NC Woman Attacks Air Marshal, Threatens to ‘Stab Everyone on the Plane’

There are groups of people in this world that have a terrorist heart. It is usually seen in the way that they handle themselves in public when pushed to anger. One woman from North Carolina who identifies herself as a Palestinians and not as an American went rogue and started attacking people on the aircraft. Her terrorist heart came out over being told that she could not smoke on the aircraft.

The estranged woman stated that she was going to “stab everyone on the plane.” She also bellowed out that after everyone was stabbed she was going to kill herself. Once the flight landed she was arrested and charged with attacking a federal marshal. She now sits in jail waiting her time in court.

She was trying to enter the bathroom on the plane when the federal marshal noticed she had a lighter that she was trying to use. The marshal confronted her and that is when she started her terrorist attacks on everyone. The flight was coming from Frankfurt, Germany. The lady that attacked the marshal had set off the smoke detector in the bathroom. This led to an alarm and the attendants went into action.

The attendants told her that smoking was not allowed and that she was breaking federal regulations by doing it in the bathroom. They told her to return to her seat, which she did the first time. This is exactly the way terrorists think and work. They do not respect or follow the set rules because they do not care about the safety of the other passengers. They are on a mission to destroy themselves and everyone else around them. That is seen in the fact that she wanted to kill herself.

The drama did not end after she returned to her. Mustafa had claimed that she was headed home to see her family, but they were all killed in an auto accident. The flight attendants were sympathetic believing her story to be true. But after they moved her to a better seat, Mustafa went into a fit of rage and punched the monitor in front of her and through things at the top of the plane.

This is what called attention to her from the marshal. The officer did not confront her for being angry, but only when she decided to get up again and head back to the bathroom with a lighter. She started walking to the bathroom and at the same time tried to strike her flint lighter to start a fire. A lighter and an airplane just do not mix. A fire can cause an airplane to explode without warning. For all practical purposes, she was headed to the bathroom to kill herself by causing the plane to explode.

The air marshal also noticed that Mustafa seemed to be drunk. He stated that he believed he smelled alcohol on her. As the marshal tried to stop her from entering the bathroom she shoved the attendants out of the way and tried to shut the door. Little did she know that there were two marshals on board, and they both got right to work and put her into handcuffs.

Mustafa attacked with her feet when her hands were tied. She kicked one marshal in the shins still trying to escape. She would now get to spend the rest of the trip next to the marshals. They did find a vodka bottle half-empty in her bag. But who knows if she was going to light it on fire in the bathroom? She claims that she was allowed to drink her duty-free bottle on her last flight.

She was quoted as saying that “I’m going to stab everyone on the plane then kill myself. I’m Palestinian! That’s how we get down.” When the plane landed she was taken into custody by the FBI. She would later admit that her story about the death of her family was all a lie. She could spend up to eight years in prison for her terrorist actions on the plane that day.

58 thoughts on “NC Woman Attacks Air Marshal, Threatens to ‘Stab Everyone on the Plane’

  1. So, is this another Obama import? Is this a home grown terrorist? The story is lacking some important information. For those of us who like to know who it is that is attacking us. I personally hope this fruitcake spends every minute possible in prison. Then, IF she is an import, throw her the hell out when she finishes her time. If not, keep her on a terrorist watch list for life, bare minimum. Never to be allowed on another air plane, ever.

    1. She will get a slap on the wrist from an Obama appointed “judge”. No way this pig will end up in prison, and the “judge” will let her go just to stick it to Trump. Watch and see what happens.

  2. Where did the ‘Muslim’ come from, Larry? She says she was originally from Palestine. I know several Palestinian people, some are Muslim, but I do not believe they are a threat. Some are Christian, nor do I believe they are a threat. If she was drinking Vodka, she must not be a strong Muslim because most do not drink alcohol. The truth is she is mentally unhinged for some reason. There was nothing in the article to say what that reason was. If she is anti-American, we need to send her back to where she is from, after she serves time for the stupidity and crimes on the airplane.

    1. You appear to me to one of those Americans that have been brainwashed with misinformation in support of Muslims. Just as ‘good Christians’ are guilty of drinking alcohol, so are Muslims. I lived in the the Arab world for over 13 years and know absolutely that alcohol consumption by Muslims is rampant. I have personally attended many ‘drinking sessions’ with numerous ‘good Muslims’. In a British publication documenting the main importers of British products, Saudi Arabia was listed as THE major importer of Scotch whiskey.

      1. So much goofy stuff in this article, it is hard to sort out what might be fact. Flew lots of airplanes in 46 years as a pilot, none of them would “blow up unexpectedly” from a lighter. Yes, in the gasoline days there were all kinds of fears of vapors, during refueling being ignited. Same as when you are refueling your car and smoking. Depending on the proof of the vodka, you might be able to get a blue flame. Much hotter from ignited paper towels, (gotta throw those butts someplace, don’t ya?” but the plane still won’t “blow up”. No smoking, means “NO SMOKING”. If you could see the outflow valves on airplanes back in the “smoking days” you would be as motivated as I was to not smoke. It’s gooey, sticky, ugly stuff. A fire on an airplane, like on a ship is a pretty terrifying experience until it is under control. Hence, lots of fire extinguishers on airplanes. All those years of smoking on airplanes and a requirement that all upholstery materials be fire retardant show few incidents of anything more than trash bin fires due to carelessness. Spent Ramadan, in countries adjacent to Saudi Arabia, where the “privileged” Muslims occupied the bar while the “candidate” for third through fifth wife rested, or prepared herself in the tent outside. Thanks, “Suds”, for your generosity and the insight as to why I never want more than one wife at a time.

