Patty Murray Using Abortions To Bait Swing Voters


Senator Pat Murray (D-WA) is banking on the liberal Hail Mary to save her campaign as the race draws closer, and the polls have her in a midst of a tight reelection. With Republican Tiffany Smiley looking to upset her reign of terror as a voice for the typically liberal state, you know things are looking bleak for the left. Good riddance too.

At a campaign event in Spokane, WA on October 24th, she pled her case for abortions to the people in attendance, while vowing to “codify Roe,” if she was allowed to stay in her cushy Senate job.

“I believe that every woman should be able to make her own healthcare choices about her own family, working with her doctors, her faith, and her own needs. They overturned 50 years of precedent and put this country and women’s lives in chaos. We have women coming here to Washington state because they can’t get reproductive care in their own states.”

She went on to explain that she is all in favor of killing the filibuster if it means they can codify abortion. Smiley on the other hand has been in favor of the filibuster and keeping the power balance in Washington. Considering how often the left has ganged up to use the filibuster to block something just because they didn’t agree with it, Smiley seems more than happy to let them die by that same sword.

In a very President Trump-like move, Smile claimed there are “good people on both sides of this issue,” when it comes to a federal abortion ban. While she opposes the federal government banning it, she is keeping herself open to discussion from both sides of the argument. Something the left has never and will never do. Smiley went on to agree with the Supreme Court ruling, and their decision to return abortions to the will of the people.

“There is one extreme on this issue and it’s Sen. Murray because if she had it her way, she would change the will of the voters.” Smiley then expanded upon that, explaining that the ideal situation for Murray “would be taxpayer-funded abortion on demand all the way up to the point of birth.”

When asked about placing any legal limitations on abortion, Smiley moved on past the question without answering it. Given the way her opponent has been using abortions to try and win over voters, this was likely the best possible response to such a baited question. Leftists in WA especially love taking and twisting statements to defame conservatives for any response they give.

Hot-button issues like this are often heavily debated in the time leading up to and at the start of an election. For these ladies, the debate will continue, and the people will eventually decide on the best course of action for their state. Given the failure they have had in the office as a Senator, they should be ready for some change.

As it stands Washington is ripping apart at the seams. The state is in a perpetual battle between the radical policies of the left and the common sense on the right. Then you have infighting amongst the left about who is going too far, who isn’t going far enough, and who’s willing to do more.

These trash-bag citizens don’t care about America, Washington, or even the street they are standing on. All they care about is being able to toot their own horn and make it seem like they are doing the right thing. Even when the thing they are doing is destroying all the progress our country has made.