Obama: Joe Biden “Doesn’t Have It”

The fracture within the Democratic Party is only getting worse and Joe Biden’s run is faltering before the race has even begun, and Former President Barack Obama isn’t helping his campaign either. Considering their relationship both vocationally and personally makes this lack of support extremely damning, and curious.

One story covering the Democrat’s front-running candidate at the Iowa caucus revealed some more bad news for Biden. According to recent polls, Biden’s once-comfortable lead has vanished and an already muddled pool of presidential candidates has become even more so.

Evidence of that splintered and overcrowded pool of candidates is also reflected in recent polls as our story reported… “Biden is down eight points in Iowa from June to November to leave him tied with Senator Bernie Sanders at 22% as the top choice among registered Iowa Democrats. They were just ahead of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (21%) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (18%). Other recent polls have shown Biden polling as low as fourth within that top tier… .”

The only thing that might be surprising about these recent polls, especially in light of all the “what-ifs” surrounding Biden, is that he hasn’t fallen farther. With the questions regarding his connection to his son Hunter and the Biden’s business ties to Ukraine. The questions surrounding his alleged inappropriate behavior towards women (we’ll leave that there), and other self-imposed wounds, could all be culprits as to why Biden has fallen in the polls.

It isn’t verifiably possible to determine which, or if all of these issues are at fault. What is certain, however, is that the absence of support from Obama isn’t helping. It also isn’t doing anything to promote Party unity which the Dems so badly need. This story wasn’t only about the lack of support that was being reported, but seemingly a vote against the man who served as his Vice President during both his terms in the Oval Office as well.

The story cited one writer who, using an unidentified 2020 candidate as the source, wrote ‘Sometimes [Obama] offers candid advice about his visitors’ strengths and weaknesses. With several lesser-known candidates, according to people who have talked to him or been briefed on his meetings, he was blunt about the challenges of breaking out of a large field… With one candidate, he pointed out that during his own 2008 campaign, he had an intimate bond with the electorate, especially in Iowa, that he no longer has. Then he added, “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”’

What does this lack of confidence and failure to endorse the same man who he campaigned with, won with, and is forever written into the history books with (good or bad), say about Joe Biden. Much like being unable to determine the weight of each of Biden’s missteps, it may be difficult to determine how Obama meant that comment to be applied. Yet, very much like his absence of support for his Vice President, we can be very certain that it isn’t helping Biden’s campaign.

The former President, in addition to not pledging his support of his former running mate, has also made known his concern over a fractured Democratic Party. Without jumping the gun, Obama will certainly support whoever wins the Democratic nomination, but it is curious that there is such an absence of support for Biden from this man in particular.

This is the man Obama asked to be on his ticket, not once but twice. Who shared eight years plus in the same administration – their administration. Was this lack of confidence always present? Has there always been a tension between these two men?

If you believe that attitude is a direct reflection of leadership, (to coin the Remember the Titans line), then it would at least make sense. If the Democrats were led by two men at odds with each other at the top of their Party, perhaps it makes it easier to understand the splintered, divided, and aimless Dems we see today. Obama’s statements and lack of support aren’t a ringing endorsement for Biden, but what it says about the Democratic Party as a whole could be worse.

232 thoughts on “Obama: Joe Biden “Doesn’t Have It”

    1. He is paving the way for Hillary or Oprah to step in without the real
      investigation into their backgrounds and without examining their
      socialist platforms.

        1. I have been saying that for a long time. “Noooo NOOO that is not going to happen” coming from my demorat family. I have been telling them “Just wait and see””

    2. Obama is useless only he doesn’t know it yet…he still thinks he some God…when will he wake up to the fact that he was the worst President (excluding Jimmy Carter) ever to grace the White House…along with his wife Michelle, who when Obama was elected boldly announced that for the first time in her life she was proud to be an American…what the hell was that??

      1. And what does she know of many of the situations that would confront a President? Nothing. If he did push her into the run, it would be like HE was running again,& I think people would see right through this.

    3. Obama is the worst president ever and a joke he needs to deport himself back to wherever he originated from and take Allah and ms thang with him the American citizens don’t need your kind in our country you did everything you could to destroy America and our citizens with your sick perverted bathroom rights that put our children in danger thanks Obama

  1. He can’t run but he would love to be the shadow President behind Michelle. If the whole Democratic field becomes “flawed” then wouldn’t he love to have he and Michelle be the saviors?

