Looking at Crooked Cuomo’s Nasty Actions

Crooked Governor Andrew Cuomo has crossed a line that he should never have stepped over. This past week crooked Cuomo signed a bill that would give lawmakers the path they needed to obtain the tax returns of President Trump. The infant Democrats have been looking for a way around the law in order to get what they think they need in order to find some kind of crime that the president is guilty of doing. This is nothing more than a liberal rebellion against the people of the United States to get something they do not deserve. This has paved the way for any leader to gain access to personal information illegally.

Tax returns used to be private until crooked Cuomo signed a law that provides lawmakers the right to stick their noses where they do not belong. There is no sane reason why anyone needs to look at President Trump’s tax return. Curiosity does not count in this case. It does not matter if the person is the president or a regular citizen. It is none of the business of the loony left. Prestigious Trump needs to expose all the tax returns of the loony liberals so the nation can see their illegal activity.

Crooked Cuomo has already stated that he believes that “Tax secrecy is paramount — the exception being for bonafide investigative and law enforcement purposes.” This assumes that President Trump is already a criminal worthy of investigation. He has jumped in the pool with the diseased Democrats in an attempt to destroy the president. His actions are clearly treasonous like the rest of the loony left, and they all should be put in prison for the rest of their natural lives.

Crooked Cuomo believes that no one is above the law. So now it is time to investigate his reasons for signing such a bill in the first place. In his diluted little mind, he believes that the president is acting above the law. This concept is a lie that has been perpetuated by the lousy left in an attempt to build support for the treasonous actions against the president of the United States.

Trump’s personal attorneys are intercepting these attacks once again. One attorney names Sekulow has stated “This is more Presidential harassment. We will respond to this as appropriate.” They are not going to allow the left to get away with their babyish actions this time. The crybabies of the Democratic party need to grow up and stop pouting over losing in 2016. Their loss in 2016 was good practice for 2020. They need to come to their election rallies with tissue boxes because President Trump is set to win again.

The dumb Democrats have never shown any reasonable issues as to why they should have access to the president’s returns. This is nothing more than a jealous action because they never had that much money. The loony liberals might just be after his money. Once they find out how much he has it would stand to reason that their next move would be to pass a law stating that the president’s money is to be divided up to all the liberals in the House.

The House Democrats are drooling over this development. They want Trump’s returns so badly that they just can’t help drooling all over themselves. What is going to happen is that terrific Trump is going to laugh his head off because there is nothing for them to find. The demented Democrats are going to be embarrassed once again because they have failed in their attempt to prosecute an innocent person.

The Democrats and Cuomo are actually guilty of singling out Trump and others in their attempt to bring them down. The only thing Cuomo is going to face is three walls and a set of bars when this all goes to court. He will be found guilty of treason and locked away for all eternity. The diluted Democrats are so confident that they are just going to find something.

What they are really upset about is the fact that Trump is exactly the kind of president the nation wanted. A person that would not yield to the pressures of politics or threats. President Trump is the people’s president, and he will be victorious in 2020.

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