McConnell’s Perfect Tombstones Are Hilarious

Mitch McConnell is a genius with the way he is campaigning for the upcoming election. He has taken the time to strategize and promote exactly what the Democratic Party is doing to America. Except he has placed their names and agendas on a bunch of tombstones that singles they are defeated already. This is an awesome display of creative thinking and effective campaigning.

His Democratic opposition, however, fails to find the humor in the campaigning. This is another example of the baby Democrats crying because they are being made fun of. McConnell’s campaign shows his opposition’s name on the front of a tombstone. He has also included the names of other dorky Democrats that are expected to lose in 2020.

Mitch McConnell has decided to have some fun with the upcoming election. The Democrats are expected to lose big in 2020 because they have gone out of their way to make fools of themselves and to finally be caught in the act of lying to the American people. They have failed to accomplish anything of importance in House, and they certainly have embarrassed themselves by fighting over things like name-calling and social media tweets that make them cry.

These are not the kind of people that the Americans want running their nation or passing laws. The people want those like Mitch McConnell that is not afraid to support a successful president and who is not afraid to believe that the United States is the greatest nation this world has ever seen. The American people love the campaigning he is doing because it displays the truth and tells the world that the Democrats are a dying breed in America.

The first tombstone displays an event in Fancy Farm, KY. Here the caption “The Grim Reaper of Socialism” can be read. Socialism will find its dying days as long as Mitch McConnell is around. Effective campaigning and the Democrats hate it. The Democrats cannot stand to face the truth of the future. Every time they see this tweet they all cry because they know that it is the truth.

Amy McGrath is McConnell’s opponent in 2020. She has her tombstone that says “R.I.P. Amy McGrath November 3, 2020.” Everyone knows that she is going to lose. So why not put her name on a tombstone and show everyone the truth. McConnell did this type of campaigning advertising for several key areas of politics.

Merrick Garland was the Supreme Court nominee of Obama back in the day. But his nomination was blocked by the hero McConnell. This paved the way for President Trump to place a conservative on the court. This tombstone is hilarious because it makes fun of the Garland losing the nomination because Superman McConnell denied him the chance of hurting America. McConnell deserves a huge thanks for keeping Garland away from the court.

Even wormy Cortez has her tombstone as her Green New Deal will never be a reality in America. Wormy and her little band of outlaws will never see a socialist America as long as Trump and McConnell are around. Cortez and her little band of outlaws are destined to lose big in 2020. They have proven to be liars and cannot seem to agree with anyone about anything. They are too young to serve seriously in politics because they act like a bunch of spoiled girls that didn’t get daddies car for the high school dance.

Mitch McConnell is a genius with this advertising method. He has shown the future of socialism and that of wormy’s new little Green Deal. He has also shown the spirit of America as it depicts the nation’s hatred of socialism and Democrats alike. The people of America want those that are willing to serve honestly and for the best of the country. They do not want to see people that are selfish and only pushing their agenda.

The Democrats have lost sight of why they are in politics. It is not to make laws and rule a nation. It is to represent a people and the popular view of their region. It is to represent the little voice that is never heard because of people that would silence them. The Democrats do not care about the nation, and they certainly do not care about the people of America.

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