“Pistol-Packing Businesswoman” Ousts GOP Incumbent

In recent years, the state of Colorado has been slowly drifting more to the political left. Unsurprisingly, this is most commonly seen in areas that are more densely populated, such as Denver and Boulder. However, if Tuesday’s primary election is any indication, the state might not be turning all that blue after all, at least in some districts.

Take the state’s 3rd District, for example.

The district is located mostly on the western side of the state, which is much more rural and isolated than its more eastern counterparts. And as we all know, the more rural an area is, the more conservative its people tend to be.

So it is no surprise that Republican Representative Scott Tipton has been able to serve here for a total of five terms. Neither is shocking that Trump would have won the district in 2016 with 52-40. That same year, Tipton, as a proud Trump supporter and conservative leader, won 55-40 and took an even higher percentage in 2014.

In the years since Trump’s win in 2016, that margin of success has decreased a bit, as I mentioned above, it seems that the state has moved a little more leftward. Tipton won the seat again in 2018, but only by 51-44. That year, his Democratic opponent was Diane Mitsch Bush, who is running again this year.

But as it turns out, he won’t have to worry about her competition, as he has already been ousted by one of his own. And the winning challenger is even more devoutly to the right of center than him.

Enter “pistol-packing businesswoman” Lauren Boebert, as the Associated Press referred to her.

Boebert is pro-gun, pro-border wall, and definitely pro-Trump. And it is this last bit that many believe allowed her to win.

I know, I already mentioned that Tipton was pro-Trump as well. The man has even been endorsed by Trump and is co-chair for the Trump campaign in his state. So why would this make any difference?

Well, according to Boebert, Tipton is not nearly pro-Trump enough. She even campaigned on that idea.

As the Associated Press reported, “Five-term Colorado U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton was upset in Tuesday’s Republican Party primary by Lauren Boebert, a pistol-packing businesswoman ardent defender of gun rights and border wall supporter who wants to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. Boebert won after a campaign in which she accused Tipton of not being sufficiently pro-Donald Trump even though the president had endorsed Tipton, and even though Tipton is the Trump Campaign’s co-chair for Colorado.”

But it’s clear that her message connected with at least some who heard her because she is now the official GOP nominee.

However, it isn’t likely the only reason.

Boebert has also become quite good at gaining attention from the media in recent years. If you recognize her name at all, it is probably due to a confrontation she had last year with then-presidential candidate Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke.

As you can well imagine, based on the Associated Press’ description of Boebert, she and anti-Second Amendment O’Rourke don’t really mix well. In fact, they are pretty much like oil and water when it comes to gun rights and how our nation should deal with firearms. Naturally, when the two discussed the subject last year, headlines were made.

But she has also made waves more recently by defying Governor Jared Polis’s coronavirus lockdown orders on shutting down her restaurant. Instead of complying, she opened her ‘Shooter’s Grill’ to the public.

The restaurant in and of itself is something of an oddity as well. It is one of the few establishments of this type that hosts certified concealed carry classes for its patrons. In addition, there is a sign posted prominently on the eatery’s wall that reads, “Guns are welcome on the premises. Please keep all weapons holstered, unless the need arises. In such cases, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.”

It’s great, right?

And one more reason why I very highly doubt that President Trump will be disappointed in her win. He has already congratulated her on her recent success, saying, “Congratulations on a really great win.” Tipton has congratulated her as well, wishing “her and her supporters well.”

75 thoughts on ““Pistol-Packing Businesswoman” Ousts GOP Incumbent

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  3. You got my vote, Lauren. Tipton has had too much “Front Range” influence and has become a sell-out like so many long-term and career politicians. He’s done good things too and I wish him well, but self-serving, psychopathic, abominations like Waters, Schumer and Pelosi are proof that term limits should apply to everyone! Welcome to the race. I am behind you all the way. Let’s kick some a$$ and take some names……starting with Justice for Trump. Drain the Swamp, burn the Deep State, Wall out the Communist Libtards. TRUMP 2020!

  4. Most Americans have a variety of ethic backgrounds. That is what makes us a beautiful country. Everyone has a right to defend oneself or not. That is what our freedom represents free will. This country is diversity driven and so is my family. All are welcome with Love regardless. We are the greatest Country and blessed to be an American.