    1. False, the constitution does not forbid Obama from running, it just states that one man cannot be pres more than 2 consecutive terms.

      1. The 22nd Amendment states: No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President, when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term. Constitutional Barrack Obama CAN NOT RUN AGAIN!

      2. Did you flunk Civics classes in school or maybe you didn’t bother going to classes ? the Constitution clearly says Nobody can be Pres for more then 2 terms whether consecutive or separate period,maybe you should try reading the Constitution and educate yourself before making an ignorant statement like that

    2. Who is going to save Deadbeat Trump’s fat butt? Trump is operating under the saying, “show me a man who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you a man who has done nothing.

      1. @Bill Ehrhon; Speaking of fat butts do you think your boy Obama [when banging his tannery boy wife’s butt] he thinks about Trumps butt like you do?
        Inquiring mind want to know.

  2. There is an adage that reflects finding out who your real friends are. “If the sun sets on your deeds as being good, then surely the sunrise will be reflective in the same sense”. In the case of Biden and Obama, one thing rings clearly! Those sunsets on Biden were dependent on Obama’s deeds, which are lately beginning to show adverse results. Therefore, maybe Biden counted too much on Obama’s legacy (Friendship) to favorably reflect on him as well. Seems that Obama’s legacy has been tarnished and is therefore rubbed off on “good old Joe”! Not that Obama has or will admit to his “tarnished image”, yet Biden is seeing the sun as a detriment instead of an asset, and Biden is seeing his so-called “friend” turning on him. What is more all the more surprising is that Obama once told old Joe, “Joe, you don’t have to do this” (paraphrased), meaning, you can’t handle this responsibility! (my opinion)

    1. Obama brought back the economy from the failed Bush economy, got your sick butt a health plan and he got Bin Laden the Repubs forgot about. Do you think the Repubs were stupid or were paid off to not go after Bin Laden?

  3. O never had it either, but??? Honestly Biden is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. And the others are almost as bad and some worse.

  4. M. Obama Would be the worst thing that could happen. Enough already. They have just about ruined this country. They are low class and out to finish the job they started.
    Need to go back to Kenya where he belongs.

    1. SJ, Truer words were never spoken. Obama was the worst President in AMERICAN history. HIS GOAL WAS TO DESTROY AMERICA, and he just about did it!

  5. Of course Obama is not going to support any Democrat candidate at this early stage. Obama is a schemer, he will wait until there’s a clear front-runner and then start appearing in public with this person, and waxing on and on about how great a President so and so will make.
    The only way Obama will get near the White House power circle ever again will be if his ‘candidate’ wins the election.
    And this is what Obama is scheming about.
    Of course the Democrat nominee will get crushed. But, Obama will slither his way back in as the titular head of the Democrat Party. Let’s hope there isn’t much left of the Democrat Party after Nov. 2020.

    1. I am waiting for all the reports to come out and shifty Schiff to have to testify to the Senate to see what this does to their party! I voted for Trump and will again.

  6. What can i say, everything has already been said! Michelle had a 8 year vacation that the tax payors paid for, she has never done anything but be a welfare case. Oprah, has done some good things socially, and she shpuld stick to giving cars away to unweb pregnant teenagers, and shut her pie hole. Let hillary run again, i would love to see her humiliated again and again. This time run her ass out tar and feathered

  7. Obama wants Biden out of the public eye as quickly and quietly as possible. He’s tied to the Biden, Clinton, Kerry Ukraine scam and wants it all hushed up and to go away. It will not. They should all be rooming together in Leavenworth soon

  8. Obama came to California out of high school and applied for and received a foreign students loan to go to college. How does that happen if he is supposed to be a u.s. citizen? I read” Obomination”. Jerome corsi sent some one to Kenya who interviewed Obama’s aunt who stated ” that child was born right here in this hospital and I stood there and watched him being born “. He was never able to legally run for president of my country.

  9. Barry also confessed to sitting naked on Gangster Pervy Joe’s hairy knee while stroking Pervy Joe’s hairy calves… receiving a bouncy Horsey Knee Ride before releasing his wad….!

  10. Bumble-Biden is making Obama nervous with his loose lips and silly antics, Joe the Joke has already implicated Obama with that Extortion of the Ukrainians, almost saying that Obama is aware of this quid pro quo

    Racist Biden will quickly throw Obama under the Bus to save his son, doubt it not, he will flip if cornered

  11. M Obama won’t run for president. If she lost it would be a negative on the “great” Obarry himself. That would never be allowed to happen.

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