Nazism? Newsom Creates Terrorist Squads to Enforce Shutdown

Californians are suffering greatly at the hands of the notorious Democrats. At every level of government in the state, they are stripping away freedoms and rights from the people. COVID-19 brought what the Democrats needed to cement their control over the people as they forced them into a lockdown that has now been months long.

The coronavirus is highly politicized by the leftist regime to the point that millions of people are now without jobs in the state. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, issued lockdowns and closures once again with the new outbreaks that are taking place.

The people of California have already been pushed to the boiling point with Newsom’s savage like rule. The way he handles issues punishes the citizens. When the state was burning because of the wildfires, Newsom turned off the power to millions of people. He claimed that when the people us their air conditioning units, the fires start to burn. But the truth of the issue is that he would not fund any projects to cut down the overgrowth that was mixing with the power lines. This led to the fires of which Newsom blamed on the people.

Newsom is turning the state into a Democratic mafia-controlled region of the country. To enforce the new business shutdown rules, he has set up “multi-agency strike teams” to force businesses to stay closed. This is nothing short of the mafia sending out their thugs to collect dues for protection from other criminals. If the business failed to pay, then the owner would have his arms broken to make sure he paid the next time. Newsom is the new crime lord of California.

The new strike teams that are governed by Newsom are tasked with bullying businesses around the state to stay shutdown as COVID-19 moves through the state again. He ordered places like “restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and card rooms must halt all indoor operations.” It appears that all outdoor operations can continue. Seems questionable to limit indoor and not the outdoor exposures at these places. But never have any of Newsom’s ideas ever been based on fact. He governs California with his emotions and not his head.

Instead of using law enforcement agencies that are task with enforcing laws, he is using people from the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Highway Patrol, and other agencies that have no authority or teeth to enforce the shutdowns. The Highway Patrol has no authority to come into a city and write tickets to a business that refuses to shut its doors. These mafia-style mobs are only going to infuriate business owners. Newsom’s time in office is coming to a quick end because of the way he is handling problems in the state.

Each group will target non-compliant companies that ignore the order. Sounds like Newsom is moving the state towards a more socialist structure. His secret police will force people to be compliant even though his order violates the freedom to own a business and open it up to customers. Newsom also stated that “We’ll be looking at the health orders in relation to indoor vs. outdoor activities, the Fourth of July. More broadly, beyond the Fourth of July.” The coronavirus scam promoted by the Democrats simply gives them a reason to control people.

The numbers that are being reported include cases as far back as March. None of the reports are showing what percentage of those infected have recovered and are no longer dangerous. There are other things that Newsom could do rather than shut everything down to control outbreaks. People have to live and recreate, or they will go crazy. Fear is the weapon of choice for the selfish liberals of leadership. They fear another outbreak instead of living and control the problem.

They would rather bury their heads in a hole instead of thinking rationally through the issues. Newsom stated that even “Wearing a face covering is a sign of toughness. It’s a sign of resolve. It’s a sign of someone who gives a da–.” He slams people that do not wear masks and marks them as people that do not care. That is so far from the truth. People that do not wear masks may not have access to them or they have already recovered from it and no longer need to.

124 thoughts on “Nazism? Newsom Creates Terrorist Squads to Enforce Shutdown

  1. It’s time to shut them down and burn there homes and cars and see if they then want to defund the police department. Make them get rid of their personal bodyguards that our taxes pay for and see what happens to them.. Mouth of a Alligator and ass of a Hummingbird. VOTE THESE ASSHOLES OUT OF OFFICE

  2. Newsem had electrify and he shut everyone else off ,vote Democrats again stupid fools you get what you voted for

  3. This is why I am so grateful my husband and I took our money and left Ca 13 years ago and never looked back

  4. Has anyone ever considered why the covid came upon us? We have blood of the innocent on our hands and we continually violate Gods commandments. Why should he bless us in any way? Wake up people!

  5. Calfornia is headed down the same road as NYC everyone and every company are going to find someother place to move to. Blame liberal Newsom he is an idiot the same as the rest of the democratic. These idiots screw up everything they touch. Why would anyone want to live there anyway? It has been taken over by illegals.

