New York Times Editor Has Been Demoted

The lousy New York Times finally did something that makes sense. They have demoted one of their top editors. Jonathan Weisman has been demoted because of his behavior. A New York Times spokesperson stated, “Jonathan Weisman met with [New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet] today and apologized for his recent serious lapses in judgment. As a consequence of his actions, he has been demoted and will no longer be overseeing the team that covers Congress or be active on social media. We don’t typically discuss personnel matters, but we’re doing so in this instance with Jonathan’s knowledge.”

Wacky Weisman has been in the fire ever since some of his most recent statements seemed to be pointed at people because of their color and where they were from. It does not matter whether a person is conservative or liberal in their views, there is no need for racist or derogatory remarks made towards them. Many of Weisman’s statements have undergone scrutiny because people have felt that they were racist.

In a time when the racist card is being thrown around so liberally, amazingly, a liberal and pro-Democratic media outlet would even take such actions against one of their own. The New York Times is not a favorite of the president because of their lopsided approach to news reporting and their bias in many political issues. But there is even a low that even this liberal newspaper is just not willing to go.

Some statements that he made were about destructive duo Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. He asserted that the two were not from the Midwest of the United States. Thus, he was alluding to the fact that they were in the country illegally. He also mentioned that John Lewis and Lloyd Doggett were not from the South because they were representing large metro areas of the country. The statements were deleted after the backlash started. However, his opposition took these statements as racist and started to attack him for them.

Wacky Weisman should have learned his lesson but instead, he went out on a limb again and attacked the loony liberal advocacy group Justice Democrats supported an Ohio candidate. He went on to mention that the other person stated she was black too. These interpretations themselves seem to be questionable as well. Any person can take statements out of context and claim that they are racist in ways against people. Wacky Weisman should know better by now to avoid such talk and statements because they are just going to get him into trouble.

Another author that writes for the Times stated, “Any time you think you’re unqualified for a job to remember that this guy, telling a black woman she isn’t black because he looked at a picture and can’t see, has one of the most prestigious jobs in America. Shoot your shot.” This person attacked Weisman and demanded from the Times published an apology. This would be the last straw for Weisman. He would soon be demoted in an embarrassing fanfare. But this kind of behavior is widely seen within the Democratic party. Many of the poor babies that are whining about his statements are liberals. They just cannot be seen to handle having their feelings hurt. But they can say anything about conservatives and the people of the country and get away with it.

The devilish Democrats truly are the evil that plagues the United States. Weisman would seem to accept the punishment for his statements but readers have to wonder if this was just a stunt to keep the liberal pressure off of the Times. The loony liberals seem to have an untold power over the media that sends waves of fear throughout the airwaves when pressure comes.

President Trump has said it best when he deals with the media and their crazy reporters. He tells them that they are stupid, and they only report fake news. President Trump is the master when he has to deal with the loony liberals and the wacky media.

12 thoughts on “New York Times Editor Has Been Demoted

  1. It is about time someone in authority at the NYTimes was held accountable for their slurs and continued accountable for continuous reliance on making false news statements. The Times has become the bastion of false news and lost its reputation as a first class news, instead, it has sunk to the depths of reporting false news and being an outlet that is on a par with the New York Daily News. Truth begone, false news yes, yes. Oh, how we love to publish lies, and more lies!.

  2. He should be fired. The NYT shouldnt have such inept people in their staff! NYT have lost ALL CREDIBILITY
    because of lies, their besmirching of our President and conservatives, always applauding what the LEFTist
    Jackazz party does, and We the People are FED UP with it. The NYT is responsible for the violence, the flag burning,
    the kneelng for the anthem and the rest of discrediting our country due to people like this idiot. You cave to liberal
    pressure and show your egregious bias to anything positive this President is accomplishing without reporting about it.
    Its disgraceful.

  3. The devilish Democrats truly are only one of the evils that plague the United States. Liberals who control the Democrat Party spread their evil by claiming women have a right to abortion, and if a man claims to be a woman, we should honor that claim. Liberals ignore reality and base everything on feelings which conservatives always hurt by telling the truth.

  4. My Dad (God rest his soul) had a t-shirt that said “Beware the power of stupid people in large numbers”. The man was a visionary.

  5. I am ashamed of all americans that follow trump he is always stiring up trouble for other people
    so he keeps the light on other people I did not vote for him . he wants to be a dictator , we do not
    need one

  6. Name calling is used by stupid,idiotic morons. Lopsided? Al they report is one fuck up after another by Trump and inbred space eyed family.

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