New Iranian General Already Pushing Trump’s Buttons

Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh was the culprit responsible for the retaliation from Iran, and it appears Hajizadeh is the general who will replace Soleimani.  As the new general, he is the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Aerospace Force. He is also in charge of Iran’s missiles.  Iran, for the most part, appears to be standing down, but Hajizadeh says the recent retaliation was the first stage of their operation to remove the U.S. military out of the Middle East.  Iran’s new general confirmed there was no intention to kill anyone in the missile strike, but was meant to cause structural damage.

Hajizadeh appeared in a press conference from Tehran, Iran, which was aired by state television.  His goals were to work on calming the tension between Iran and America and, at the same time, giving his audience in Iran the pleasures of knowing the retaliation is far from over.  This sends a different message from Iran saying they are done with attacks on America.  But who can trust Iran anyway?  All the announcement did was stir the pot in wondering not if but when will there be more trouble from Iran.

In the background of the press conference was Iran-backed Shiite militia flags from Iran and Lebanon.  Hajizadeh stated, “The end goal for Iran, it is in America’s interest that they pack and leave voluntarily, not only Iraq but Afghanistan and the Arabic countries.”

The total assessment of damages in the Iranian attack at the Iraqi bases were taxiways, a few tents, and one helicopter.  Keeping what Hajizadeh said in mind, President Trump focused on the fact the general did try to calm tensions in Washington as the president said in his speech, “Iran appears to be standing down.”  Rest assured, America will not let down her guard.  Just the threat alone, which followed Hajizadeh’s statements to Washington, is enough to know, they are done attacking for now.  Tomorrow’s ahead may be a different story.  This is Iran; we are talking about here.

It appears the attacks are coming through cyberattacks, which is one of the worst forms of retaliation from Iran.  President Trump said our retribution would come through more sanctions for the attack on Iraqi bases.  These sanctions began Thursday with the address from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday.  The purpose of these added sanctions is to work harder to get Iran to stand down from its nuclear programs once and for all.

President Trump told reporters, “It’s already been done.  I just approved it a little while ago with Treasury.”  Everyone is hopeful this will draw in negotiations from Iran.  Trump added, “Iran right now is a mess.  They can straighten out the economics of their country very, very quickly.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif put out the statement that their attacks were “concluded.”  It seemed to close the open conflict.  What the media did not announce was a few hours after President Trump gave his address to the nation, two missiles were fired from Baghdad.  They set off the alarms in the U.S. Embassy.

Gen. Hajizadeh elaborated further by saying, “In this operation, we were not seeking to kill anyone.  The missile strikes on one of the key U.S. military bases were the beginning of a big operation that will continue across the region.  All of our missiles hit the target, and they didn’t even fire a bullet toward our missiles.”

Hajizadeh added, “Iran decided only hours before the attack to hit the Al Asad base in western Iraq. Initially, it planned to strike Camp Taji, a base for coalition forces also known as Camp Cooke, 17 miles north of Baghdad, but changed its target to a place less frequented by Iraqi civilians.”

The conflict puts Iraq in the middle of the quarrel as fresh protests are still ongoing from the crowds in Baghdad who are wanting America to pack up and leave.  And General Hajizadeh is still running his mouth on the sidelines mocking America telling all of his people, “A big number, tens of people, have been killed, definitely. A number of people have been injured. Its report will come out.”  According to all of the reports from Iranian and American officials, there were no casualties.

General Hajizadeh is full of hot air and apparently bluffing.  He is saying yes, there were deaths at one point, then denying it in the next.  He is not Soleimani but is one to be watched closely.

69 thoughts on “New Iranian General Already Pushing Trump’s Buttons

      1. At first the Mullahs stated that their response was to be equally as devastating as the attack on Soiled Pants Soleimani. Then Trump stated that if any Americans or their allies are killed or injured our response would be swift and devastating. The Iranians bulked like a bunch of whipped dogs. Trump gave them a pass. We should have unleashed holy hell upon these terrorist and stained their soil in their own blood like they have done to so many others.

  1. Peter B. Is good at staying the obvious. However the obvious is that he has only enough, not enough support. Even his initial followers are bailing.

  2. Another Iranian General who has gone rogue and is endangering his country by his actions. The Iranian people are already demonstrating by the thousands over the taking down of the Ukrainian airliner. They’re calling for the “supreme leader” to step down and this may be just the start of major problems in Iran. Outlaw terrorist Generals like this giy could very well end up disappearing….never to be seen again.

