Minneapolis Police Officers Rally to President Trump

President Donald Trump is preparing to hold one of his famous MAGA rallies in Minneapolis. Trump, who lost Minnesota in 2016, is very interested in snapping up the state in 2020. He plans to show himself to the good people of Minneapolis at the Target Center. The venue then presented the president’s campaign with a $530,000 bill in advance for security and “other expenses.” The resulting tussle involved threats of lawsuits, the mayor of Minneapolis, and that city’s police department.

The Trump campaign threatened to sue the Target Center, pointing out that a health care rally held by President Barack Obama garnered a considerably cheaper security bill. Eventually, the venue backed off and offered a more reasonable bill, according to NBC News.

Then the mayor of the city stated that the president is not welcome in Minneapolis. Trump, who suspects that Mayor Jacob Frey was behind the excessive bill, made his displeasure known on Twitter.

“Someone please tell the Radical Left Mayor of Minneapolis that he can’t price out Free Speech. Probably illegal! I stand strongly & proudly with the great Police Officers and Law Enforcement of Minneapolis and the Great State of Minnesota! See you Thursday Night!”

Mayor Frey responded in kind.

“Someone tell the President of the United States that he can afford to help pay for the extra time our officers will be putting in while he’s in town.”

Frey has not been shy about his disdain for President Trump and all he stands for. While he, in his official capacity, cannot prevent the MAGA rally from happening, he stated snarkily, “message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.”

The controversy has spilled over to the Minneapolis Police Department. Trump, like most pro-law enforcement politicians, likes to surround himself with police officers in uniform. The visual is very appealing to a great many voters. Trump has inveighed against anti-cop organizations such as Black Lives Matter, though paradoxically the president has been instrumental in passing prison reform legislation, addressed what many regard as the over-incarceration of young, black men.

In an apparent attempt to prevent Trump from surrounding himself with police officers in uniform, the MPD issued an edict that prohibited off duty police officers from going to the rally while wearing their uniforms, According to RedState, a police spokesperson stated that the order was issued to “prevent confusion.” The public might not know that a police officer in uniform is representing himself or the police union and not the department.

The Police Officer’s Federation of Minneapolis was not impressed. In order to get around the rule, the union is selling bright, MAGA red t-shirts with the caption, ”Cops for Trump” complete with the American flag as a backdrop.

The president tweeted that he was quite impressed by the shirts.

“Thank you to Lt. Bob Kroll of the great Minneapolis Police Department for your kind words on @foxandfriends. The Police are fighting the Radical Left Mayor and his ridiculous Uniform Ban. Actually, I LOVE the Cops for Trump shirts. Want to bring some home. I am with you 100%!!!!”

President Trump, the master salesperson that he is, offered a second tweet directing people interested in buying the shirt to the website where it could be bought.

Hot Air suggests that the dustup is not likely to redound to the credit of Mayor Frey. The excessive security bill has never been issued for any other event, not even sporting events with the city’s baseball and football teams, the Twins and the Vikings.

The ban on police officers attending the rally in uniform also seems just a tad arbitrary. “This may not turn out well for Frey, especially since the city has ordered police in the past to participate in presidential photo ops.” Only Trump is getting this kind of treatment. All the mayor seems to have accomplished is to provide the president with a great talking point when the rally does occur.

Mayor Frey did get support from Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. She tweeted, “Minnesota stands for peace, equity, and justice — everything you are against. While you spew hate, we will keep fighting for the America we deserve.”

Omar is currently involved in a messy divorce brought on by her cheating on her husband with a campaign manager. Some might also dispute whether she knows anything about peace, equity, or justice, based on her anti-Semitic record.