    1. No, blame the idiots that voted for him.

      I used to live in CA and saw the socialist movement working. I told people 20 years ago not to vote for anyone that promised “free” stuff because it would come back to bite them in the butt.

      Seems they didn’t listen and now they are paying the price.

      I only feel sorry for those that didn’t vote for dims the rest can go suck an egg. I just hope they don’t move to my state and screw it up like tey have CA, OR, and WA.

  6. I am a conservative born and raised in California. I was raised by southern strait ticket Democrat’s. I believed in John F and was a democrat until I got back from Viet Nam. Four years ago I saw what was happening to the state from the Liberals and sold everything that was worth anything and moved to Georgia. Best thing I have done in long time. I have kids and grandkids still there and can’t pry them out of there with a bull dozer. I won’t ever go back there, if the kids want to see me before I die they are going to come here. I too think that if Trump is not reelected there will be blood in the street, I just wonder who will fire the shot?

    1. I’ll go one better, I think either way there is going to be bloodshed, the left is making their big push and they are not going to just stop, they are to many with there politicians in place like in Cal and N.Y they just get more pumped up. Unfortunately, they can’t be reasoned with due to the outstanding Marxist education we have allowed And paid for, so the only way out is civil war. And nobody really wins because after it’s over and the country is in ruins. The wolves China, Russia, N.Korea, Iran, and provably Mexico will move right in and it’s over. But, On the upside, I will be dead and won’t have to whiteness the loss of my freedom, and country. So I got that going for me…Which is nice. (Unless they don’t kill me in the war) Shit, new plan.

  7. The Nazis are Trump and his white trash supporters, all the white supremacist groups support him, the biker gangs, the alt right, the Nazis, the Aryan Nations, the militia groups, the survivalists, the MAGA hatted mass murderers of minorities like Dylan Roof. This article is so crazy and you Trump people who believe are brainwashed and/or evil, it is that simple

    1. Bet your glad schools closed huh, Aint, noumabudy gon teach me no trut! Na-wa-imean. (Ebonics) because Black li…Blah Blah Blah, who cares.

    2. You are the one who cannot think normally, you support the Mobster-in-Chief Gilly.

    3. Right. You are likely the least educated thing in any room you walk into.

      The starting point of your silly comment is NAZI : national socialist party
      That’s the democrats. So your silly comment is wrong right there.

      Then there is your really stupid referral to white supremacists. We just watched a month of black supremacists rioting looting burning and murdering. Not much white supremacy activity in the last 80 years you stupid fool.

      You saw BLM and ANTIFA murder people. You saw BLM drive cars into churches and light them on fire.

      Your talking about 80 years ago while watching black supremacists and black supremacist supporters killing hundreds.

      Your lovely democrat party is paying for most of it and you are supporting the murderous carnage while claiming someone else is evil. The evil is you and you are to stupid to see it.

      Biden is a child groping rapist. You must love raping people you rape supporter.

    4. Hey ahole BLM and Antifa have NEVER murdered one person. Trump is the rapist, Trump is a scam artist with fake hair, fake teeth and smile, fake wives, fake children, fake resume, faked winning the election by asking for and getting Russian help. He is an effing traitor you laughing hyena white trash. The Nazis were right wing, they were then and they are now, the National part in German means Nationists, like Trump, Socialists if German means something different, they killed socialists and communists you stupid fck.

  8. maybe it’s a good thing because every day the school is closed is a day people with children can teach children the real history of America and not what a horrible unjust racist old white men run place built on slavery. “Give me your four year olds, and in a generation, I will build a socialist state.” (Vladimir Lenin) This is exactly what has happened in our schools over the last fifty years, Parents, they are your children and you must take back control of what is your responsibility. And if you are too afraid or too lazy to take a few hours a week to tell your kids the truth, then you condemn them and the rest of us to a lifetime of real slavery as socialists. Stand up and say no to the 1619 project the state is going to teach your kids, or accept your part in the destruction of of the Constitoution, and America as we knew it.

