Police Union Rightly Blames De Blasio for Murder in Sanctuary City

The sanctuary cities are places where crime is out of control and the criminal feels at home. They know that as an illegal living in America that the dirty Democrats have given them a free space to dive into their crime life and not worry about being deported. They love the rotten Democrats so much that they are even willing to rob them and then high-five them on their way out the door.

The rest of the country is sick and tired of the theatrical arena that the Democrats want to live in. They are sick of the illegals taking advantage of other people and getting away with it. The murders and kidnappings are the worst. As is the case of a 92-year-old woman that was attacked and murdered on the streets of New York. She was killed by an illegal taking refuge in New York because their Mayor, Bill de Blasio, refuses to hand over illegals to ICE.

His rotten policies have dictated that police and other agencies are not allowed to help ICE in any way. So now the New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association is blaming the menacing mayor for the death of Maria Fuentes. She was sexually assaulted and murdered. Of course, the man, Reeaz Khan, was arrested and charged, but he was let go. Even though he was an illegal alien did not matter to de Blasio. He was never handed over to ICE, and they were never informed.

The heroic police union pointed out that the lady would still be alive if the city was not a sanctuary city. If the police had been allowed to do their job, the murderer would have been deported after spending some time with the ICE agents.

The police union has blamed the mayor for the death of the woman. They stated that “At what point DO YOU take responsibility for a 92-year-old woman raped and murdered. If you complied with ICE Detainers she would still be alive. You try to deflect the issue by turning it into exploitation, the FACT is her death is on YOU,” The mayor is refusing to let the police of New York do their job.

Many of the law enforcement agents in New York do not agree with de Blasio’s policies. They believe that they should be cooperating with ICE and not fighting them. The local Democrats have pitted one brother against another in the law enforcement world. The police desire to help ICE every way that they can.

Vincent Vallelong, who is the vice president of the police union, stated that “I can guarantee you every single of our members wants to help them out. Unfortunately, the way our policies are set up, they don’t allow us to.” Anytime that an illegal is detained New York police cannot report them to ICE. And all requests for detainment from ICE have to be ignored.

The killer Khan was initially arrested months before he killed the lady and was never handed over to ICE. The request from ICE for Khan was ignored, and he was allowed to reenter the population. A Democrats world of crime protects the criminal and destroys the innocent. He would later find the woman outside her home taking care of her garbage, and he would kill her right there.

The police union is enraged with de Blasio for his narrow-mindedness and hatred for the innocent. They stated that “The Sergeants Benevolent Association of the NYPD supports all ICE Agents and will not leave any agent without assistance or in any position to jeopardize their safety. Regardless of Mayor De Blasio’s beliefs and policies.” They are starting to fight back.

The people of the United States have had enough with the Democrats, and they want them gone. Their anti-American beliefs are costing people their loved ones. De Blasio and his fellow American haters are destroying the very freedoms that define the United States of America. De Blasio criticizes the police union and ICE by saying “morally bankrupt organization that tears families apart and puts innocent children in cages has ZERO right to tell us how to keep our city safe.” He has stated what is true of himself. The police union and ICE seek to protect the very people that legally make up those cities.

58 thoughts on “Police Union Rightly Blames De Blasio for Murder in Sanctuary City

  1. Typical of a liberal utopia. New York no better than other states. Never forget the loss of Kate Steinle and the negligence of the liberal courts and Calif. state government.. IMPEACH LIBS NOW…

    1. Thsts the truth ,problem in All states controlled by Demogogs..Fire them all ..Terribly sad, to say, but hope one of Theirs get raped and killed..They May.. get thee message.JERSEY IS BAD AS WELL ..And Cali.is sickening ..WE ALL NEED TO KILL ALL THEIR LAWS.PLUS JAIL THE ADMINISTRATORS…

      1. How do you convince the liberal idiots who voted them into office in the first place? Our colleges and universities have become socialist/communist reeducation centers turning out new crops of brainwashed useless morons annually. They enter voter eligibility by the thousands every year and are finally going to outnumber the older conservative voters who are declining in numbers. This fact causes me to worry that our greatest president may not have such an easy reelection because all his accomplishments and the great economy his policies created, mean little to these ideology driven fools who seem oblivious to the fact that socialism and communism have destroyed every country that has adopted them (Venezuela is only the most recent example of a long line of failed countries).