66 thoughts on “Minneapolis Police Officers Rally to President Trump

  1. President Trump is not only a brilliant negotiator and entrepreneur, apart from running a huge Corporation highly successfully, but he is entertaining. Nothing about this man is boring ever, He lights up a room and knows everything that is going on. Does the man ever sleep! God love and bless him always. Rose Nylund would approve Minnesota becoming Conservative again 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. as a former detective in philadelphia pa i know how democrats destroy a cilty, at present the former DA of philly is in federal prison for being a thief, he is a democrat of course he is a thief, Chaka fatah a penna senator is also serving a prison term in federal prison for being a thief, and the former attorney general of penna a democrat just got out of federal prison for being a crook, so the district attorney of philly the attorney general of pennavnia and a penna senator all were in prison and are all democrats, two blacks and one woman, the people we are told would clean up politics,,,democrats have controlled philly for the last 67 years, all democrat mayors for laast 67 years so philly must be a paradise to live in, no high crime, homicides, lousy public schools and high taxes, and political corruption out the ass

  3. I’m a retired guy – independent and white – They feel I’m a threat only because I use my own mind – I KNOW they are criminals and I’m a danger to them and theirs.Another scam by these pinko socialists to shut up those assisting the dems prosecution and cover ups….Did you KNow schiff is tied to epstein – ukraine and others….just like pelosi who has a ukrainian agent on her staff. schumer tied to mexican money among others….They’re all in the tank and trying to cover up and discredit others for their crimes……

  4. This Mayor need to resign! His opinion is left-wing and Antifa. Hate for the man American voter put into the White House. There Nothing out of Trump mouth about HATE! BUT CAN’T SAY THAT ABOUT LIBERAL DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER OR CONGRESS.

  5. “message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.” We saw your message of hatred last night when you let Antifa thugs beat people. You are a worthless creep “mayor.”


  7. The hate filled vile left always brings the violence and intolerance. Antifa and the socialist democrats doing what they accuse President Trump and his supporters of doing.


  9. People are funny. The Mayor said what….???? Message of hatred will never be welcomed in Minneapolis and what is that Mayor doing there himself for all in TV land to see and hear is just that what he said was not welcomed their in Lalaland. Duh for that mayor. And than there is that silly girl dat calls herself Omar (not even her legal name) As the news reported, she came here under fraudulent circumstances. Her family had to flee Somalia otherwise the whole family would have been no more. Now kind America took her in. Gave her a chance to get a good education and what is she doing….biting the hand that helped her survive. Not a nice thing to slap Uncle Sam in the Face. She flees from an oppressive government to a freedom loving country and what is she trying to do, change this freedom loving country into an very oppressively reigning government. No thanks, I like my hair uncovered, I have nothing to hide. No crawling critters in my hair that have to be covered under scarves. She most likely has absolutely no inkling what freedom means and the word assimilation is not in her dictionary. Neither is the word grateful I suppose. That girl should be deported back to Somalia and her American citizen ship ripped up. Maybe than will she realize that America is a great Country. In other words….IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT HERE YOU ALWAYS CAN GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM. I SUGGEST PARIS FRANCE WILL WELCOME HER WITH OPEN ARMS.

  10. Looking at the quality of elected officialdom, the voters of Minneapolis might want to take a good hard look in the mirror, even at the not inconsiderable risk of not especially liking what they see therein.

  11. The blatant disrespect for Our President is a slap in the face to all Americian citizens. People of the USA, stop listening to the biased main stream media as they add, ommit and twist words to fit their leftist agendas. They consistantly slice and dice video clips to backup their warped claims. They are presenting a smoke and mirror reporting practice of the news. The onesidedness is distressing as the effects are tainting the truth and the honest Americans perception of reality has been misled. Listen to the words of the speakers, whomever they are, and make your own, educated opinion. Don’t trust anyone to tell you what just heard, how to think or how to vote. Take responsibility for making your own opinions and decisions based on facts.
    It is trully despiciple what these career politians have been pulling on our country. The corruption must be stopped and eradicated. It will take time as it has leached into every department of our goverment. They work for US (the citizens) and must answer for all actions. Any politician that gets rich from position while in office is a CROOK.
    BTW-What the heck is going on in Minnesota. Are you all still Americans? Shira Law in the USA??? That is a joke, right!???

  12. It is great to hear about the outright lies of Pelosi and Schiff but let us do to them what they desired through lies and intimidation to do to President Trump. That is the meaning of justice.