  9. “Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism”. (Vladimir Lenon) Ok, that being said, How is it that these communist politicians who are clearly the enemy of our Republic can not be targeted as an enemy of our country as if a foreign dictator has overthrown the legal constitutional government, which in California it has. Every business is being shut down, but oddly Gavin Newsems winery has remained open. And no police issuing any citations? This situation is to me about act of war being waged on the free people of this state. Is this not our call to arms! If the Marxists are being praised and being given rights that are not in the constitution then we the people should as our founding fathers did declare a state of war against the illegal unconstitutional dictatorshi[p that is in violation of their oath of office. Here is another quote that I believe is the only real option “The ultimate authority…resides in the people alone…The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation…forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition.” (James Madison)
    Do we believe this, or do we cower to our enemy’s in Sacramento? It’s time to decide. Will Law enforcement obey the order’s to do what they will be told or will they stand with the free people of California. It’s time they tell us who’s side they are on.

    1. gil mojica,
      Sorry Gil ,
      I believe that the police will side with the Liberal Democrats that sign their paychecks. We have watched them do that during the riots of 2017 and they are doing that now. A few months ago three of them even committed a murder on video according to their orders. Why would they do that ? I believe that the murder of George Floyd was intended to be the catalyst to set off the BLM and other similar groups. If you will notice in the video , the other cops did not try to block or stop the videoing of the murder. They only prevented anyone from helping Mr. Floyd. I also do not believe that Mr. Floyd was targeted . Any Negro man would have been sufficient. Mr. Floyd just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His bad luck.

  10. I have been a home owner in the state of California for my entire life, young people could afford homes in those days. My point is we pay huge property taxes and always have, now that the worst school board and system in the country are holding our children hostage to their union demands, and the teachers get paid the same as always, I want my property taxes reduced in kind! I hate this smiley Newsome along with L.A.’s mayor yoga pants. I am sure when the terrorist showed up at his front door he took to his knees because he was so frightened he wet himself.

    1. maybe it’s a good thing because every day the school is closed is a day people with children can teach children the real history of America and not what a horrible unjust racist old white men run place built on slavery. “Give me your four year olds, and in a generation, I will build a socialist state.” (Vladimir Lenin) This is exactly what has happened in our schools over the last fifty years, Parents, they are your children and you must take back control of what is your responsibility. And if you are too afraid or too lazy to take a few hours a week to tell your kids the truth, then you condemn them and the rest of us to a lifetime of real slavery as socialists. Stand up and say no to the 1619 project the state is going to teach your kids, or accept your part in the destruction of of the Constitoution, and America as we knew it.

    2. Sell your house and move to a different state. California is falling apart.

    3. The liberals are against re-opening the schools in the Fall because of the unions. Very good point.

  11. It is so simple if Trump doesn’t win
    The End is just around the quarter
    If he does win it will give us a little
    More time before the end but the
    Demons Democrats will do everything in there power to get
    Rid of Trump! We are so Blessed
    That he is standing with us.
    Watch what will happen if he
    Doesn’t win. I work in customer
    Service and so many people
    From all over U.S are saying
    War will be coming if he doesn’t
    Win, Civil War and the demons
    Won’t be happy. Just can’t wait
    For our father from above to
    Come and take all the Christian’s
    Away from this horrible mess.

  12. The people of California need to get united in crushing the leftist beast Newsom and his wacko party. If you won’t stand up to a bully he will continue to bully people. Bullies do not care who gets hurt as long as it is not them. The Democratic Party no longer exists they are now the Democratic/Socialist party. Eventually it will be the Communist party of America if we don’t stand up now! By the way I used to live California until we saw the handwriting on the wall.