    2. how dose one think or know how the Democrat’s gotten so rotten ,corrupted ,full of scheme’s, and makes all those evil crooked people so wealthy when getting into their Democratic party , along with some of those in the republican party as well , could it , could it no be money , but has anyone ever taken a search are looked into where all that money is coming from ,that makes all those types of people so wealthy and rich, when they those types of people get into the government , and to be working for we the people of our country ,but instead those types of people ,give us the shaft , and doing it with our own money one has worked to earn, that has been going on ever since world war ll ended , when their tax scheme taken root in our free country , very nice of those wealthy evil corporate cronies who run those types of people in the government that we are seeing , and taking notice of today , and it has taken over 70 years to start seeing the light.

    3. Isn’t ICE a federal agency? Do they have jurisdiction over state law enforcement? The police in New York should ignore Di Blasio and turn all illegals over to ICE. What is he going to do…..fire ALL the police? I think not.

      1. I wasa new york city transit officer for 22 years. I lived by the my criminal statutes and laws therin No where did it state to not assist another agency or ignore requests for assistance. In fact if we did it itwould be called nonfeasance or at its worst malfeasance. why do sworn officers ignore unlawful orders when they no it isn’t right morally or lawfully. you can’t be charged for carrying out the law. but maybe if you disregarded an order from a superior. let your conscience be your guide take a slap on the wrist and do what’s morally and lawfully right. Eddie Mullins from the SBA has the balls to be outspoken and I know his sgts will go to the ends of the earth to support him

  2. OK, so why not start rounding up and arresting all these government “elites” that are OPENLY DEFYING FEDERAL LAWS. If it was one of us “regular” people, we would end up in a cell to await our trial. The only way to kill the “snake” is to cut off the head and the body will DIE. REMOVE the “elites” from office, and let them sit in a jail cell to await THEIR trial. After all , PIGLOSI and cryin’chuckles schumer are opining “no one is above the law”, (including THEM) so start arresting the “lawbreakers” no matter WHAT their ‘title” IS. That should clear out quite a few with “D”‘s after their name, that are sitting in congress, state capitols, and mayors offices.

    1. Absolutely! If it were you or I flagrantly breaking a federal law we would be sitting in a federal holding cell trying to arrange our bail for our temporary freedom until we were sentenced at our trial. So exactly how do these political elites think they are better than you or I? They put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do. Their bathroom stinks after they take a crap just like ours does.

      Why do we allow this corrupt behavior?

    2. Give De Blasio 25 Years to life & a fine of 20 M $$ to be paid to closest relative. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! Time to straighten up this world…!!!!

      1. DeBlowhard is just as useless as that sack of garbage, Cuomo. As a matter of fact, for the last year, when I need to use the Bathroom, I say that I have to take a Cuomo. Of course, you can use any one of these Devilcrat idiots in Cuomo’s place, since they all fit, and are all appropriate. So, let’s try some here. Please excuse me, I have to Hillary. I have to take a wicked Schiff. You’re full of Schiff. He was stuck in the toilet, trying to Nadler. Same Schiff, different day.

    3. How are you going to ’round up’ these elites? Mayor bill has eight armed body guards with him at all times, you will not be allowed to have a sling shot. Besides he already has said, regular folks don’t need guns to protect themselves with, they can just call 911 and wait. Is he any better than Bloomberg? I believe the term would be ‘going to hell in a hand basket’. Sooner or later people will need to wake up and vote these ‘enablers’ out of office.

      1. Time to start throwing these corrupt liberal / democrat officials in jail for aiding and abeding criminals with their policies protecting Illegal aliens. Have the fed’s come in and arrest the major of new york, all of the congress and governor of washington, oregon, and california. Charge them with felonies. freeze all their assets and immediately request their law licenses be removed. Remove them from office by being disqualified via felony arrests. Then take years to finish the trials.

