Oh Say Can You See…That This Song is Offensive to Someone?

Any American knows the words to The Star-Spangled Banner: “O say can you see by the dawn’s early light…” It’s been the national anthem for over a century. We’ve sung it proudly at sports games, it plays over the loudspeakers of military bases, and it’s taught in classrooms.

However, it’s racist. Or at least the author is. Even though it’s been a part of our history for decades, the song has to go. Why? It’s offensive. At least to someone. And in today’s ‘cancel culture,’ that means that it has to go.

So, what’s going to replace the song? We have to have a national anthem, right? With Canada to the north having, “O Canada” and Mexico to the south having, “Himno Nacional Mexicano,” we can’t just have an anthem.

But, we, as Americans, can’t agree on anything anymore. If we’re not careful, we’re going to end up with the Oscar Mayer wiener song as our anthem because it’s not offensive…unless your name is Oscar.

Trey Gowdy suggested that we might end up humming the theme song to “The Young and the Restless.”

Meanwhile, Tulsa Athletic decided that they would play, “This Land is Your Land” before matches to provide a more inclusive environment. It doesn’t hurt that the author of that song was Oklahoma-born singer Woody Guthrie.

So, Francis Scott Key, the one who authored “The Star-Spangled Banner” was a known slaveholder, and Lyndsey Parker, the Yahoo Music Editor-in-Chief, has also said that he had a “history of derogatory comments about African Americans.”

Sure. But the song was still played everywhere for every purpose, all while knowing these things. As Trey Gowdy says, “Up until 24 hours ago, I never heard anyone offended by it.”

Parker has asked the question, “Is it time for this country to dispense with ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ and adopt a new anthem with less troubling history and a more inclusive message?”

And the answer, apparently, is yes. In the “cancel culture” that we’re living in, the question is whether there is an anthem that is capable of being more inclusive. It seems that everyone is offended by at least something, so there’s bound to be offense taken at any suggestion.

It doesn’t prevent people from offering up their own recommendations. Ben Domenech, the co-founder, and Publisher of The Federalist has thrown out the recommendation of “Imagine” by John Lennon.

What if we were to cancel the cancel culture? It could be done, with enough people choosing to take the stand of, “enough is enough.” Otherwise, how many other things are going to fall prey to people being offended? The flag should be safe because it was made by Betsy Ross, a Quaker who opposed slavery. Well, it should be safe unless someone decides they have something against a Quaker. Or, perhaps, they’ll find that the colors of red, white, and blue are not inclusive enough.

It seems as though we can’t keep anything pure anymore. If people were going to take offense with the national anthem being written by a known racist, shouldn’t it have been dealt with years ago? It was signed into being the national anthem in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. Slavery was abolished in 1865. That meant that people should have taken offense in 1916 when the president even suggested such a song. Or, at the very least, in 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson ended segregation.

There should be some kind of statute of limitations regarding being offended by something. In law, you have a statute of one, two, or five years to report a crime. Then, sorry, you should have reported the crime sooner.

The same applies with people taking offense. Sorry, you had your chance to be offended in 1916 and again in 1964. The statute of limitations is over, so the national anthem stays.

We can’t get rid of everything our country has created because of one or two groups being offended or we’ll have nothing left.

138 thoughts on “Oh Say Can You See…That This Song is Offensive to Someone?

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  3. the black people that are offended by what our country stands for nobody will stop them from going back to there heritage where there ancesters came from ,
    but the ones that lived here for free for a long time will never leav they cherrish the WORD FREE ??
    try to get that in africa i think that america has paid its dues to the african americans and then some they should be ashamed of them selves for distroing american history that they are part of, but of course any excuse is better then none when they act like animals along side of antifa they realy can show there true colors,
    i have many black AMERICAN FRIENDS that i cherish and love as my very good friends.

  4. No matter who you are, no matter where you go, no matter what you do or do not say, sing or do, someone will be “offended” . My take ? It’s time, and has been for a while now, for America to put the grown up pants back on! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!Leave the anthem alone,for leave the country! Period!

  5. Bull shit to this!!! If people are offended by the National anthem, no one is making you stay here!!!!! Get the “F” out of here!!!!!! Now!!!!

  6. Obama is a Huge part of this turmoil as he direct his crews daily on how to create havoc as it is his goal to remove our President. I have seen his tweets.

