Mexico Trying to Drive U.S. Policy

The Democratic Party would love to see the U.S. polices being pushed and developed by other nations around the world. Their socialistic mindset screams out loud that the prosperity of Americans is not fair and that the United States should share all of its wealth. The devilish Democrats want to see American at the mercy of the rest of the world and not the strong nation that it is today.

The shootings around the nation are a tragedy and prove the cowardness of those that pulled the trigger. The next tragedy comes when the devils called Democrats want to take away the guns from the innocent people. For some warped reason, they believe that it will solve all the problems of the world. Except for the evil ones behind the killings get their guns from sources that are not touchable by the federal government. When law-abiding citizen loses the ability to protect themselves what happens is that they become the next target and the next victim.

The Mexican President was upset that several Mexicans died in the shooting. He was appalled by the fact that for some reason it was the fault of the government that allowed the shooting to happen. Except it was not the fault of the nation or the government. The fault is placed with the one that decided they needed to pick up a gun and start killing people. The decision to murder innocent people was made long before the gun went off.

The Mexican president is pushing for the United States to develop stricter gun control laws because a few Mexicans died. This little president would have a fit if the United States tried to dictate policies in his country. He would tell the United States to mind its own business. And America needs to do the same. Mexico needs to leave the United States alone when it comes to dealing with the crimes and policies within its borders.

The little Mexican president stated, “We’re very respectful of what other governments decide, but we think that these lamentable events that occurred in the United States should lead to reflection, analysis and the decision to control the indiscriminate sale of arms.” He is not respectful of what the United States decides to do about the situation or else he would have kept his comments and suggestions to himself. He is more concerned about how he looks to the rest of the world after he was forced by President Trump to concede to help with the border issue. This was an opportunity for him to improve his self-image to the world since he and his nation were seen as forced to get busy in helping with all the people coming to the north.

The little president stated, “It is not our disposition to involve ourselves in the internal affairs of any country, but this topic should be considered again because it affects many people, in this case, Americans as well as Mexicans.” He states that it is not their policies to interfere with internal matters of another country but that is exactly what he is trying to do. The Mexican president is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. No one knows what they can trust from his mouth because he is speaking in hypocrisies.

The cowardly shooters even posted a statement on social media before going on to murder innocent people. It is like he was trying to make a statement. This coward had become so angered against life that he had to end the lives of others. There was no reason for him to act the way he did toward innocent people.

The Mexican president has no reason to be making the statements that he is towards the American people other than he has a political statement to make. Mexico can’t even control their drug lord problems. The drug leaders are killing Mexicans at an alarming rate. So Mexico needs to practice what they preach and deal with their issues before telling a greater nation what they should be doing.

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