      2. Believe me, Federal agents could take him and his body guards in a heartbeat. It’s just a matter of someone with the authority to request it to be done. Until we get the Supreme Court to rule in favor of cutting off federal funds to states and cities that are harboring these SOB, it will not change. What it is going to take to allow Trump to cut off their funds, I don’t know.

      3. Eight armed Security Officers around DeBlowhard, as opposed to 38,000 Cops that say that Lurch has to go. Those Guards will definitely stand down, if they know what’s good for them. Besides, his Detail is made up of Police Officers, most of which are assigned to that Detail; there is no choice for them. They hate his guts, too.

    4. Oh my goodness! I love ur way of thinking! This comment has to go viral immediately! I am so sorry to hear about that woman! I stand behind the good officers 👮‍♀️! The mayor should be the first to get arrested! These sanctuary cities are crap holes to allow illegals to hide there in the first place! So many stupid laws are being made because of the single minded greedy Democratic party! I say just kick em all out of office and get it done NOW!

      1. Yet, the Devilcrats moan and scream over Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities, Towns, and Counties. Yes, these Devilcrats hate it when you take their idea, and use it for Constitutional purposes. They can chew on that, and choke on it, too.

    5. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP AND PUT AN END TO THIS..ILLEGAL ,OR ANYONE GETS IN OUR HOME OR ATTACKS, WE SHOOT THEM,WE GO TO JAIL!!!!!We need to unite and clean out these Administrative peopl in charge and jail them.

    6. I agree, the coup is about to end and if sedition is a crime, all the heads of Medusa – nadler, Schiff, Schumer, pelosi, Comey, Brennan and MANY more, need to be arrested, jailed without bail (flight risks) to await their trials.
      It won’t be political, it will be based in the rule of law.
      I’m afraid if no one gets jailed for this clear abuse of power, then their could be unrest in the streets.


    1. i’ve been saying this to myself for ever…since no one else would listen!!! round them up call ICE if no one shows drop them off at BIG BIRD’S HOUSE….want to bet BIG BIRD get’s voted back into office? another horrifying thought…what do we do when President Trump’s next term of office is over!!!

  4. Why not charge De Blasio with Aiding & Abetting, as well as all of those liberals responsible for senseless deaths by these illegal immigrants who they “think” they are protecting. Let’s put max. pressure on these rediculous liberals; as liberals like to say “no one is above the law”!!!

    1. Unfortunately, police cannot make charges. Just arrest. Up to lawyers to filie charges. Unfortunately, too many lawyers in NYC are liberals also like Comrade De Blasio.

      1. Time to start throwing these corrupt liberal / democrat officials in jail for aiding and abetting criminals with their policies protecting Illegal aliens. Have the fed’s come in and arrest the major of new york, all of the congress and governor of washington, oregon, and california. Charge them with felonies. freeze all their assets and immediately request their law licenses be removed. Remove them from office by being disqualified via felony arrests. Then take years to finish the trials.

      2. If any of these District Attorneys, and their Assistant District Attorneys fail to file charges for the rape and Murder of a 92 year old woman, and instead, undoes all the work done by the NYPD to track, and arrest this animal, then those in the District Attorney’s Office needs to be arrested for Aiding and Abetting a Felon, obstructing a lawful arrest, and Prosecution, as well as the obvious failure to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, which many of them seem to do on a daily basis.

    1. Every vote cast in a City, Town, or County, by deceased people, and Illegal Aliens, should require that every vote in that District be void, and thrown out. If they knew all their votes would be discarded due to their Fraud, they just might straighten up, and play by the rules. Yeah, maybe!

      1. Tii in me for Trump to do his thing and get rid of the illegals and the ones that protect them by passing laws for their release and to run free and do more damage

  5. The real difference is the “political elite ” have foreseen this possibility and passed bills to protect themselves and raise their status above the law! They are the entitled ones who are much better than the rest of us! However they just seem to have taken over for the mafia and covered their Ass’s with the law. Example: Its ok for senators and congressmen to use their position to “inside trade and get sneaky tips to make then RICH” However when Martha stewart was found doing the exact same thing! She was severely punished because she wasn’t one of the “privileged ” who are allowed to do this! And she was the only one out of how many in power doing this that went to jail! Why is this? Do we have different laws for certain privileged ones over everyone else?