  5. Those who use racial identity are not intelligent enough to debate. Just because of my name doesn’t mean I’m Hispanic. I am Irish, French,Black and Indian. Love transcends color or ethnic backgrounds. Only in America. My son married a wonderful women from Guatemala. So having Hispanic in my future blood line is an honor. Character of a person is what is more important than their color.

  6. Opinions are like volkswagens or butts; Trump is correct about more aspects than the transparent traitors since JFK’s/Robert’s/MLK’s murders(all of whose were lied about) DJT’s 3 biggest shortcomings are his deal-making, not paying att’n to the Constitution(which Congress has disregarded for 90 years! ) & just recognizing the virtues of Christianity! Incl’g. the Israeli related promises of our Creator!

  7. Reading JusticeforTrump, figured it out, they are a person that sits in their parents basement in their safe space and waits for their monthly check LOSER

    1. Mark, you are the effing losing for being a hateful cultist of what Trump’s psychologist nieces has for the title of her book, “The world’s most dangerous man.” I think a better word would have been punk Nazi boy like you.

  8. JusticeforTrump when Trump wins again we will be ready to defend our country, the President and our rights. I for one will be ready to die to defend them all. It will be better to die free than be controlled by individuals with no common sense. Try thinking for yourself instead of the group socialist propaganda fed to you. I will not respond again as I have little tolerance for ignorance. I will not waste anymore of my time on you. It’s just not worth it. Live with your hate as it will eat you. You must be one of those snowflakes society is producing these days always looking for handouts or throw temper tandems. I live by my favorite Democratic President John F. Kennedy. “Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country.” My beloved party is destroying itself.

    1. Kennedy would know like all of his family knows now that Trump is not only the worst President in history, he is an effing mobster, traitor and abuser of women, people of color and anyone who might disagree with him. As his niece says, he is the world’s most dangerous person.

  9. Good going Lady, wish I lived in Colo. so I could vote for you, at least some one is standing up for this Country instead of trying to tare it down, and that is all the Democrats are doing, trying to tear it down so they can have their way

  10. Our country need more real women like her . If she carrys … she’s good with me . She sounds like a strong women , and god knows we need more down to earth women taking charge of things . The sad part is the left will try to down play them instead of letting them do what strong women do best . The left fear strong women cause they can’t control them . Trump runs our country like a business and it works . So if women run things like a tight nit family we can’t lose . I know my mom was a strong women , she held our family together and it worked . So let mom’s run things the way they know best . They can’t do any worse then the dumb ass’s females trying to run things now . Most hate Americans , and their not real American women . They are the worse do nothing bitchs in our government . And they need to go . Yall all know of who Iam talking about .

  11. Ll I started out with a 22 as the bullets are cheaper and less recoil and got use to shooting, then I went to 9mm Glock, then 40 Winchester. I now have no fear with using a gun. I recommend you take safety classes on proper handling, dismantling and cleaning of the gun. My son showed me as he does competition shooting. He picks me up once a month to take me shooting with him so I don’t get rusty.

  12. Americans,we need to get ready to defend ourselves & our country. I have never carried a gun but I am looking to purchase one & go to a shooting range to be able to get a permit. In Florida, we need a permit. Also make sure when leaving your homes, to have the cameras in your phones ready to film your surrounding, that way you can protect yourself from they say you say.

  13. I live in South Dakota and no license necessary to carry but I obtained a concealed carry license at 66 years old.

    1. I live in Kansas. Best gun laws in the country, pretty much none except age requirements. It is illegal by state law for the feds to come in unless asked by local sheriff.

  14. I live in Maine. Our Legislature passed a Bill that allows us to carry concealed with out a permit.
    I can drive nails with my 380 with Crimson trace laser sight at 40 feet. Try to break into my house. You will have problems.

  15. I am a 66 year old woman. Since Trump was elected and the resistance and cancel culture has taken hold with the uprising of racial tension. I now feel the need to arm myself. I now can shoot exactly where I aim. I feel so much safer. I know I’m not as good as the police and being on social security I can’t afford a lot of bullets so I will announce I have a gun but no warning shot will be given. Thank you for the fear given to me by the resistance groups as I have learned to defend myself.