  7. I think it is past time for we red blooded patriotic Americans to stand together and say “This is enough of Leftist Bullshit”! I’ve had enough of all this lawlessness all because some people are offended at certain things! GROW UP YOU IGNORANT SCUM!! All of us get offended at some point in life ! SO WHAT !! Grow up and learn from it ! All of you that are protesting, screaming, looting, destroying property, AND harming AND killing are only showing what unreasoning ANIMALS you are. The Leftist politicians are USING YOU and you’re too stupid to even realize it!! All of you are down in the gutter & have gone so far down you will never be able to claw your way out!! I’m sure satan has a place all prepared for you in HELL! We all have one shot at this life on earth and all of you have chosen evil and destruction!! Enjoy your ETERNAL HOME WITH THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS !!

  8. When is all of this BS going to stop? I can remember when it wasn’t right to salute the flag in schools, which I really didn’t understand then and I still don’t. There have been so many changes that our country has made for one reason or another, but to attack our National Anthem this is the last straw for me. Why, why would any American even consider such a thing? The National Anthem is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

  9. Maybe yall are the snowflakes. What, tradition over everything. Fuck your tradition and get over yourselves.

    1. You don’t like the anthem? Too bad. Time to put your big boy/big girl pants on.
      You don’t like this country? Tell your story walking.
      Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, and a spate of other countries all beckon and will welcome you with open arms.
      Don’t let the door hit your six on the way out.

  10. I am a black American from Maryland where the National Anthem was written. If it weren’t for history happening the way it did, none of us would be here! Embrace the whole story of mankind and learn from what we consider errors. But, we all appear so wise looking back. Just as future generations will wonder why we were so self-destructive; that is if we last that long. Every human is flawed. Even the best among us. And slavery has always been with us; not invented in America! It was in Africa before the white man came. And it still exists today in Libya and Sudan. Not to mention that the Arabs were taking slaves from Africa 1,000 years before the first European explorers ever set foot in Africa. So slavery has always been. We would do well to count our American blessings because in spite of the good and the bad, we are the most fortunate people on earth. All races here, the most fortunate on earth. God Bless America!

  11. as long as they keep getting their way they have no reason to stop their crap.They have the idea that they can take the country over because no one will stop them. They are getting everything they want. If a white man thinks bad about them he will be arrested but they can do anything they want including murder.They can even go on social platforms and post for the annialtion of white people. It is time to put a stop to this

  12. Enough s enough!!! It don’t mater what you say or do, someone will be offended, hurt, or angry about it. That’s just the way the world is today. If you ant to erase history, you better erase WWI and WWII and every other war. You may as well go back to the beginning and start all over with it all. That means the Indians take over again and we live on reservations or all go back where we came from. You can put very few in a room or a lot in an auditorium and you will NEVER get every one to agree on anything. It is really bad when a couple of people can do so much damage and heartache to a whole country. You took the Pledge out of schools, the Bible and prayer out of schools. Now you want most Americans to fear for their lives because you want law and order removed, history removed, and anything else that you decide isn’t right by your standards. Martin Luther King was part of history. Are you going to remove him too? Don’t we have enough with this stupid virus? Give it a rest people.

  13. The Star Spangled Banner Was Written in 1814 , By Frances Scott Key , During The Bombardment
    Of Fort McHenry , By The British & You SPOILED BRATS Should Stop THROWING YOUR Simple Minded

  14. Know what? I’m OFFENDED by all the political BULL-S–T that is going on now. I’m OFFENDED by all the property damages that are being perpetrated by God knows who and why. I’m OFFENDED by all this crap of repaying people
    who were never slaves and probably not even their parents who were never slaves. I’m OFFENDED by the police departments being dismantled. I’m OFFENDED by the STATES who are allowing all this BS to happen. I’m OFFENDED by all these animals continuing to cause all the property damage in various places. I’m OFFENDED by certain people in Congress, starting at the top and moving downward. I’m OFFENDED by those who refuse to live by our laws and rules – US and States! I’m OFFENDED by those people destroying public property and our historical monuments. I’m OFFENDED by those trying to rewrite our great history. I’m OFFENDED by people trying to destroy this country. I’m OFFENDED by everything going on right now. I’M OFFENDED.

  15. Enough is enough, most of these offended snowflake pussies, don’t know shit about anything. It’s called History, even though you weren’t thought it in school you better learn about it and appreciate it, because without history of this country you’re just another dumbass, that’s offended that your shit really does stink, and mommy and daddy are damn sick and tired of your bum ass smelling up their basement. Oh how I wish the President would call up militias and let us eradicate your silly dumbass’s.dont like things here? Then G T F O.