  13. There is not a Democrat alive who has not taken every possible opportunity to refer to Trump as Hitler. I find it fascinating that during this pandemic, Trump has given guidelines for handling the disease and left the actual work of fighting the virus to the local governors and mayors. He has promised that the extent of his input would be to help get needed supplies and medical gear for the locals. In out larger cities and many of our states, the governors are Democrats and without exception each of these people have used the virus at a reason to emulate…..none other than Hitler. Furthermore, most of them have so fallen in love with their new found powers that they refuse to return to “normal”. In fact, several of them have openly suggested this would become the new normal and that the people, apparently, had better get used to living under a tyrannical dictatorship. What a boon to a wannabe dictator-they get to do whatever they want and if things go south they can blame Trump. I call them evil, slimy vipers and I just don’t understand why anyone would ever vote for one of them again-the people have seen their true colors.

    1. You left out that obama actually paid $3.7 million to have the chinese develop the virus.

      The democrats were really fast to claim trump was not reacting fast enough and equally fast to use the virus to destroy the economy trump worked hard to build.

      Since we know the democrats paid the rioters $99 a day to riot we can surmise that the whole last 8 months was planned out by the democrats while obama was still in office.

    2. The most ridiculous part of it all Ed, is that these dimwits actually think Hitler and the Nazi party were right-wing. These dumb fucks should have stayed in school.

    1. Actual the democrats are/were the KKK and in california the democrats were out to kill the Catholics more then the blacks.

      So every californian voting for a democrat is a kkk member.

    1. No they won’t. They are mentally Ill liberals. Californians and former Californians are stupid sub human sheeple who can not think and will continue to vote liberal long after they are in concentration camps and eating each other to stay alive.

      Californians are stupid and voting for democrats is stupid.

    2. Jeanne A Cooper ,
      Tell me , how do you vote them out when the Democrat courts will strike down the votes of the citizens declaring the votes to be null and void ?
      You may be able to TAKE your state back although you will face a considerable number of opponents that will be considered as legal while you will be called illegal. However , I’ll tell you right now , garden hoes and shovels are not going to be very effective. The Hungarians found that out back in 1956
      when they tried to rebel against the socialists of Hungry.
      Oh and there is something more. How many among you have the backbone ( to be polite about it ) to stand against all of those Liberal Democrats. Remember , the police are going to side with the Socialist Democrats that sign their paychecks!

  14. Conservatives are disenfranchised in the State of CA. Ever since it was voted by the dems controlled gov in Sacramento, we the people MUST go the way of the majority in allocating electoral votes in total to the winner of any Presidential election. My feeling is that since the indoctrinated droves are coming out of Socialist controlled universities – which are supported by my taxes – my vote will never mean anything. — WHY can I not be represented in National Elections? This is a trend in the U.S. today…ALL electoral votes are allotted to one candidate without consideration for the opposite candidate. So, as close as our elections are today, if a Republican candidate wins 49.9% and a Democrat wins 50.1% –EVERYTHING GOES TO THAT DEM!

    And, the result is everyone wonders why we are such a divided state and country. B–l S–t!

    These f—kers need to be run out of the offices they hold. They are unAmerican and leftist nut jobs. At the current rate, I’ll NEVER have a say in how I would like to represented.

    1. the people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

    2. (Joseph Stalin) “the people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    3. gil mojica ,
      When Barry was campaigning in Ohio , he made the statement at one of his rallies that he was not concerned at all about winning in Ohio. After all he said , ” The Democrats control the ballot boxes . ” At which point his followers erupted in a great cheer . For they KNEW exactly what he meant ! It is not much different in California. I remember a few years ago that an initiative was on the ballot and was approved of by the voters of California. Moonbeam promptly took that issue to his Democrat controlled court where it was struck down and the votes declared as null and void.
      The people of California have no vote except that which is approved of by the Liberal Democrats !!

    4. “It’s not the voters that determine the outcome of the election, it’s the counters, the counters” – Boss Tweed

    5. Barbara tell Trump to swear me in and give me full power to get rid of all commies and illegals. I wrote a letter but received no response.

    6. by the power vested in , me I grant the above mentioned( ——- ——- sign here) all Nessarry authority to perform all stated duty’s as described in the text (see comment) and with no arguments to block, hereby recognizes the as the new office of domestic tranquillity. Congratulations. and God speed. Now go kill a commie for mommy!