  13. Mayor Frey and his crew of criminals, as well as the city council of Minneapolis, are rabid liberals whose only goal in life is to cause Minneapolis to emulate the morons of San Francisco as closely as possible.

  14. thank you for the work of the Minneapolis honor guards, the police force, in keeping some segment of peace , This Mayor deserves to be impeached for not doing his duty and keeping the peace so righteous people can gather and voice their love and regards for the President of this Nation, Donald Trump. This is where freedom begins and the Mayor was elected to keep the peace.

  15. The mayor of Indianapolis , Minnesota is a disgusting DemoRAT, who thinks he can push our president around like someone that has no right to campaign and have a rally anywhere in our country. Who the hell he thinks he is, Nazi Adolf Hitler? Hiss whole police force was there at Trump’s rally, supporting our president. That alone shows what kind of carcass he is. Donald Trump will go to Indianapolis any time he feels like it. D*** Trump hater.

  16. As an old Navy retiree, I give the Minneapolis police officers who stood up for and with President Trump a hearty Bravo Zulu (for the uninitiated that means a damned good job). I sense that such things are happening all around the country. Mayors, City Council members, and others get in front of television cameras and flap the jaws like sheets in the wind. The hate Trump and expect everyone in their bailiwick to do the same. But, surprise, surprise. President Trump is apparently much more popular with the working folk that these politicians realize. Hopefully this will be reflected in the voting next November. Also, one can also hope these low-level politicians will be out on their rear ends at the next election.

  17. I am so proud and amazed at the honesty and forthright speech that the President exhibited last night at his rally The citizens of the USA are getting tired of being treated so poorly by not only the Left in Congress but the hatred being spewed by the media This is such a beautiful and richly diversified country and I’ve always been proud to be a citizen here but the hate -filled anti this and anti that need to Thank God for our nation

  18. Mayor Frey need to resign. It a free country. Our elect President has every right to be in Minneapolis. Your idea of America is the same as those four lying freshman Congress. Liberal Don’t belong in any government office. Socialist don’t belong in America! This country was built on CAPITALISM. Where you work for a living and investment your money for wealth. Not government control of people money!


  20. The mayor and Omar should let the police do their job. However, in Omar’s district. Many of Muslims drive around on the sidewalks, yards and streets, saying that they will rape the women and other threats. Theses are reported to the police.only to fall on deaf ears.
    Reason being is that the mayor had tied the police hands. Muslims are running rampant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Omar is from. I know you don’t believe me. So I say, do some research and check news papers around the area. The police can’t do their job when you have a mayor and congresswomen tying your hands. They are far left.

  21. Elitist do not stand for American values. I am surprised that people even follow their agenda knowing where this agenda will lead. Enslavement has always been the outcome of socialism simply due to the inherent corruption socialism breads. The fight against this evil will never won simply due to human nature and the ease which the individual is corrupted. It takes a strong will and foundation to stand against evil and its corrosive effects. Most people are not programed to deal with the battle against evil or recognize it in the first
    I am amazed at the strength of our President; his standing against the blast of fake news from the media, democrats, and no nothing celebrities.

  22. Wow!!! The qualifications to run for mayor of Minneapolis must be pretty low. And the mental capacity of the majority of its citizens must be even lower.

  23. We as patriots need to start using our voices to shut down the radical left. We need the Republican controlled senate to use the power of the senate and launch investigation into biden, schiff and especially swamp monsters crooked clinton cartel and good old barry. It is so obvious that barry stole tax dollars and placed radical leftist and radical muslims in courts and other power postion across our country. The clinton cartel not only steals money through the fake ass foundation. The clinton cartel has a body count over 100 to protect secrets the last body dropped Epstein so called suicide they didn’t want him to spill about private jet rides to pedophile island and billy and the pizza place. We need to shut down the left’s constant attacks on president Trump. They all took an oath to support and defend the constitution if the united states, I bet they have a zero clue and they are showing their ignorance with this impeachment fiasco. We need to use our strength and voice to make sure our votes in 2016 do not get tossed in the garbage and make damn sure that we get president 4 more years, he is making America great again. Even with the daily attacks and flat out lies from the left Our president puts america first and they cant buy him. God bless America. God bless our great president Trump.

