rules as they go along. But when someone pulls out in front despite their crooked, corrupt schemes, anyway, then suddenly that person, (team), is the one that is corrupt and broke all the rules. It’s at that point that they suddenly want to invoke a self righteous stance, and cry foul, all the while revoking the same leisure, luxury, and license for the opposing side! That is the quintessential epitome of moral bankruptcy if there ever was one. The reason the Democrats are stupid enough to think that such character appeals to so many, is because so many have the exact same character flaws of I’ll repute.
      Why else would they like such things, all you have to do is put 2 and 2 together, and you get “four more years of Donald Trump”!
      So simple!
      And if you’re going to drive such a hard bargain, just remember, you’re up against the MASTER OF HARD BARGAINS! And so don’t forget to SCHIFF GEARS on the way down or you’ll run that truck you’re driving right through the red light at the bottom if the hill!
      At which juncture, I would advise you to be very aware of the left turns COMING YOUR WAY! See you ON THE WAY DOWN!
      Had your brakes checked lately???

    2. Obama ,-hashtag Black Godfather
      HRC – piggy bank manager, C. Foundation #2
      Motto , understand your insulators and circuit
      breakers, or at this point what difference does it make ? , I can’t recall !
      Joe Biden point man in corruption , Tough guy? Braggart! Low I.Q.
      Motto : it hasn’t been alleged that my son has done anything wrong!
      Eric Holder : black godfathers wingman
      Head of DOJ, a crooks crook
      Motto; kick em when they’re down!
      Loretta Lynch: Legal issues resolver
      Motto: I am going to recuse myself
      James Comey F.B.I commander #1 insulator
      Motto : I am a republican, wink wink
      Andrew McCabe F.B.I. #2 insulator, Fall Guy !
      Motto: Lack of candor, or lack of candrew
      John Brennan: C.I.A. director , deep state #1
      Black Godfathers lookout!- left hand man
      Motto: Trump is Putin’s puppet, I’ll be at CNN
      James Clapper D.N.I. #1 , deep state #2
      Motto: I’m just a scared old man!,

      This is the true outcome of a democrat administration after 8 years, or a crime family

  3. This whole crazy mess was not intended for the Dems to backfire on them. However, it has. They figure that if they can make our President look bad then the finger pointing would be off them. President Trump has reacted in a very well mannered Executive standard. He has held up his guard with dignity and patients. The left reacted with horror and madness. They know in this race they are in a no win situation. They have put themselves in that position. Now they have to own up to it and live with it. It sicken’s me when members of the squad use foul language in their making of their home videos and splashing it all over the National media. Children are listening and watching these jokester’s that are in leadership roles. What are they teaching our young people? Are they that vindictive? Give it up ladies and act like ladies. With your imput you have put a big black mark on the Democratic party.

  4. How Come all these sites can be hacked so easily. Sounds like we need new IT people in DC and the Ukraine. In particular the Democrats need to review their IT. They are worse than the Banks. Sounds like some good employment opportunities here. Why is no one hacking the Republicans – do they actually have competent IT people.

    1. They don’t even do background checks on their own candidates. Omar is a crook and illegal, that’s why she wants them to come here. I believe the democrats are trying to do this again to try and blame Trump again. Sore losers and I hope people will vote them out in November. The votes needs to be verified as a legal citizen before it counts. Have an ICE member at each site to cart the off.

  5. None of this Ukrainian corruption would have been reported by the MSM, and is only now exposed because the Democratic idiots in congress did. Could this be the Democratic leadership trying to bring down JOE?

    1. I wish that our news media would report the truth and nothing but the truth so help them
      God. There is still some news media that try to bring us the truth but they still have a few Democrat supporters on there shows to try and spin or confuse people. I guess if the money is good enough some will say anything no matter the results and no accountability.

    2. Joe doesn’t need any help especially from his own party of Liars, Cheats and Thieves nor does nancy pisslousy or adamn SHITfz,or mr. No NadsLiar or commy commey, brennan, clapper, rice, oDUMBo, clinckton’s and their posse. It’s all going to come down when this sham impeachment crap is done and the ROUNDUP BEGINS and the indictments start to fly. Barr and Durham and other Top Notch law seekers are unleashed on them. The Demoncraptic Socialist Party will no longer exist come election time in November 2020. VOTE ALL THE DIMS OUT, VOTE FOR AMERICAN VALUES, VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP IN 2020

  6. What needs to happen is Senate needs to support Trump and acquit him of all charges because this fake impeachment will continue to go on for weeks or maybe months and it will cost the tax payers and not congress. Lindsay and Franklin Graham have both stated it should have been stopped but I feel acquittal may even be better for our POTUS and our country.
    So sad the Russians and Ukrainian have to tell us what most patriots already know about Joe, Hunter and Clinton’s with regard to their corruption in Ukraine and other countries.

