New Iranian General Already Pushing Trump’s Buttons

Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh was the culprit responsible for the retaliation from Iran, and it appears Hajizadeh is the general who will replace Soleimani.  As the new general, he is the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Aerospace Force. He is also in charge of Iran’s missiles.  Iran, for the most part, appears to be standing down, but Hajizadeh says the recent retaliation was the first stage of their operation to remove the U.S. military out of the Middle East.  Iran’s new general confirmed there was no intention to kill anyone in the missile strike, but was meant to cause structural damage.

Hajizadeh appeared in a press conference from Tehran, Iran, which was aired by state television.  His goals were to work on calming the tension between Iran and America and, at the same time, giving his audience in Iran the pleasures of knowing the retaliation is far from over.  This sends a different message from Iran saying they are done with attacks on America.  But who can trust Iran anyway?  All the announcement did was stir the pot in wondering not if but when will there be more trouble from Iran.

In the background of the press conference was Iran-backed Shiite militia flags from Iran and Lebanon.  Hajizadeh stated, “The end goal for Iran, it is in America’s interest that they pack and leave voluntarily, not only Iraq but Afghanistan and the Arabic countries.”

The total assessment of damages in the Iranian attack at the Iraqi bases were taxiways, a few tents, and one helicopter.  Keeping what Hajizadeh said in mind, President Trump focused on the fact the general did try to calm tensions in Washington as the president said in his speech, “Iran appears to be standing down.”  Rest assured, America will not let down her guard.  Just the threat alone, which followed Hajizadeh’s statements to Washington, is enough to know, they are done attacking for now.  Tomorrow’s ahead may be a different story.  This is Iran; we are talking about here.

It appears the attacks are coming through cyberattacks, which is one of the worst forms of retaliation from Iran.  President Trump said our retribution would come through more sanctions for the attack on Iraqi bases.  These sanctions began Thursday with the address from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday.  The purpose of these added sanctions is to work harder to get Iran to stand down from its nuclear programs once and for all.

President Trump told reporters, “It’s already been done.  I just approved it a little while ago with Treasury.”  Everyone is hopeful this will draw in negotiations from Iran.  Trump added, “Iran right now is a mess.  They can straighten out the economics of their country very, very quickly.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif put out the statement that their attacks were “concluded.”  It seemed to close the open conflict.  What the media did not announce was a few hours after President Trump gave his address to the nation, two missiles were fired from Baghdad.  They set off the alarms in the U.S. Embassy.

Gen. Hajizadeh elaborated further by saying, “In this operation, we were not seeking to kill anyone.  The missile strikes on one of the key U.S. military bases were the beginning of a big operation that will continue across the region.  All of our missiles hit the target, and they didn’t even fire a bullet toward our missiles.”

Hajizadeh added, “Iran decided only hours before the attack to hit the Al Asad base in western Iraq. Initially, it planned to strike Camp Taji, a base for coalition forces also known as Camp Cooke, 17 miles north of Baghdad, but changed its target to a place less frequented by Iraqi civilians.”

The conflict puts Iraq in the middle of the quarrel as fresh protests are still ongoing from the crowds in Baghdad who are wanting America to pack up and leave.  And General Hajizadeh is still running his mouth on the sidelines mocking America telling all of his people, “A big number, tens of people, have been killed, definitely. A number of people have been injured. Its report will come out.”  According to all of the reports from Iranian and American officials, there were no casualties.

General Hajizadeh is full of hot air and apparently bluffing.  He is saying yes, there were deaths at one point, then denying it in the next.  He is not Soleimani but is one to be watched closely.

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