  24. Are the Dems learning impaired? SERIOUSLY!!!!! It is a little scary how stupid they seem. OUR President Trump, that WE elected, works tirelessly for the betterment of the American People. What a novel thought. Maybe the Dems should give it a try. But he would still work circles around all of them. And Ilhan Omar – do us all a favor and shut the hell up. No one cares what you think. No one espouses more hate and inequality and in justice then you do. You are the one who can’t open your ugly mouth without saying something offensive to Americans. Please just SHUT UP!!!! PRESIDENT Trump respects and works for our first responders whether they are police officers, military, rescue. Now that is something I can get behind. I think PRESIDENT Trump came along just in time. Exactly what we needed. A few more years of the unbridled leadership that we have had from both sides of the aisle and AMERICA would be no more. Their pockets would be full on both sides of the aisle and the working people of this country would be ruined. Shame on all of you in the political arena. But at least your true colors are showing and hopefully most of you will end up in jail or please God at least out of office. Thank you PRESIDENT Trump for all you are doing for this country. This American appreciates you.

  25. Its amazing how these socialist, communist, fascist, America hating free speech hating democrats can call our great President a hater. But then, they truly are everything they say about anyone who disagrees with them.
    THEY are the haters, the intolerant, and lets be sure to soundly defeat these dangerous miscreants in 2020! MAGA!!

  26. How is it possible in a country blessed w/the availability of a good education that So many people in this country can be so utterly sickeningly stupid?? How can even intelligent Jewish people be so anti republican and cling to the demorats when it is so obvious the democrats are anti-Semitic?? Did any of u nitwits learn anything from the sad sack rag head Omar?? She has never adapted to the American way of life and she never will. She will die and be buried with that ugly rag on her head and still be a hateful resident of our democracy if she lives to be 100.

  27. Thank you Mini-sota for our America hating muslim population…”Minnesota, home to an estimated 150,000 Muslims.”

    Thank you Minnesota’s LEOs for supporting our president!

  28. The fool mayor, Frey, has dis invited half or more of the nation’s people, also. This ignoramus should consider how many people in America support Trump. Take Minneapolis and shove it, mayor frey.

  29. Frey is a typical democRAT that is still PO because Trump walked all over their darling Hillary in the presidential election, he is trying to take his spite out on the Trump rally, hope it backfires big time for this POS democRAT

  30. That was an awsome rally! I loved the honoring President Trump touched upon the Nation’s Veterans and Wounded Warriors. This moved me. Good rally and more to come! I look forward without looking back! “TRUMP 2020!”

  31. To the Freyed mayor:
    In 2016, there were 37 states out of 50 that wanted Donald Trump to be President. That is 74% of the United STATES wanted Donald Trump to be President. In 2020 we are going to add Minnesota.

    The House wants to impeach our President, they can’t. They can, with their majority vote to say yes their needs to be a trial to decide on impeachment.

    The Senate then decides if the evidence warrants an impeachment. The Republicans have the majority in the Senate and 2/3 of all Senators would have to vote for impeachment. So just between you and I there won’t be an impeachment.

    Mayor Freyed, you can however keep on drinking the koolaid, going to all those sheople meetings to learn all the new lies, and keep listening to MSLSD for your psychedelic twist on the fake news.

    But after we’ve heard from all the screaming fruits, all the liberal flakes, and all muslim nuts, tomorrow when you check the paper, the President’s last name is still going to be TRUMP.

    And since there is nobody in the democratic clown party, that knows what time the 3 o’clock train leaves … you are going to have the same problem until President Trump steps down in January, 2025.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  32. People are beginning to see which people are for America and which are against this great country. Sad that the groups making lots of money off of the American people come out against its own people. President Trump is going to win back our country for us Americans. Thanks President Trump🙏

  33. Schiff and Pelosi both should be taken out of office. Should have never been put there in the first place, both r crooked as h—.

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