Nazism? Newsom Creates Terrorist Squads to Enforce Shutdown

Californians are suffering greatly at the hands of the notorious Democrats. At every level of government in the state, they are stripping away freedoms and rights from the people. COVID-19 brought what the Democrats needed to cement their control over the people as they forced them into a lockdown that has now been months long.

The coronavirus is highly politicized by the leftist regime to the point that millions of people are now without jobs in the state. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, issued lockdowns and closures once again with the new outbreaks that are taking place.

The people of California have already been pushed to the boiling point with Newsom’s savage like rule. The way he handles issues punishes the citizens. When the state was burning because of the wildfires, Newsom turned off the power to millions of people. He claimed that when the people us their air conditioning units, the fires start to burn. But the truth of the issue is that he would not fund any projects to cut down the overgrowth that was mixing with the power lines. This led to the fires of which Newsom blamed on the people.

Newsom is turning the state into a Democratic mafia-controlled region of the country. To enforce the new business shutdown rules, he has set up “multi-agency strike teams” to force businesses to stay closed. This is nothing short of the mafia sending out their thugs to collect dues for protection from other criminals. If the business failed to pay, then the owner would have his arms broken to make sure he paid the next time. Newsom is the new crime lord of California.

The new strike teams that are governed by Newsom are tasked with bullying businesses around the state to stay shutdown as COVID-19 moves through the state again. He ordered places like “restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and card rooms must halt all indoor operations.” It appears that all outdoor operations can continue. Seems questionable to limit indoor and not the outdoor exposures at these places. But never have any of Newsom’s ideas ever been based on fact. He governs California with his emotions and not his head.

Instead of using law enforcement agencies that are task with enforcing laws, he is using people from the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Highway Patrol, and other agencies that have no authority or teeth to enforce the shutdowns. The Highway Patrol has no authority to come into a city and write tickets to a business that refuses to shut its doors. These mafia-style mobs are only going to infuriate business owners. Newsom’s time in office is coming to a quick end because of the way he is handling problems in the state.

Each group will target non-compliant companies that ignore the order. Sounds like Newsom is moving the state towards a more socialist structure. His secret police will force people to be compliant even though his order violates the freedom to own a business and open it up to customers. Newsom also stated that “We’ll be looking at the health orders in relation to indoor vs. outdoor activities, the Fourth of July. More broadly, beyond the Fourth of July.” The coronavirus scam promoted by the Democrats simply gives them a reason to control people.

The numbers that are being reported include cases as far back as March. None of the reports are showing what percentage of those infected have recovered and are no longer dangerous. There are other things that Newsom could do rather than shut everything down to control outbreaks. People have to live and recreate, or they will go crazy. Fear is the weapon of choice for the selfish liberals of leadership. They fear another outbreak instead of living and control the problem.

They would rather bury their heads in a hole instead of thinking rationally through the issues. Newsom stated that even “Wearing a face covering is a sign of toughness. It’s a sign of resolve. It’s a sign of someone who gives a da–.” He slams people that do not wear masks and marks them as people that do not care. That is so far from the truth. People that do not wear masks may not have access to them or they have already recovered from it and no longer need to.

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