    Congress needs to stop this impeachment fiasco and get back to real work that helps our country not just their party and candidates. However from what I have heard and seen on the campaign rallies the Democrats are digging a hole and most of their campaign goals are not good for our country or legal citizens. Hopefully the Senate will do what is right and not back down due to political pressures.

  7. I think the RUSSIA CONNECTION started way back when Bill was President and then it was put under cover until OBOZO got elected and then Hillary told OBOZO how much MONEY they could make by selling URANIUM to RUSSIA and then UKRAINE got involved as well. Then the EXTREME money laundering began and the CLINTON dossier with the DNC and with OBOZO looking the other way. OBOZO was then to get the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and Department of State involved which included Brennon, Clapper, Comey, Wray, Ohr , Page, Rosenstein, Strock, etc AND it is still in place today with Wray in the FBI and undercover agents still in the DOJ, CIA, FBI and Department of State!

  8. Yeah, Yeah Yeah, I’ll believe the Democrats are concerned about fair elections when every major city, run by Democrats, cleans its voter roles, prosecutes frauds like harvesting and nursing home ballots. Oh, yeah, I forgot the Illegal Immigrant vote. How is that not foreign interference? Shut up about Foreign interference unless you are prepared to take the 20,000,000 illegals out of the equation. Russia cannot do near that damage.

  9. Russia was looking for dirt to use on Biden if he wins. They are just hedging their bets. A little Blackmail for the old KGB is always welcome. I would watch out for Hunter. He is a ripe candidate for Blackmail. He is already in deep doo doo over his illegitimate child and the payments he is going to have to make.

  10. Donald Trump does not need information of corruption about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to win an election. He will win the 2020 election for the same reason he won the 2016 election. He is a President for the American people.

  11. When we wake up!
    I have had my comments scrubbed off face book. If you believe the following then copy and repost or share.
    To real democrats and true Conservatives and not DNC socialist types RINO’s or anti American types: just look at the communist takeover being fostered on our country by the left also known as the Democratic National Committee.
    What we know about their actions is that Obama gave $150 billion to the Iranian Terrorist organization with approval through a democratic controlled congress. Democratic controlled House refused to authorize a $5 billion for a defensive border fence. a
    As of January 15, 2020 a projection placed socialist (communist?) Bernie Sanders as probable candidate for Democratic Presidential Candidate! His hinchmen are discussing violence and reeducation for people who do not accept their way.
    When we Look up the following people and the Communist countries they started! we find violence and death. (Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro. For Socialist look up Venezuela, Cuba, Greece, Russia, China, for Nazi see Adolph Hitler. Islam find the places they have invaded and ask how many people killed just because they opposed the take over.)
    These are the types that we find that the DNC support.
    The ignorance of many so called intellects, supposedly smart people is absolutely astounding that they can read history and not grasp the significance of it. That they want to place Americans in this type of government. Rumors are that Communist? George Soros is bank rolling these things. But it makes no difference if it is him or a Devil we must not fall.
    The Trump impeachment was bogus from the beginning and started even before he could do anything impeachable! It is collusion, a coup d’état, treason, and sedition. This also comes from the Democratic majority house.
    These people approve of the most murderous concept with approval of abortion, which is nothing more than a way to make money, and then claim guns the most villainous thing in history. The bible history shows that through idolotry that the death of the young has been Satans method to remove mankind.
    There are efforts by Democrats to remove guns from the people. A Virginia governor is trying to do that. The following took guns and killed millions. Communist Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stallon, Fidel Castro. Nazi Adolph Hitler. Not to mention that socialist countries cater to their very rich while the populace go hungry.
    The attack on General Mike Flynn looks much like the false Russian Collusion claim on Donald Trump. Both are Democratic efforts to control the people. Who knows how many corrupt lawyers, judges and law enforcement people who have bern bought off.
    As I write I even wonder how many of us who are pointing out the coincidental? aspects of this may find ourselves just like Flynn.
    Are we so dumb to not put an end to this through the coming elections and place true Americans in to every office.
    I hesitate to suggest we do not vote Demoncrats, but the mere fact that they have followed this political treason and were not willing to remove the leadership suggests they be well vetted before they can be trusted. A start would be a whole scale rejection of all of the illegal activity and demands for arrest and trials!