  16. its been the national Anthem this we became the united states i serve under this flag for your freedom if you don t like get the hell out of this country it seems like every thing u have you all are ungrateful for your freedom same on you all go to chine or north korea see how long u would last trying to change there ways of life think about that fools

  17. Maybe they can make it a black lives matters ANTHEM AND SING ABOUT BURNING MURDER LOOTING.

  18. This is getting RIDICULOUS, and they really do not know their history at all. They have tried to take down a statue of Lincoln that was erected and paid for by freed slaves and they tried to take down a statue of General Grant, who won the Civil War for the North. If everything should be removed that reminds people of injustice, why are the King statues and street names not being removed, …this was a time of injustice and reminds everyone of it. Next, they should being not wearing anything made of cotton. I understand the movement, but violence, looting and destruction of property shows just the opposite of what they are protesting against. If you don’t like the USA, please go some other country and try the rioting. No change should every be made to the National Anthem! God Bless the USA!

  19. I am leaving America. I will be going to a perfect place. A place that has absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. Oh, wait.
    I need to die first. I guess I’ll just “deal with America.” I like it here.

  20. These people are Anarchists, they have no allegiance to our country, they personify what JFK said “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU”, but they expect it and they are not of one color!!!
    1They are mainly LOW LIFE IDIOTS with no appreciable contributions to the country except to take, take, take.
    Come to my home to steal or invade and it will be their last act as a low life. All these violent protests do is drag them down, and those pieces of shit from ANTIFA, BOOGALOO, Arian Brotherhood, KKK, MS13 and other radical groups are stirring up these protests.
    And what about the poor store owners who were robbed, beaten up, store burned by their own race for doing nothing, who should be blamed?

  21. Keep the Star Spangled Banner. The words are descriptive, powerful and an important part of our nations history.
    God Bless America.

  22. These people don’t speak for the majority of true American people, this small minority shouldn’t have a say in what’s offensive after all they are very offensive to me and I don’t like their beliefs but this is America and as Americans we we are proud of our country. As for the whining snowflakes get a life and a real education and if you don’t like our country then go to a socialist country who thinks like you do. Don’t tell me how I need to think!

  23. Enough of the BS going on in this country! I have never seen more sniveling whiny, offended, overly sensitive adolescent adults in my entire life since 2008. God almighty people grow up and act like you have some common sense. Our country is fantastic and it wouldn’t be without our history, good and bad. Up until this year people were not raising a fuss over statues, syrup, butter or rice.

    If you have that much time on your hands then start working or doing something constructive rather than causing continual chaos, destruction, and pissing EVERYONE off! All you are doing is causing things to get worse and you’ll end up with nothing but a lot of resentment. Decent society will NOT put up with this garbage much longer.

    BTW Pritzger and Lightfoot in Chicago, it looks like like President Trump should have sent the letter to you both. Look at the mess Chicago is in and your new Chief of Police hotshot from Texas doesn’t seem to be handling it to well. The city is still out of control!
    Trump bring in the military and take these cities back over from the garbage over running this country, the democrats and liberal. What a cesspool they have made this country and thanks to the former Muslim President for making it a cluster f!

  24. Things started going downhill when people quit being just Americans to Afro-American, Asian Americans, Mexican-Americans and Italian-Americans, etc. The name started separatings us and has escalated. Let’s just get back to being Americans. The more that BLM protest and keep demanding when the affirmative acction is law and they are given priority in colleges and jobs and yet it is never enough. If BLM matters so much, take care of places like Chicago where the lives that matter so much are being killed each week. Just creating more prejudice the more they demand.

    Just be Americans and try to do the best for our country and that does not include tearing it apart and re-writing the history the way you think it should be. We established our country to escape tyranny and religious freedom and we don’t want people who probably don’t know what it is like to struggle destroying our country.

  25. it is bull—t all of it it is time to tell them all why do we as a free people have to cater to one group or another and have some thing added to support what they think will be best for them now we have restrooms that any one can use just because they feel the sex they came into this world as is not how they accept it remember ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO means all people stop the bull—t get real!

  26. If black lives really matter so much, why are they killing themselves at 100 times plus those which are being killed by bad cops. The incident that has propagated this absurd quest to delete history was without a doubt wrong. It was murder and the cops should be punished as would anyone else for committing such and act. So, what does taking Aunt Jemima off the pancake box, you gonna take Michael Jordan off the gym shoes too.

  27. Thanks for your being patriotic. I was offended by everything martin luthier king did, does that mean we do away with that part of history. Do not let a few radical people take this great country over.

  28. TO ME IT IS SIMPLE, IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE STAND FOR, PLEASE, GO FIND A COUNTRY YOU PREFER; We won’t miss you and you will be much happier elsewhere. Feel free to leave, we won’t stop you;

  29. If Republicans take control of Congress and the White House, this line of Cancel America will disappear along with the
    BLM Marxists and those that support them.

    Publicity from nice people fuels their fire, and they will keep it up until they win then demand black snow in the winter.