    1. No california is reaping the karma of a thousand times of voting for democrats.

      Californias constant democrat vote has yielded the garbage life they have and they deserve it.

      They thought they were being cool and liberal and with it. How they are really cool.

  15. I do not know any one who would want to live in Cailf. with a leader like they have, I think he is part of the ones that want to ruin this Country

    1. Who the hell cares about uniforms! The californians are slowly waking up to the nightmare they built themselves!

      It’s a whole new kind of woke.

      Just to rub in how con’d you have been 50 years ago the gay crowd said your born gay so we have to tolerate them becuase they cant do anything about it. Then they pushed laws to make it illegal to try to use therapy to make gays non-fat. Then they said there should be classes to teach everyone that being bi sexual is ok and good. Then they started calling non gay people breeders.

      If you are calling people breeders your not being tolerant and if your born gay how can you be taught to be gay?

      You get con’d by every single liberal BS issue. You try each time to show your tolerance while they are laughing at your stupidity.

    2. Laughing atyou ,
      Sad to see that you have fallen into the socialists sticky trap. You see , gay means bright or happy. Gay does not mean homosexual or sexual deviant. When I say that we had a gay time at the children’s birthday party , I do not mean that we had a homosexual time ! Homosexual is the word for sexual deviants ! Not gay. The socialists and sexual deviants are only trying to make their perversions
      socially acceptable and palpable. They do both by changing the language.

  16. The only cure for the Newsome virus is to get out and vote. No facemask will cure the poison he’s spreading. He sits in his Ivory palace collects his paychecks keeps HIS wineries open, but dont you people even think about going to church and definitely dont sing worship songs to the Lord.

  17. It is not Nazism, It is basic socialism that he is trying on his subjects. Californians are the democrats guinea pigs. It is such a mess anyway that no one will notice any large changes. Just like his auntie Nancy would do.

    1. California is totally hosed. Has been for years. That’s what you get for voting for democrats year after year. All you silly brain dead sheeple democrats have recieved what you voted for.

      Your wonderful democrat/liberal paradise.

      Want to fix your California screwed up world? Step one vote republican. Step two defund your schools and start over. Step three cut government but 60%. Step four kick all the illegal aliens out of the state and cou try. Step five stop giving away free schiff and tell people to go to work.

    2. You’re giving away free “Schiff”? Who the fuck would want that lying cock sucker?

  18. Who cares about California. Home of drug head rich snobs wanting open borders and in bed with china. The blue color citizen needs to move out and left the evil left fall victim to pelosis blmob.

    1. EASIER SAID THAN DONE..thank you very much.. not all of us are rich ‘Bud’..

    2. You may not be rich but you’ve got feet. I escaped from California in 1994 and I’ve never looked back. And give this a thought or two. I bought a six and half acre small farm AFTER I retired with only S.S. for an income. I could not do that in California even while I was working !

    3. Any business still in california deserves the hell that is democrat california.

      But hey you california stay away from my states. You vote to damn stupid.

  19. So in CA it is OK to go out and riot and plunder the city during the pandemic but it is not ok for people to go to work and produce something or provide services to people in need. What a joke, this is purely political and the scientific evidence of a lock down is inconclusive at best, it is typical for socialists to believe the only reason why it did not work is because of people that disagree with them politically. How could a two month lock down not have fixed a virus that has a two week incubation period? It did not work because we continue to allow people to come into the country from the south. CA, TX, FL, all get many foreign illegal aliens coming into the country all the time, why is there not any study on this? Because we cannot blame a group of people that are coming to America on an issue in America, similar to the statement that we cannot call COVID 19 the China Virus – that is considered xenophobic by liberals. Well guess what? China did start the virus, a true statement about a situation should never be called xenophobic. The new spike had to be caused by something? People carrying the virus from outside the USA must be studied. It was the reason it came here to begin with. Allowing people to riot needs to stop. Newsom needs to be sent packing. This is really Socialism, not Nazism, it is the elite socialists dictating the story to the people they consider as their servants(slaves). Newsom is more like Stalin or Mao.