    1. He better watch how many times that he pushes Trumps button as it may be one
      he doesn’t like! Pete should know better
      If he really was over there in active duty.
      So sad he has to resort to using the airline
      deaths for political gain. Seems that is what
      Democrats do best and blame everyone else.

      Ex-Vet and Patriot

    1. Wow Mr. Sonnier, you must really want to piss off the democrats huh? Talking about killing our muslim terrorists enemies will really get them pissed off. Them democrats just love their muslim terrorists buddies. Obama even paid them 150 billion in the middle of the night to prove how much he loved them.

  3. This General is lucky trumps bone spurs have been acting up or he and his two bookend bovine henchmen,barr and pompeo,would wobble their enormous posteriors over there and take care of business.COWARDS

      1. Iagree Eduardo Trump is acting appropriately and these idiots hate him so much they dont want to give him credit. If it was obama they would be calling him a hero they are the cowards and hypocrites

    1. What have U done for your country TC ? besides criticize those who are qualified & venture into strange hostile lands for your freedom. Watch your tongue…Your brain is running low on intelligence.

      1. Well AnnMarie I have you to know that Thomas Connors does and has done something for our country. Yep, he at least tries to do all the dope that comes in so others won’t get any of it.

    2. Thank GOD Cankles is not president, she’d invite Gen. Hajizadeh to the White House and she, the squad and hillBILLy could all have a cuck session.

  4. Amir, if you are wise, you will listen to your people and come to their aid. Arrest Homeinei and turn Iran back over to its Citizens. You will be a hero. Persist in propping up this petty, (religious) murderer of his own people and you will be taken out by your very own citizens. How do you think Soleimeni met his end? He was unpopular and someone gave us intelligence. You will be introduced to intelligence too, if you do not develop some yourself and see that you can only starve and tax people for so long before they hate and revile you. At that point, and it is rapidly approaching, wear your bullet-proof vest on backward.

  5. Buttigegh should just learn to keep his mouth shut on matters of importance……he just doesn’t have the brain to understand such important matters!

  6. Buttegeig should learn to keep his mouth shut on such important matters because he doesn’t seem to have the brain power to understand them….

      1. What a laugh that is Carl Jacobsson. If Pete Buttigeig the homo had any knowledge of anything then he wouldn’t be defending our worst terrorists. He’s another lying liberal lunatic democrat and all democrats hate and despise America and love and adore all of enemies, especially of those enemies are muslim terrorists.

  7. I think this new guy is getting a free pass until he kills Americans . Pavlov’s dog. I sure hope he catches on before he catches one. We’ll soon see . Who would volunteer for Hajizadeh ‘s old job knowing he’ll be next up on deck ?

  8. Iran needs a little better example of our military capabilities. If they do not heed that, then they deserve to have their nuclear facilities leveled along with all of their military bases. They have no intention of behaving themselves.

  9. There is always more than one solution, but when the price is paid , best supported at the source. Posit a Russian denial of complicity when an Irainian Nuclear facility (s) have a Chernobyl effect and the (remember Putin was NGB, GRU, FSB, and now HE’s BACK), says they are innocent.

  10. Why don’t we WIPE OUT a MISSILE base (with, of course, no personnel) stating that “WE can do that TOO, our button is MUCH larger AND better than YOUR button and WE MEAN BUSINESS”? . . . Just a NICE thought. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. The Iranian General who is teasing President Trump has been located…..! He no longer travels by automobile’s … he and his entourage travel as Burka clothed women mounted on Camels….! U.S. spy satellites have seen right through the disguise… they have discovered the Fake females Beards & Tweeters identifying the Generals 3 inch tweeter….!

  12. Trump has to watch this arrogant Iranian General Hajizadeh more closely. Apparently he is “bluffing” around, but when the United States Start to be out of guard the Iranian General will attack suddenly causing a lot of soldiers casualties. Be aware President Trump. Never underestimate our enemies.

  13. These jv players are looking to get hammered. As usual we see talk is cheap! What needs to happen is the first time one of Iran’s toy gun boats harasses one of our ships it should be VAPORIZED!!! That should keep happening until they get the picture!!! Europe needs the Strait of Hormuz open for the oil flow. Iran could join the prosperity if they decide to. It is their choice. President Trump and now several of Europe’s leaders are offering them this opportunity. I truly hope that they accept. Iran’s Areospace force is a little grandiose don’t you think.