    1. Conservatives/Republicans without the Rino’s (republicans in name only) need to win as many Senate Seats possible & take back the Congressioanl seats that was loss in the midterm election (2018). It is imperative that the Republicans keep the Marxist far away from Our President & his 2nd term in the White House! The White House, yes is more then a building for the President & his family to eat, sleep & live in! He needs to be protected from the Cockroaches that sneak in to feed off our country’s’ freedom.
      Let’s keep it sanitized & keep the Bugs & Slugs out from 2016 Russian Hoax etc ! want Mr. President Donald J. Trump to be like the Massive Tarantula that the news media recently shared with its viewers
      @ our dinner time! We’re not all out to dinner or lunch without our bucket! We feast on the truth to survive! God is more then our Flower Power! You don’t know what we know! All are welcome to find out

  30. With all the BS going on, I think I’ll continue to believe, we should just nuke the world ( to get rid of all the bs and stupidity) then let GOD decide if he wants to try again! The for GOD & COUNTRY and ONE nation under GOD doesn’t count anymore. This is an oath that is taken by all military people to PROTECT the rights of ALL Americans

  31. In my humble opinion, when the spigot is turned off of the rap music, and the former undergrounder professors have accomplished in universities their hatred of America
    Our country may still have a leg to stand on. It may be robotic or bionic by then! We The People otherwise known by HRC as Deplorables must continue to “Trust in God”! Our
    Strength is through Prayer Power. On our knees we stand for something greater then being human. Our God Is Divine 3 persons in 1, The Father, THE Son and The Holy Spirit. Try as you
    Might or Will you can’t kill God. He lives everywhere, and sees & knows everything before your
    Born or made. He is Loving, Forgiving, but has a limit for what offenses he will take. What will
    His Chastisement Be……yes, enough is enough! No gun or army can stop God. His words are in
    The Bible! If you don’t believe, then Go to the fox hole! Amen I’m sure the Star Spangle Banner
    didn’t blow into Francis Scott Keys mind from the Wind! Artists are always ‘“Inspired”!

    Kind through the Divine.

  32. I feel I’m a slave now .I have no freedoms left who is going to fight for me a white person enough is enough leave our history alone sour statues our anthem our flags our police is nothing meaningful any more if people have time to come up with this bull get busy use your mind for something worth while idle hands see what its caused

  33. The National Anthem is racist and offensive but Rap music trash (if you could in your wildest imagination call it music) and men running around with their pants pulled down with their ass hanging out isn’t offensive. What the hell is happening with our country. Any legislator that goes along with this BS needs to be kicked out of office.

  34. This came up years ago — and went nowhere. See, one verse says “No refuge can save, The hireling and slave, From the terror of flight, Nor the gloom of the grave.” The slaves involved in this poem were the Hessian mercenaries, “rented” by King George from the King of Hess — at sixpence a day per soldier. They were truly slaves. They had no dog in this fight. Um, and they were White Caucasian Aryan slaves, for whatever that’s worth.

  35. Enough is enough – When is it going to end? Don’t these people understand that they are taking the History of this county away. Not all of it is great, but they fail to mention all of the happenings that went on. There’s a lot more to it than they and the media refuse to bring up. God Bless Us All.

  36. I think that I have a better solution than griping bitching and moaning

    I say we put up all things alleged to be offensive on a website and let the public decide

    If tradition wins the most votes then the Star Spangled Banner the Stars and Stripes remain

    One citizen one vote. Let Democracy decide via the (ballot box)

    THIS is my position

    1. That would do no good. Liberals would just continue to bitch and gripe. Example: The 2016 Presidential Election.

  37. I’ll stick with the National Anthem. It is reviled by Nazis, communists and many other enemies throughout our history. This country’s enemies have every right to dislike it and that is a major reason to keep it. Tough luck, enemies.

    1. A good way to solve this crap, instead of spending billions of dollars trying to appease all these idiots and all the destruction they are causing buy each one of them a one way ticket to a country they like better and revoke their US Citizenship.


  39. I’m a Hispanic American born and raised in this country. I Love my country. I lean to the left but I disagree on changing The Star Spangled Banner. I love the Anthem and have been singing it since I started school. Not all Democrats are for changing the Anthem. I’m NOT!

  40. this article is even more offensive what are you doing trying to start another riot over something you can take it or leave it i prefer taking it just as all the statues or monuments can if articles like this keep getting posted it will lead to more rioting you owe nothing to anyone else but respect no matter what color or faith hopefully you respect yourself enough to respect others

  41. When are we going to stop lawlessness and violence from trying to threaten this nation. We can never please everyone. Just stick to rules, the law, the constitution. No song will please everyone, and it’s not about the song, it’s no longer about George…it’s about people trying to get power and do whatever they want. If it were about the song writer or the words, then most rappers songs offend me, with the swearing, about murder etc. I’m not demanding to stop them from singing.
    It is time to stand up and stop all of this. The past served it’s purpose at that time in history, you can’t change history…it’s time to put it in the past and work on a future or we may not have a future.