    1. Reports are those coming through the Mexican border are traveling in. They are desperate to be on ventilators, and many die because of the disease. We pay for the sick illegals that go to our emergency rooms, and then die from the Chinese virus. Trump 2020

    2. Did it ever come to mind how this virus really got started? Just think about it It’s amazing that 50 states and European countries all got this at the same time. I don’t think you have to be a genius to figure this out. This was definitely planted.
      China? I, also, believe that our crazy liberals in office were even behind it. I, also, believe all the protesting and raiding and fires were even prompted by them. They want President out so bad, because they want control so we can become socialistic. They will destroy our country. They are so happy, because President Trump can’t do his rallies like before and they don’t want him to. We better hope that they debate, so he can put Biden in his place. He is not capable of running this country and the people running it will be Pelosi and Schumer. God help us all.

    3. “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses”. This is true with almost every news or social website, they have been one hundred percent in lockstep with this, and it is a quote from Vladimir Lenin so if that doesn’t tell you where the media loyalties are then you are blind or ok with it. I am not! The American news is nothing more than the soviet Pravda. They are our enemy and should be treated as such, No free pass they want to help destroy our country then they should be targeted, And I don’t want to hear about there first amendment rights because it only applies when they are confronted about the absolute lies they broadcast every day. I don’t watch any mainstream news any more only OAN or NewsMax and I’m not sure how much longer I will watch Fox as the Disney corp, has now taken over and that means death to anything that is what Walt Disney would have approved of. The new Disney is pro anything homosexual or progressive and no longer is just a happy family orientated place it has been ruined by the left going as far as to hire Colin Kraperneck to give his wisdom to a new series about white privilege and how it’s perpetuated by America. It’s just a matter of time before we see Mickey Mouse with a clenched fist raised in solidarity to B.l.M or Antifa. The Unhappiest place on earth, now.

    4. Rest assured, Angelina, there will be another civil war in this country if those two nut jobs ever assume power.

    5. Yes he is. He and Pelosi would gladly send millions to death camps.

      He probably wishes he could make people neil whi li e he shoots them in the head

  20. Gruesome Newsome reminds me of Comrade Napoleon in Animal Farm who wrote on the barn wall: ” all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. Thus it is with wanna be dictator’s!

  21. They tried to get trump to dispatch the military and he refused….smart move

    He offered the dem governors the national guard, they refused

    Now Minnesota wants federal help for their incompetence? Ha ha

    Now they are changing their tune because young black babies are being slaughtered

    Funny how it changes when the politicians get protests to their families

    Hypocrisy at its worst


  23. You insult the Mafia by comparing Newsom to them—Nazi head of the SS more appropriate!——–After thought—-Isn’t he supposed to be related to Pelosi—same style of ruling!

  24. Sounds like the 1930s all over again . . . NOW you see why BLM and ANTIFA (both ILLEGAL Communist organizations as per the U.S. Constitution) ATTEMPTING to “wipe out” our heritage and HISTORY – so that we will be DOMMED to REPEAT it. Just look at Hitler’s Germany, Venezuela, etc., you get the picture. Let’s enforce the CONSTITUTION with Federal Prison Sentences. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. They are not illegal and they are not communist, and communist people or parties are legal anyway Mr. No Brain. The violence is on your side with the biker gangs, alt right, Nazis, the survivalists, militia groups, the MAGA hatted mass murderers like Dylan Roof, the bombers like Eric Rudolph.

    2. Why don’t you shut the fuck up you liberal twat. Nazi are left wing you dumb fuck. MAGA people never murdered anyone. Stop spreading lies, you used fucking tampon

    3. Wow tell you what there Justicefortrump you really should lay off the crack pipe before you post ,then you might say something actually intelligent instead of your childish comments that sound like they were written by a 7 yr old

  25. lets get the signatures to recall him now. I want my freedom back. please check for your county were you can go to sign the petition
    he just wants to stay down till after the election in November. He doesnt care about anyone in California excpet the illegals. I pray every night for God to come back and helps us. We all need to rally together to get our state back.