    1. You are a fake Hispanic woman, probably another gun nut traitor for Trump.

  16. It would be nice if Texas had a governor and a bunch of representative like this lady. Congrats

  17. Audrey’s comments align very closely to mine and I don’t live in Colorado. We need representatives that are not Rinos to keep President Trump’s agenda going full blast. The Democrats are intent on destroying our country and we cannot let that happen. I’m 87 and wish you the best of luck. God bless.

  18. It is nice to know that not all of Colorado’s citizenry is not Californicated. In fact isn’t it nice thatr any of us could go, be safe, and mingle with folks of our own kind (American) rather than the sedition that frequents most of Denver.

  19. Justicefortrump lamebrain, if you had any intelligence you would have read the intellegence reports that found no trace of bounties. You must have forgotten that hillary sold our uranium mines to russia, bill and obama sold our militart secrets to china, and obama wanted to transform america, meaning making it a muslum, socialist country with no freedoms. So come to the top of my hill and try to take down my flag! You piece of —

    1. John, your comment belong where your name is. You know nothing about current events or history, all you are is a brainwashed and/or evil Trump cultist.

    2. Your a very ignorant fool. Everything you say is CNN lies. Try getting news from some other sources. Our country is in trouble because of I’ll informed morons who believe instead of think. Were you concerned about the Russian bounties in 2014? Didn’t think so. All you Dems care about is power so you can murder babies.

    3. Richard, you should have used you’re not your, don’t use your ignorance to ruin our good name. Yes there were bounties, if you believe Barr and Trump then you believe in pots at the end of a rainbow or that Trump is patriotic. He is an effing traitor in countless ways, money laundering, fixing two elections, kickbacks, abusing women, and the bounties are just the start. Wait until Barr is out of there and see. You are following the Demon-in-Chief.

  20. Ibach trump all the way believe in the Second Amendment live in Nevada talk to Highway patrol he believes over on a citizen to be able to carry a gun his His wife carries one when she travels alone And so does mine

    1. Can you write a sentence in English or all you just fluent in Russian?

  21. All Americans have inalienable rights throughout the constitution. It is critical that we stand up for those rights if we want to remain free from government socialism which will lead to Marist communism.
    All voters should take the time to research their candidates of choice BEFORE they vote.
    As a concerned citizen and voter I think the constitution should be the direction of research and voting.

  22. God bless you and keep you safe, and God bless this country and the second amendment.I hope I can send a contribution to your campaign.

  23. Good job girl, Congrats from Ks granddad, who has kids/grandkids,
    in Colo!!!!!!!! 😀😀

  24. This woman is another right wing nut job, anyone for Trump is with his sexual assaults, numerous scams, insults of POW’s like McCain, his false patriotism of draft dodging yet obsequiously hugging the flag, and then there are his numerous treason actions of fixing elections and now his kissing Putin’s butt who is putting bounties on our shoulder. His inane and insane of COVID deserves and F- There is absolutely nothing to admire about the monster mobster liar.

    1. bounties on our soldiers, haven’t you heard about that latest treasonous act?

    2. Another shit for brains america hater. Justice for Trump will be in the form of a record setting landslide in November to start his second term! MAGA TRUMP 2020!

    3. TRUMP2020INPRISONINHELLWITHPALEPSTEIN You are just another fame patriot using some kind of military name to try to impress people with your fake service, fake heroism, fake honor, no intelligence.

    4. Justices or Trump, you watch too much CNN. The justice Dept said that story is bunk. Every President seems too go through a sex scandals. Trump is head over heels the best President we have had in a very long time.

    5. You believe Barr and Trump. Please, they are most corrupt Americans, and Trump also has his Epstein and other assault and scam records.

    6. You are an idiot that will do and say whatever you’re told to do and say. It doesn’t matter if it makes you sound like an un-intelligent fool because you’re doing what you’re told. I hope you don’t have kids because they would surely be embarrassed by the idiot they have as a father. If you don’t have kids you should consider nipping that it the butt now.

    7. Please tell us about Slick Willy and Obama’s US military service and your allegiance to believing the phony Russian dossier paid for by Hillary. What is it you dislike so much about our country?