  42. we need to relearn that america stands for freedom of all people of all races and that we should as one people

  43. Yes, it is time to stop “colorizing” everything. I remember, as a skinny, blond-headed, white kid, walking through the TSU campus, an historically black college, on my way home from the university of Houston, and there were stares, but no insults, no catcalls, and certainly no racial problems. Of course, that was a long time ago, and I would not recommend the trip today, because it would not be friendly. I have black friends, I have brown friends, hell, I even have Italian friends, many of whom lived in black neighborhoods growing up, but I have no animosity toward any, and I wish we could all just get along.

  44. OH! I almost forgot to add that the song “your land is my land” was written
    by an avowed COMMUNIST SYMPATHIZER and a advocate of “Marxism.” ie.
    Communism and socialism.

  45. We KEEP the SONG . . . The SNOWFLAKES have GOT to go! This INSANITY has been going on for TOO long now. We The People STAND for OUR rights – not the rights ONLY to an “offended” MINORITY. Like it or NOT. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  46. Folks – they are forcing people to accept their way or the highway. The Dems and Rinos along with their judges – lawyers – staffers and stogies are responsible for this shit. American SHEEP better make a stand or get eaten.

  47. This is absurd getting rid of history because someone is offended! What is wrong with this picture? The next step is going to be burning books because they offend someone…….remember Germany under Hitler!! It’s time to stop this nonsense. How is it that you are only a racist if your white ? Black this and black that is racist!!!! You don’t have to put a color on everything !! You don’t hear this is a yellow or brown or white owned business so why does it have to be black owned?? It’s time to stop this colorizing everything!!!!!!!

  48. Where does end? Statues are torn down or removed. What is next…renaming streets…..persons whose last name might be the same as some associate with removed statues……?
    There should be more than enough dislike or hatred among us. God is the final Judge. Forgiveness among all races is necessary. Are you willing to forgive? Let’s get this country going forward. We have a huge problem with the Corona Virus. Let’s turn our minds and hearts to finding a way to stop it and protect all of us. Please respect our nation and all people who call The USA home

  49. The STAR SPANGLED BANNER, the first verse only, is our national anthem. NOT the whole Poem.
    Again here is where our education system is a GROSS failure. THERE IS NO AMERICAN HISTORY BEING TAUGHT,
    The National anthem was selected (1st verse 0nly) to honor our freedom from the oppression of a Tyrannical
    King and establish a new country. It was written during the War of 1812 in a battle with Great Britain (again),
    this time over the violation our , U.S. maritime rights. It honors all, military and civilians who fought and
    sacrificed to make the U.S. a free Nation. Remember that the 1st stanza is the National Anthem NOT the rest of
    the poem.

  50. Why in the hell are we letting these candied ass pansies get away with all this bullsh*t? People that care about preserving our history and traditions that are the foundation of our country need to speak up as one voice and tell these snowflakes that their 15 seconds are over, sit down with stfu. Enough is enough, sorry you’re too unappreciative and think this country should be more like that cesspool called Europe, but this isn’t Europe and never will be. As for the gutless politicians in Congress, get your heads out of your collective primary orifices and do the job to which you were elected to do and knock off the partisan bullsh*t, we’re sick of it. That goes especially for the Congressional “leadership”. Do your job correctly or resign. No buts, no party ideology, just the peoples business. While you’re at it, fix Social Security, the easiest way would be for Congress to pay into it like the rest of us, and remove it for the General Fund. Use the same medical plan as the military, and set term limits, we DO NOT WANT career politicians who hang around long enough to think they’re God, and have the audacity to think they know what is good for me and my family. Newsflash…you’re not my parents, or my conscience, you and the rest of that building work for us, the people, not the other way around.

  51. I agree enough is enough . We
    Have to stop all of this bologna. What happened to voting for changing our national anthem. This should be the decision of the entire country not a free groups. This is the United States of America. Get out
    If you cannot or will not follow the rules and the law.

    1. I say the Pledge of Allegiance, The National Anthem and The
      Constitution stays like they are FOREVERMORE.

  52. This is ridiculous, who’s gonna stand up and say ENOUGH OF THIS BS

  53. There are several socialist countries these protester could move to but I dont think these countries would take them because most of them don’t have a skill set that would support themselves in any society.