    1. No it’s time for californians to grow up and live with the result of their 50 years of stupid voting.

      You Californians voted democrat now enjoy your decision.

      It is always everytime stupid to vote democrat.

      Only morons vote democrat.

    2. I agree 100%, Abraham Lincoln once said, ” People get just about the right kind of government they deserve.” It’s hard to feel bad for people when they put the same
      Socialist’s in again and again. Like the New Yorkers coming south. They leave the commie state because they can’t stand the taxes and communist laws, then when they got to a
      Southern state they vote the same way they did when they left. Duh…. All these northerners used to make fun of the “red-necks, ” But notice where they head when the going gets socilist. The only bad thing is after a while they change the politics of the

    3. Every Dumbocrat Governor in this country needs to be sent to a fucking Gulag in Siberia

  26. Looks like the socialists in California are returning to their roots. The national socialist party.

  27. The above comments are the same exact ones that show up on every single story put out by this website and no one can read the hiroglyphics of the first 4 names.

    1. You think this is bad wait till flu season kicks in. That’s when they will really tighten the screws. I do not think they will ever open up . If they do open up it will be for a short period then they will shut everything down again. They enjoy making people’s lives miserable only because they can. These people are sadistic. They are able to do this because we let them.

    1. He can and will! Governor Gruesome is one of the top cocksuckers in the nation!!!

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    1. There is NO real Pandemic… you must be a Democrat or you’re a sheep following what the wolf says
      Which are you..? Good luck with whatever.!!

    2. There is no pandemic; it’s a scamdemic! It’s the flu that was blown out of proportions. This was planned decades ago by Globalists and U.N. for world Communism. Wake up Sheeple. Fauci works for the U.N. as well as the women dr with him. Viruses can’t live in heat, extreme cold, and UV light(SUN).I’m a Biologist and worked for years with viruses; they are simple organisms that need a host cell to replicate their RNA and without a host cell, they will not survive and they don’t survive long on surfaces or anywhere else.

    3. Talk about nut jobs, you win the prize with that conspiracy theory, where do you hear of this shit?

    4. Are you kidding us? This is Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Communist China and more. This can be controlled if people are responsible, but the requirements seem to apply to those on the right while it is okay to riot and protest in the streets. Add to the border crossings due to Mexico’s rising rate.

    5. Closing churches is trampling on my Constitutional religious rights & it does NOTHING to prevent the virus spread. You may not believe in prayer, but I can tell you from a life time (over 70 years) of personal experience, PRAYER WORKS & open churches are essential to continued liberty in America. In church is where I learned to love others as myself. In church I learned the value of all human life. I learned the value of honesty, of law & order, of respect for others even those holding opinions that differ from my own. In church I learned to value people for who they are, not for their age or color of their skin. In fact if everyone learned what I learned in church the police would be out of work because no one would break the law.

    6. It’s yet another excuse for yet another liberal douchebag governor to deprive American Citizens of their rights. The liberal douchebag of my state (Phil Murphy) fines restaurant owners (who was a military veteran, btw) because they open two days early and the owner had no way to pay his bills. He also takes the money that is supposed to be given to small businesses to help them and gives it to illegal immigrants. ITS TIME TO HANG ALL FUCKING DEMOCRATS FROM THE HIGHEST TREE

    7. Nicholas I’ve been saying that since Obama first got in. He wants us too be third world country, boy did I get blasted. Godbless the United States of America!!
      Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👀

    8. Any idiot voting for any democrat after this is either stupid or intentional acting stupid.

      Biden is a rapist, the democrat governors are di tators, obama paid for the development of covid. Democrat party is paying $99 a day for people to riot and loot and murder and burn and destroy statues.

      Why would anyone vote for these democrat morons.

    9. Thank you for all the wonderful blowjobs, ปั้มไลค์. You suck cock so well!! Tell us, do you use your lips or your tongue when you give head? Don’ worry, Governor Gruesome doesn’t suck cock nearly as well as you!!!

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