    8. It is nice to know that not all of Colorado’s citizenry is not Californicated. In fact isn’t it nice thatr any of us could go, be safe, and mingle with folks of our own kind (American) rather than the sedition that frequents most of Denver.

    9. Your replies are sick, you are just another Nazi for Trump, a sick mofo without a thinking brain or a soul.

    10. The Kenyan was a General. If you were in the military his position there is clear. He would be burning a half barrel of soldier shit after he stirred it full of diesel.

    11. There was no draft for Obama and Clinton was one of the few prominent Democrats who was a draft dodger, there were many Republicans though like Tom Delay, Gingrich, Cheney, Rover, Boehner, Trent Lott, you are another war wimp no nothing.

    12. NOTHING in the dossier has been disproven, many things are proven and some could not be totally proven. Doesn’t it sound just like Trump to have the piss tape to act vengefully against a much superior and beloved President Obama.

    13. Wrong on all counts as usual.
      Have a Snickers bar, or would you prefer some Beef Stroganoff or some borscht?

    14. Another Liberal Idiot. The Conservative Movement will crush you in the upcoming election. We the Patriots will never let the Socialist Elites take over our Country. Consider yourself warned….

    15. Howie boy, you are no patriot, you are a slug sucking off the government with your white supremacist hatred as well.

    16. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “…the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits…”. You, moron, are clear evidence of the accuracy of his words.

    17. Go find out who Edmund Ruffin was, you are probably a relative of the effing traitor.

    18. Im sincerely amazed someone as ignorant as you can even feed themselves! Again planes leave the US all the time since you probably are unable to support yourself I willing to help pay for your ticket with my trump tax cut money.

    19. You must be super wealthy because no one had a permanent tax cut except them, the top .1% got 85% of the tax cut, really fair right ahole

    20. You sound very angry and upset, which can blind your vision to truths. Evidently you create your own beliefs about political issues, based solely on the corrupt media with its false narratives. Please review what positive successes Trump has achieved for this country before condemning the man who works for “free” taking no paycheck and having to deal with nothing but hatred and abuse from the socialist Dem’s.

    21. Trump has done nothing positive, he has been a divisive negative creature, not just lately, his whole life, abusing lovely women like you NC girl, and running scams and now alienating allies, kissing Putin’s butt, fixing two elections, starting arguments with almost everyone, bragging, lying, blaming, race baiting whining, threatening constantly, his parents created a sociopathic narcissistic mobster, before President he has 5 bankruptcies and lost hundreds of millions of his daddy’s money. He might be the only Vietnam military high school grad who became a cowardly draft dodger. He is despicable and if you don’t see that you are brainwashed or evil, I suspect the former.

  25. Thank You Lauren Boebert. I am from Carbondale and I have been a stanch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I am also a Born and Raised Native of the Western Slope. I went to School in Basalt and I Graduated in Basalt. Never the less I have lived in Carbondale for over 61 years and I am now almost 82. I still walk my dog a long ways up Thompson Creek. I still have my own home and I still live here. I know that your going to need Money and I don’t donate on line so I really need to know what Address you have so I can send you money. I don’t donate a lot as I am on SS and Medicare and I use to work for the Roaring Fork School System. There are a few of us old gals around who know what it was like living here many years ago. I also know how to shoot and I can still drive. I have family who hunt and fish as well. So please let us know what your address is so we can send money to you to help out. Thank you for running. We have had a few people that have run , but no body like you. Carbondale is totally full of Democrats who think that a Bike Trail is better than a dirt road. I beg to differ. I will be looking for what you plan to do in Congress.

  26. Thank You Ma’am for resisting the agenda of the Marxists…I have for years been saying that the way you change people…is to do it slowly…and make them think it’s a good idea…that’s what the left is trying do…and those to blind to see go along with it…they are sheep being led by a Judas goat…if you don’t know what a Judas goat is…google the term.

    1. Way to go I agree to bad she can’t run in California, the jackass we have is a joke.

  27. Happy 4th oh july;
    Congratulations on your win and good luck in the
    Future. Keep backing our president for re-election.
    God bless AMERICA

    “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” …PERIOD!!!!
    Buy A Weapon That YOU Feel Comfortable With AND Get Training… THEN… Only Call The Police AFTER You Blow The Criminal Away!!!

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