  54. I can’t believe all this bullshit !!! We as a people need to rise up and shake the liberalist shit off of our boots . I don’t believe you can’t as americans see through what is going on . Get a mega phone , get a gun ,get a shovel get a pen ,get a telephone, but get it straight this is the United States of America. not some left wing meeting behind closed doors, expose who is responsible for this rhetoric ,bring them to bare the charges of treason , because treason is what it is , when trying to bringing down your government. The Minorities are being used, and need to come up and say I am not doing this , but yet getting blamed for it. Rise up and help the real conservatives get our country back.

    1. George Soros, the Deep State and the DEMONRATS are responsible for all this.

  55. Nancy Pelosi’s father was a racist by who he supported. So should she resign because of that? I hope so. All major slave holders for many years were democrats. So should we do away with the democrats party? I would hope so because being a democrat makes them all racists, by their own statements. Where is the end? There is non. When we give into one demand, there will be another, and another, and another, etc. Control is what the left wants. Do away with all conservatives and have only liberal socialists. If we give in to the protesters, they will continue to take until the US is no longer the US. Voting for the democrats in November is a vote for the destruction of our country and all government.

    1. Next I suppose these snowflake pansies will want to rewrite history & take out all the Presidents who had slaves. In the future people like them will look back & say “OOOW, how could people back in the late 1900’s & early 2000’s with “dispose-alls” use anything like that? It would kill bugs! Just think of all the bugs that is would kill! And how did they allow zoos to be around? They made species disappear. Elephants, many cat species, and heaven knows what else! Also ,some people earlier just killed animals as gam for the sake of sporting. Not as food, but just for sport. Can you imagine those things? Let’s protest via riot!

  56. Go watch the video of Usian Bolt stopping a report to stand for our National Anthemz it is truly sad when someone that is not even a citizen from our country has more respect for our country then many do here.

  57. Our anthem is recognized all over the world i.e. the Olympics, and the words are beautiful! Let’sleave it alone!

  58. If people in the U.S.A. are not happy with the freedom this country stands for, I would vote that their citizenship should be revoked and given to good law-abiding immigrants that would appreciate what America stands for!!!


    Why are we giving into losing all our precious HISTORIC moments and treasures!!!! What a waste of our heritable! People fought for our country! Both Blacks and whites! Why are we not stopping the terrible destruction. What a disappointment dismissing our Police force. One bad apple does not make all of them bad. Grow up people before there is nothing left to be proud of. Respect of our NATION IS MANDATED. Stop this anger NOW. Grow Up!!!

    1. I just realized something…why is this EVEN a consideration? The National Anthem has be4en such for many more years then these people have been alive. It IS and WILL ALWAYS be our National Anthem. anyone…and i mean ANYONE, has the right to leave our country for good, if they are so upset with it. I know hundreds of people who will give you a ride to the airport… train terminal, boat dock…leave today…do not delay! And those of you who feel you have been slighted by the rest of Americans, what have you done lately for your country??? Did you ever try and help a veteran who lost his legs fighting so you can be free? No? then SHUT UP…leave…quickly…maybe we don’t want you here…and you need to be what is eliminated!

  60. OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM absolutely needs to remain, always. The song itself was not written with the intent of belittling any damn one. It has been a great song that gives MOST Americans a good feeling each time they hear it. Our schools started taking american history away, then our colleges and now what we have left is several generations of candy ass whining cotton-balls, snowflakes and rainbow cultures who really don’t understand much of anything except safe-spaces and offensiveness. These core american values and our history are not offensive, it is what makes us now, or up until recently the greatest country on this planet. The destroyers (Soros, Rioters, Democrats, etc) of our nation better watch what they try to make or maybe the four horsemen may arrive one day and show them hell on earth.

  61. Bullshit ,when will the silent majority take a stand and say enough of this and put an end to these whining little babies !!

    1. I’ll pack their bags .
      I have too many friends and relatives who have come home from other shores Draped in the American flag.
      I cry remembering those people every time I hear oh say can you see.

  62. I knee for the cross and stand for the flag. Vote these Democratics out. Vote Republican
    Trump 2020. Pence 2025

  63. My statement to all those who don’t believe in the flag of the United State or
    don’t like the National Anthem, can leave at any time.
    A lot of us have sacrificed many things and worked hard for what we have,
    Never relied on my parents to make a living for me and I never took money
    from the government to live on.
    So those of you who think your owed something, better find that boat that is leaving our shores and heading for China.
    There are many of us who will help you leave with no questions asked.


  65. Talk about the tail wagging the dog! This stuff is ridiculous!
    We can’t possibly make everyone happy so live with it!

    I’m tired of listening to each minority whining about some injustice, real or feigned. What little sympathy I might have had for their situation is gone now!