  14. I really think that the American public has STOPPED caring, about this twit(ter) “president”, long ago.

    While Mr. Trump is a very successful real estate developer, he has no CLUE, about running a nation.

    He spends most of his time, on the internet (when not insulting foreign dignitaries)

    I think that America’s greatest blessing will be when, in January, 2021, Mr. Trump is “pink slipped”.

    This will, finally, bring an end to that stupid waste of money: The new Berlin Wall.
    America will stop repeating the mistakes, of the Soviet Union.

    1. Boy, you don’t see realty. President Trump is a great president like we’ve never seen before. He is doing so much for our country with the years in office he has also dealt with the do nothing Democrat’s who don’t care about America. Exactly what have they done to improve life in America and spending our money striking out against our president. And now pushing socialism which our service people have fought against in all the wars I’ve lived through and many, many have their lives for.

      1. Like you say, Drumpfis a president like never ever seen before, his father was a German, Nazi, who owned a string of brothels inN York, and obviously Donny met some other them when he was old enough, and getting a quick one has stayed with him, he has raped his way thru many cities, and finally married WHORE from Slovenia……………

          1. The Limpies see their chances of a Bluetopian America dwindling every time one of their little Trotskys open their putrid mouths.

          2. Nobody trust or even see the FAKE NEWS, and I don’t go to discuss that fact with some leftist cretin who doesn’t deserve it( George Robinson), I only want from him to Google the “MNSBC,ABC,CNN ratings ” dramatically changes in our president Trump’s mandate…lol. God bless our president Trump! 2020babe!

        1. Obama a Muslim Leftist gay married a Tranny.Ah! From a Deep Blue radical Muslim from Africa and a liberal Bitch from here,whoseparents were Communist too. I’m not going to throw your lies to the ground now but,…Let’s go to compete!

    2. Well Norman,Trump has much more knowledge and common sense than that muslim traitor coward that you voted for. He has enough sense not to give our worst enemy Iran 150 billion dollars in the middle of the night like that coward traitor America hating Obama did.

    3. I’d be angry and shouting at the sky too if my 2020 DNC panderers had nothing to offer America but TAX the RICH stupidity! But then, you tykes do have the new messiah, Casio-Kotex, the brightest of the DNC’
      s brain trust!!

  15. The corrupt Iranian leaders only jump on board to attacking Trump only because they know that the Anti-Trumpers will support there opinions. Neither are at all concerned about the wellbeing of the Iranian peoples push for there freedom out of the ruling under there Socialist/Communist dictatorship. They know have the window of opportunity after Trump had there regime leading General was taken out of the picture and the straw that broke the camel’s back there leaders lies to covering up there shooting down the commercial aircraft with 179 innocent civilians on board.

  16. He hasn’t seen our General Nancy Polasli !! At work !! We will send her over on a missle and see how he likes that !!

  17. “Iran’s new general confirmed there was no intention to kill anyone in the missile strike, but was meant to cause structural damage.”
    Was there any intention of killing 171 people aboard that commercial flight? Oh wait! That was just incompetence and stupidity.

  18. I keep hearing Iran is “standing down.” Even heard our President say it and now this article. What signal or indication are people using to get the impression Iran is standing down? Their proxies in Hezbollah and Hamas seem flush in funds and weapons and the Revolutionary Guard doesn’t appear to be running low from Obama’s gifts of cash so where are the indications others are seeing?

  19. This fool knows the Democrats will back him against Trump because, they want the murders on innocent People to continue. It is part of the Democrats War on Global Warming. Cutting down the number of Humans on the Planet will cut down on Global Warming. World War Three is what they are planning for Americans. They know this Country can only fall from within. Take a good look at the Democrats in our government.

    1. All one has to do is look up “fema camps and guillotines” to see what was “Planned” when FRAUD obozo was “president” (in name only) There were “deliveries” not far from my home to Fort Drum Military post. My relative was an “engineer” there, and watched as tractor-trailer loads of caskets, and a brand-new guillotine were delivered to the GUARDED “fema detention site” on post I do not know if these items are still on post, but I would make a sure bet they are.

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