  6. Boycott New York and New York City. Do not visit or spend any money there. That will make a huge difference on their economy. We have the power, we need to use it.

    1. Not only is he responsible for the death of this woman but also for the filth, ruination and corruption that has settled in the state of New York.

  7. Time to start throwing these corrupt liberal / democrat officials in jail for aiding and abeding criminals with their policies protecting Illegal aliens. Have the fed’s come in and arrest the major of new york, all of the congress and governor of washington, oregon, and california. Charge them with felonies. freeze all their assets and immediately request their law licenses be removed. Remove them from office by being disqualified via felony arrests. Then take years to finish the trials.

  8. De Blasio needs to be removed from Office asap. The Police Union should as a whole support all Officers to ignore the unConstitutional stand down order to not support ICE only for political reasons. As long as all Officers stand together to do there sworn duty to protect America from all criminal actions that’s including illegals De Blasio won’t have a leg to stand on in his defense. No Officer can legally be fired for doing there job. If De Blasio orders anyone’s termination for not assisting ICE he should be the one personally sued. He doesn’t care if you sue the State because it won’t effect him financially because the taxpayers will be hit for it. He’s not worried about loosing his elected position at this point because he is feeding into his constituents hands.

  9. Yet you have Globalist crusaders like Bloomberg through his millions around stacking government with more members of the Communist party just as he did in VA and all that can be blamed on the members of the Democratic party who stacked the federal judiciary with criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judges who allow foreigners and Globalist United States citizens to spend as much as they want on putting and keeping only those who crusade for the NWO/OWO in power, yes a limit to how much you can contribute at one time but no total amount as to how often you can donate.

    1. There are charges that can be put against them and then removed from office for they have a record All Those lawyers and officials that make him innocent then need to have charges and lose their licenses

  10. It sounds like its time for a blue flue epidemic! Let the thugs and outright criminals have a few days of no police on the streets and the citizens of New York might get the message even if the anti-American mayor doesn’t. Force him to take responsibility for his actions and shut this idiot up!

  11. Wait a minute! When you take your oath for service you take an oath to up hold all laws of the constitution, all federal laws, all State laws and all local laws. Now the constitution overrides all laws and federal laws are prime over State laws and State over local laws. Why does the national FOP and ABPO take this to court that your being told that a local directive is telling you to violate federal law? The Blame goes on the people of New York who have not only elected a fool to mayor but they have elected crazy attorney generals. Well New York you live in the mess you create.

  12. DE Blasio won’t be happy until every NYC citizen is using Stilts to hop over & around the mounds of homeless Honduran mojado sidewalk cagada……!

  13. Why do the people of new York elected this moron for mayor and his family are so corrupt and he doesn’t care about how much money disappeared when he put his wife in charge of what ? A hundred million dollars and has,no ideas where the money went.
    He may say he doesn’t know how much money was really spent? The people of new York should put this moron and his family into prison as fast as possible and get the money back now.
    Can you believe that he thought he would be president. Lol this guy should be put in a straight jacket as soon as possible and his family do the same for those losers as well then lock them away and let them die. It would be cheaper if you New Yorkers did that now.
    Once you get that done go for the governor and his worthless brother frado who is a jerk off TV talking head who should be on a leash for the dog turd he really is.
    So now new New Yorkers will you vote out all Democrats and put people in charge to make your city normal again and not a sewer.

    1. Time for citizens to lock and load and take over The politicians then have to watch behind their backs and remove their protection service

  14. Any elected or appointed official that directs any Local police agency to ignore or refuse to assist any Federal policing agency like ICE should be arrested by Federal Marshalls, tried and convicted as co-conspirators of any crime committed by the offending person or persons.

  15. What is even more sickening and disgusting is the stance of the MSM who continue to run interference for these murderous criminals that call themselves “democrats” and in so doing enable them to be elected to continue their attacks on the Republic…

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