  66. To those who want to get rid of it. Do they even know the history of the words in the song.

    1. Probably do not know the history of the words in the song. If they do they probably won’t admit it. Everything the leftist trash spits out of their filthy mount is offensive to me.

    1. Exactly if you are offended by everything, leave, find another place to live and don’t piss and moan about it!

    2. We as Americans have tried to appease these lunatics just as the mayor and governor did in Seattle – exactly what did it gain – dead teenagers many roughed up steeling from the store owners etc. If we as red blooded Americans don’t stop these thugs now – we will be forced to soon. These so called Americans want all monuments removed – the fact some are there is to remind us what not to do . No group has a right to push their agenda on another group taking their freedoms away and replace them with their own. Why should my daughter be faced with learning how to apply a condom in the Third grade – why do I have to be faced with a law suit from LGBT individuals if my beliefs go against theirs. Why does anyone have to fear wearing a hat promoting one party or the other – why do we need to fear thugs dressed in black carting clubs withe their faces covered – here is one I never understood why do we keep electing people to positions that only promise what we want to here untill they are elected and then thumb their nose at the will of the people – why is it allowed for judges to interpret our constitution as they see fit- the answer my friends is we the people allow it – but the time isn’t far away when the silent majority will have had a belly full – when that happens – There will be bloodshed. Either our government stops these thugs now or they will be stopped by Americans of all colors who are tired of the Bull.

    3. Yes, it is time to stand up for our rights too. These BLM and antifa are depriving all of us from having what represents this country. All the statues that they destroyed, is not only part of their history but it is history that belong to all of us, and to our nation. Those statues do not belong to just one or two groups. And the coward Mayors and Governors allowed them to be destroyed by the rioters. It really shows how coward they are. They do not deserve to hold the position they have now. Our beautiful National Anthem (The Star Spangle Banner) belongs to all of us and to the entire nation. Those groups who hate, well, just remember that the statues, our national anthem, our beautiful flag, etc, do not belong just to the hate group.

    4. EXCELLENT Hydro, EXCELLENT–you have expressed our sentiments exactly. It is going to take place I am afraid. The Silent Majority will only take so much and then the explosion will happen. I hate to see it happen, but I am afraid we have no choice. I am tired of them making us out to be the bad folks and pushing all of their thoughts and desires off on us. They have no right to tell us that every single thing we think or do is against them. They have no right to force their beliefs on us. And truthfully?? WHAT DID ALL OF THE RIOTING AND BURNING actually accomplish?? They have not set forth a plan that will benefit anyone!! They haven’t suggested major reforms. You want to DEFUND the police?? Talk about “MOB RULE”–that would be a total DISASTER!!

    5. Exactly! The suggestion of “Imagine” by John Lennon offends me beyond measure – what in the heck does that have to do with our country?


    1. Agree with Nathan. I’ve had it!! I am a teacher ans have taught all students, black,white, Asian, Indian, etc. And they were all great. We need to learn to live together with love and respect. Have Faith in our God and God Bless America and President Trump!!

    2. We can lo longer remain Silent! The “Silent” majority has to be heard above all the yelling , screaming , burning , tearing down of Our National Monuments. A hand full of spoiled , brain-washed brats lead by big money they don’t even know the source of is set on destroying America. It has to stop NOW – It is past time to Speak up.

    3. AMEN NATHAN< Well said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and CONGRESS NEEDS TO JOIN TRUMP not protest him to the ground. We certainly didn't do all of this crazy stuff when we disagreed with Obama being President. We acted like grown-ups. Now they think they can walk all over us and they just might get a BIG surprise. I am SICK AND TIRED OF WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY! I am 75, and it sickens me every time we turn the news on. There are enough problems to be solved without all of this stuff happening, i.e burning, looting, chaos, and trying to take over our country. I am SO READY FOR THIS STUFF TO BE STOPPED

  68. This is bull sh-t what is our great country coming to please these people want to just keep this crazy going my God what is wrong with people some wants to yell racist or hate crime my God people everything is not racist nor is it hate crime what about WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!!ALSO I BELIEVE ALL LIVES MATTERS. So these people need to get over their selves. Protesting turns to riots things gets burned people hurt and all this bullshit going on we have a pandemic going on all these people car about is destroying America.

    1. I think the saddest part is, that the United States was looking at each other as Americans, Not as Blacks, or Whites or Hispanics but at fellow Americans, and now they have made everybody backtrack and look at each other differently once again. It’s the BLM movement turning into Animals, not Americans. I even have to wonder about the Dems, they are not even acting like they are American’s anymore either! Stop it, all of you Stop it. We have but one Great Country and it will take all of us working together to Make it the Greatest Country of All!