        1. Lol old guys – another one here – I remember sitting there in my seat – belted in looking up at the sign to change from no smoking to smoking after take off lol and in the service smoking right by the fueling jets – ya not a bright idea – but it goes with common sense – and wind direction and ya dont throw a lite butt on the ground – hell when me and my brother were little we used to throw lite matches into a bucket of gasoline and it would put the matches out – watched my farther weld a gas tank after he filled it full of gasoline lol

      2. I have to agree with you – I myself spent time in Syria in 2015 – surrounded by Muslims of all shapes sizes and their “religious” outlooks – yes a convert is a Muslim that only “believes” in the non-violent aspects of the Koran – and I have a 2 inch by 4 inch deep knife wound in my back from being on a patrol alone with a convert working in conjunction with the company I was contacted with – there goes the non-violent part – do they drink lol hell ya and not beer – those of strong “religious” ideology do not for the most part – but as an American Indian and English decent person – mothers side was Scandinavian – was always told about my “fire water” attitude with alcohol by my mother – from what I have experienced Muslims go FAR beyond the “fire water” attitude when intoxicated straight to “demonic” but the worst we had found is that there does not even need to be alcohol involved in a Muslim to bring fourth the demon in most of them – and yes I have met some that were as nice and cordial as could be – but always in a different setting of any anger to be involved – myself I believe they have a place to be happy and practice their “religion” which is a fake “religion” due to the fact that Mohammed took from the bible only what he wanted and added pure violence and pedophilia to his twisted writings – so the middle east is a great place for them to be

    2. I did not catch the part where she was indulging in that which Moonie Muslimes consider haram, but the strange part about that is that Moonie Muslimes indulge in very potent mind altering drugs but that is completely permissible.

    3. Statistically you are wrong. There will ALWAYS be those few outside 3sd the majority in Palestine are muslim. I happen to know some too that just want to be left alone but it sure isn’t the majority…..and if she attempted to kill she needs dealt with permanently and NOT just “sent back home.”

  3. Throw the book at her. If she is an American
    strip her citizenship and deport her.
    I would think if she was charged with
    everything applicable she ssd should get
    more than eight years. Check out her
    Social media for any terrorist connections.
    And the idiots in this country criticize our
    President for trying to keep us safe.
    Vote these liberals out….Trump 2020

    1. Vote president Trump maga2020 get rid of these insane treasonous traitor democrats. Some body should have knock this trash out

  4. If the true American public know what Obama did behind the scenes we ALL would die from heart attacks……God help us…make America great again for Americans……and dump ALL of the garbage in the dump.where it belongs…….

  5. Was this “story” originally written in another language and then translated? Was it written by a 12 YO? Does an adult edit what’s published here?

    1. Redman you are brainless, or more likely a Dimethyltryptamine addict with an IV tube and needle rushing the Hallucinogenic drug to your brain, the problem lies in that the dose is not high enough because you are still able to vomit gibberish so spare us true patriots the misery and increase the dose.

    2. Thanks. much more succinct than I would have posted as soon as I read “Through things at the top of the plane”. (Threw maybe?)

  6. O.M.G., what a LUNATIC!!!!!!!!! Throw her a** in prison and then when she finishes her sentence deport her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  7. How did she get a lighter and a bottle of vodka on the plane? Both items are prohibited. Sounds like security at Frankfurt needs an overhaul. Last time I was in Frankfurt, which was two years ago, I was inspected at least twice. What happened? This could have turned out much worse. She is obviously an amateur. What if a pro tried?

  8. She probably needed a Cigarette and when denied it trip her mean side and all hands on deck.
    Vodka + cigarette with drawl + 10 hours in the sky= trouble is a coming . (not party time)

  9. Take her stone her and set her on fire. These radical Islamic Terrorist should get what they would do to any other person. Film it the run the tape over and over again in her home country POC cunt

  10. After sticking to the issue (violation of FEDERAL airplane LAWS) she should NEVER be allowed to board another American flight again (after serving her PRISON sentence). It makes NO difference what her “faith” (?) is . . .there are good and bad “apples” in EVERY BARREL. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. Okay, there’re a few things to unpack here. First, I object to you using the term “lady” to describe this mad woman. I have known several ladies in my life, and none of them would have behaved like this. Using that term in this context denigrates real ladies worldwide! Second, I am old enough to remember when smoking on an airplane in flight was a pretty standard occurrence, and lighting it with a lighter did not cause the plane to spontaneously explode since I’m still here. Lastly, alcohol is forbidden to Muslims, [of which, I assume, this self-described Palestinian is a member.] Now, how much do you want to bet she doesn’t spend more than the weekend in jail?

    1. The Flight was coming from Islamic Germany. Don’t forget old ANGELA Murkle was a East German Stazi before the wall came down.

  12. Why spend tax dollars on her sending her to prison? Just put her on a plane with all the other people who are here ILLEGALLY and send them to Siberia!

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