Obama Won’t Be Able to Hide Behind Trump Much Longer

There are some traits about humans and human nature that just can’t be denied. For instance, people who lie, cheat, and steal aren’t generally speaking, very trusting people. Why? Because they think that everyone thinks the way they do. They expect others to lie to them, to cheat them or steal from them, because they would.

That nature is becoming more evident as more information is being uncovered about Obama’s presidency and here is where human nature kicks in. Some of the very things that President Trump is being accused of and that he has been accused of are some of the very same things the Obama administration may have done. Funny, right?

This latest news about the ongoing investigations was discussed in a recent story that sheds some light on the many potential wrongs and activities being looked at by U.S. Attorney John Durham and others. As the story reported, along with Durham’s investigation, “Attorney General Bill Barr met with British and Italian officials during his European trip to gain evidence on Obama intel officials spying on the Trump campaign and administration.”

What is being investigated, however, is more troubling than funny.

These charges range from collusion to attempts to set up campaign officials. As the story went on to report the “Italian officials were working with the US Deep State in 2016 to set up Trump campaign officials,” which is Why AG Barr traveled to Italy this past Friday. Charges of collusion? As in interference or unlawful unions with foreign governments to undermine a political system or election? Then there are those questions about “setting up” Trump campaign officials. Maybe, in the same way, the Dems were accusing someone of digging up dirt on a guy named Biden? Does any of this sound eerily familiar.

There is one big difference between these oddly similar accusations and suspicions though, such as some of them might actually have merit. Not a bogus claim that can be easily debunked by a call transcript but real merit, real evidence. Such as foreign leaders and governments who are willing to talk and share real information that holds up. Not a fabricated story that holds no water.

One former Trump official, Sebastian Gorka, who is actually accompanying the Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney on the trip to Italy tweeted: ” I am flying with Mike Pompeo on his Air Force jet. Why is the left so worried? I find that Twitter has exploded. Why is the left so worried? Well, I think I know. Because the house of cards that is Obamagate is collapsing. The crimes of the last administration are being uncovered. Some people are running scared. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the Eternal City.”

That sounds like a man who knows something and who knows that something is about to go down. Don’t think the Democrats aren’t aware of what is going on this very moment either, because they are. Which may explain why there has been such a fervent push, even after the call transcripts that revealed Trump’s innocence, to begin impeachment proceedings.

It may also explain why you haven’t heard much about this. Show of hands, how many of you were aware that two of the leading government and judicial officials were headed to Italy and with the purpose to investigate the Obama administration? Don’t think that the lack of news and coverage surrounding the last hero the Democrats had is by mistake – it isn’t. The Democrats are scared to death that their hero Obama is about to be killed, can you imagine if Superman died? It is a little like that for them.

So the smoke screens, the continued hype, and non-stories about Trump’s demands and pressure on Ukraine, in exchange for Biden dirt have a purpose. The Democrats have mastered the art of deception and attention-shifting but this time, there may be no place left to hide and no one left to blame. The saying goes that a leopard can’t change its spots but right about now, there are probably some Democrats who wish they could.


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