    2. I love this country! I have been to many other countries and observe the tremendous advantages we are blessed to have in our everyday lives!!!
      This division has been grinding into our culture has been pushed into our culture for year.
      I think all these adverse policies are [pandering and PC} are destroying our people . We are robbing their intelligence, their strength, perception, ingenuity, and capabilities. It is called enabling!
      We are allowing hate to fester into their lives. It is filling people with evil making no room for caring of others and themselves. They seem to have nothing left, how very sad! So much of life, religion, books, nature and voluntering to fill their lives. It seems this PC culture are narrow minded and filled with rage. Grow up ,get a job, look at our wonderful life . Realize that the only one that will help you is YOU!, choose.
      What a waste!

    3. Thank you for your sanity, we are afraid of these lawless anarchist. This is our nation’s anthem, like they said in the 60’s love it or leave it! I’m old and can’t recall anything like the last 31/2 years! Russia, plandemic’s Russia again I’m really afraid that Soros and his minions are going to disban our nation

    1. If people are offended by American values & our Constitution, I think they should move somewhere else!!
      This is America!!
      We live in the greatest land on Earth. I love America!!

    2. Totally agree. Tomorrow is my 49th anniversary of being in this great country.
      People from other countries that don’t like the way the US runs should go back where they came from. Everyone here should be united to make America Always great because All Lives Matter regardless of color, religion or believes.
      God bless humanity.
      God bless the United States of America.

    1. Thank you for bring up a very relevant subject, unfortunately. If you want my opinion, and you did ask for it, Enough is enough!
      The statute has run out. It has been our anthem, and may the flag ever wave, always will be.

    2. I think it is time to hand these people (?) a one way ticket out of Our Country ( to China, preferably) and let them protest there, let them live there with NO WAY BACK TO THE U.S.

    3. WONDERFUL IDEA! Then they can STAY there for the REST of their LIVES in a COMMUNIST COUNTRY where they will be treated VERY poorly! And back here WE can ENJOY “The Star Spangled Banner” as THEY SUFFER! I’ll enjoy EVERY moment of it!

    4. Well put! The blacks apparently couldn’t read a history of the U.S! Let them all be sent to a foreign country made just for them. Some place where they can riot with themselves; shoot and kill each other; have their fried chick and watermelon and sing their trashy shit songs! The last thing we need is another black president!!!!!!!! Get down with your bad selves!

    5. I agree. If they don’t like it here then they need to leave. True Americans are sick and tired of all their whining and trying to destroy our history.

    6. There is no major racial problem in our country. Note that I said our country no matter what color/ race/religion. Someone is always wanting to criticize our county, President and citizens and this is an excuse or attempt to get us to pay for something most of us did not do or want and for what? If you are going to request reparations for historical slavery many yrs ago what about the African tribes that sold slaves to the French, Dutch and many other European countries? If you have researched the history of slavery Americans did not jump in ships and go over to Africa, take them from their home and bring them back here as slaves. Like many others my family originated from other countries and we did not use slaves.
      If you really think about it or want to admit it America actually belonged to the Indians so most of us are truly just immigrants. It all comes down to truth anyone can become and do what they want if they apply themselves and true racism is a sad part of our history.
      We really just need to try to forget, move on and make our country great for everyone. The real problem is the corrupt Democrats will use anything and abuse anyone for power and to gain control over all of us. If Joe Biden gets lucky and is elected he will just be a puppet for these corrupt Democrats and Rhino’s. If you are truly a Patriot and a concerned American and do not want a socialist party controlling us we need to come together as Americans and trust President Trump. You may not like his tone or rhetoric but he loves our country and will make America First & Great. I defended my great county during two wars and we all came together as Americans not as racists!
      God bless America and all of our citizens.
      Proud Veteran & Patriot

    7. Point well made. Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and for your post. God bless you.

    8. I agree with Jan Schilling 100%. It has been our national anthem for a long time, and should stay that way!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! This stuff has GOT TO STOP!! It is getting to the ridiculous stage if you ask me.

    9. It seems these morons find everything offensive. Your blog is wonderful. Do the MORONS who take a knee listen to the entire anthem? …..What so proudly we hail, …… And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that OUR FLAG WAS STILL THERE. …. O’ER THE LAND OF THE FREE, AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.

      These words mean our country is PRECIOUS, and people need to stop finding everything offensive!!!!! If the MORONS don’t like our BEAUTIFUL AMERICA, then let them go to
      China or North Korea!!!!! The people don’t even have enough to eat!!!! And heaven forbid the people say anything negative about their government. They are TORTURED, and MURDERED, because the DICTATORS don’t want to hear anything bad about them!!!!

    10. I think you mean “piqued” (but “peaked” could be also true).

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