  12. So apparently here in Denver they are investigating the possibility of dead people voting in the last election. That totally makes sense because I know a lot of Republicans in this area and the Democraps run the state. This doesn’t surprise me one bit really. This is how she got the popular vote. Our voting system is tainted and I honestly believe this is going to happen again being a sanctuary city. Clinton IS going to run again I guarantee that. This time the deep state is not going to stop at any turn to make sure she gets elected. I really hope that they can unveil their plans. That’s why they held the impeachment process because they know 3 senators are going to be tied up in this circus trial and they can’t campaign. Conflict of interest and bipartisan to Trump impeachment. She’s going to do what she did to Bernie Sanders to 3 this time around and win the primary. This is going to change everything.

  13. Don’t forget when poloosie vetted obummer, the election fraud…….110% voted in multiple cities……NO one held accountable! How much more corruption before we get enough people in power to act?

  14. The Dems will do ANYTHING to get votes in 2020! The Governor of NY is passing a Bill that gives Illegals Drivers Licenses ! Trouble IS they can use their Drivers Lic. to register to vote in NY State !! Tell me why the people of NY State are not DEMANDING that he step down ?? There should be mass demonstrations that bring the City of New York and Albany to a dead stop !! The guy is off his rocker !

  15. how do two countries that are fighting because one is trying to take over the other one become allies am I missing something because this is the country the democrats made up all the crap on Trump about holding up money from they were using to fight Russia with how does that work sound like some democrat work

  16. So the Russians are hacking the Burisma accounts…..whaaaooow, and show interest in the Biden’s…….Interesting what they come up with……
    So now our crazy lady from the Congress can find another job and start to impeach the Russians and take the Schiffs and all her bandidos with her on a new journey……. Let’s start to prepare the pens to be distributed in the Kremlin. Sweet dreams.
    Sorry this persiflage, but all this seems so unreal, how can she get it in her brain.
    She may be a good collegue of Greta also. All these enlightened persons let them deal together and contimue their dreams

  17. i’m sure many of us had watched the nauseating display of a “funeral procession” hosted by the satanic activists …better known as democraps. they are now salivating and demonically wringing their hands awaiting tuesday to bring down hell and damnation on our Presidents head. may their so-called incriminating twisted evidence….bring down upon them truth and justice as we watch them melt and return to the sewers they emerged from….headlines….”2020 LANDSLIDE REELECTS PRESIDENT TRUMP…..” do you think the signers of,”THE DECLARATION OF HATE” will return the pens?

  18. Yes, the infamous “Russian” hack(s) of the Hillary/DNC server that was NEVER turned over to forensic computer crime experts to be examined.

  19. The Democrat mob will do anything to hide any scandals that have to do with any Democrat, but right now they’re hiding
    all the corruption that is taking place in the Joe Biden campaign. They want Joe to be their president. I can’t imagine what this moron
    will try to inject into our country. God help us!!!.

  20. Demo-Rats are scared to death what Trump knows about them. Giuliani found so much dirt on the DNC, EXTORTION, BRIBERY, MONEY LAUNDERING, BLACKMAILING COUNTRIES FOR KICKBACKS, this is why Pelosi was afraid to hand over the impeachment, she wanted to make sure Giuliani won’t testify. Pelosi knows Giuliani and his investigators found the paper trail to the DNC.

  21. Essentially the Bidens took money from the US Govt that was given to Ukrkaine. But they were certainly not the only Americans to do so.

  22. Interesting the way in which the President is getting pulled into this. Perhaps the Russian military did want to find out what is going on in their energy company since they as well as Russian citizens get hosed paying higher rates so that these fat cats can earn their millions in return for protection to cover their corruption by US government in the name of VP Biden. No wonder Biden stood and crowed about how he got the prosecutor fired during the investigation into Burisma, by withholding US aid (our tax dollars) to Ukraine. Trump held off to investigate Ukrainian corruption; Biden held off to protect his son as he earned millions from this corrupt company. Really, just who has committed an impeachable crime here?

  23. Look at all the voter fraud that has occurred since 2008. The Demoncrats knew that Obama was not a legitimate candidate for the presidency and they pushed him through without properly vetting him. That was the litmus test of what they could get away with,so they revved it up for 2012. How could Obama have won districts with over 100% votes cast in favor of him? I blame the Republicans for not pressing that issue! Then there was the midterms which was a preamble to 2020, where they will have widespread cheating and voter fraud. Our elections are worthless anymore unless we demand accountability from our representation. Otherwise, we have no country left!

  24. I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the very good operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading more from you later on!…

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